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Available to buy: your own frakkin' 7ft Cylon

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I don't get it

The robot looks cool, but battlestar in it's new incarnation was pants. Is pants. Only problem is I can't think of anything that is better since B5. They have all panned or been cancelled before getting good.

Though you did word it correctly, "...best SINCE B5". So I don't need to remove you from my bookmarks...

Dutch government gags Oyster researchers

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I love the inteligence of this.

Everyone now knows how easy it is too crack, media hype and paranoia about "what if"

So rather than explaning the issue sensibly, we all believe it is easy to attack our minds fuelling the amount of bugs and the size of the gaping holes in the code. So do more damage to the system and it's credibility.

Than say a bunch of academics put forward what they did and what they found in some boring lecture somewhere.

So Oyster cracking is now on the emails of every hacker out there, "It can be done afterall"


Byron Review will create videogame delays, warns EA

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kettle, pot...

Given the rate of EA games to number of bugs found in EA games at the time of release, perhaps they should delay their own games to do some QA testing before churning out badly coded, bug ridden nonsense ahead of time.

Given EA have bought up and destroyed all the good software houses, (westwood, DICE) only EA really sell games anymore, so no wonder they are crying foul.

Farewell then, Symbian

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Gates Horns

mixed feelings.

On the one hand I have a vario 3 with WM6 and it does the job, lots of annoyances but merely my own and what I want from it, not what it does.

I went to it because I wanted a work phone that does word and email and the one on the nokia were just annoying and not up to the task. Or far too expensive for the keyboard carrying equivalent.

but the symbian software being free and open source should enable it to go leaps and bounds, certainly the latest offerings from nokia are more stable, more user friendly than they used to be.

Microsoft says ‘hasta la vista XP’ - well, kinda

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@Steve et al. XP needs to live to Windows 7.

"That in mind - what is so bad about Vista? On a new PC with no OEM crap installed there is nothing worse in Vista than XP - but there's a lot better and a lot of new stuff too. (UAC, IE7+, DX10, BitLocker, Instant Search, ImageX, new GPO's, new GUI, better driver support, mobility centre, numberous security improvements, etc.)"

I had to laugh when I read this... I was suckered into buying Vista ultimate because i got it OEM through work and avoided the absolutely mind boggling pricing structure most people will have to pay.

Bitlocker, number one reason I can't upgrade to SP1 of vista home premium on a laptop one of our clients has brought into us. A known fact that M$ seems to ignore. And I have no known use for it. Encyrpting my porn collection or my games files is a little over reactive, most home users won't need to encrypt half life 2 save games. Unless I am missing something.

IE7 + - That would be the annoying IE version that just does what IE6 did with what firefox brought to the market place in a vain attempt to be cool and hip.

GUI. Yes it has a new GUI, but as other people have said, people want a working OS that doesn't crash and lets them surf the web, play games and listen to music. The GUI is just icing and if the cake is tasteless and bland or lard assed and bloated, who cares for the icing.

DX10 - Only really makes a difference if the rest of the hard ware is upto it (ie an 8000 series graphics card) and ony a few games really show this off. (I can think of two) For most users DX10 is a little known benefit. Solitaire, Word and Powerpoint don't use it.

UAC - The worst and most annoying piece of crudware on this side of any knonw universe. Asking a person upto three times if they actually wanted to do something. It makes people seem like morons who end up second guessing themselves because they don't know what it is or why it is there. If a person clicks on an icon to run something, they clicked on the icon, asking them are they dumb enough to know what they just did is just pathetic.

Numerous security improvements, see above. Treating people like morons to the point they get paranoid and don't use it is an annoyance. Having to run eveything as admin just means everyone will run everything as admin, removing the safterly features behind it. Putting people back to square one. That and the fact rolling out about a dozen patches a week shows how many holes there were and where the M$ staff are concentrating all there time now.

Driver support. Only because SP1 is out with it's 54000 drivers added, Prior to that you were lucky if things worked at all (Halo 2, SLI...)

PC's hardware is capable of running it now, with 2 GB ram and dual core, but that spec gives mediocre performance, in XP that spec gives a much greater boost. Vista chews it up and does nothing with it, running to stand still.

I have gone to linux after Vista because it treats people like they are right to own a machine they bought, and not like moronic sheep who should only do what M$ tells them.

GTA IV website prompts outrage

alistair millington
Dead Vulture


People find the idea of a game that makes it acceptable to car jack, break laws in speeding, countless driving laws, theft, murder, manslaughter, ABH, GBH and a multitude of other anti social acts in society, all are fine and normal and should be considered as such.

...but going onto a make believe website that isn't a website and whose name isn't a dodgy website IS considered wrong.

Some people need a life... need to get out more or rather need to have two large electrodes placed in sensitive areas and then connected to the national grid until crispy so they can't reproduce.

The war on photographers - you're all al Qaeda suspects now

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What about tourists.

They photograph buildings all the time. you know, the big ones, unique ones, old ones, pretty ones...

...and what is a sensitive building, one that has feelings?

But targeting people with a camera for any reason is just plain dumb.

People who are doing dodgy things like bomb things or look at kids know too much to do it openly. So who is actually being targeted....

The police are clueless to real world concerns and this is a <insert swear word> joke

EU Commission plots to end rip-off Britain online

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once again

Europe takes the lead in helping this country where our govt fails.

MSI Wind Windows XP Edition sub-notebook

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debaser is right

We need it cheaper and new technology, not bigger and verging on normal laptops.

This one is basically a slightly smaller version of a proper laptop yet for the same price as some of the laptops out there.

So for the same hard drive, a bigger monitor that is 15in, a working wireless built in and the same bloated XP. I can buy a regular laptop.

Or am I missing the point?

Asus Eee PC 901 Linux Edition

alistair millington

Good review

I own a 701 and am looking to upgrade for work. Want the extra HDD so I can dual boot. (Sadly I need Xp for work otherwise I would happily stick with the little penguin.)

The 1000 is the one I am wanting as a 40GB is perfect for a dual boot system) but after the 900 was so bad (battery supplied etc) I was looking elsewhere.

This renews my faith, I just hope the 1000 is a bigger 901 and not a bigger 900.

Thief swipes cabinet minister's laptop from Salford office

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Who cares if nothing secret was on it.

All the secret stuff is left on buses, taxis and trains. Without having to be broken into first.

I do like this government... They are really good at their job.

Mines the one with the wrap around arms that fasten at the back and accompanying pair of men with white jackets.

T-Mobile doubles 0870 call costs

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I'm with T-Mobile

They sent me a text the other day that says.

"From 28 July we're increasing the charges for calling some numbers beginning with 08. For full details please visit the website.

I am stuck in an 18 month contract and this stinks. They were a very good provider but this brings them down to being as much good as O2.

...It highlights how useless Ofcom is, that they can't stop T mobile doing it and can't regulate it.

Disgruntled admin gets 63 months for massive data deletion

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I like the sentence

"The court said that Oson seemed to think that he was the smartest guy around but, as often happens, he ran into someone smarter (the FBI)."

I saw a program about the FBI real life cases a while ago and it stated. (by talking to the FBI agents involved.)

"The criminals left no finger prints, so the FBI surmised that they wore gloves. The ladder left against the wall leading to the roof, and the large hole they had cut into the roof, the FBI surmised this had been how they got into the buidling."

So I don't believe the FBI are that smart.

Biggles battles Yanks for right to sport tash

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Nice one!

And nice one for the US general for not kicking him out the squadron after having his rank and level of power questioned by a Brit.

Windows Vista has been battered, says Wall Street fan

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I'm confused

They said it is selling more and a really good product after a year? I am confused at that, no one likes it, businesses aren't buying it because of the added hardware upgrade and support issues and it is pants with a capital C, R, A and P

And where was the mention of people buying it and downgrading.

And the 15% bonus to M$ is because it costs so much in rip off britain because M$ are taking the micheal.

Ofcom swoops on caller ID-faking firm with... request for information

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ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

ofcom were watching this with interest....

I bet they were thinking... "eh, phones... that is technical stuff that is, number changing... eeehhhh by 'eck, bet that could be used t' cause mischielf, 'n 'appen it will.... ehhh cock..."

*imagine some slack jawed yokels in an office*

Ofcom are a joke and having reg phone them up probably woke them up.

Can we have an icon that is something akin to cleetus from the simpsons to represent all Quango's that are inept, be it the energy regulator that lets the german owned power companies hoard our supplies and hold us to ransom, ICO that is siding with the bad guys because people are too thick or ofcom that just lets the industry win by merely turning up.

ASA slaps down Vodafone 'unlimited' data claims

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Its funny

120 MB is pants, T mobile do 1GB for the same price.

Ofcom and voluntary sums up the state we are in, the whim of execs that bow down to those that offer cash (Like the music industry), but not those that are meant to protect us.

EU mulls intervention over BT's secret Phorm trials

alistair millington

Just read this after making my first post

Read this from ICO.


In particular.

"Regulation 7 of PECR will require the ISP to get the consent of users to the use of their traffic data for any value added services. This strongly supports the view that Phorm products will have to operate on an opt in basis to use traffic data as part of the process of returning relevant targeted marketing to internet users."

Interesting to see the spin BT puts on it.

As for the defence line saying you are too thick. BT could have tried.

"We are conducting trials in targeted advertising. We will watch what you type and record it for future use. Everything you type will be saved and stored by third parties and BT will be making money from this, that won't be passed onto yourselves.

The technology will sit on your machine and you will notice a slight lag in web browsing while we take this information, this will be noticeable on older machines, or shared internet connections. It will be in effect regardless of the web site you go onto."

Explains it in a nutshell and gets to the point. Or am I missing something?

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Heres to the EU.

I am off to send her a letter to tell her what I think of BT and Phorm and our own ICO.

AMD mugs Intel in backstreets of Paris

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CPU and GPU - the horror

I'm a hardcore gamer and the logic of merging the two is disastrous (then again so is being a hardened gamer with an AMD chipset.) you would need water cooling just to cope as a LAN session of 24 hours are going to leave you a smoking melted mass of a CPU.

GFX are the upgrade items, everything else is fairly steady at being released, linking the CPU to it means you can't just take out you 8800 card and put in a 9800 card, you have to go back to the mother board and do the whole thing, taking hours out of your day and costing a lot more.

Not to mention AMD / ATI gfx are crap. Any seasoned gamer worth his salt wouldn't risk it compared to the NVidia's range of cards. Neither would they use a laptop.

...but for casual gamers who play solitaire and old games from the late 90's, which AMD are good for, having the two merged might be a good idea, free up a PCI slot for your wifi, network, tv card etc.

Linux to outship Windows Mobile by 2013

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It would be nice

I can see linux increasing because of the cost advantages and the fact you can do what you want with it. Killing of M$ as a competitor? only vista and windows 7 can do that. What they do in the market place will define what windows mobile will do and so if windows mobile 7 becomes a vista clone then we could see linux kick off.

In five years the way things are going we probably won't have mobiles as we know them anyway. The UMPC has taken off in the last five years, the pocket PC died off in the last five years and the smartphone became common. So in five years anythign can happen with what we use.

Windows XP given additional resuscitation

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I like M$ when they backtrack. Without trying to look sheepish.

They didn't make a blunder with Vista because people were buying super charged PC's with tons of kit for answering email. That fact it was rubbish and bloated was hidden by the beefed up super laptops that people were buying.

But people wised up, prices and eco friendly thinking kicked in and Vista has no place in a small PC market. It can't run on small 4 GB SSD with little ram and no integrated AGP's, XP can.

...and no way could M$ lose to linux. As people would then think they could put it on their desktops instead of Vista. If it runs on the laptops why shouldn't they?

Long live astute buyers of Pc's and clever engineers making things small and compact.

Asus announces 10in, HDD-equipped Eee PC

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Looks good,

...but adding sales tax etc will push it into the realms of normal laptops and reasonably expensive ones at that.

Still a 40GB SSD is a nice edition.

Might have to save the pennies (and a lot of them) and get one instead of the 901 with added benefit of buying the better battery.

UK cops arrest six alleged BitTorrent music uploaders

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they won't get jail time... they are full

Oh wait, 500 convicted criminals are being released... and this will be a high profile case because the record industry are paying for it to be. So jail time will be pushed for.

Still music of that quality sounds better than half the crap I buy on CD. Wish I had heard of it earlier.

Asus offers Brits Eee PC 900 battery swap plan

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Another 17 quid on top of hte price, puts it beyond being cute, cheap and ultra useful to the realms of a normal laptop which usually have bigger screens as well.

Not impressed.

The New Order: When reading is a crime

alistair millington

The MP rocks.

Another facist police action, another media spun hype feeding the nervous masses into letting it happen.

We try to protect our democracy by stopping terrorists who want to harm it. However in stopping terrorist we harm our democracy.

So the terrorists have won the war on terror

UK electricity crisis over - for now

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9 all at once?

Even terrorists couldn't be that good.

I like the way the Scottish government rushed something through. Where the UK one takes fricking ages to do anything except vote on porn laws or things that are completely pointless.

Ballmer and Gates defend Vista, drop Windows 7 hints

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I read this bit and trembled

"With Windows 7, we're trying to more carefully plan how we share information with our customers and partners. This means sharing the right level of information at the right time depending on the needs of the audience"

They do this and hardware manufacturers don't get told, so they don't make drivers in time.

It happened with Vista and SP1 still had 54000 drivers in it. Windows 7 should come with thost 54000 drivers. So Microsoft should be coming out earlier to it's partners and it's customers not holding back more. It's quite simple, you tell those that make the computers what the OS is and they make drivers for it. Only do it before you start selling the OS.

They still don't understand...

I am happy though on this report as it clearly states (to me at least) Vista RIP.


Games. Pure and simple.... only you can't on Vista as drivers are laggy and bug ridden. XP it is. Cedega? (goes to google and starts looking)

UK to outlaw cartoons of child sexual abuse

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Ban the kama sutra, nappies, childrens charities, the news.

No age can be perceived on the drawings in there afterall. The man has a tash but the women do not look adult.

Banning manga... What next, banning adverts for nappies because it has naked babies in them. And baby oil, baby food... baby pain killers (can't remember it's name) as they are sometimes seen in bed, or in a pram looking cute.

Hey ban films with maternity ward scenes as they contain kids asleep half naked. Or anything with an incubator shot in it. Like the news or those kids adverts for the NSPCC because they show half naked kids.

....Will the last sensible person (those with common sense, which means no one from parliament) to emigrate this infested isle, please turn off the lights.

Yet another hole found in BT Wi-Fi router

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Buy a proper router from a proper company.

Nuff said.

Bluetooth finally reaches ten (years, not users)

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TV's and remotes

if you had bluetooth in remotes you only need the one, then you could afford more complex OS's in the remotes to run more things. Like the universal remotes now.

That has merit and would be far better. Tech nerds could then program their phones as well to run the whole thing. :)

You forgot to mention why pairing is a right pain the rear. Because of blue jacking and using that to rip off people with the premium rate number scam or scare them.

So it's universal ability meant it was used by criminals requiring people to lock it down and make it more complex, thus taking away it's main appeal.

Phoenix beams back Martian postcards

alistair millington
Paris Hilton

I heard

NASA used metric because of previous mistakes and because the world doesn't use imperial. So they need to talk to so many others space agencies and institutes that it was easier and less hassle to talk in their language.

Which was a nice surprise given it is america who think we should all think their way.

But given it is probably from an American NASA report for americans I guess 7.7 is more fitting.

@Dick Kennedy.

Don't, Americans will believe you... :)

Paris because she probably will think they found a bible.

BT industrial action is off - for now

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My favorite

At the end of every call to their indian call centre reporting a fault because the old copper technology half way up a mast in an unprotected box can't cope with yorkshire rain.

"Please be remembering sir, if no fault is found you will be charged."

I love that saying, I get it every time as if I sit on hold for ages for a laugh and make things up.

But given most of their staff are in India, and they have a work ethic. Would we notice a strike?

Would those responsible for phorm strike... please....

Asus speaks out on UK Eee PC 900 battery issue

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Nice one Reg

Given the increased competition for small, cure and useful PC's. You have to look at what the others have. They all do what the asus does and because it is no longer cheap and cheerful at £300+ you have to look at the specs a lote more. Tha means the battery life as well as wifi, SD cards and bluetooth etc.

So perhaps ther other alternatives can nip in here and steal it.

Though their reasoning sounds like why Vista costs twice as much instead of half price.

@Ian Mcnee, you need to live in the real world. Whippets, cloth caps... I live in Yorkshire and that doesn't happen here and that IS the most back to basics place. It's all hoodies and burberry now. Only the toffs of the dales still wear the caps.

That being said. As for the daily mail. Sadly most yocals round here read the sun, so probably can't understand battery as it has more than one syllabel. The sun readers coping with more than one is a rare treat.

Pants purveyor punts handset-holding undies

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Thats wrong

You watch a porn star on a bed faking it and then some indian womans voice comes out sounding like a grandmother.

Who was it targeting with the advert?

Ofcom pulls plug on wholesale broadband regulation

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Bt have had a regulator removed

That can only mean bad things... competition is lacking in the energy market and see where that is.

So now Ofcom (which was shite anyway) is stepping out the loop and the monopoly is free to rule.

Teen battles City of London cops over anti-Scientology placard

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surely he can get legal aid.

That would be justice, the govt paying at both sides of a stpuid argument.

Let's hope boris gets involved, though I do want this to go to court as a way of making it stick in legal terms. Forever to be realed out as more evidence against the cult.

Sad day for people of this country, but recently that is happening a lot.

Russell T Davies bows out of Doctor Who

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moffat rocks

His episodes (1 a series) are dark and much more gritty than the norm, which is what you want. Blink scared the "£$%£"$% out of me and I am 32. :)

I think doctor who is more of a kids program, and you have to bear that in mind when reading this and other forums. My four year old Nephew thinks it is the best thing ever and he hides behind the sofa.

So Russel did something right.

Boeing raygunship fires first blasts in ground testing

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one point

In order to protect your said comms tower you cover it in mirrors or silver foil etc

Then surely everyone with a normal missile, tank shell, bomb, can hit it.

Win win all round.

UK Carriers safe: Other war-tech ripe for the chopper

alistair millington

Bremnar, Bird and Fortune said it all

50 helicoptors get dropped from the budget in favour of two aircraft carriers.

The aircraft carriers are being made in a labour constituency.

The helicoptors in a lib dem seat.

The carriers are worth more to british jobs than the heli's.

Despite the counter arguments. Troops in afghanistan are 1200 miles from the sea and need helicoptors.

Mr Brown has asked the MOD to cut 17BN from it's expenses over 10 years (body armour, proper tanks, decent land rovers, transport planes, apache's). The carriers are 4 BN, Trident replacement is 25BN. Northern rock bail out was 100BN.

Also a final comment on the programme made which I think sums up this governent and arms spending.

"The army is being run on a peace time budget, but we are at war. Two wars..."

Other things mentioned were the anti terrorist bill clauses. One says MOD hearings will be in private if "it is in the public interest", because they can't handle the Oxford corroner constantly saying the MOD is at fault. The oxford corroner gets to look at dead service men because that is where dead service men are brought back into the country at RAF brisnorton.

MOD now bring in the bodies to RAF lynam. Different corroner.

No nuclear engines on an aircraft carrier in a world shortage of diesel. Now that sounds like forward planning to me. It has to be the MOD. I also bet it has to meet EU emission guidelines, just like our tanks.

The government's defence policy and the MOD are a joke. Always have been.

Can Microsoft 'do' open source by 2015?

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Would you want it though

Be honest. If M$ do a linux distro (for example) it would either urinate all over your hardware before passing away. (like vista)

Or be shown to be on such a low level compared to the existing distro's. People could do a like for like and realise how bad windows developers. Whether the skill is lacking or the management structure.

A bunch of hobbyists and academics can do for free what MS spend billions on, and do it better, faster etc.

US Congress questions legality of Phorm and the Phormettes

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@AC RE: SO tell me what is the UK government doing about Phorm ??

This governement wasn't elected. People voted for Blair not Brown, and no leadership run off was done making him unelected in all instances.

Also this country has such a low turn out for voting that you can hardly say the masses voted for anyone.

And GWB was voted in under very dubious circunstances in both of his elections, and both regarding florida and who could vote. Also religion plays a heavy part in the bible belt where he is loved, so politics takes second chair.

@Steven knox.

You are right. Britain is a surveillance state with the biggest CCTV coverage and no laws governing them that anyone listens to. (did you watch dom jollys TV show on CCTV... the DPA is a farce) and the three new clauses in the anti terrorist bill that is going through will make it worse.

But as our country doesn't care either it's all the same.

Jihadis: We turned hacked killbots against US troops

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Be funny if it were true

Americans in every war have killed their allies or themselves. The same isn't said of it's allies.

Good thing the machines was taken back, how many iraqi's would it have taken care of?

Five misunderstood Vista features

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This article rocks.

Five miunderstandings I am having at Vista. That is like you go to a car dealer and spend fifty grand on a car, find out the fifth gear doesn't work, the engine revs permanently at 2000 revs (because it is doing things to help you in the background) and it's sat nav tells you directions ten minutes after you needed them. But when you go back to complain you are told don't compare the Porsche to a BMW and you are misunderstanding the car.

Whoever wrote that for M$ is a tool.

Activist coders aim to deafen Phorm with white noise

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I wrote to my MP about this.

I got a reply... The very nice lady is signing the EDM in parliament and writing to both the secretary of state for trade and business as well as writing to the Ofcom chap for updates on the shenanigans.

So that is some faith restored in my otherwise anti parliment (They don't care about us) stance.

I am still hoping BT wake up and smell the doo doo, or get slapped big style by a guy in a wig that gets called "Me Lord". So that steps like this don't need to be used.

Triumph eco-bra brings Reg editors excuse to publish pants pic

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She has just got a solar panel stapled to her undies.

Still the Reg has managed to get another photo of someone scantily clad in a news article. And even wangled an IT angle.


Asus' Atom-powered Eee PC spied on web

alistair millington
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Why the crappy battery

I read about the battery on the eee forums and thought it was all wrong.

Something worse than the 701 battery for the 901, what is the logic. Between price and the battery I won't be buying a 900.

Come on Reg - Ask about batteries and don't be fobbed off.

SMS costs more than using Hubble Space Telescope

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How many people who have commented so far work for 02 or vodaphone etc. All you who say "rubbish, it's codswallop" sounds to me like you have a vested interest in supporting your monopoly of choice.

The article just highlights some costs in a study done at a university which make interesting reading. That is what people do at universities, resarch, into things that have do or will affect us.

You can't argue or deny it as the study is about data transfer and cost, nothing else is implied. So claiming "this" and "that" is just piffle and filler or of course supporting your own ideologies or vested interests.

And criticising an IT news website about reporting on an IT news article that affects everyone who reads this is just a little weird.

I like the article as it supports just how much profit these companies make for essentially doing very little now. The infra structure is there, the years of paying have seen to that, 97 % of the country at a guess. So what else do they spend their money on?

Licences? That is one possible scenario, but then costs of that is determined by competition and the government, if they all didn't want to pay then it wouldn't have cost that, so their costs all went to their belief we want TV on our mobiles. (given TV is shite I don't see that taking off)

So what is the profits for now? We can't add to the already overfilled infrastructure, Certainly not lower prices, It isn't something like added fuel costs or increased staffing levels. (Seen any 02 recruitment drives, or Orange asking for more staff?"

So it has to be share holders and keeping their monopoly. None of that has a thing to do with a university lecturer saying it costs more to send an sms than it does for hubble to report back.

Bearing in mind on the continent (Denmark in particular) all mobile companies charge flat rates, cheaper flat rates regardless of network or times. It's only our bygone era of competition and monopolies that require stupid fixed pricing and odd bill structures.

Rip of Britain at its finest.

Fedora 9 - an OS that even the Linux challenged can love

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sounds cool

Knowing Ubuntu is getting stronger, and now this release which seems to be an all in one desktop replacement can only mean good things and from another name in the linux world people will have heard of.

I am not a linux fan boy and I struggled to get round the inner workings of Linux on the eee but it isn't rocket science if you stick at it.

All of which means nails in the coffins of M$. Which is always good.


Shame on you. At the rate Linux is kicking the next release will be a Vista replacement never mind windows 2000, granted that isn't much of a claim to fame.

Windows XP SP3 blame game begins

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My works machine works okay

My SP3 is working though I only risked it on my works machine. So recovery time is in works time not personal time. I won't risk my home kit just yet, though they are all Intel chips. (P4s and a dual core)

@Gordon Feyck

I would be more sympathetic if this was a one off, however this is the second time SP3 was pulled and Vista SP1 (or vista in general) can't be blamed on the OEM's. Something as massive as a Service pack that will affect most of the world (lets face it most PC's in the world will be XP by now) should be thoroughly tested on everything. Not like they can't afford the virtual servers and the hardware to do the testing.

@AC Why

M$ caused the issue, so why not blame them. SP2 had all those 3rd parties working fine...

@Adrian Esdaile

You had Vista SP1 working for 14 months, with no issues. How did you get hold of SP1 that long ago, it's only been around a few months.



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