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Gartner: To the right, to the right – biz sync firms who've won in a box to the right...

lovely jubbly

Do not use Syncplicity

Appalling product with appalling support.

I used them for a small Client, went well for a while.

Then they started removing critical features which completely messed up file syncing across all the users.

Tried getting help from senior management who did nothing to help.


EMC puts on an 'appy face to box Box, Dropbox

lovely jubbly

Terrible Product

We installed Syncplicity at a Client's Office.

Utterly terrible experience.

1) Kept de-syncing files between users.

2) Syncplicity would, without notice, remove essential features, eg sub-folder syncing/sharing.

3) Top management don't care about their Client's problems, simply ignore their users.