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Victorian government teacher-laptop scheme illegal, says judge



Actually, it is not necessarily true that an employer is responsible for an employee's tools. Back in the early 60s I worked as a programmer during the day and a graphic artist at night (yes, workaholic, still am).

I didn't have to supply ,my own computer during the day because they were all mainframes; but I did have to supply my own rapidograph pen, t-square, triangle and slide ruler for the night job. Actually it wasn't a rapidograph back then, but a pre-rapidograph which was a 'pen' that hmmm ... had two 'arms' and a knob. You'd turn the knob to bring the two arms closer or further apart from each other at their 'points', then you'd dip the tool into a bottle of ink and using the t-square with or without the different angled triangles you'd draw a line.... it was complicated.

Anyway, today you can be forced by an employer to use their equipment which they CAN force you to pay to use, I GUESS they can in Australia. But they'd never get away with that in the USA, where employers give benefits BECAUSE THE MARKETPLACE OF POTENTIAL EMPLOYEES DEMANDS IT. There is no law in the USA that says an employer has to give an employee ANY vacation time (except for federally mandated holidays). Employees give vacation days or what they now call 'personal time off' days because no one but 3rd-world h1bs would work for the employers if they did NOT get decent numbers of PTO days. Get it?

Would YOU make 400 people homeless for an extra $16m? Decision time in Silicon Valley



As a real estate investor, if I didn't want to hold the land longer, I'd sell to highest bidder. Actually I already sold all my CA properties due to the FACT that I know several BETTER 'silicon valley' areas other than the California one. California is on its way 'out' as a 'great place to live and work'. I own property now in TEXAS (and North Carolina). Texas is on its own power grid, the FED buys our STATE UTILITIES. Gasoline is 1.50 LESS than CA, NO TEXAS STATE TAX on payroll, bought a brandnew 2700 sq ft house last year for $167,500 CASH, I rented it out for 1700 a month plus $100/mo for lawncare (I have a lawncare biz too). You can pay more for a house, up to 300-400K in good neighborhoods each home with a big fenced yard, or up to $1M for a big house but barely ANY yard & maybe a small pool.

I buy in Keller area, very nice area fairly close to DFW Airport. Texas is BOOMING, there's no racism here (no matter how much the 'media' LIES about that, areas are mixed-race, BFD. I'd NEVER go back to CA for ANY REASON. Sure the summer here can be hot, but hey my condo complex has a very nice waterpark onsite (I buy houses and rent them out but I wouldn't live in a big house anymore. As for the people in the trailer park, who's stupid enough to live in a TRAILER park for '30 years'??? If you don't have the moxy to BUY a home in 30 years, I would say as the land owner (even in this case, inheritor of the land) I have the right to sell and NOT WORRY ONE SECOND ABOUT THE TENANTS. However, if the owner sees these people as 'friends' then he can pay for their move and give them a couple thousand as 'stress reduction'. That would equate to about 2M to 2.5M for 400 residents. He can write that off but THEY will be taxed on it as income. Good deal all around. I have no sympathy for people who are close to my age and NEVER SAVED ANY MONEY. I worked my BUTT off literally and figuratively to get what I have today. I have NO sympathy for people who were grasshoppers not ants.

Bigotry posted by your Facebook account? Use this, Mister UKIP MP wannabe: 'I was hacked'


black IS a color and gay is word meaning happy golucky

not a synonym for sexual deviancy. As for bacon, one can never have too much bacon, providing you cook it crispy such as in a NuWave Cookery.

Martha Lane Fox: Yeuch! The Internet is made by men?!?



I'm a woman and I was there in the beginning, and frankly, I've never LEFT. I am 66 years old and worked for DARPA back in the 60s. The internet is NOT 'built by MEN' but 'built by PEOPLE' INCLUDING WOMEN. I know more about electronics / software / computers than anyone I know. Right now I'm listening to a tv series on netflix which is playing on my four year old Motorola Xoom, while pandora plays on one of my smartphones, while I'm working on my book on one of my 'puters and while I work on an android app on one of my other 'puters.

The stupidity lies in thinking that the internet/i.t. / even STEM is more important to the world of humankind than continuing to build/maintain/improve society and that is what WOMEN do BEST. WE ARE SMARTER THAN MEN. It is MEN who think that electronics is 'most important', but it isn't. Just because I spent my life working in the computer industry does not mean I think it is more important than raising a God-fearing family and maintaining society, in as healthy a way possible. It isn't. But articles like this are just plain stupid. UGH.

Object to #YearOfCode? You're a misogynist and a snob, says the BBC


Re: Interest

I learned to program when Big Blue hired me in 1960 and assigned a programming mentor to me. I was twelve at the time. I don't consider 'basic' to be a programming language, never did.

Is modern life possible without a smartphone?


Re: Flat Earth Society

If you choose not to have your own business than saying you 'choose' your own working hours is bullshit.


First of all why would you want to go backwards in time? I'm almost 66 years old and I got my first cellphone 22 years ago. Cost a 1000 bucks back then, but it was big and heavy and only did one thing... allow me to make calls while out on my catamaran in Hawai'i. Which I actually did, once. As soon as smartphones were available I got one, who wouldn't if they could afford the money cost? I have been a software engineer since the age of 12, or 1960. I don't think smartphones are a 'necessity', exactly, but now I'm a C-level person for a global giant and I need to be able to reach my teams no matter where in the world they are. The smartphone lets me do that. I track my daily 4-6 mile walks on it (yes, I'm a 'self-tracker'), keep up with emails from my relatives some of whom are in their 90s and who, while they don't have smartphones, they do email me a lot and since they have kindles they also share my kindle books, more than 850 (but of course I've long since taught them how to read those books on their big-screen monitor through kindle apps. I can check the weather, get audible mapping guidance while driving without having to look down at printed map directions, easily read or listen to my books (I have two smartphones, my current Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and my 4 year old droidx). I put cyanogenmod on the droidx and it is the one I listen to my audible books on (non-fiction only, who cares about fairytaleland when reality is so much more interesting). I have different ringsets for different groups of people, and for different actions on the phone. Frankly, my two VoIP home phones still have better audio quality for phone conversations, we haven't necessarily progressed all THAT much. As for iPhone, ha ha ha, I wouldn't have an apple ANYTHING anymore. Remember apple? THEY were the computers that had the tape with the label "if you break this tape you void your warranty". Yeah, open source? SURE. NOT. As for their swype feature, it does not come NEAR to the quality of the Samsung android swype which is true swype. The last great computer Apple had was their LISA. I made 65 bucks an hour on that machine, when it had an external hard drive of 10 MEGAbytes and, fabuloso!, a 2 MEGAbyte RAM. I did graphic design work on that tiny b/w monitor until finally the graphics software started putting new versions out on the PC's FIRST then buhBYE Lisa. As for iPAD, my Motorola Xoom notepad was 4G ONE FULL YEAR before iPad. What on EARTH would make ANYONE buy an apple phone, or for that matter, a WINDOWS phone? For security calls with certain of my govt clients, I still use my Blackberry, but it is a newer model. I don't know why you'd go to a cheaper, much slower phone when obviously you still need to view the internet on it, and emails, etc. etc. What is the benefit of leaving your iphone behind (i.e., not replacing it with a better android phone)? Nothing but a chance to write a worthless article and hear yourself talking, kinda like what I just wasted 2 minutes doing, here. :)

Microsoft takes InfoPath behind the shed, says successor will be better


If you didn't like InfoPath and/or Sharepoint you are ...

not very smart or educated on those tools, or maybe just lazy. Good thing you don't work for me, because well you would NOT be working for me.

EXCELLENT tool! Astonishing what one could do with InfoPath with Sharepoint too. I will miss it, or maybe not, if I don't approve upgrading to whatever cr@p that microsoftie-inthe-head comes out with next. It will be worse, not 'better'. We all know it. I can say that because I was a developer with Microsoft on early versions of Excel and they still haven't closed that 'backdoor' I built in. <hint.