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Ballmer says Windows will shame iPad

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I like Ballmer

The guy is a tool.

.....On every possible level,

The guy is a tool.

Apple prices up iPad for UK

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It will still sell

There are too many fanbois that can't get hard with an iphone anymore. It just doesn't do it for them for whatever reason and they need something to get them pumped up.

Still nice to see rip off Britain and technical ignorrance is surviving the credit crunch.

Ubuntu's Lucid Lynx: A (free) Mactastic experience

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Well worth a look.

I stuck it on an asus 1000 (The proper one with the 40GB SSD before M$ sullied Asus and it all became HDD to pay homage to the crapware Win7.)

It ran, it worked. No effort, no hassles and no dramas. Then I started using it and the ONLY drawback is the silly icons on the left hand side, I am told (by a ubuntu forum post) Mark has plans for the right hand side. I managed to at least put them in the right order, min, max, close. As they were also reversed. Madness.

And flash isn't supported in firefox by default, I have to open extras repository and download a none free version. Boo hiss Mr Shuttleworth.

Internet Explorer drops below 60% market share

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Lest not forget the EU.

I think the browser choice helped the demise of IE 8, letting none techies realise the different browsers in the wild. If nothing else opera and safari will see someone take them up. (Chrome have billboards advertising their stuff)

Now if FF could just get their new mobile browser on my phone to run flash, I would be a happy boy. Instead of their "hardware reasons" for not having it.

Ridley Scott talks up 'nasty' Alien prequel

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We all know it is gonna suck, hollywood will make the oscars 3d if they could.

I thought the company investigated a beacon, woke the crew early. Explains it in the first one quite clearly. In the second film the extended version shows you the bit where they are told to go, later ripley shows the piece of paper that Berke had ordered them.

The thing in the chair with it's chest blown open was alien as it was about twenty feet tall so where do humans fit in exactly?. Where and how can they shoehorn human actors in an obviously alien space craft / genre. (We know it will not be alien, or the nostramo will be the "second ship" to investigate, or worse some "american only" earth marines will break into the alien ship, gun everyone down, die and then leave the 20 foot seated corpse to rot very quickly over 5 years before the first alien film.)

To me 3d and all the wannabe's are just making films that have things to come out at you. They are not concentrating on the plots. Could be good, but it is hollywood and they don't have a good track record on prequals.

Lets just hope nothing from the AVP films leaks through. It will be god awful if the same plot writers are even in the same post code.

Ten free apps to install on every new PC

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Great article. But Security essentials??? Itunes????

Anything Microsoft acquired usually gets downgraded by them, like the great malware manufacturer they bought and windows defender then downgrade the threat level of the malware to be "Okay." It might have been great when Giant ran it, but as with all things M$ it gets put through the M$ logic mill which usually spits out crap, like home server, Vista and windows mobile, windows media player, IE8.

Personally as the M$ software is written so badly anything that protects that will be equally as badly written because it is the same culture, the same developers writing it. So I always prefer someone outside of the M$ 'logic mill' to create software to help me protect M$ software. Fresh pair of eyes can always see the problems so to speak.

And itunes? The dictionary definition of Malware should either say, Itunes, or MSN as the two great pieces of software that will kill and drain your PC of all it's life and never truly goes away.

Bloke threatens BT with giant plywood cheque

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Well done.

I love the fact it would have cost BT loads to do the ring round, the arguing and now the debt agency will want paying. All for a 4.50 cost. Why didn't they just right it off.

MS delivers emergency IE fix

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Use something else.

Who still uses IE if not in a work environment? Best thing to come out of the browser choice screen was the variable alternatives and proof there actually was alternatives.

I am currently using a new one each month for a change, April is called sleipnir I think.

BT hijacks business browsers

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Silly BT

I thought it was pants just seeing the annoying thing, but I hadn't considered the automated side of things.

To be fair BT are good at some things. When they screw up they do go all out..

Google accused over China censorship

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Kudos to google

I can't stand googles "do no evil mantra" as they obviously are, but kudos for actually doing what they said they would.

Computer glitch prompts 50 raids on elderly couple's home

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The best thing to do would be to FLAG the system to have an officer CALL them with a phone and check?. Then at least if there is really a 999 call from the couple, they get some response. Or is it only police that are not bothering?

What about fire and ambulance? Do they respond and break in with axes, hosing down everybody in the room first? Or come shock paddling everyone in sight?

Microsoft talks up Windows 7 SP1, shy on dates

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Far too early

To get an SP. Either they are pandaing to those that require an SP to upgrade, or they are lying and there is indeded massive fixes within it.

Both are not good reasons to really trust win7 and do a full upgrade / roll out.

Still if I could have an upgrade that fixed my USB and sound issues I would be grateful.

Microsoft cuts out paste

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I thought the stuff yesterday was great for the demise of the win 7 phone OS. It just gets better, what next?

No USB support as blue tooth is the way forward?

No MMS, because like Nokia with the N900, some tupid moron decides that EVERYONE wants to upload photos instead of sending them to a friend. Don't they?

They can copy Apple all they want, it is an MS product, so it will need an anti virus to run all the time just to be reasonably safe. And it won't like open source, won't like plug and play to anything other than windows 7 etc etc.

I love it, I couldn't write the lunacy of Ballmer any better that his current media gaffs over win 7 phones.

We need a new icon, somewhow FAIL just doesn't do it.

Manchester's on fire for ID cards, claims ID minister

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10k - sigh.

Isn't that still less than the number of people employed at the airport?

And 10k in a city of over 2 million (if you include the Greater Manchester and Salfrod areas) is nowt.

I do like 'spin' when it is used in this way. (The flapping round trying to look useful way)

Windows Phone 7 - what's in and what's out

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OMG. Another MS product circling the drain.

So what is this release actually containing that is a selling point then?

It's based on win CE, (I was using that in 2002 on a Toshiba pocket PC) Hardly bespoke and brand new like Android, palm or Apple.

It's not running SQL that you can use.

Apps can't talk to eachother.

Apps can't can't run in the background

Can't auto update

It's not really pushing silverlight while everything else MS does is pushing silverlight.

It's not gonna let the the end user do what they want as MS always lock stuff down to partners etc.

Developer will have 30% creamed off for MS

It's another "walled garden" affair, only without Itunes.

It uses .NET but not the latest .NET

It uses Adobe flash, well known for being buggy and pants.

So then, what are the selling points? Well there is still most of 2010 left to see.

Only slack jawed yokels would buy a win 7 phone based on that interview. It certainly isn't sounding the do all jesus phone fighter that they need it to be.

Exiled iPhone Wi-Fi apps move to Cydia

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re banning developers

Or they simply move to program for android or nokia.

Either way Apple loses out in the long run.

I do like the idea of cydia though, something about sticking it to jobs. :)

Street View threatens to throw Eurostrop

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I am not the first one to say it

Google leaving Europe.


At least they tried to come up with a reason that wasn't data mining. Though the lame excuse about technology wouldn't convince my 89 year old blind grandad.

Microsoft slams nails in Windows Vista, XP SP2, 2000

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Good riddance to Vista. Can we reclaim the unused milage out of it, the vast over pricing when it came out means I would at least expect the same support as XP. Afterall I didn't get a free upgrade to Windows 7 and only had it twelve months before moving upto Win7.

Then again Windows 7 is dreadful for me. Sick of problems with the flaky load of rubbish.

BBC to cull radio stations, halve websites in painful biz review

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Higher quality broadcasting


Well that cheered up a dreary Friday afternoon.


Antitrust incoming? Google hit by EU complaint, FCC filing

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Google are evil

The nexus one gave away their real agenda, let everyone do the work to perfect it, then do their own thing on all that hard work. (Android done by all the other companies and then release their own) Or their new facebook clone suddenly released.

"Creepware" is a great word for it and if they do go into property and finance, or jobs it will be the death of many of the sites out there. which at first might not be a bad thing, but then as the UK knows all to well with BT, the post office, the NHS. Once you are down to one major player and a completely shite regulator (Take your pick of the quangos) You are stuffed for decades.

Jobs because somebody with big pockets and a big name has come out the closet and said google are evil. Though with horns because he to is an egotistical reign grabbing maniac that wants everything his way.

Google's Android code deleted from Linux kernel

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ANYONE shocked by this?

As soon as they started Android you knew it wouldn't last, and the amount of locks ins android has to google means you can't go back. You need a Gmail to sign up and use the thing in the first place and everything is 'google apps or not ' pretty much. They are doing what Apple do and it will just generate another bunch of fan bois nobody likes.

It won't be "Is there an app for that?" It will be "Is there a google app for that."

I just got the N900 and it suits me, I just hope Nokia don't take mamo, meamo (whatever its called) the same way later on.

We need an icon for the "blindingly obvious" or "well I didn't see that coming..."

Windows 8 possible July 2011 release?

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I can't see MS doing this

Do they really think that people would cough up for win 7 at vast expense (after currency conversion) and then a little over a year later do it again.

Linux can get people to do it, because it's free. Apple can do it because they have a fanboi "we buy anything from jobs" group because it is usually wrapped in a pretty box. MS have neither.

Are MS going to put Win8 out cheaply instead? Probably not. So hopefully it is wrong and we get at least 3 years before the next round of crappy adverts that say the old bits of linux and OSX are "my idea." and "new" (Well for windows they are)

Or as I fear, they going to release Win8 on a subscription basis. Pay monthly or get nowt in your software. Xbox has been doing it for years.

Windows Mobile 7.0 due on LG phones this year

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@Jim coleman

I think good sir, you are deluded.

"WM is the only OS that properly synchs with Outlook and doesn't suffer from total lockdown or rely on the often unavailable internet connection to be able to operate. WM7 will be a fresh start"

You think M$ will unlock the ability of outlook to do anything with another Mobile phone OS? So WM7 will still be the ONLY phone OS that can sync. It therefore won't be a fresh start, it will be more of the same.

I fear WM7 will just be a rehash of WM6.5, like Win7 is to Vista. But as someone else said it will be dead on arrival. People have left for blackberry, Iphone and android, they won't come back unless it really is free and open to sync with the kind ofthings people actually use, not what M$ want them to use and that requires updates in office 2003, 2007, 2010 etc.

Imminent launch for mobile Firefox

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I use skyfire on my WinMo

It works fine for me.

Combat games disrespect war laws, report claims

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Horse poo

Nothing is more satisfying than calling in a 1000 pound bomb to kill that one sniper. Afterall that sniper is in a ghillie suit and blooming hard to find otherwise.

Nor is in unreasonable to shoot the Alsatian BEFORE it rips your throat out. (Oh wait PETA will argue about that)

But expecting those Militia from Brazil to adhere to war convetions is a little pointless. As is the rebels in Afghanistan.

OR is it worth expecting the Russians when the third world war does start to adhere to the same rules. (Especially if there is a terrorist attack perpetrated to start said war as in COD4 MW2 - though granted school kids who are willingly shooting and stabbing each other should learn that it is bad to walk round an airport with heavy machine guns)

NEXT you will be telling me getting a 25 kill streak in MW2 and using a nuclear bomb is unreasonable.

What next, how dare we farm pixelated deer and buffalo in Age of empires 3? How dare we mine for trees in an unsustainable forest in Warcraft 3.

How dare we mine a toxic green crystal in C&C 1,2,3 & 4

Some people need to get a proper job.

Mancunians finally get to open bank accounts, go to Europe

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"My only question would be... how is the "simple and secure" 15 minute enrolment process validating that the applicant is actually who they say they are?"

- Simple, by bringing along a Recent utiilty bill, birth certificate, Passport, driving licence....

oh wait.

Windows XP on netbooks to lose life support?

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I like the line

If people do their homework...

Actually if people did do their homework they wouldn't be getting win7 on a netbook.

...but as someone mentioned, you can't find linux on a netbook now, or one with an SSD.

Me thinks the MS boys have been using market position again.

NASA: the world will not end in 2012

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NASA need to go back to school.

Polar shift theory is proven geological fact, as is the 'chandler wobble'

Evidence is in iron fibres and compounds which have been laid one way for one year and the next day they all lie another direction which would account for the massive changes in magnetic field. (the only real way they could have happened on a global scale)

Evidence for the antarctic being once at the equator is also proven and has evidence (possibly atlantis of old myths)

This is roughly every 32000 years.

Well that is what I read as a dual honour undergraduate in Geology and Geography.

Either way nothing is due in the next couple of years, but since when did truth happen to hollywood.

Astronaut love-dustup mace space ace Nowak cops plea

alistair millington

Best paragraph ever.

"nappy-, knife- and hammer-toting, trenchcoated, bewigged astronaut mother of three setting about a younger rival for the affections of a space shuttle pilot with non-lethal riot agents"

UK gets final warning over Phorm trials

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Well I for one think.


Fine BT every pound the Government are fined, simple. They caused the issue for taxpayers to pay, so pass it on.

Then sack all responsible. Oh wait that will happen in June.


Come on Europe.

Win 7 users shout: Where's my bloody ballot screen?

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Too late for the browser choice.

W7 is pants anyway, so why care about the browser, you should be more worried about the money you just spent on an OS. As an IT support, I fear for my future sanity having to support this turkey. The network / homegroup farce alone scares me.

RE: The browser choice, good idea but now the W7 cat is very definitely out the bag (well for some, I think most end users will see a bonus from vista, most professionals will realise it ain't), it will only cause grief for all concerned when they get another question that pops up. As most end users ignore the messages like "Your AV has detected a virus." You think they will care about the "New browser option." MS knows this and as a result the EU will look stupid when they force it out. Though the ballot screen will indeed force M$ into at least recognising the international web standards.

@AC 23rd October 2009 15:47 GMT

Ubuntu comes with two browsers when I last looked, firefox is the main one but there is the other one in the menus, sea monkey I think it is called. Or something equally silly.

Ubuntu comes with more than one for most things, like word editors, picture software etc. Your choice as to which you use.

Try using your software instead of sounding like a tool.

Microsoft thinks it can sell one copy of Windows 7 for every four people

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How is the MS fanboi status going?

Vista failed not because of Apple PR, but because there was no hardware support compared to XP (6 months after laungh Nvidia was using beta drivers still) IBM (and other major players) didn't sign up. Most of the IT support staff and technical staff found it utter pants and bloated with unused rubbish, while being mainly window dressing to an XP build (network properties, program manager etc) an MS director openly said it was rubbish, people took them to court over the hardware spec fiasco and more importantly. Nearly Everyone who bought a Pc had to either spend a ton more just to get it to run properly, Or were ripped off with a machine that wasn't capable of running the new features. Vista Basic was just XP. All of those headlines doomed the Vista OS.

Windows 7. Will sell well simple because of vendor lock in, if you hate vista you haven't been able to buy a new machine for the last two years. And people are now in a serious position of having machines that need replacing. So windows 7 by default will see more uptake now that Vista has been taken outside and shot.

PC tune-up software: does it really work?

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Is it me? (probably is)

The main thing I get from both reports is that XP is basically sound. There is some wiggle room but most of the features XP has are needed, or slimmed already over the years of refinement (hotfixes etc) and therfore it is almost impossible to get tweaks that improve the system to any large extent, relying on RAM to get the speed boost.

Whereas Vista is such a big pile of crap and written so badly there is more "wiggle room" than strictly come dancing. Some of those changes are vast chasms of improvement over the basic Vista installation.

Can't wait to see windows 7 report. :)

MS dual-screen tablet to arrive next year?

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I can sort of see the need

Only if someone like asus or sony did one (Or god forbid, Apple). Someone that has a history of good quality hardware. Not a second rate OS manufacturer.

Microsoft doing one just tells me it will be pants, like the surface table idea or Xbox or the Zune.

Still would be interested to see the specs.

Open sourcers strike back at Google cease-and-desist

alistair millington

google are not that bright afterall

They use open source to make something, hoping people back it.

Those people develop better products on it, better than google did.

Google take the pram back and rattle back, because they can't control it anymore.

Those developers realise they can do better and don't need google, after all it is open source

They keep rattle, let google have pram and reinvent pram with an engine, and some cool go faster stripes.

Silly Google.

Microsoft adopts Say-on-Pay measure for shareholders

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Gates Horns

This would be funny if it were not sad.

Obviously the madman at the top isn't alone anymore.

We need a Ballmers evil icon.

Apple sends iPhones into 'Coma Mode'

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Oh my,


How is the job at Apple working out for ya?


Spot on. :)

Personally I think the comment of an "unscientific" poll is wrong, surely any poll is simply that, a poll. The questions might not be scientific but the results stand for themselves.

T-Mobile's G2 denied the update Touch

alistair millington

T mobile are the same for a lot of HTC stuff.

I wanted the WM6.1 update for the tytn2, Tmobile tech support said it would be July 2008 (following the february 2008 release) that was around 15 months ago.

Still waiting.

I don't think T mobile put the idea of supporting existing customers in the same way they do those new ones. Or they are just rubbish at after support for their phones once new ones arrive.

Then again anyone who buys a G2 phone which uses facebook and twitter access as a major selling opint needs to get out more and get a life.

US Spec Ops operates psywar websites targeted at UK

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Nothing anywhere will make me like Americans. I am not against the country, it is the "We are right, you listen." attitude that I can't stand. People will support America when it starts actually asking (and caring) before telling someone their opinion.

Still a few million quid in my bank account and I will quite happily believe them (not actually support them). If for no other reason than I am easy like that. :)

Otherwise our government will role over, have it's belly tickled by their owners - and let it happen. Nothing new to this, nothing shocking, same old sad sorry tale of UK government bends over for American bosses.

Freecom MediaPlayer II 500GB

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Poor attempt indeed

It can't compete in todays market at that price without on board Wifi and gigabit. You can't network stream or be a NAS without GBit as everyone and their dog who makes motherboards now has on board Wifi and GBit ethernet. So this would be the weakest link a chain very quickly.

And 115 for a 500GB HDD, when you can get them for less than £50 from Freecom if you are still having to use the USB connectivity for file transfers.

Ageing Google supersizes its search box

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"Although this is a very simple idea and an even simpler change, we're excited about it — because it symbolises our focus on search and because it makes our clean, minimalist homepage even easier and more fun to use."

What the hell is "Fun" about using Google?

Microsoft tells US retailers Linux is rubbish

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I like this

Especially the bit that says Linux doesn't support messenger. Surely that is a good thing, one huge reason to go to the penguin.

Having spent four hours last night trying to install office 2003 in vista and getting setup.exe is not a win32 application, I am so glad I made the switch to linux.

T-Mobile picks Orange for merger

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Just as long as

T mobile doesn't take up those stupid animals. They need to be shot.

Texan judge outlaws Word

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They can't import their own file formats.

Man that has to sting!!!!

Microsoft craves iPhone developers for Windows Mobile

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Hmm tough choices.

I can't stand iPhone and all these suck ups that think sliding fingers and paying stupid amounts is the way forward. Yes it may only cost 99c, but 52 apps later and how much do you have of real worth???

Yet they are easier to code, easier to program and if you have a brain cell the one or two you actually need is quite useful, certainly downloading and working them is easier and more user friendly than the mess of having to install on your pc to get them on the phone in the first place. I mean the tipulator, something that breaks down a restaurant bill into portions, just like erm... a calculator can do with the divide key. Come on 99c for that? Geez. Or better yet, that stupid app that lets you send photos to anyone else randomly in the world.

Then again WM is dead, long dead, it is horrible to work with a network, horrible to customise, even worse to get to sync. you can't share domains so working between sites is a no no, you can't go online and on a network without changing a pull down tab on some horrible sub menu.

Active sync is the worst piece of software I have ever come across from MS (A very long list indeed), it just doesn't work and has to convert everything before you can even use your phone as a simple flash storage device.

So whatever comes from Linux or Google I see as the one to watch in the future. They are the ones that have a use for the coding beyond the initial phone, and the buy in from linux coders will be the one that could progress nicely against the MS offering. Or more importantly, progress against the market share.

No one will be bought into working for MS if you have to mount the hurdle that is MSDN and then program something that still can't cope with jumping between mobile internet and plugging in via active sync to a PC without four menu options and a restart.

Bin Active sync, make it just work. Get rid of MSDN and have a much more open and fuller list of API's and drivers that run in the background and make the whole UI work, instead of just being a pocket PC OS on a smaller device.

Hmm I seem to have ranted a bit.

Ballmer: People don't 'get' Microsoft's Yahoo! marriage

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Heres to massive disappointment

MS try and compete against Google with MSN. Realise they just can't compete, even against the second placed search engine.

They try again by reinventing MSN into Live or vice versa or both or something, but they reinvent both the virus that is their messenger and the rubbish login passport logic. I don't know as I don't use hotmail but it was released to be pretty and that was about it, I still can't POP3 it to my thunderbird so I don't take notice.

MS try and reinvent - again, their search engine with bong or bing or whatever stupid catch phrase they call it. And fail again because MS still don't understand that people are already in their rut and don't want to change to a sub standard search engine with out really good reason. I didn't even know it existed until I searched MS websites for a fix for an SP3 issue, seeing bing on the MS website as their search facility. (which incidentally didn't find what I was looking for)

This doesn't work. So MS employ their age old tactic of buying up the competition, and they buy yahoo. In some odd deal where they will then assume total control of all the yahoo customer base. (Me included)

This applies to nearly all the MS business models, the games console, the mobile phone OS, their Mp3 player, web browser, anti spyware and viral protection etc. etc. Every market has a number one position filled with someone that does it better. Only MS bribery and lock ins make any head way into a market share.

They should stick to their core market and concentrate on getting one product out, cheaply, working and problem free Vista and Vista 2. Instead of fifteen things badly, over priced and error ridden.

Balmer truly is a moron and won't understand this concept, so will continue to alienate people, manufacturers, clients and share holders. Which is good news as eventually the mighty MS carcass will be picked at and replaced with proper competition between people that actually succeed.

Microsoft doubles quarterly revenue drop

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ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

The same rhetoric was said about Vista and that didn't materialise, the big phenomenal piece of software etc etc.

However people were burned, and burned badly by Vista so there won't be the magic bullet they are expecting, it will be a dribble till SP1. If it isn't a dribble it is because of forcing people through the market place to get new equipement with Windows 7.

As with Vista, let's see what IBM do...

Google uncloaks Chrome OS hardware pals

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Google do linux or linux derivative

Then surely having one of the few companies bigger and better than M$ on board can only be a good thing.

Lots of hardware and software developers don't do linux because it is only a minority. Google doing one means the worlds biggest online search engine is involved. And that means the cash and the market opens up. So surely that will mean the softare and hardware will begin to take notice,

Of course once google and it's OS which follow international standards starts to pick up, it will further alienate the redmond lackeys and their love in deals to start asking why they don't follow standards? Having hte market lead where the international standards bodies fall over and fail.

Personally I will stick with Ubuntu and Mandriva, but it should be a very nice 2010.

Microsoft talks turkey in Brussels

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as long as

When they allow the other packages to be bundled with a first install, they truly truly get rid of those that were not wanted. So when I click firefox or whatever, IE is gone. This includes Instant messenger and all that cruddy media player rubbish (I want my music in a library I can understand, not your version of it)


When I click on firefox, all web browsing standards are adheered to,

All functions of firefox present and future are adheered to and there is not bias or later implementation of IE by annoying pop up messages saying "we notice you use firefox, have you considered IE9" everytime I log in. etc etc.

And more importantly when I choose firefox or opera, ALL the windows resources, drivers, kernal time and coding supports it. Not some windows half hearted attempt to curtail performance underhandedly, thus ensuring people think it is rubbish and go for the fully optimised version of windows IE

They honour the whole thing on future releases, not just as a gimic for Vista 2 (windows 7) home basic, it should be ALL versions of Vista 2 and whatever follows. Just because Neelie might have left his/her job, doesn't mean the EU public have.

BT abandons Phorm

alistair millington

Network upgrades my A**e

Here is to public will and pressure where our limp wristed govenment failed.

Or was it the EU pressure?

...Now lets start on the ID cards and Database.