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Clarke's Third Law: Any sufficiently advanced techie is indistinguishable from magic


Re: Reminds me a bit of the "More magic" switch story

I've actually done that and at about the end of the 80s. We had a hulking elderly printer - might even have been a daisywheel, it was a long time ago and my memory is hazy. It had an iffy power supply that took longer to come up to voltage that the control electronics allowed it and if you turned it on from cold it would always come up with an error condition. If however you turned it off and then back on again with exactly the right timing the capacitors in the PSU would retain the right amount of charge that it would come up and then work fine from then on. I had the knack and more than once I came across someone else trying and failing to get this thing to work by repeatedly turning it off and on and then I'd do it and up it came first try.

The time a Commodore CDTV disc proved its worth as something other than a coaster


More common than you might think.

Many years ago I used to work for Compu$erve in the days when they were probably the most prolific supplier of magazine cover disks and their tech support was by a freephone number. The number one reason for connection problems was "You need a modem to connect" but "You need a computer" was far from unknown. Those ID10T level questions you have to go through every time you ring tech support? They're there for a reason. They solve 90% of calls.

Researchers peer into crystal ball to see future where everyone's ID is tied to their smartphone


Re: I rarely carry a mobile phone

Blank is Beautiful!

Googlers hate it! This one weird trick lets websites dodge Chrome 76's defenses, detect you're in Incognito mode


Re: One of the reasons I don't use Chrome any longer

It's Apple's webkit not Googles (origionally forked from KHTML part of KDE)

New British flying robot killer death machines renamed 'Protector'


Anyone else

think of the space ship in Galaxy Quest?

Official: Turing's Bombe better than a Concorde plane


Re: countless?

The Russians had the German plans for the Battle of Kursk in advance via Bletchley so I think it did make a difference on that front too.

Reg snaps moment when Facebook turned air Blu: 1PB box for unloved pics


Burying old data: Faceplant?


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