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Palantir bags £330M NHS data bonanza despite privacy fears

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Re: "despite privacy fears"

Tired pejorative and wilfully inaccurate tropes.

Esp. as no case to answer was found by the Police over Kier Starmer and Covid breaches… unlike the Tory Government, inc former and current Prime Ministers.

HP chief throws about AI fairy dust in hopes of reviving slumbering PC giant

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Re: "reported a 15% year-on-year decline in revenue"

Hey, maybe they could buy OpenAI. No due diligence required.

India's $20B Smart Cities Mission isn't, and has hardly scratched the surface after eight years

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Levelling Up?

Smells like a Levelling Up Agenda?

How to give Windows Hello the finger and login as someone on their stolen laptop

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Re: That Old Security Mantra Applies, Yet Once Again

I bet they have a physical TPMv2.0 module so are Windows 11 ready - d’oh.

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Re: So the only move to win this game

Relax… I’m sure they all have TPMv2.0 modules, and are good for Windows 11!

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Re: So, still no solution for securing against physical access ?

Bitlocker ?

Binance and CEO admit financial crimes, billions coughed up to US govt

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Re: The cost of a jail-out card

In most countries, the rule of law is applied ‘without fear or favour’, is proportionate and fairly applied…. and is written into their laws, contribution, precedent etc.

If not, you end up in a banana republic.

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They should be shut-down, not plea-bargained.

Capita scores £239M contract to manage mega public sector pension scheme

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Re: Where is the corruption.

The tire Sir Humphries Trope. Been watching GBNews again ?

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Re: My Christmas wish

As real shame Dexter won’t be coming back (again).

Will anybody save Linux on Itanium? Absolutely not

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The irony of the time, effort money and hubris expended on Itanium… and playing out in parallel Intel ditching their (at the time) market segment leading ARM processors of XScale/StrongARM and the rise of modern cellphones (and everything else running ARM) is not lost on me.

Apple losing their joint venture stake in the predecessor to ARM Holdings due to Mac/Jobs v’s Sullly) is by almost as bitter sweet.

Microsoft dials back Bing after users manage to recreate Disney logo in fake AI-generated images

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Dumb as shit

Alexa is still dumb as shit. Same as Siri.

Rhysida ransomware gang: We attacked the British Library

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But once validated, you don’t have to keep them forever.

JK GDPR is the same as EU GDPR

The UK GDPR sets out seven key principles:

Lawfulness, fairness and transparency

Purpose limitation

Data minimisation


Storage limitation

Integrity and confidentiality (security)


These principles should lie at the heart of your approach to processing personal data.


Francis Maude mulls mulligan on muddled merger of UK govt tech services

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“leads 18,000 digital, data, and technology professionals in government”

I’m curious what the 18,000 in the CDDO actually do.. as all they seem to generate is endless procurement rounds.

A ‘just works, isn’t shit’ ERP/Payroll/HR/Accounting/Procurement ‘suite’ solution for central and local govt that works to common standards would be suggested.

Bless the long departed soul of the CCIT


FBI Director: FISA Section 702 warrant requirement a 'de facto ban'

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.., and plea bargaining converting crimes to misdemeanour’s.

Kangaroo court justice system.

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Re: Terrorists and Pedophiles and Violent Criminals (Oh My!)

Mass Illegal Surveillance in blatant contravention of a constitutional amendment - no interest.

Narrow specious interpretations of Gun, Budget allocation and Abortion rights, yes we’ll have some of that.

Trumps politicisation job of the SCOTUS - job done.

Intel drops the deets on UK's Dawn AI supercomputer

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Why ?

So with all this sheer AI power, will the UK be able to

- find any Brexit Benefits

- work out why notorious pig fucker ‘Lord’ David Cameron was appointed UK Foreign Secretary??

Keep us posted El Reg.

Sales bonanza at ASML as China stockpiles chipmaking kit

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You couldn’t make this shit up.

Broadly the same as Russian Oligarchs being allowed to slosh money and mega-yacht’s around the world to escape what limited reach authorities have before *and after* Ukraine War kicked off.

Bing Chat so hungry for GPUs, Microsoft will rent them from Oracle

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Bing Forcing

“On desktop, Bing climbed to 9.1 percen”

Does this %tge include when Bing forces itself on you - like a sexual predator - after Windows Updates. Regardless of your declared preferences.

Microsoft 365 Copilot 'generally available' – if you can afford 300 seats

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“Microsoft has bet big on AI, commissioning studies spewing statistics such as "For every $1 a company invests in AI, it is realizing an average return of $3.5X."”

1. Bullshit

2. $30 bucks a month to automate deficiencies on the M365 ecosystem - ROFLMAO. How about sorting out the dogs-dinner that’s Teams first.

Okta tells 5,000 of its own staff that their data was accessed in third-party breach

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Re: Is there any coming back from this ?

Pretty poor article.

The 3rd party - Rightway Healthcare Is mentioned as an Okta vendor, *not* a customer.

UK bets on Intel CPUs and GPUs, Dell boxen, OpenStack for Dawn supercomputer

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Re: A huge step forward

Search for Brexit.Benefits.

UK govt finds £225M for Isambard-AI supercomputer powered by Nvidia

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Re: Call it the HS2

Perhaps it will be tasked looking for Brexit benefits ?

Airbus commissions three wind-powered ships to sail the Atlantic

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Re: What happened to .....

Would have r him ought some investment in cargo Airships would have been more up their alley, and useful for the future.

Clippy-like AI at forefront of Windows update previews

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Re: Laughable

That little short of a search and summary of results.

No real insight. No intelligence - artificial or otherwise.

Cruise blues: Robotaxi firm pauses all driverless operations

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Re: "How we can better operate in a way that will earn public trust."

I’m sure driverless testing in China won’t be hampered by inconvenient glitches like these. Perhaps they need somewhere quieter to perfect before more populated areas. Derelict parts of Detroit or New Orleans come to mind.


Sorry Pat, but it's looking like Arm PCs are inevitable

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Re: Strategy

All Of This Has Happened Before And Will Happen Again….

Windows RT (and Window's Phone) debacle anyone ?

Performance may have been addressed, but x86/x64 remains. Rosetta 2 equivalent does not really exist in the Windows world.

Your ex isn't the only one stalking your social media posts. The Feds are, too

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Re: Social media?

apart from a few lunatics or non-operational figurehead leaders most Terrorists worth their salt will probably not have been saying Trump/ you ess aaa are infidels on X.

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I’m sure the UK MI5/MI6/GCHQ are up to their shanks in this… and probably the whole 5 Eyes crowd.

Spectre will be overjoyed.

Intel stock stumbles on report Nvidia is building an Arm CPU for PC market

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Re: What's with

The problem is still the software … and the lack of an equivalent to Rosetta 2.

Previously burnt by Windows Mobile (Nokia Lumia 820 - with ironically an always on night display- ha IPhone 15)., but thankfully not Windows RT Debacle..

Millions of smart meters will brick it when 2G and 3G turns off

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If they simply connected via broadband WiFi as the primary option, there would be little issue here. In general they would work a hell of a lot better too.

Amazon unveils new drone design, plans liftoff of aerial delivery in UK, Italy

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Re: Can we open a book

Target practice for ‘the yoof of today’.

Same as kids chucking delivery robots into the canal - after Tesco trolley’s - or chav’s in their Halford’s Corsa’s hunting autonomous eV’s.

US prosecutors slam Autonomy tycoon's attempt to get charges tossed

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Re: Lest anyone forgets who the real criminals are ...

“Greed and hubris” - See HP primarily.

Boris Johnson's mad hydrogen for homes bubble bursts

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Re: A daft idea from the beginning

Vast ‘battery’ storage facilities like https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dinorwig_Power_Station

Hydro, Geo-thermal, Tidal, Wind, Solar, Ocean Currents are all in the mix.

Once much has been decarbonised and make as energy-efficient as possible … I think there is an argument for some sections of transport, electricity generation, industry etc to be licences to continue to use carbon fuels where a viable eco-alternative is not there. That could be aviation for example.

There seems to be a Direction of travel to eliminate carbon completely.

Amazon to drop a cool $1B on Microsoft 365 cloud suite

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Re: Why not LibreOffice?

They will get the full Busibess M365 experience - so yes office, but also Teams, Sharepoint and 1xTb of OneDrive and mobility apps.

Yea for a fraction of $1bn they could knock up Amazon Prime Office … but it’s about reciprocal back scratching- hence the relaxation of AWS licensing screws. You’d think Amazon has an extensive internal IT Ecosystem already though.

It’s almost collusion/cartel behaviour?

Switch to hit the fan as BT begins prep ahead of analog phone sunset

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Re: "we won't force anyone until 2030' schtick is to wait for the old codgers to pop off.

Regulated Open-reach* not unregulated Bastard Telecom.

* Openreach - BT Group Busjness

The home Wi-Fi upgrade we never asked for is coming. The one we need is not

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Re: Interest, expertise and time

When Openreach’s 21CN copper rip comes through your area you won’t have a choice… but on the plus side it’s a free upgrade that will take your FTTC broadband to FTTP at a solid 70/20.

Microsoft hiring a nuclear power program manager, because AI needs lots of 'leccy

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Re: No SMR online?

Most of this is effectively just containerising what is currently powering nuclear submarines and a few large ships.

Roll-Royce Marine, Bechtel etc.

Salesforce engineers roll back change after breaking own cloud for hours today

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Re: Might need to rethink those layoffs, eh ?

QA not a profit centre.

BT confirms it's switching off 3G in UK from Jan next year

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Re: Three

Virgin Media/O2 are 2025


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Re: What does this mean in practice?

When it’s cut off, make sure you call BT to complain - just like the people in Warrington with phones that don’t work did …… ;-)

Having slammed brakes on hiring, Google says it no longer needs quite so many recruiters

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Wasn’t there a gag about that in Andor with the recruitment robot ? ?

Airbus takes its long, thin, plane on a ten-day test campaign

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Re: in a 3-3 economy class configuration.

Aer Lingus still do that - through Dublin - though not in an A319. It works a treat.

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Re: in a 3-3 economy class configuration.

Best space experience I can relay was A350XWB Malaysian Airlines to Bangkok. Plenty space, io to date seat tech, and plenty of baggage stowage.

3-3-3 in cattle class.

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Re: in a 3-3 economy class configuration.

Aer Lingus currently fly the A321 ‘neo’ LR Dublin to USA. It’s not too bad space wise and I had no complaints. I can’t see 321XLR being (subjectively) worse even with a few extra hours to say LA.

UK civil servants – hopefully including those spending billions on tech – to skill up in STEM

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Re: An amusing way to waste public money.

I’d argue that the output of scientific method is more reliable and objective that Political Dogma or being a Conviction Politician.

Otherwise we’d still be living in caves or dodging big cats on the Savvanah.

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Re: How about the ministers go next?

Sometime that does not help - step forward Medical Dr Liam Fox and Chemistry PhD Therese Coffey.

UK government awards chunk of mega-billions tech framework

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Re: Accenture

If only they were as committed to delivering end solutions as they are in creating endless procurement tenders.

Oracle disappoints market with revenue miss as Ellison hints at Azure database move

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Just deliver shit that works

They could back some easier sales growth with some good news stories like Council/University/Retailer Oracle ERP, Financials, Merchandising, RESA implementation succeeds - 2 out of 4 of on-time, on-budget, to specification, that is performant would probably be fine with the suckers buying your garbage - like say Birmingham City Council or Edinburgh University.

When does tackling pandemic misinfo become censorship? US courts argue it out

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I’d take the BBC any day over Fox News, GB News, X (formerly Twitter) and shite on Facebook.