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VP Mike Pence: I want Americans back on the Moon by 2024 (or before the Chinese get there)

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If it's possible still, the best two are Pencel and Trumpet, no return ticket necessary or desired.

Tim Apple. Larry Oracle. Ginni Layoffs: It works so why the heck not?

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You mean Precedent Dickhead will suit?

You mean Precedent Dickhead will suit? repeating myself needlessly so it will post

Oregon can't stop people from calling themselves engineers, judge rules in Traffic-Light-Math-Gate

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Also abused and overused is "Architect" doing software for example. "Project Manager" now now has a snooty "registered" overzealous advocacy group defining ONE application of the term. und so weiter...

All that dust on Mars is coming from one weird giant alien structure

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Why not simply wet the whole place down again? Plant trees and lawn.

Whizzes' lithium-iron-oxide battery 'octuples' capacity on the cheap

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Re: Dear Mr Musk....

Only excision will negate the problems by and of Trump etal.

'I feel violated': Engineer who pointed out traffic signals flaw fined for 'unlicensed engineering'

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Re: Not regulated?

The title "Architect" in the US was/is strictly regulated throughout the US to describe one as professionally qualified to design, and to some extent, Engineer "structures" commonly known as "buildings". The qualifications for licensing that entitles one to be an Architect includes completion of a five year university degree in "Architecture" (briefly, the four year degree was sufficient), submission of proof of a minimum number of years of "Practice" under direct supervision of a registered "Architect", then passing a gruelling set of exams on specific areas of expertise taking a number of days. All very similar to the requirements to call oneself an "Engineer", either title is frequently preceded by, but not necessarily, the term "professional".

Then somewhere along the line came computers - software and hardware, where those titles were adopted and "debased" to be included loosely in those "professions", where, I'm sure, some Great Minds took MIGHTY OFFENSE and litigation most probably ensued. However, not having authority like the seemingly ungoverned National Rifle Association, both titles have now been adopted into common use to describe the use of thought, numbers, letters, geometric shapes lines, effort, or any combination or application of those. So now there seems to be a sort of soft capital letters "A" and "E" describing unregistered peoples professing to being professionals of numerous and various endeavors, and the hard Legislated Terms "Architect" and "Engineer". Such is evolution and power of Language. So how do distinguish between the two? We don't but try (comma optional).

Mark Shuttleworth says some free software folk are 'deeply anti-social' and 'love to hate'

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Optional Title

Who cares what he thinks?

Watt the f... Dim smart meters caught simply making up readings

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Re: There's more to it that that...

We don't get to choose meters or suppliers. public utility monopoly. I see now I have to pay extra for the privilege of generating more than I use through my solar panels, on top of the $25 USD/mo, for the privilege of simply having the utility connected to my house for nighttime use. Last I recall, that minimum charge for service in Hawaii, a chain of volcanoes using virtually no geothermal, we were paying $65 five years ago. That's a monopoly State wide. Although there is a TOKEN bit of wind power (and with tradewinds available, besides!), it's mandated charge is the same $0.65/kwh min., last I looked. No incentive to develop the local resources tolerated, just pay the same as to import fossil fuels by ship. Pretty inefficient where there is lots of sun, lots of wind, unlimited geothermal, all extremely low cost generators, albeit there is NO WAY to use it. Some few do go completely off grid. Likely they'll assess a fee and install meters on that soon, too, should it occurs to HELCO.

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Re:There's more to it that that...

We manage to do one load each evening, no problem. We could manage it before dinner if we wanted to and maybe will, now that you mention it. Why wait until 2 or 3? Beds take 2-3 minutes. We rotate 2 sets of sheets, and have a back up set for y rare ostomy catastrophes. Where's the problem if you aren't away from home 18 hours a day? If I defer laundry I can do 3 loads in two hours while making beds, cooking dinner, watching TV, reading email, and returning phone calls during commercials. 235 channels- nothing to see, spam email, and an automatic washer don't take much attention. I even get the clothes folded and put away. Granted, all of those things happen at home. A trip to the laundromat takes a dedicated hour, even with take away dinner, but they do have WiFi....

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Re: There's more to it that that...

The three gallons in the bottom of my front loader wouldn't leak out after an outage except during a VERY LARGE earthquake.

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Re: There's more to it that that...

Ahh, but a Smart freezer, electric car chargers,most residential lighting, heating appliances, home air conditioning (where people work days), dishwashers, washers, electric dryers, water well pumping, etc. can run at night at lower rates, rather than the high-demand daytime hours. Most, but not all commercial loads are bound to daytime use.

Our County government took advantage of low night time rates for 100 % of the its offices' daytime air conditioning needs through a eutectic ice storage system, saving more at least 0.30 USD/kWH. And there were any other energy saving devices integrated into gas, electric and water utility systems. Most had a three year,or less, payback. The ice storage took less than ten, and it's still going strong after twenty.

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Re: Working as intended

No,that means that ALL of the others might be OVER REPORTING or, perhaps correct. More likely, in fact as they ALL may be incorrect (except in laboratory testing) and ONLY two were UNDER REPORTING. Sounds like a Precedent we have here. If there's money to be had, or people to be had, they MUST deserve it.

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Trust us...

...it all averages out, ∴ it's fair.

Trump fan Peter Thiel 'considering' CA Terminator role*

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Re: How much money spent campaigning???

You fool! You are clearly in the minority group within the minority groups of California voters. You just have to look at how the votes went in California to see that Meg Ryan's waste of money could even be quadrupled by the next California Billionaire seeking to lose the next election for the office of Governor. (Actually that MUST be good for the economy somehow, trickle-down you know)

Jerry Brown, who you insult with the mind of a feces fixated four year old, solved the State's huge deficit that in less than four years, which Republican Schwarzenegger couldn't manage to do anything about in 8 after building his entire platform with that one board. His predecessor, Gray Davis, was recalled, no-hounded out of office, through an ill-advised effort to neutralize the Republican/Enron, Electricity Free Market and Price Fixing Debacle that ruined the California economy, as well as each and every resident. That, BTW, was instituted under HIS predecessor; I believe we're STILL paying for that adventure in laissez-faire economics. Governor Davis went down in flames only a few months into office because of a Republican time bomb so successfully aimed that it became the formula for Bush Jr's ruination of the US economy just for President Obama. And of course, he couldn't be allowed to succeed, after all he is black AND a Democrat. Then two years later, both Houses of Congress Republican, sat on their hands and full wallets for the remainder of the President's eight years of success, despite their sabotage, The venom and hatred spewed roused those most damaged by the 2008 banking theft, et al, into believing they were even worse off, despite the President's effective and amazing economic recovery, health-insurance-for-everyone ACA, and recovery of American Image, at home and abroad, etc. led to near disenfranchisement of Democrats.. Thus Republicans, the self-righteous, and the ignorant, managed to "win" the 2016 Presidential Election despite the 3 MILLION MORE popular votes cast for a WOMAN (they snicker here) BETTER qualified for the office probably than any previous candidate, ever. Maybe it's just because Democrats decline to use long term strategies of voter manipulation, sabotage, blatant disregard of what is best for the country and the PEOPLE, chess style economic ruinations, assigns and decries their own most innate characteristics in the opponent, ballot box fixing gerrymandering, self aggrandizement, cheating, Bible-thumping, racism, bigotry, creating unwarranted fear and panic, personal enrichment (while denigrating wealth outside their own), devisiveness, distortion, etc, etc, and plain old lying to empower themselves; and, now we get Trumped.

Now is the time for all good men to come to the aide of their Country (all peoples, all nations, and our planet)

Man jailed for 3 days after Texas cops confuse cat litter for meth

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Re: Only TRULY GIGANTIC lawsuits will stop this...

He should go after the sugar company - they have all the money. Deep Pockets often settle just to avoid the cost of legal expenses for defense. "If they didn't MAKE powdered sugar,this never would have happened..." Can you snort that stuff and get a high? Cereal works on kids!

'Alien megastructure' Tabby's Star: Light is definitely dimming

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Running out of fission stuff?

I have a similar experience every time my BarBQ runs low on propane, it ||: flickers, flares :||, ad nauseum, finally emits a quiet "pop" and dies. In this case it might take a billion US Years (USY).

FCC urged to pause its fight against America's $20bn cable-box rip-off

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Big Brother

Re: The Onion had the right idea

Every politically sanchize ripoff of the public relies on an inherent inability to organize an opposition; a nation of sheep herded by hungy wolves.

'Impossible' EmDrive flying saucer thruster may herald new theory of inertia

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Re: Cold fusion

very long cord on the microwave is a downside; almost infinite free popcorn is a plus, however.

That one phone the FBI wanted unlocked? Here are 63 more, says ACLU

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Who DIDN'T expect this?

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EVERYONE KNEW that this would be the result. Soon you local Police will be checking your phone during a traffic stop. And those involuntary DUI pullouts staged on holidays and Saturday nights. "License, Registration, Proof of Insurance, and phone, please..."

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just this once...

just like sex, but law enforcement style!

Bill Clinton killed off internet taxes, says Australian politician

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Thanks Bill!

Apple fires legal salvo at FBI for using All Writs law in iPhone brouhaha

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Re: Completely pointless anyway

You made a new and excellent point; the County already has,or could have routinely had information on call recipients,duration,and in the case of an incoming calls,the caller's number. No rocket science there..

So what do they want? Recordings of conversations? After the disclosure of NSA's hijinks, we are all to assume now that every phone conversation is vetted. That clearly does not happen or the whole San Berdu even wouldn't have occurred, Clearly it did therefore listening in after the fact does nothing to protect neighborhoods, citizens, etc. from anything. The FBI is lying about tat,or, as others aptly put, justifies billions spent for naught but bigger and more automatic weapons.otherwise useless armoured vehicles and publicity.

Let Europeans sue America for slurping their data – US Senate

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Re: Yabut....

NOW we should mandate for notification of any surveillance done by ANY agency,be it cell phone slurping by local PD, license plate scanning, landline, email, WIFI, drone, satellite, trash snooping, discreet observation, if NOT fruitful. If there's not any cause, privacy must be protected. If there's a criminal act,a warrant should be in hand.

BTW, what kind of unnecessary surveillance occurs that we don't even know of? What technologies does our government use that's still totally secret?

Dark matter surveys turn up new satellites … orbiting the Milky Way

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Re: Get it right

I generally agree, however if they are Boki globules why not call them so and be done with it?

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Re: Get it right

How about "Dwarf"; it seems to follow logically.

Aussie bloaters gorging on junk food 'each and every day'

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Re: I'm conflicted...

a Pie is it? I thought it might be a burger as doctored up in the UK; we generally put condiments inside the bun in the US.

My incorrect assumption I see. However here pies use any of various types of fruit,occasionally vegetables like sweet potatoes or pumpkin, And therearesome meat pies,but called "pot pies", implying the filling came prepared from a pot i gather. All, as far as I know, sans the Pot. Maybe creatively though in Colorado, Washington (State), or Oregon...

Caption this: WIN a 6TB Western Digital Black hard drive with El Reg

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Yes Morris, I'm quite pleased with my new Analog Android cellular now that the screen is reasonably sized...

What a Zuckin' drag! 'Frisco queens protest outside Facebook HQ over 'real names' policy

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We don't call it "'Frisco". It is not a real name.

Naked cyclists take a hard line on 'aroused' protest participant

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Re: @Trevor_Potts again

To extend my "flawed", "irrational and dangerous" analogy further, this is exactly why concealed carrying of weapons is permitted in many US states, whereas waving your weapon around in public is not. One behaviour is likely go unnoticed, whereas the other is likely to cause public anxiety and distress regarding the perceived risks."

In most, if not all States here (US), carrying a concealed weapon requires a permit from the local Police or Sheriff authority with jurisdiction whereas "open carry" is practiced by some gun enthusiasts as asserting their right to carry established by the second amendment to the Constitution. There is ongoing dispute about that, with most Courts siding with the right to carry as well as own, with some restrictions, such as fully automatic weapons, above 50 caliber, felons, mental illnesses, etc. Personally I'm very anxious when around persons walking around in public `with an exposed weapon , MY problem apparently, as I cannot possibly know the motive or need for it. As a male, I'd be offended to some degree by someone's exposed penis, depending on the situation, but not overwhelmed with fright, unless I was accosted. Upon watching a bike ride? I think not. On the bus or in the workplace? Upset, and reasonably so for myself and most others I believe. Our country used to have reasonably effective mental health services until the election of Ronald Reagan to Governor in CA, thus setting the precedent for "it's all about me" government. Now it's not uncommon to see ranting homeless rampant in many cities and even small towns; there are no treatment centers except for those judged criminally insane.

I'm a gun owner of 6 or so guns of various types as I used to hunt game. My sons use them now for target practice and hunting. I bought my first as protection against a threat made against my pregnant wife and me over a property purchase. Restraining Orders offer no real protection and simply piss people off even more. Our situation defused with time and distance, thank goodness. We live an hour from any response of law enforcement and almost a much from any medical facility,, so it had to be self protection or none. The gun in public is only useful for violence. When was the last time a bear attacked anyone in Costco, or McDonalds, for that matter?

As for penile control, I would prefer that an erection would be a matter control or a switch. While I suffered frequent embarrassment in Middle and High School. a bit less in University, after chemo,radiation and seven major colorectal surgeries, I would like to have control for the opposite reason. I'm not old and regret no losing what I couldn't have when I was so physically ready. It s a beautiful, natural part of life, not criminal if mutually agreed.

Can't pay $349 for an Apple Watch? Get a Chinese knockoff for less than $50

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Thanks, I'll stick with my Rolex...

It cost $15 US and my Movoto cost $10 and they have HANDS!

I have a PC laptop and it's fine, too.

MPs 'alarmed' by millions of mugshots on Brit cops' databases

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Re: They *are* just trying to keep us safe

"Obviously I can see that a regime like that would be paradise for a malicious dictator / totalitarian regime - but safeguards could be put in place."

Like what? Maybe another Hitler can't be elected? It doesn't have to be in UK or US to get all of us dragged into the fray. Imagine IS with more knowledge of peoples' personal beliefs, preferences, associations, or refusals to go along with the "plan"? We, as the 'free world', which I take to mean 'of free choice', can't muster enough consensus to even address it, much less act after the twin debacles from Bush II, Chaney, Rove, et al. And, it can get a lot worse. After all, "this is the best of all possible worlds."

KR Caddis

Re: Future, what future

People DO snap and they are punished accordingly. There has to be a better way. In the US we have too few, only two choices really; there are no meaningful alternatives. One side is pitted against the other.

Whatever hopes we had for positive change with the Obama election were pretty much obstructed in retaliation for THAT win. There wouldn't be a second or third chance for meaningful changes after the election. He carried a nearly impossible burden upon entering office, two wars and a gutted economy, and it's taken 6+ years to turn anything around and it will need at least two terms to get back to a budget surplus, and maybe never out of the Middle East again. If the GOP should win in '16, whatever the progress, it will be quickly undone. What then? And UK and Western Allies all get dragged along as well. And almost half the voters feel the opposite, so where can we go?

KR Caddis

Re: Indiscriminate police surveillance

Are "they" implying that there are millions of criminals running around loose in GB that reALLY warrant using facial recognition software to monitor, possibly continuously? Or maybe "they" are going to type people by appearance as to criminal potential and monitor the shifty looking? Orwellian surely!

If it can be done,it will be; damn the torpedos (laws?) Too many CCTVs in UK; where does it end? And if it happens in such a civilized country, what will happen in totalitarian states when their technologies catch up? We have the NSA, equally bad. 'We have your face and we have your thoughts; CONFORM or else...

Bank of America wants to shove its IT into an OpenCompute cloud. What could go wrong?

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Today I just happened to close my accounts...

My wife and I happen to go to the local BofA branch today to close our three accounts, two savings and one Money Market, after not adding or withdrawing for many years. We deal with three other banks, two regularly and one when in HI - where there are apparently only two banks.

Closing out the accounts and getting a check for the majority of funds, cash for 1/4th, took visits to a teller, a Manager,and back to the teller, each filling out many forms by hand after verifying our ID's - two forms, that part is reasonable, filling out more forms, then cutting up the ID card (no credit cards or debit card accounts). Total trip time was on the order of two hours. There was no waiting in line, TG, as it was early on a Monday and the town is merely 14k people. Heaven forbid that we would have tried this in any of the cities we lived in during the past 15 years which, BTW, was the last time we used any of the accounts... The Cashiers Check will take at least a week to clear... WHAT?

Last month we transferred 10X that amount from a brokerage account to a checking account with a phone call at our regular bank so we could buy a house. It was there immediately.

Never more, BofA...

Reg hacks (and rest of 'Frisco) in LinkedIn measles contagion scare

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Re: If I get sick...

As I recall, Jenny McCarthy reversed her stupid opinion as to vaccines causing Autism about two years ago. Did she revert? And who the hell gave her the right to speak for or to ANYONE anyway? ok, maybe she can speak for herself, and even change her mind... that's her privilege. I believe she has no better medical credentials than my dog, who is vaccinated against a whole slew of doggie diseases by the way.

As for Californians, I live here, I love it here. Great weather and fewer wackos. I'm a Democrat, I had Measles as a child, as well as Mumps and Chickenpox, and some other kind of 3 day Measles later. I'd rather have had the vaccine... so what.

I vote to the Left because they seem to be the only rational ones who can consistently fix what the Right does disasterly and repeatedly wrong. Like with the economy, war, taxes, the larger public's health, und so weiter... They simply want to repeal anything and everything; they're anarchists out for personal gain; just fuck everyone else.


It's derogatory, like the "N" word, and just not socially acceptable. It shows a lack of civility. It's "SF", "The City", even "Baghdad by the Bay",better, it is "San Francisco" in civilized society. It's the London of North America.

And if you don't like California, you're simply suffering bad weather needlessly.

I had my say and now I'll have my pint of great micro-brew.

HIGH-RANNOSAURUS WRECKED: Druggie dinos tripped balls on psychedelics – boffins

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Re: This reminds me...

Bar fights? Nah, they were Vegans

'Zotob' hacker 'Diabl0' arrested in Bangkok after three-year hunt

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UNLESS... he is a Banker or one of the 1%, then he vacations at a Country Club jail in So. Calif. for 2 years, and gardens when not watching TV.

Japanese quantum boffins 'may have the key to TELEPORTATION'

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Re: A few minor implications...

@ dodgy geezer

well, it's 2014 now and there's already 1000hp cars; 500hp is no longer uncommon (no need to cite- ask any gearhead); methinks Moore's Law might soon apply, if not already.

And as for cable size to operate telephone teleportation, I believe the gist of the article was energy teleportation, so Tesla was 100 years ahead of his time. A lot closer to reality than Leonardo, so perhaps Moore's law applies to more than chips. Look at almost anything in science, maybe less so in manufacturing. My Dad was born just 6 years after the first US patent for radio (Tesla again) and 11 years after the invention. Now we have telescopes in space looking back 13+ billion years (light years). We just can't go there (yet). Need I say "aircraft"?

Give hackers your data, says former RSA man

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Can't find this page

BTW, please send my CORRECT password this time...

And the cloud is packed fill of garbage! So much for bitmining data! It's just like the Universe, now we have to start discovering everything all over. Everything you thought you knew was just fake data. Big Bang data....Theory of Relativity subset (data)? perhaps Theory of Relevancy, it's all relative.