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It’s happened again: AT&T sued for allegedly transferring victim's number to thieves in $1.9m cryptocoin heist

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I have an opinion on ATT and none is complimentary and I wonder how anyone claiming technological competency would deal with them. ATT should be for the proles that wanted to be shorn,

Euro police forces infiltrated encrypted phone biz – and now 'criminal' EncroChat users are being rounded up

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Re: But private ciphers also exist...even if end-to-end encryption is broken.......

5005 06010 98080 35803 81481 16513 89340 47876 10153 11063 Here are some letters for the moderator

Russia drags NASA: Enjoy your expensive SpaceX capsule, our Soyuz is the cheap Kalashnikov of rockets

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Re: 7 per launch vs 3

Park 'em at Lagrange point. Old models back at L3 and the shinny eco models at L5.

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Re: Foot in mouth

No they will use the Long March. As from where the Russian shoots will be from is a question and that answer is in the hands of the Tsar.

Dutch spies helped Britain's GCHQ break Argentine crypto during Falklands War

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In Black May (ISBN978-1-591114--304-8) argues that it was Huff-Duff (high frequency radio direction finding) did more tactically than Ultra. More so when RDFs became mounted on escorts. Part of Gannon's thesis is that German's talked and talked. The RN very early in the war had boarded one sub being scuttle and recovered part of the encryption suite but the USN under Gallery recovered the sub and had to face Adm King about threatening the Enigma secret but the worst leaks came from the activities of the Chicago Tribune whose reporter told all. Then again some leaks are deliberate with truth value from zero to 99.9 percent

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Another alternate

R F Hack One, Raspberry, discone antenna and laptop. Add the software to sweep the bands and you have the equivalent of an R&S FPC 1000. The phone would then be available to order dinner. It is amazing though somewhat foreseeable where communication technology has brought us (also done to us).

A real loch mess: Navy larks sunk by a truculent torpedo

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Re: Of course it was going to hit the boat!

Your daughter is going to have a great future with memories to relate to those that have none because they were buffered from reality and the iron rules derived from thermodynamics. I notice that these comments about childhoods seemed to be activities now frowned upon and in some areas would involve a government official visiting the keeper about the style of rearing the offspring as not suitable.

Well, that's something boffins haven't seen before: A strange alien streaks around Jupiter

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Test firing of mother ship's engines during preventative maintenance. Ship holds team of scientists observing the lowering of collective intelligence being caused by texting and Facebook and the like.

Now there's nothing stopping the PATRIOT Act allowing the FBI to slurp web-browsing histories without a warrant

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Taking names down and checking twice

Let us rouse some suspicion as a test. We'll sent portions of the Voynich Codex amongst us while covertly having an eye out for stranger than normal governmental activities and if these activities start concentrating on long rumored places, we should have a reasonable expectation that we are the usual suspects. Now for us in the USA will get millions by sending portions of the Beale Code and have FBI decode it while we file a Freedom of Information request for our records.

Now for reality: the found information after a period of time seeps into public records and therefore becomes open under Freedom of Information. And to answer another question that which is redacted and the context tells you where to look; think of Philip Nolan and how he filled his map. We must never forget Juvenal either

Qui Custodiet Ipsos Custodos

California’s privacy warriors are back – and this time they want to take their fight all the way to the ballot box

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It matters not whether the initiative passes because the outcome will be the same. The indication is in the establishment of an agency not responsible to those under its aegis. The P.U.C. was established in 1914 to regulate utilities and through the years moved to protection of these utilities. When deregulation was on tap they created a job-guarranteeing set of regulations. When a complaint is filed the response is 'have you contacted them about the problem' so no functional use to the plebes and the utility pockets the money. The state insurance commission is no different. What will be done, however, will be a regulatory fee be established on all communication modes [I think I'll call it a Stamp Tax] to cover the agency costs.

Taxifornia has gone to the mail in ballot to ensure a proper election so again the outcome will be determined behind closed doors.

The Great British anti-5G fruitcake Bakeoff: Group hugs, no guns, and David Icke

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Re: The higher the frequency, the greater the energy

Has the derma changed its tint or sensitivity

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Re: Haircuts

Now is the time to shave the head if you like it no problem. If you don't it is time for an outrageous tale and see how long it takes to become a truth. However, the sense of whimsy is long dead and moldering. Example: In the 60s in USia an electronics magazine, Radio Electronics, would run an article the looked great read great but was based upon some technological improbability or out and out violation of thermodynamics. It successor many years tried it once and editors made a explanation while dinning on crow that they had believed that a lossless device emitting more power out than applied should have been seen for what it was. Complaints continued by the TRUE BELIEVERS. I believe it is truly for preventative dosing of Zinfandel.

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Re: They are the virus

Give them what they want and remove the 5G towers but the problem exploded with 2G where sudden growths appeared attached to ears along with obstacle avoidance skills failing. Consequently cite the complaints and warning that were blathered about and remove service from them.

More likely there is a long and obscure trail to Detachment 731 and MacArthur's cover up as answer to why Manchuria appears so often as a focal point.

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Re: How much will it help?

I would think in this forum that it would be 1 + 1 = 10

Quick Q: Er, why is the Moon emitting carbon? And does this mean it wasn't formed from Theia hitting Earth?

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Re: And this is why it's always a bad idea...

COVID 19 theories is not caused by 5G but rather by 2G and think of the growths that had started on one ear at that time and followed later wild arm waving coupled with people walking into things. At the same time mental facilities started a decreasing indicating involvement of the nerves

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O' Life is bitter

To the down vote - read the title. Yes this is first of what I hope is a lot of fun spots to make the day easier.

My theory: it is the volatiles cooking off from the NASA vehicles abandoned on the surface.

Square peg of modem won't fit into round hole of PC? I saw to it, bloke tells horrified mate

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Re: Wrong era?

Question: Has Elk gotten dial service yet or is it still a key down from Santa Rosa?

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Re: Wrong era?

In 2002 I had to looking for 12K modems for Taxifornia's DOT. In one location I found equipment communicating alternates days depending on the zodiac sign that the equipment had been installed. I don't think the fact that it was connected to the phantom on an open wire system had anything to do with the problem or so the staff engineer supporting comms insisted. But there is so much paleocrap out in the field that antique boards are gaining in value.

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Murphy Test will tell

The solvent dripped on the outside of the case will immediately indicate that it melts through faster than a wipe be grabbed.

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Re: *Hisses & wards against Evil*

I thought that to be HPs credo.

CFAA latest: Supremes to tackle old chestnut of what 'authorized use' of a computer really means in America

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Comments upon comments

At some point a comment is made that calls for a reply to the comment, then comments but not to the article. So we get remarks relating directly to the article intermixed with debates about the comments and it is my belief that more then a few just prior to your post were those of the latter type. My read is that SCOUS is being charged with making a ruling on defining what "access" means and how to enforce the meaning under the terms of 18USC Section 1030 which on one reading seems open and clear and on the next ambiguities seem to appear. Whatever some comments are about case, some about the crime and the rest as this are about the remarks. In the meantime find a good Russian Imperial Stout and take two as needed, call in the morning if the symptoms are still troublesome.

Want to put a satellite into orbit for US comms? Whoa, says Uncle Sam: Where's your space crash risk assessment?

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Parkinson strikes again

Going a far bit out if charter which makes for a quick court case or How I Learned to Posture Knowing It for What It Was. Some one is looking to the future - theirs!

A paper clip, a spool of phone wire and a recalcitrant RS-232 line: Going MacGyver in the wonderful world of hotel IT

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Temporary = Finagle's constant

Two theories on temporary: 1) works off the idea that its working don't mess with it until we get caught up with all the work and will see some slack time. 2) the other idea is a result of accounting. Permanent items are capitalized and have records for depreciation and maintenance. The temporary items are a costed out and minimal records are kept meaning that a when you fix up for a project, alter it and improve it and long after the capital item is gone, the temporary item is near new and highly valued by those who use it. Summing up one theory is based on an improbability (read as impossibility) and the other based the fairy tale of book value. I am NOT going to remark upon the use of temporary around the word taxes I do believe that the moderator would not permit obscenities.

Watch: Rare Second World War footage of Bletchley Park-linked MI6 intelligence heroes emerges, shared online

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Soviet Army in Manchuria

This month in Naval History (US) there are articles about Operation Iceberg ,the invasion of Okinawa. Several items were noted one being the loss of 12 ships influenced Truman to authorize the use of the Atomic Bomb as the Soviets were hemming and hawing about when Soviet Army in Mongolia would be released. The use of the bomb surprised Stalin who then released the Soviets against a Japanese Army that had lost to them in 1939. The race was to get into position to be a occupying power in Japan. If interested in more the book 'Hell to Pay' contains information on Operation Olympic. At this time I do not recall the name of the book from Japanese sources about the final days before the surrender and the Japanese government's effort to have Moscow deal with the US. But surprisingly Bletchley Park also provided information on the Japanese government

Australian state will install home surveillance hardware to make sure if you're in virus isolation, you stay there

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Conspiracies not yet offered up

One must note that China had a population rapidly aging out of the labor force but dependent on the social programs supported by the laboring force. Various articles on this economic issue have been in the vogue. One must also remember that one of the 4 horsemen of the Apocalypse is disease. It should also be noted that death rate was highest in the aged none- labor force population. It can therefore be concluded that the Wuhan virus is designed to help rectify this coming shortfall in care for this population. Looking at the USA if the figures tossed about are anywhere valid then Social Security will still be in the black in 2050.

Didn't like that one we should point out that the Tunguska event took place in 1908 and Manchurian epidemic appeared shortly afterward. Now count the number of flu or flu-like epidemics that seem to source from the Siberia-Manchuria region and it then obvious to those that believe its caused by the Hillery Trump or the Donald Clinton cabals sending a probe into space but back in time to loose upon the nonbelievers their due.Robin Cook tried to warn us but message got obscured by THEM.

NASA mulls restoring Saturn V to service as SLS delays and costs mount

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A minor change or two first

For a thought experiment substitute Raspberry Pi for all the logic systems and do so on the basis of a cluster of three working in a voting manner. Disregard the vibration, sheer, and temperature specs to make the project easier after a libation or three.

However after the bidding process, inspections and quota fulfillment they will be reworked into a decent million or two per unit and ready for change orders with the subsequent time and material charges.

Internet Archive justifies its vast 'copyright infringing' National Emergency Library of 1.4 million books by pointing out that libraries are closed

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Re: the poor authors! they'll starve!

The musicians were union and the retirement came from the union funds used to develop Las Vegas. The writers were staff and have moved on only receiving that which was contractually obligated. A large group of animators were forced out with Don Bluth. The Disney Enterprises are the best example of monopolistic behavior and copyright problems. Looking at another side of this Sam Clements works were published originally in GB without copyright protection and no remuneration as was Chuck Dickens in the USA. The publishers grabbed what they could and devil take the hind. Note these authors are still in print well after their death despite having gone in and out of copyright so good literature lasts and bad might become cult pieces if it were available rather than being locked away by a publisher that didn't make some targeted list.

Hacked in a public space? Thanks, HTTPS

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Social Contract revisited

In other words Locke or Hobbes?

Not a Genius move after all: Apple must cough up $$$ in back pay for store staff forced to wait for bag searches

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RE: Employee count

The taxing agencies, federal and state, keep their collective eyes on the taxes imposed on each employee and the State of Taxifornia has a broooad [sic) definition of employee as opposed to independent contract. Show up twice at a time requested and soon the Franchise Tax Board, Employment Development, Cal-OSHA, and the rest of the alphabet want signed forms and the monies that is felt to be entitled in the job of protection.

LCD pwn System: How to modulate screen brightness to covertly transmit data from an air-gapped computer... slowly

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Coloring outside the lines

Among other of my hobbies is reading fiction set in the future. I am very surprised to note that Lois McMaster Bujold used in a '96 novel a screen reading technique as a plot device but maybe that Ben Gurion being under siege must check any and all far fetched or not attacks that possible. However, it appears to be not noted.

Android owners – you'll want to get these latest security patches, especially for this nasty Bluetooth hijack flaw

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HP and service

I will not say that you are seeking office but my experience as long expressed on these august pages have doubts as it goes against past behavior!

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Re: Compulsory maintenance periods

Not if you consider that in the US telco contracts were written on a two year cycle. Once started it became Cannon; hence after two years that device does not exist to MARKETING.

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Re: Have they started to employ Microsoft staff or what?

Except for ancients who remember LADDER LOGIC. Totally unhackle except on those call outs on vacation when the Ethenol was given rule. Oh it was a wonder when FGAs brought a new era almost as slow as I now but alot more flexible. Unhackable equates to non field programable.

Astroboffins may have raged at Elon's emissions staining the sky, but all those satellites will be more boon than bother

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Edorians, Archon, Politicos

All the more reason to finance cheap surface to high equatorial orbit flights for usuns [sic] However this might be more of the Achon's as noted elsewhere within this exulted temple of knowledge by Anonymous Bastard. If it is an Archon plan, we should,however, bunker down and waste our wealth on Earth and with nothing more to consider than the next election cycle. But then again has anyone checked on the Edorians recently?

This AI is full of holes: Brit council fixes thousands of road cracks spotted by algorithm using sat snaps

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Big Brother

Re: AI 101

So then you are saying that Cthulhu is running the show?

Petition asking Microsoft to open-source Windows 7 sails past 7,777-signature goal

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Thanks for the humor

I got my laugh of the day with the suggestion that MS would refund money. The more likely scenario: Concerning your extended service contract for Win7 if you send Microsoft two box tops and $5 we will send you a receipt for your charitable donation.

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Re: This is about as deluded..

UMMM! Fresh Gazelle.

Windows 7 and Server 2008 end of support: What will change on 14 January?

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Re: "Although it is not unreasonable ..."

I've felt for a long and more so after Windows Virus [sic] that after a period of time that software that has been declared by the developer as unsupported be considered abandoned and open. It would serve those of us that use virtual meters for testing.

Blame of thrones: Those viral vids of PC monitors going blank when people stand up? Static electricity from chairs

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Church of Rome vs Galileo

Understand that you WILL observe what we observe. It is for the good of society

TikTok boom: US Army bans squaddies from using trendy app on govt-issued phones

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Spies and personal information or Smilely dosn't have a chance

Recent article made a point that with the techniques for gathering and filtering data it is now very hard and getting harder to play spy master. Gave Singapore as an example of max tracking. Ex.: Taxis all taxis have tracking beacons reporting to the central police station where the time spent on the run is compared against the standard and if it falls outside the range of error it is flagged. This is to protect the rider from gouging. Of course the cameras at the airport and hotel record a James Bond got in the vehicle and oh the person registering has now some other name! It was for that reason that consumer DNA kits are discouraged because that can be used to build a personal file. If in the days of key punch back tracking on a legend were possible, think now what is possible with petabyte files.

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Re: social media data hoovering is an obvious security risk

The impeachment bill was issued not for the sex but rather for not stating the truth then bragging about it by saying he didn't think fellatio was a sexual act. The thing about that was the Federal agencies were running educational sessions with threats about sexual harassment and he attempts to demonstrate that the rules don't apply

UK's Virgin Media celebrates the end of 2019 with a good, old fashioned TITSUP*

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Ironic Ad as header

A parting shot in that I find the Ad at the top of this page promoting Amazon high speed cloud to be definitive when tied to this story as the problem with cloud.

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Paris Hilton

Re: one complaint

I am happy that you had mentioned the increase in productivity with the internet down because the other day I had one of those dangerous stray thoughts: How much time is spent in this place reading the comments and having ethereal experiences in lieu of the tasks before me? And what of the rest of the Register's thundering herd?

Remember the Dutch kid who stuck his finger in a dam to save the village? Here's the IT equivalent

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Magic moments (!)moment signals

Don't forget "Shiit" [sic]

VCs find exciting new way to blow $1m: Wire it directly to hackers after getting spoofed

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Knock off acomin'

This guy showed originality and as noted followed a good tight script. How many idiot copycat attempts will be made in the next six months?

Register Lecture: Can portable atomic clocks end UK dependence on GNSS?

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Re: Interesting

If its only a a pulse that to be used in the determination then we go further back in time were at LORAN-A. LORAN-C used multi pulses to provide transmitter identification in each burst with phase comparison to complete the fix.

Now if the clocks are used to provide an ultra precise frequency, DECCA is back with lane counting.

Having worked at and on a Differential GPS site all I will honestly say is that the Velocity Factor varies in both the micro term and the long and any radio derived fix must receive the signals from several sources not local and with different frequencies. Omega was good but highly vulnerable to hostile intent.

Newly born Firefox 71 emerges from its den – with its own VPN and some privacy tricks

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If the promise is no records kept, how are the powers going to keep track of the usage if their not looking? Does this no tracking but timing mean in the extreme that all hours with Firefox count or a second sign in contained within the initial sign in - the possibilities for confusion presented by this release seem to fall in some set of infinities.

Icahn and I will force a Xerox and HP wedding: Corporate raider urges HP shareholders to tell board to act 'NOW'

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Icahn vs R&D

Icahn's practices can easily be compared to the rancher who slaughters the herd bull in order market more meat in one season while presenting the sales figures to the new buyers. Largely wreckage behind him has been at the Research people because the numbers people count labs as cost centers rather than as assets. It has been attributed to him the statement of let somebody else develop and then we just buy it. The WALL that should be built is one around Icahn and his like minded cohorts and no 'lets make America great again' would have been necessary.

I haven't purchased an HP item since 2001 because of the fancy foot avoiding warranty work. Hence I and other people avoid a rotten product and spread the word with the resultant falling sales. Let HP die a lonely death without feeding the bottomless maw of Mr. Greenmail at the expense of the future. But then he might be working for some galactic warlord looking for easy picking in which case he should be saluted for his fine work.

Communication, communication – and politics: Iowa saga of cuffed infosec pros reveals pentest pitfalls

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Where there's a will

If someone at the state level thought the situation out, the Sheriff's office after the alarm would have either stand by or assist in the testing. The people performing the test be deputized as special officers authorized to serve warrants and the department wishing the test gets a search warrant for some suspected violation that requires a no-knock stealth approach.

A legal break in!

Divert the power to the shields. 'I'm givin' her all she's got, Captain!'

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Another place, another time redux

Sometimes in the 1990s in a area commonly called Palm Springs the local TV broadcast site is located within sight of the city center. The broadcast site was served by a single power line with very good generator back up. The equipment on the hill could report remotely all varieties of alarms [alarms not values]. Then the DAY off-air and the usual calm well measured moves by the suits [the ones that can read a balance sheet but a schematic is a arcane mystery]. Checking the alarm board: transmitter no alarms, generator no alarms conclusion no problem on Edom Hill and off to annoy the techs that operated the Studio-Transmitter Link. After a bit of this management somebody goes to the site and finds the generator out of fuel with a dead battery.

In order to save money a common voice grade line was rented consequently no voltage, amp, or power for any of the equipment was available at the studio or business office nor fuel levels. The generator had an automated weekly run test built in but that time was not a fault. The service contract for the generator was on-call, not scheduled because it was the cheapest. The generator tests used the fuel so when this well engineered system worked well in the hardware end, the gellyware in the form of the suits faulted. Fuel used is tests is not like calories when cooking as not counting



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