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HPE campaigns against 'cloud first' push in UK public sector

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Which was caused by ……. ??

Intuit branches out into email marketing by splashing $12bn on Mailchimp acquisition

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Yikes they could have bought something worthwhile/compatible for that money.

The U.K.‘s Digital only Starling Bank about 7 times over.

A true disruptor..

Intel may spend up to €80bn on chip plants in Europe over next ten years

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Re: "start making semiconductor components for carmakers"

A good read of how Intel threw away it’s lead in mobility with StrongARM and XScale … in a blinkered obsession on Intel Atom which was never even close to being fit for purpose. Esp. Part#2.

Much of this car Tech and Infotainment running on ARM… though wish Apple would sort out Wireless CarPlay FFS!!

They still have an ARM licence so ….



Oh! A surprise tour of the data centre! You shouldn't have. No, you really shouldn't have

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Re: On call and out partying

They pay extra for being on call but it’s the usual minimum they can get away with ‘allowance’, not proper wages for doing ‘regular work’.

For arguments sake - at the bottom of the food chain which many of these tales are about - say it’s £5,200 annual allowance for this today.

£100 ‘allowance’/week. If you loose half a Saturday

£100/12 hours = £8.33/hour.

As it’s not regular pay or overtime it’s also ‘not pensionable’ either.

… and that’s also hoping you have no other calls outs on probably a 1 in 4 weeks ‘on call’ diluting the ‘pay’…. are you remotely surprised about people living their life whilst on call.

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“ "Opening the door to the machine room I was hit by a wall of hot air," Guy told us. "The thermometer just inside the door was reading 40°C, it should have been at 5°C."”

Jesus …. No wonder the A/C broke, or is a typo and it should be 15C.

IT equipment and Sun servers were in there, not chicken, milk and cheese.

US Air Force chief software officer quits after launching Hellfire missile of a LinkedIn post at his former bosses

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Re: Water-agile-fail

No documentation.

I’m surprised it passed the delivery gateway.

Lord help anyone who needs to support it or figure out what any of you have done in the future…. Esp.. After you have all fucked off to something else.

UK government names suppliers on £3.5bn contact centre, shared services, and outsourcing framework

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Is it really Civil Serviceat fault here - you know the former profession, hollowed out by 2 decades of waste, outsourcing, off-shoring, contracting and frameworks?!

SWAN-song: Scotland re-tenders WAN framework for up to £350m

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Do Virgin Media know where Scotland is ?

It’s very sticksy

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Virgin Media

Virgin Media and Scotland National Wide Area Network is a bit of an Oxymoron isn’t it.

All I can see outside of urban is a lot of resale of Openreach.

Google staff who work from home might see pay cut under corporate policy – reports

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Re: Cost of housing and daycare

Bali, Thailand, Goa, Sharm El Sheikh …. Here I come !!!

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Re: Absolute cunt's trick

I’ll Move to London or Winchester then and expect a large automatic pay-rise

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Re: Childcare

I think regardless the cost benefits of WFH outweighs and pay reduction. It’s poor for staff retention.

When my job was relocated by BT the other side of Birmingham (UK) there was a temporary meagre travel allowance uplift as compensation. After 3 years I was told it was tough and to suck it up. I never got a pay-rise out of it.

Auto costs were not all of it + 45 mins to daily commute (total both ways) and the disruption to family life.

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Re: Childcare

That’s a London Weighting, a reflection of the additional costs. They could fuck with that as it is an allowance. Perhaps a contracted car allowance in some circumstances too.

Most contracts have a designated location - or remote worker - in it.

All pay rises I have had in recent times have been merit based.

This won’t fly in the EU/EEA. Unicorn Post-Brexit UK … hmm who knows as they seem intent on rolling back EU laws wholly incorporated into UK law as part of the EU Withdrawal legislation. regardless of saying they wouldn’t.

UK chancellor: Getting back to the altar of corporate dreams (the office) will boost young folks' careers

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They would not have to move departments out London if every time a new organisation/quango was set-up they didn’t build it out from zero IN Fucking London.

Jack Dorsey's side hustle – payments outfit Square – acquires buy now pay later darling Afterpay for $29bn

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Watch out for Tesco Bank Fucking you over as they view Credit Card payments to Klarna and the like as ‘Cash Transactions’ and they will stiff you fees and interest.

Complain and get a refund and change the instalment payment method.

Halifax do this too (funnily not same group Lloyd’s or BoS).

After staring over the precipice once before, Kent County Council considers £500m in outsourcing again

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£550m software framework??

I’m in disbelief that KCC can manage to spend £500m on software… even over a decade.

Sounds like they just need to procure under the plethora of existing Government Frameworks. Surely they already have a good ‘at scale’ pricing across NHS, Government, Local Government, Highways Agency, Passport Agency, BBC, MoD etc.

Nuclear cloud: UK's reactor cleanup crew awards Softcat reseller deal for Microsoft licences, Azure services

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Re: Simple way to make Magnox/AGR reactors and their spent fuel safe

Why not just load on a rocket and shoot the fuel rods into the Sun. or have a nuclear dump on the Moon - Space 1999… pah !!!

Job done.

Windows 11 still doesn't understand our complex lives – and it hurts

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Re: Browser sessions don't work as you've described

Or even simpler… work stuff in Chrome, what limited personal stuff I do kept partitioned away in Firefox.

Oi! Our British Airways data breach compo sueball is still going, shouts rival law firm

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Re: Confidential settlement.

Regardless these scum -British Airways, Marriott etc - may actually get hit financially as the ICO have bent over to bleating about CV19 and no money - poor us.

The original ICO fines should have been recast as say 5% of annual global EDITDA annually until the fine amount was satisfied … not hacked down to half a shilling…. and BA (etc) laughing their areas off.

Openreach to UK businesses: Switch is about to hit the fan. Prepare for withdrawal of the copper-based phone network now or risk disruption

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Re: "Openreach owner BT will pay minimal tax in the coming years"

Can’t say I have seen Sky, Vodafone, Talk Talk, Virgin Media, CellCo’s and other USO-free come to the plate with an opportunity to sink £25bn into a hole in the ground as a competitor.

Infra costs bankrupting the predecessors to and ultimately NTL allowed Virgin Media to be created… and dump the debt. Virgin (formerly NTL) have barely expanded their network in 20 years other than easy new builds and cherry picks of stuff with a high ROI.

Brit MPs and campaigners come together to oppose COVID status certificates as 'divisive and discriminatory'

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Re: Brit MPs ?

Yet American citizen Murdoch was at the head of the Queue for an OxAZ jab.


Foxconn's showcase Wisconsin LCD factory becomes aspirational 'manufacturing ecosystem'

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Re: Ecosystem

Warehouse to receive iPhones for shipment to Apple.

Perhaps they might factory recondition a few too.


A floppy filled with software worth thousands of francs: Techie can't take it, customs won't keep it. What to do?

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Schengen is people, not goods. So no problems with any of this to say Éire which is not part of Schengen.. and formerly the UK until Brexit nobbled it.

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“ Ralph returned to England and, with his MD, came up with a cunning plan. Deciding that the "software" was the main thing of value, they lumped in all the costs of the job (installation, hardware, training, etc) and ascribed a value to "the software" that was well into six figures.”

With that track record... was the company acquired by HP and signed off by DeLoitte?

Openreach out and hike prices on legacy fixed-line products: Broadband plumber pulls trigger after Ofcom gives the nod

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Re: Cheeky bastards

How else do you expect them to pay for it??

Stand-alone it fails a return on investment model. That’s why in comparison Virgin Media’s network has such poor geographic reach- esp. anywhere even the mildest sticks.

Fundamentally the consumer pays for it via end user prices or general taxation rerouted as government subsidies enabling earlier adoption.

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I think many of your ‘typical’ would pay that willingly. I’d even take the halfway-house of G.Fast FTTC but it is not available.... or being clear was available but has been withdrawn/paused (in my enabled area) whilst FTTP drive is on (no that’s not available either).

Many contractors and OR dragging fibre all over town so fingers crossed.

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Re: it's not private infrastructure

So if you don’t live in the sticks what about Virgin Media?

In a devastating blow to all eight of you, Microsoft pulls the plug on Cortana's Android, iOS apps

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Cortana - the bastard offspring of Bob and Clippy.

Hitachi slurps GlobalLogic for $9.6bn to bolster IoT prospects

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“The acquisition is more evidence that Hitachi sees its future as infusing all of its business units with digital skills”

Blah-blah-blah... Digital Transformation.

I hadn’t perceived Hitachi as an outpost of Analogue deniers - even the divisions that make HVAC, Excavators or even the ubiquitous Magic Wand

'Imagine' if Virgin Galactic actually did sub-orbital tourism: Firm unveils new chrome job on SpaceShip III

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Re: Oooh, shiny!!!11!!!One!1

Plus the private jet miles to and from the launch/recovery sites.

For the disgustingly rich who already have a disproportionately excessive Carbon footprint and largely worry-free lives - flights, multiple mansions, yachts etc.

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Re: Oooh, shiny!!!11!!!One!1

What’s the Carbon footprint per (unnecessary) space jolly for the disgustingly rich??

Biden's $2tn infrastructure plan includes massive broadband rollout, equates internet access with water and power as essential utilities

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Re: Joined up thinking..

Regulation, fixed wholesale prices and equivalence of access to Openreach’s network in the UK largely works and avoids cable price gouging and other difficulties.

There is also competition keeping prices keen so Comcast UK (aka Sky) is a UK quad-play (TV, Phone, Broadband, Mobile) hero and not the scum it is in the USA.

Oracle dangles new cloud lift-and-shift service in the wake of SAP RISE

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AWS been doing for ages

Yawn... AWS and Azure have been doing this sort of migration help for years and years. Especially with VMWare as an option on top.

Literally why would you go anywhere else ???

AWS/Azure will also cheerfully help you leave - should you choose. Will Oracle or will they get out the subscription services T&C’s???

Another successful flight for SpaceX's Starship apart from the landing-in-one-piece thing

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Re: SpaceX have turned rocket science into Spaghetti Engineering

It’s a really neat party trick, but probably pushing (even the bleeding edge) of current Rocket Science past it’s limits. Yes it needs to continue and develop this but perhaps it needs a next generation of engine technology to become ‘every day’ and stick with Shuttle-type for glide/landing.

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Re: Why the negativity

Got Lucky... he made money off Compaq with strange Zip2 acquisition... and making money when you have loads of money is easy. Not like he invented PayPal... he just ended up acquiring Confinity into X.com and getting booted out of CEO job yhere but retained lots of stock.

I’m sure with a few $bn behind anyone they can make additional money pretty easily.

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Re: Why the negativity

Dick.... well the unnecessary stuff around the Thai cave rescue or his rebuke from the SEC or his April Fools Day share cluster-fuck... come immediately to mind as a few examples.

Ultra Rich, pretty much beyond control ... and full of his own piss.

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Re: Why the negativity

I think most people are in appropriate awe of the rapid acceleration in Space tech from the people at SpaceX

The negativity comes from Musk personally being *SUCH A FUCKING DICK * in both his work, personal life, behaviours and his massive gob/ego/self-belief-delusion that evolves over time with his (being fair right place at the right time) $$bn’s that seeded his rise.

You can see similar characteristics - and detachment from reality and thinking (little people) rules/the law apples to them - from Bezos, Branson (bigging up eco fuel in Virgin Atlantic planes whilst doing Virgin Galactic space jolly’s for the mega rich ) and Gates (save the planet but ignore my pair of private jets as my little indulgence) and other Wealth Ultra’s.

Correction - SN10 did not almost work, it visibly ‘bounced’ on touchdown ... explosion cause and effect.

Facebook's new hookup: A pair of submarine cables to link North America, Indonesia, Singapore

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Insane Cabling

Wondering if the 3,000 km of Fibre layed in Bali etc is just more cabling tied to the insane power and phone bundles hanging from poles that seems standard in most Asian countries. Quite how the fix anything is beyond me.

5-year-old Fairphone 2 is about to receive a major update to Android 9

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I’m not sure what the ‘big dogs’ means in the article.

Current IOS14 is still good on the venerable iPhone 6S from Sep 2015.

Apple’s support for older devices is really pretty good and always has been.

Shame their in-warranty support is bullshit/weasel-like around IPX68 certification and water-resistance though.

Microsoft 365 tries again at filtering swearing, bad behavior: Classifiers for seven languages offered

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Re: US-centric

Do you not mean in cunting Dublin

Fecking hell !!

UK Department of Health's joint venture with Sopra Steria names 19 vendors to epic £1bn hardware framework

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If you have NHS Shared Business Services and a North of England NHS Procurement Cooperative .... why the fuck do you need scum like Sopra Steria involved too .... skimming their wedge off the money pile ??

Workday bets big on staff coming back to the office by splurging $172.5m on HQ and five more Bay Area buildings

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Re: Nope

The only office benefit to me is Gregg’s is a <5 minute walk away....

.... though a nice Scottish Morning Roll or Aldi Sourdough Baguette fits round some cook at home bacon just as well.

SK Hynix boss predicts CPUs and RAM will merge, chipmakers will hold hands to make it happen

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Re: For the relatively few people who upgrade RAM

Given 8-16Gb is entry level these days unless you are a bonkers power user RAM is not a constructing factor that much these days.

My new Thinkpad came with an i7 and 16Gb. No real need to upgrade. Similar for even entry level M1 Mac’s now.

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Re: Wot! Apple innovating?

Apple M1 is 16 Gb on chip.

It won’t be long until M4 is perhaps 128Gb.

Apple could easily diversify into chucking these into compute blades and say throwing some OSX/BSD/Unix/Linux HADOOP or Kubernetes/Containers at it and everyone else is floundering.

I think even AWS would be interested in some Apple fab’d M1 ARM compute blades as they would give it’s in-house Graviton 2 a run for the money.

Bournemouth, Christchurch, Poole Council awards reseller a multimillion-pound contract for Microsoft services

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Staff, Spaff, spaff

Considering the year we have has BCP (New Council) - that should have had 3 separate sets of IT - seem to be continuing their gleeful spaffing of millions of £££ at every opportunity.

Remember Apple's disastrous butterfly keyboards? These lawsuits against the iGiant just formed a super class action

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Need another class action against their IP68 water-resistance bullshit too on iPhones.

Boldly going where Elon Musk will probably go before: NASA successfully tests SLS Moon rocket core stage

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Re: Progress

Any honourable mention for Aerojet Rocketdyne ??

...the RS-25’s manufacturer ??

Vodafone chief gushes over OpenRAN, says commercial deployments to start this year

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Re: Disaggregation, Standardisation, Commoditisation

How’s that going to work...

“ Last year Vodafone bet big on OpenRAN, announcing it would shift a huge portion of its tower estate to the standards-based tech. Now Andrea Donà, the telco's director of network and development, has shed some light on how this will work.”

Shirley this is the same towers business they (and others) are flogging at break-neck speed and you’ll end up like Telcos virtual and a Tower’s Openreach’s with the touchy-feeley stuff.

For the towers/mast businesses consolidation and consolidating multiple operators onto a mast site and perhaps same antennas is where they will squeeze costs and generate increases in revenue and leave the mucky CellCo/call routing down to the software level??

More tower sites serving multiple customers can only be a good thing though in broadening coverage.

Vodafone on mega Euro masts biz: From our Vantage point, we want €2bn+ from towers IPO

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I can’t see how this benefits anyone - as the new towers businesses will be heavily debt-laden from the get go.

Perhaps if they needed investment money Voda should have given less of it’s Verizon stake sale mega bounty back to shareholders. They could have use some it it to sort out their diabolical billing system and customer service woes .... leading to virtuous circle-like customer retention.

So it appears some of you really don't want us to use the word 'hacker' when we really mean 'criminal'

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Re: Kludge vs hack

.... you must not have watched David Lynch’s Dune where weirding modules were introduced as a combat/attack tool.

BTW I’d be happy if Hacking died, as long as the loathsome ‘life hacks’ is pushed over the cliff first.

It’s been corrupted like the previously honourable art of Trolling. That’s what happens when you open it up to the great unwashed on FB and Twitter.



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