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Hollywood prepares to battle Asteroids

alistair millington

The plot actually works

I can see it and it works. Completely wrong however. Wrong on every possible level.

What next, a plot about Tetris and menacing blocks that once arranged in a line explode devastating cities.

Or terrorists threaten the world with mine sweeper???????

Holly wood has gone nuts.

Microsoft unveils Windows 7 free upgrades and discounts

alistair millington

So still looking like a rip off then.

My main machine, my laptop and my back up machine are Linux or Xp and some dual boots so I only need this to play online games.

Xp works, so do I need to consider buying another OS, it should be cheaper or free for all those muppets that bought Vista and for those like me that bought the ultimate version of vista we should be getting it free and with additional content or a cheque for the price of Vista.

I think XP for my games will continue to suffice at least a nother couple of years then. At least I don't have to run the risk of Beta gfx drivers like Vista.

No IE8 is a bonus

And the media player will still be absolutely !"£$!"£$" at cataloguing my MP3's into the order I have them in. (ie in their own folders) insisting that it's wierd way of doing it is better.


You really need to get a better job, working for MS obviously has a "Church of Scientology" affect on you.

However MS should raise it's prices, then more people will see the merits of Linux.

Nokia N97

alistair millington


I wanted one of these to replace my aging tytn 2. Which while ham stringed by Windows mobile 6, is still just what I want.

Was hoping this review would give me hope.

Oh well, the search continues

Microsoft bribes Oz to ditch Firefox

alistair millington
Gates Horns


That's Ozzy dollars, which are about 3 to the pound. So you have to endure IE8 for about 3500 quid. (give or take the exchange rate)

It isn't worth having.

And you have to endure a social networking site for more than ten minutes at a time. Yes twitter might be okay, now and then in small doses, but some of us actually have lives, and jobs and the need to talk to a live person.

Ofcom gets power to punish pirates

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I love OFCOM

They make a mockery of the 0845 numbers and anything they want to be charged locally or for free phone numbers. So now we all pay massive amounts of cash to every number they set up to be free.

They make an absolute pigs ear of the mobile communications and roaming charges,

They screwed over the broadband market for actually saying what it is they sell.

All of which actually is important and won't go away.

So now they want to take the p**s with every legitimate bradband user that uses filesharing. No evidence just their whim that says they are right.

Instead they target a technically savvy group of people that will simply side step them, curing nothing and furthering the problem.

Microsoft, Asus launch anti-Linuxbook campaign

alistair millington

windows isn't better

I think you have to see the $$$ at the back of this story, and the fact MS have bought into Asus or threatened them as per usual tactics.

I have a nice asus 1000 40GB SSD, mandriva 2009.1 looks great and works

When you update it, it doesn't need to reboot.

I can stick the software where I want on the hard drive and take up as much room as I can.

To install was easy and took thirty minutes and all drivers were working from the box.

There has been no issues, one error message which was my fault

I have it dual booted with Xp, Linux can see and read the XP partition.

Grub can handle all the partitions and booting process. XP's MBR can't

Xp only goes where 'it' wants on the smaller partition.

It can't see or even recognise the larger linux partition.

Install was twice as long as linux, with more questions than linux

I had to install the drivers separately.

There isn't the RAM or the HDD space for Vista so it had to be XP.

XP has crached twice requiring two complete reinstalls just to get back up and running. I love the BSOD.

I can't run it on the netbook for all my apps, because of the hit rate on the SSD, so have to shift some onto the SD card.

XP can't work the new WPA2 wireless security that my netgear router is running, so I have to downgrade to the older version of security or lose the wireless network.

I have to run regular anti virus and anti spyware just to remain safe. (Hammering my SSD)

Battery life is shocking, but boot up is about the same as linux.

I will stick with XP thanks as a secondary boot option. Mandriva are guaranteeing 100% compatilbility for the eee series and they certainly do work straight from the box as a result.

I am not a linux fanboy, but the major line variants out there (I have ubuntu desktop and mandriva laptop) and the way in which linux just does what you want with error messages that mean something if it does go wrong and more importantly there is forum help out there. Windows forums are good but let down by the software, active sync and exchange being my current argument with M$, Linux are at least brought out for the next release, happily this is a year away, not three years like XP.

Bad day for Asus, I held them in such high regard.

Intel ships dual-core Atom

alistair millington
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Expect a new Asus eee release soon

Featuring all the same models to now be selectable with dual cores

Symbian: Linux unfit for mobile phones

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Sour grapes?

Anyone else think this is just one person trying to slag off the competition???

Linux might not be designed for the mobile phone market, yet. Then again neither is windows mobile and it seems to be doing alright. :)


A horse can be trusted to take you home at any time, if trained. Horses also are keenly aware of their surroundings and so avoid trees, bushes, holes in the ground, other cars, ditches, bus stops, people and anything else that cars can run into. It's the self preservation factor, then again with ultimate four by four and slip diff arrangements they can easily get in and out of the said ditches etc.

'Idiot' pulls cables, downs ISPs at Telecity

alistair millington

What an R'tard

Nuff said.

BT's secret Phorm trials: UK.gov responds

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Come on the EU

That is all I can say.

And give us a hefty fine us for answering a month and a half late as well.

MP's and the gov't don't listen to the people anymore so someone needs to give them a spanking.

Robot airliner anti-missile escorts proposed

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Has to be americans.

The cost of having the drones will be huge, the cost of flying them will be huge and who is paying for all this. The air lines? Airports and then who pays for them... customers...

Wouldn't it be better to say military planes and air force 1 will be protected. Then military budgets can be wasted on them instead?

No one has shot down a plane with one, and no one has shot at one outside Africa.

Cheaper to just surround the airport with CCTV and roving patrols of armed guards. 50 grand a year for two guys with machine guns. Or a couple of million per unit with fuel costs and the operator costs to fly them for each plane?.

I would love to see the airtraffic controllers bill for that one... Landing double the number planes on an airfield just to get the drones back for the next flight. Heathrow lands a plane every one and a half minutes. So you go figure the drones into that.

OMFG, what have you done?

alistair millington

I like it, took me a while though

The icons might take a while, I for one liked the dead bird icon. Still the penguin is here.... now where is the one that celebrates the death of Microsoft?

And we need one of ballmer (really hasn't a clue of the planet he is one or the company he leads or the people he is trying to sell to) in a straight jacket.

Microsoft moves to improve mouse movement

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Will it still leap from one side of the screen to the other at the whim of the mouse driver because of some dirt or "thing" on the desk that interfers with the beam.

Still 50 quid for a mini mouse is a little steep.

Ubuntu zoo preps for new arrival

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Have your say

Names can be voted for and suggested you know.


Digital divide looms again over superfast broadband for all

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It won't work.

At the moment your house is fast with an ethernet of 100MB running to the socket. Then the slow bit from your house to the exchange of anywhere from 512K, to 4 MB (I doubt 8 MB eally exists). This will just transfer the slow bit a few miles down the road to whatever is behind the exchange. That of course is the 21CN which isn't upto the task.


Nah the trident is 25 million, the aircraft carriers were nearer 4 million. Remember we are cheap and went for small, none nuclear aircraft carriers and no catapults. So it is only 4 million dole subsidy to the dock workers of Glasgow.

Remember though, the govt saved northern rock with 100million. Saving their badly run ass from the fire. And saving the FSA a serious amount of legal action for not doing their job right.

Still same logic applies, badly run, poorly checked bank, some more nuclear missiles or country wide gigabit.

Toughie that one.

Google launching its own navy?

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Google will be on hand in an disaster zone with some servers. Typical.

Bunch of hungry, cold, wet and deprived people really need access to the internet when all their worldy posessions were washed, blown, crushed along with their house, family members.

How did the military or aid agencies manage disasters without an off shore server farm nearby.

Is it April the first or is this more about off shore and therefore in international waters than actual help.

Police quiz BT on secret Phorm trials

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Finally, something at least including the fuzz and Phorm in the same sentence.

My hope is still with the EU, I expect Police to be as good at prosecuting BT as a gang of hoodies.

Buffalo touts 'first' external SSD

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It's still just a big

Pen drive....

When it is under £100 and has over 500MB I would consider it, The upgrade in speeds, reliability and performance are easily blown away by the fact you can get pen drives dirt cheap these days.

PC Gamers get Bill of Rights

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HA Ha HA Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha HA HA Ha

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha HA Ha

Sorry I just read Gass powered games were involved...

They came up with supreme commander that was shockingly bad code and game play on a dual core top spec machine... so they broke their own bill of rights... Nice...

Ea are the biggest and they would never sign up to it

They break nearly all of them with just one game. BF2142, buggy, DRM riddled with spyware (their words) internet connection needed which drops at regular intervals crashing your game (you got out of sync with main server), spec far to high, code quality far too low... and the EA downloader (download your games so you don't need CD's) became the EA shop so that was a waste of time... And don't even consider Steam which seems to be the biggest thing out there for waste of space... I have had entire LAN parties die because Steam needs to be run on 20 PC's through one Virgin Media internet connection which is shite just to play a LAN game.

Stardock have their good idea hat on, sins of the solar empire played after copying the directory from another PC, no disk as it was downloaded from them (no european release for a long time) and no installation required. Sweet..

But gas powered games...

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

I do like this comedy article though... EA committed to gamers... You make funny jokes James...

Ofcom considers termination charges

alistair millington


They want to have less regulation as soon as possible... they don't "£$%"£$%ing regulate now, so why should they want less... They are a joke, run by tools and R'tards...

All the adverts and still 4 out of 5 can only name one network shows just how well advertising is failing then, or how retarded the people of this country really are.

OFcom should be shut down and all staff sacked if they want to have us pay to receive calls... when cold calls are on the increase and thanks to lax DP laws and bad ofcom rules the jamsters and data pimping people of this world pass numbers round freely.

HTC Dream sails through FCC tests

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HTC are linked to it

And it is dual band...

Yikes... Hardly innovative or a step forward... All their other offerings make this obselete before it is released...

@ Webster


Hasbro kills Colonel Mustard in the corporate office with the marketing ploy

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its like monopoly

Taking away the fact it helped kids with maths by "modernising" it, so the kids now have to use a calculator... Which of course needs batteries and does nothing for child arithmetic skills.

Can we have, "annoying meddling games designer, killed by his own invention, in his bedroom?"

No, okay...

16-card GPU bangs-per-buck mega shoot out

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I like 3d mark

The dragon and the air ship particularly. :)

The review however is okay, it doesn't compare for example twin of every card and singles of them all... Or those that a re from different manufacturers but claim to be the same card. So you have to take what is in it as read and work with it.

Midwife's lost diary sparks mums and baby alert

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I can see it now

NHS IT contract for PDA devices for all staff, only it will cost twice as much as normal because of "consultancy fees" and a jolly for NHS managers to go somewhere foreign and see what it is like over there.

Russia invades Georgia possibly sparking the biggest war / resources problem in decades. International food shortages, And energy crisis (we get all ours from russia right?), recession and something to do with olympics being on at the moment.

Must be a slow news day...

Game rating system needs legal backing, claims supporter

alistair millington

Problem with rating

Is that bbfc don't just have to play the game, they have to play every possible ending and plot split from the main game.

Take C&C for example in 1995, it says B**tard, on the last level for the GDI. But unless you play that bit you don't get it.

Also take in Clive barkers undying, if you type in the cheat codes (easily given as they also let you fly, have unlimited ammo etc) that lets you walk through sections previously out of bounds or locked down, then you get to see one of the maids of the house in her undies because the devlopers left them in there for a laugh.

So are the BBFC going to have to check everything, including all easter eggs. Or are they just going to test the main game.

Also they would have to listen to every single sound bite recorded for the game.

Warcraft 2 expansion, click on a character a few times and they talk to you in a funny way, one female elf talks about a g string not bow string and that you are touching her in a way you don't touch the others. :)

Now consider far cry or mass effect (which also has an achievement that includes sex with aliens) it takes about 4 days of playing to work through that, never mind all the possible conversations you can have if you play male of female characters. You'd need a copy of the script instead of playing it.

So what are the BBFC going to do, rate on what they get to in a time limit, or what the developers tell them is there.

I also would bet the BBFC are not hard core game players.

It won't work, never mind the fact parents buy it anyway.

mines the one with "sad old gamer" on the back.

UK employers sharpen job axe

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You think this is democracy right... You think that the government wants your kids to actually have a choice... you think that giving children choice early on will set them up for a life in a country where you don't get choice is a good thing, so breed the choice element out an early age and it makes it easier later on to remove more and more of their "choice."

The fact they learn something in school is a bonus, the fact someone is planning something that might teach them something they need is a bonus, who cares about choices...

I am still impressed the three sciences weren't relabeled from "chemistry", "physics" and "biology" to "texting", "social newtworking" and the "xbox".

Linux risks netbooks defeat to Microsoft

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I used to like windows

But I had to support it. Outlook, the Vista OS in general, having to buy software yet never owning it.

...and then 1 or 2 things that just annoyed me, the xbox 360 controller for windows drivers, and their own updates not working in SP3.

So I went to ubuntu and there is a steep learning curve if you want to do anything beyond just working.

But as an end user it is straight forward and out the box.

I have since got a ubuntu, Mandriva and opensuse triple boot and struggled with the various differences, but they are pretty much the same when you get down to it.

The only differences I found were the front end which is either gnome or KDE and the way it lays onto the disk (LVM or grub) and that is no use to the end user.

Using add / remove is straight forward but not as easy as a double click.

Marketing is therefore the only real problem I see, and M$ buying it's way into the market of everything. I want an M1000 with SDD and linux but only the XP and HDD are available in the UK, that speaks volumes for the market.

NASA: Mars is good habitat for Terry Pratchett dragons

alistair millington

Nice images.

I just like the idea of a creature fed on the stuff walking up and urinating on the mars lander because it's new with a funny smell.

Home Office minister gets tough, then gets stuck

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@Andy H

You do the government a great honour if you think half those words enter their heads without help or prompting.

ID cards are only a good idea because it is made up of two letters after all. It's not like anyone actually wants them.

iPhone 3G not compatible with existing accessories

alistair millington
Jobs Horns

Just because

Someone tells you not to make user of something that works and works well on an existing model, doens't mean people won't use it.

Jobs should have adapted his mind set and made it work so all those accessories worked on the new model. But he doesn't and has never thought of what the customer actually wants.

But apple like to be different and want to change the way things work, so coming out with one thing then scrapping it and coming out with something else that is new under "the emperors new clothes" idea that it was always like this and will never be the same again.

But given Apple have limited their own accessories shows you that Apple has indeed cocked up.

Rogue SF sysadmin coughs up passwords

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Or they realised the I was a 1...

Tesco causes couple condom catastrophe

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Hold on

It added them to the favorites?

So tesco didn't actually send the item it just added them to the a favorites list...

So in all reality worst case scenario, her fella has merely looked at them while browsing and clicked add to favorite? If they weren't actually sent and paid for then what is the issue, other than she is a nutter and needs to chill out.

But £100 pounds is a nice cheap PR coop.....

MoD budget fiddles under fire

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Someone please tell the MOD that wasting money is really bad, when that money isn't theres to waste.

Apple grabs number-three US PC market slot

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@phreaky and thomas

Sorry I meant.. built in stuff as in drives, expansion slots that kind of thing. Yes things plug in by USB which is very useful if you don't use a laptop as a mobile PC.

As the you tube advert from lenovo pointed out very cleverly, having to plug everything into it via USB isn't ideal for some users when other lappys out there have them in built or slotting in via the pc cards. The one I used recently had very little with it internally and I was forced to carry another bag with it to get things I would have thought useful. So in a like for like between Apple "everything needs USB" to a Lenovo, "everything on board". I would go for the lenovo and I don't think it is a rare leap to think others think the same. Practical more than pretty. And that is what is keeping them at sixth place, not jumping up in europe's market %.

Price for price they are comparable to upper levels of laptop (quick check on google) I can't find ones in the 300 - 500 quid margin which is where most people are looking nowadays thanks to asus et al. Mac mini being the exception but that isn't really a laptop.

I have found prices from 550 - 1500 and most average around 700 - 800. So I still don't see them being a cheaper alternative and won't therefore fight the market share % of other suppliers who are shifting the cheaper and still comprable kit.

They make good kit but this was an article on market share, and middle management (uncluding me) want as little to transport as possible and for bulk orders you want cheaper and more reliable pieces of kit against expensive and pretty. Even if apple are good manufacturers. Which having had to repair a few I disagree with as well.

Slightly off topic. George bush, I meant the fact they voted him in to start with and then again to keep him in. His decline is just the latter stages of his second term. It should have been in the beginning stages of his first term. :)

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I thought this article was on shipping laptops, so OS has nothing to do with it.

or did I read another article????

Knowing it is americans that has put it to number 3 isn't a shock, they all have too much money, Apple laptops are much cheaper over there and the country belive NASCAR is a religion, George bush is anything other than a complete nutter and that Fox TV would never lie. So believing a bunch of spin from the very good Apple PR is apt.

To the rest of the world they are just well made and pretty, but the price and lack of peripherals means most go looking elsewhere.

Still, goes to show that apple have it right in their PR deptartment, that advertising campaign taking the mickey out of M$ obviously working well. :)

eBay UK pimps users' privacy for targeted ads

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ebay are pants anyway

After removing the sellers feedback option the sales of people I know are rife with time wasters that no one can identify to warn others, and so I know people closing shops all over the place.

then a few weeks ago I got an email from paypal saying shop with confidence that negative feedback can't be lodged by sellers.

I can't believe they put positive spin on annoying all their sellers. So this new piece of information comes as little shock from the ebay brown shirts.

Though I got the email telling me of the changes, I didn't read it thoroughly. Cheers for the info on this.

Oz censor, gamers fall out over Fallout 3 ban

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LOL this is nothing.

I am confused, for them to get uppity about morphine when the country embraces gambling and alcohol with so much reckless abandon that it is rife.

A handy cash machine in every pub, right next to the slot machines. And 20% of earths supply of slot machines in that country

And 24 hour drinking laws with the best invention ever - Drive though off licences. (which I find amazingly odd when they also ban drink drivers but promote it in every town)

Nearly all aboriginals in the cities being alcoholic and there are handouts in every pub on "know your units" and how much you can drink per hour to remain safe on the roads because nobody does.

Anyway from a games point of view morphine is nothing.

Still I remember duke nukem 3d which had "steroids" that made you go twice as fast and the sound of your heart racing increased as did blurred vision. And that was back in 95. (you also gained health from using the urinals)

Blood (like duke nukem but you played the unliving) you gained health by practicing Voodoo with the doll as well as eating hearts from your victims. But I don't see canabalism and worshipping the unliving being a massive headliner in the 90's.

And Doom3 has a similar thing with the adrenaline tabs, as did Quake and unreal tournament. (1 2,3,4,5)

Rise of the triads had drunken mode where you were seriously p1ssed and staggering everywhere. As well as god hood that granted you godlike powers.

Let us not forget Prey or Fable, one of them... In which being on drugs is required for play, otherwise it makes no sense what so ever.

All passed by Certification. I think they are just recruiting jobsworths nowadays.

Europe loves HD TVs - but not HD broadcasts

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What is the point

I would consider buying a new 500+ HD TV if the TV channels actually showed something interesting anymore. The quality of picture might be arguably better in HD (I don't see it myself) but it is utter shite programs being aired.

Who cares if Big brother can be seen in HD, it is still Big Brother.

MS takes Windows 3.11 out of embed to put to bed

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I mourn it

Every time I hear Vistas new start up music, after the three minutes waiting to hear the music and after I see the immediate notification message (windows has downloaded updates, click here to install) because vista is so fast at downloading them each day. (Notice I say each day)

I remember the icon sizes were huge because my monitor was only 480 by 320. I remember you had to type "win" in dos or something like that and you had to edit your autoexec.bat to get it to do it for you. You had to edit your autoexec.bat which was another thing, and config.sys.

Them were the days...

The Top Ten 3G iPhone beaters

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I have to add tytn 2 to the list, but then again this is to compare iphone killers, which means glorified and pretty mp3 players.

The tytn 2 is a small office with more forms of connection than you can shake a stick at added to the mp3 player and so without trying it makes a little puddle over the entire list before we even start.

Reg should do a "tytn2 wannabe list"

The N95 is a good phone though.

Samsung fires up 128GB SSD massive attack

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When can we get one with usb connection

Would make a very wise choice as a portable external "carry your useful tools around sites" kind of hard drive. I am sick of dropping mine.

And is a reasonable size to carry everything else you might want, like your MP3 collection, some video's, a TV series perhaps.

Give it a few months to seep through the market and the price to drop.

Microsoft pledges to fight Vista 'myths'

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I like that man, he is nuts.

"Vista is a good product"

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ..... ha ha ha ha ....

No it's not, its XP with a load of pointless crap bolted on and then covered in pretty glitter to hide the fact all the background screens are from XP.

And Windows 7 according to


Where he was told by MS it is a warmed up vista.

Still I look forward to the clever add campaign where they try and gloss over the sales figures, big business uptake, the fact acer and dell offer linux and XP still as a direct result. The UAC being anything but annoying, viruses, spyware, hardware requirements, why it won't fit on the new tiny laptops that everyone wants to buy because they are cheaper and what people actually need.

PC World pips Asus to UK Atom sub-laptop premier

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People still buy from PC world

Does no one learn...

2010: the 5TB 3.5in HDD cometh

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Re@ in 2020

I doubt it, you won't be abel to laugh as that will be considered free thought and therefore illegal

And the 5TB will be filled with security to prevent being watched by everyone and his dog as your data is pimped out to anyone with the cash, not that you could download anything to fill 5TB as that will be illegal and no one could afford the legal versions of the data as prices will be sky high.

Or is it just me that thinks that is the way this country is going...

5TB though is scary, not so long ago 1TB was considered pipe dreams on a desktop.

David Davis tells El Reg that Labour is 'mesmerised' by tech

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Wait a second....

Checks calendar, looks for broken mirror, black cat, checks for phase of moon.

Something isn't right. I find myself liking a politician

Ooohhh scary. He sounds like he actually cares... now if he just talked about cutting government tax payer wastage and getting the MOD back into shape, I actually might vote for him.

Oh wait "Cameron the blair clone won..." and I don't live in Hull.


Geldof backs Davis 'For Freedom' by-election

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When he quit parliament

I vaguely remember stating "one down 600 more to go."

Now he has a spine and is standing up for freedom,

Perhaps it is "1 down, 600 more to go."

Labout not standing, they lost to the BNP, so I think we know there reasons.

Court slaps UK BitTorrenters with landmark damages award

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its actually being sold for 8.99

lol, people are buying that game.... It's free in vista.

T-Mobile not alone in spinning price hikes

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O2 at least were honest

Must be the arse and elbow departments finally meeting.

Well done O2, first time for everything.

Asus to revamp Eee PC 901 with bigger keyboard?

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I would have thought

The way forward would be to make the 901 like the 701 only with bigger HDD and better specs (chip, ram, bluetooth etc). instead of a bigger screen and bigger keyboard and moving parts inside (full HDD).

Keep it small cheap and simple, and newer models have better screen resolutions and more features. Instead of just dragging their customer base upto the normal size variants

Wind power key to UK's desperate renewable energy bid

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Bristol, second highest tidal range in the world.

Where is the hydro tidal barrier plans?

MOD can't detect anything with rader because they can't afford it. Never mind wind power, and it anything is going to fly low enough to not be detected amongst a wind farm, good luck to 'em.

I think the document is just scaremongering. If the will was there it would be done, but this govt like commitees and spending money on itself so we think it has done something. Which we don't

Case in point. The earth quake that hit san francisco and flattened the two story highway. 3 weeks of building and it was back up.

In the UK we can't build a new road surface with new barriers in the middle in less than 60 weeks.

I like to think the 2020 target will not be reached and we will fail and look stupid to Europe who already think that. But the govt then can blame the govt now and it will be all okay then....



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