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UK space firms forced to adjust their models of how the universe works as they lose out on Copernicus contracts

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Re: Answer is simple

Shirley the OneWeb Constellation can do thIs too?? Just needs a firmware upgrade?!

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Re: And yet

Yep... many Brexit-tards can’t compute the Council of Europe v’s EU.



Oracle opens second Indian cloud region in bid to keep pace in make-or-break market

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“ "A large number of Indian organizations are looking to change growth orbits with a greater focus on cloud-led innovation”

Bullshit alert.

It's now safe to turn off your computer shop: Microsoft to shutter its bricks-and-mortar retail locations worldwide

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Re: Does this mean

Please ensure you do the one-time Windows 10S Fucking off for the full version free upgrade.

Yes Windows 10S remains a thing.

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Re: Zune.

... others made that mistake.

I remember struggling getting music content onto a SD card for my Nokia 6230. The MP3 player was a bit shit too.

Apple also hobbled iPod/iPad/iPhone for years with iTunes .... !

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... or Curry’s !

- Apple IPad and Macbook Benches

- Entry laptop bench

- premium entry laptop bench

- mid-range laptop bench

- gaming laptop bench

- premium laptop bench

- premium plus laptop bench

- Surface bench

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Re: "Surface RT attempted to compete with iPads and was a dismal failure."

Yeah... why the fuck is Windows 10S still a thing... of was ever a thing. It’s beyond me.

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Re: Track record

Their trouble is - despite the vast sums spaffed like the $8bn on Nokia Mobility....

It’s all a bit half arsed and lacking commitment.

What would have saved Window’s Phone (which to be fair was the the market leader in the WinCE/PocketPC on (Intel) StrongARM days with HTC, HP, Samsung etc phones and numerous PDA’s like Compaq/HP iPaq and Dell Axim)... before iPhone.

... was content.

- That vast chasm of Window’s Phone App Gap could have been bridged to self-sufficient ecosystem by MS simply paying the App Companies to port.. or doing it themselves until is was equivalent to IOS App Store or Google Play.

- the repeated fucking over of everyone on pre-Window’s 7 hardware, then the second fucking over of Windows Phone 7 hardware relatively quickly afterwards to leap to WP8. The Fucking over of Windows RT... again it failed due to the poor App Gap as almost exactly the same OS underneath as Windows Phone 8 and 10. An IPhone 4 still works on IOS7 and many apps Or older versions still compatible that far back. Fucking over of Zune - I mean it was a MP3 player FFS fighting IPod and the crud iTunes.

Huawei wins approval to plonk £1bn optical comms R&D facility in UK's leafy Cambridgeshire

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Re: Why is this allowed?

Same with Peugeot Ryton - derelict for years now a warehousing Park.

Same with JLR Brown’s Lane - a warehousing Park inc Amazon

Same for Alvis Retail Park - retail park inc B & Q, Morrison’s etc

Massey-Fergusson Banner Lane, now a housing estate development

Add Coventry to your shit-list of former vehicle hubs. Only JLR Head Office and London Taxi left.

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Re: Why is this allowed?

If they don’t want it... I’m sure Heriot-Watt University (Edinburgh) would be happy to have it on their business rearch campus. They had a thriving shiny new Optoelectronics Dept when I was there 30 years ago.

Wired: China's Beidou satnav system, 35th bird in orbit. Tired: America's GPS. Expired: Britain's dreams of its own

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Re: And next: commercial positioning

But when HMG get stuck with bankrupt OneWeb’s infrastructure they will retask NHSx and leaky data Empress Dido to develop a ‘World Class’ location tracing app.

Job done. They can Life for Rent it too.

Heath Robinson will be so proud.

Paging technology providers: £3m is on the table to replace archaic NHS comms network

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Re: Just Works

Wifi and iMessage. Job done.

Buy your people an iPhone SE/2.

IR35 tax reforms for UK freelancers glide through committee stage: D-Day set for 6 April 2021

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Re: IR35 Status - Furlough Status as Evidence

You are not allowed to engage in revenue raising work.

- Sales puts stuff in the pipeline for the future, it does not generate revenue Immediately

- however If the work is an immediate start that does generate revenue, self-evidently you don’t need to be furloughed

Winter is coming, and with it the UK's COVID-19 contact-tracing app – though health minister says it's not a priority

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Re: The German one seems to work

I’d personally cough up for the Taiwanese or South Korean one. You know ones that are field tested and work and have done for months.

Quite why they needed to develop themselves is beyond me.

Yahoo! owes! us! one! billion! dollars! in! back! taxes! say! US! govt! beancounters!

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Re: Yahoo owes taxes?

It’s the same... Rich people (say Lewis Hamilton) and lawyered up corporations (Apple, Altaba, Thames Water etc) can avoid, dodge or ultimately barter/negotiate a deal on their affairs - avoiding prosecution.

Small people get hammered and fleeced for the full amount. I’d love to be able to offer HMRC 50p on the pound ‘deal’ against my self-assessment child benefit clawback dues.

Note Vodafone (and shareholders as was more complex) had a similar massive windfall from it’s disposal of a near half stake in Verizon. Was that any messier as appropriate context El Reg journo’s.

It's June, and you guessed it! Pork barrel time for resellers as £500m public sector framework gets go-ahead

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I’m sure they will find someone in HMG willing to fund this development.

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“ The framework provides "software (including open source software), essential hardware and associated services and support and maintenance for cloud based, on premise and hybrid software solutions."

Councils will be able to select software for accounting systems, commercial-off-the-shelf and non-proprietary stuff, as well as CRM, ERP, data analysis, business intelligence, database tools, and inventory systems.”

Why the fuck do you need an outsourced deal to buy off the shelf software, hardware and maintenance for cloud and on-prem...most councils have existing fairly hefty procurement teams.... and AWS/Google/Microsoft/Dell/HP/BT/Lenovo etc will do much of this within other Government Procurement agreements.

Seems like money for nothing. ... and precious money to councils in current circumstances.

Infosys denies former head of diversity recruitment's accusations of racial bias and visa fraud

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Re: "Infosys has denied the allegations"

Do you include diverse wages in that too or were they all reassuringly cheap??

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Re: You just have to know how to write a good job req!

That sounds like American grits.

Sony reveals PlayStation 5 will offer heretical no-optical-disk option. And yes, it has an AMD CPU-GPU combo

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But surely you make the device ecosystem the centre of your living room/bedroom so you can (Sony anyway) flog some Blu-Ray discs ??

A stand-alone Blu-Ray player is from £55 retail (inc tax) @ Argos... so a bare drive is probably about max £10 manufacture costs at scale.

Digital only editions a solution to a problem no-one asked about. It was only ever a thing with the PS3 launch and the massive cost the new Blu-ray tech added to the launch cost.

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Re: Yes but what everyone wants to know is

They are waiting to see what the X Box Series X launch price will be but both feel like GBP£499/USD$499 ballpark to relieve early adopters of max cash swiftly reducing £449 and then a steady £399 bundles by Black Friday 2021.

AWS flexes more cloudy Arm CPUs – and suggests they'll outpace competition over time

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“I started in this industry back in about 1986 working on mainframe ADA compilers. I subsequently spent years working on IBM db2 hosted on UNIX super servers and then moved to Microsoft sequel server hosted on x86 processors.“

Microsoft ‘sequel’ server. Did you vSend your Polish cleaner to do this interview??

Oh crap: UK's digital overlords moot new rules to help telcos lay fibre in sewer pipes

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Re: Sharing with electricity companies

...acquired by Cable and Wireless, now part of Vodafone. Do they let Openreach, Sky, Vodafone ‘access to their ducting’??


UK.gov announces review – not proper inquiry – into Fujitsu and Post Office's Horizon IT scandal

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Re: 3.

... and flogging BT, British Gas, BA, BP etc.

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The Post Office is not any old ‘company’, it’s a public (state run) body.

So in this case ‘Misconduct in a Public Office’ also comes very much into play.

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Re: Meally Mouthed Diversion

It’s absolutely Fucking shocking beyond belief.

Plain and simple ‘Misconduct in a Public Office’. A criminal offence not just for bent coppers and dodgy councillors.

Judicial review anyone ?!!

Brit MP demands answers from Fujitsu about Horizon IT system after Post Office staff jailed over accounting errors

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Re: Heads ought to roll

‘Misconduct in a Public Office’ seems appropriate.... unless it’s just for bent coppers or dodgy councillors.

I’m sure they will try to hide behind Crown Immunity though.

Talk about a control plane... US Air Force says upcoming B-21 stealth bomber will use Kubernetes

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Re: And the B52s?

Rolls-Royce would probably give them a great deal right now.

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Re: "the whole post could be misdirection"

Perhaps it has an on-board AWS Outpost actually in a Physical Container :-)

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Re: I wonder

Just what you want in an Intercontinental Nuclear Capable Strategic Bomber ... is a lack of standards. D’oh.

The whole thing seems like yesterday’s tool

In a world of drones and missiles.

That's just Huawei it is: Ericsson lands O2 Germany's core 5G network deal

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So Huawei have basically sold all these Euro Telco’s their kit and they are now rip and replacing it.

Huawei will probably buy it back cheap and resell around the world and make money twice.

India reveals plans to make electronics manufacturing its top industry

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Apple already there and struggling


Apple are already there but struggling with supply chain.

UK.gov dangles £100m for service slingers for back office 'transformation' that'll kill off bespoke systems

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Payroll, HR, Procurement, Workflow etc ... processes are the issue - they will vary across government.

It’s all well and good after off the shelf... but config so they are usable will be the devil in the detail.

Haven’t we heard this all before ???

Home Office waves a cool £1bn to outsource handling of British visa, citizenship applications

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Re: We know how this ends

Indeed with a quick check they already run 2 Visa centres for the Indian Government in Smethwick and Leicester in my locale.

I’d prefer someone like ghis that the usual shitshow or companies.

UK.gov splashes out on 40,000 new devices amid COVID-19-fuelled homeworking boom

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Re: Office 365

Depends why you buy, but I’d be certain they will have ‘Home Use Rights’ or be part of a Microsoft Home Use Program where you can get a full individual copy for £10/pop. When I was at BT we had this available.

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Enterprise McAfee Total Virus Defence.

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Re: 13,000 laptops

I hope they also gave them a mouse, keyboard, USB C HDMI adapter and external 27” screen.

Otherwise the HMRC bean counters won’t be able to differentiate between £10,000,000,000 and £100,000,000 in Excel modelling and basic adding shit up for money they are pumping out.

Far-right leader walks free from court after conviction for refusing to hand his phone passcode over to police

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I tend to agree. Smacks of trawling for information to make a case for suspicion, as opposed to having enough evidence to make a case for the CPS.

Waste of Police/CPS time and resources.

I’m assuming every Joe in the street can also refuse PIN , as their ‘crimes against society’ will have no overlap into anything that can have Terrorism label slapped on and won’t be obstructing an investigation like that. Otherwise... “caught speeding Sir, can we have your phone PIN. You seem to fit the profile for car cruising”.

Capita, Fujitsu and pals tuck into slices of £3bn London NHS framework

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Cloud ??

Why the duck do you need to pay any of this scum money for cloud services.

Microsoft/AWS/Google etc will do most of this at no or low cost and surely they already have framework procurement agreements with HMG. You know gCloud etc ??

Does a .com suffix make a trademark? The US Supreme Court will decide as Booking marks its legal spot

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Re: Actually seems reasonble

Apple Computer Inc

I can sell Window’s without threat from Microsoft.

I could sell Chicago Pizza’s - not Chicago Town - so no worries there.

Many companies have made up faux heritage - Frankie and Bennie’s for example or Reggae-Reggae Sauce infamously... both Trademarked.

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Re: Actually seems reasonble

... and it’s the Ford Motor Company.

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Re: Trademarking an address

The Planet Money podcast on Oreo’s competitor Hydrox cookies is a great example here.


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Re: Trademarking an address

Like much for sale at silly prices - not sold.

UK COVID-19 contact-tracing app data may be kept for 'research' after crisis ends, MPs told

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Re: It can go

“My youngsters are all up for wearing PPE but they are still the highest risk of catching it when they go back to school.”

“The highest risk of catching it”. seriously. Any compelling evidence for this?? ... bearing in mind youngsters suffer the least and will also be the least tested age demographic.

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Re: Well that's great confidence from GCHQ

Even when the ICO have hone in with their **** kicking boots on -British Airway’s and Marriot - they will now get a GDPR free pass due to CV19 belly-aching and appeal to Government leniency.

ICANN finally halts $1.1bn sale of .org registry, says it's 'the right thing to do' after months of controversy

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Re: Practice, don't preach

Is it not ‘Better Call Saul’???

Family meeting! Chocolate Factory makes its business-like video-chat service free to anyone with a Google account

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Re: The kids spotted this last week

... and there is numerous reporting and parental summary info available to.

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Re: Zoom?

Or BT Conferencing (BT MeetMe), RingCentral, or BlueJeans etc....

Tons out there.

Who's still using Webex? Not even Cisco: Judge orders IT giant to use rival Zoom for virtual patent trial

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Re: Webex and Skype

Used Webex to get past the 45 min Zoom cap. It was pretty terrible and looked like it had barely evolved in 5+ years.

Normally use RingCentrzl ;based on Zoom conferencing engine), but lost access since being furloughed.

Tata Consultancy Services tells staff to go to their rooms and stay there, even after the pandemic passes

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Re: Home working paradigm shift

I think the long belly-ached about “low productivity out of the office/managing people remotely difficult ” corporate why you can’t work from home excuses have finally been hosed. Many people will work their 8 hours productively between7 and 10pm and get their shit down.

Office providers- and esp. people like WeWork - should be quaking one their boots. Who needs much more than a token head office now.

All you need is a home office setup - desk/table, mid-range laptop, decent (24” or greater second screen), headset, printer possibly and VOIP telephony/conferencing. The only slight fly in the ointment is broadband.

Automatic benefit too of saving the planet with reduced commuting/air travel and consequential CO2 and other emissions ... Greta will be ecstatic.



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