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Emissions-slashing hybrid trains to hit tracks in Europe

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Re: Where will they get all that green H?

Ammonia is far-far easier than H2.

BT CEO orders staff: Back to the office or risk 'disciplinary action'

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The share price nudged £5 briefly after a long rise up to around 2014/15 before crashing over a Dutch Account scandal and never really recovered.

Red Hat says staff can stay away from the office forever

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Re: If it's anything like where I work...

… any evidence for this ??

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Re: Will this be applied to the rest of IBM?

… or IBM’s treatment of anyone with the slightest bit of Grey Hair.

Former Digital Realty datacenter reborn as urban farmstead

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Sold recently for $19m

That’s a lot of quarterly lease payments needed for a $19m Tomato-centre before you even talk about the fit out and operating costs.

Scientists pull hydrogen from thin air in promising clean energy move

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Re: Clean but not green

Vast solar farms lying around the desert is as much ‘pollution’ as sand is.

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Re: Just wondering

Removing water vapour from the atmosphere is hardly going to help with a lack of rain/water.

Go see the Sahara desert as an example.

Nadine Dorries promotes 'Brexit rewards' of proposed UK data protection law

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Re: UK rejoining the EU?

Objectively… would Euro membership for the UK have been a bad thing…

Objectively, evidentially… not ideologically??

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Re: Good god...


She is done, but I’d hardly call Liz Truss talent.

The crime against humanity that is the modern OS desktop, and how to kill it

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Re: The desktop should be the cognitive USB-C

… and a painfully limited number of USB C ports… I want a simple USB C hub that gives me some more USB C ports, not a plethora of older USB 3.1 ports plus assorted of SD card, HDMI, VGA. Power via USB C is great, but moronic if you subsequently lose that port to charging your laptop and have to hang an Xmas tree USC C hub precariously from it - with only 1x USB C power thru on it.

I so like my recent USB C to Displayport native cable just bought, though you need a specific level of USB for it to run. Has resurrected some good - but HDMI-less ‘business’ monitors that were VGA/DVI/Displayport. More elegant that USB C to Hub to HDMI to a chunky HDMI to DVI cable.

USB C - wiggle, wiggle, wiggle precarious USB C hub connectivity, snap.

Goodbye, humans: Call centers 'could save $80b' switching to AI

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Re: Cheap-Cheap-Cheap

Yes, CX - Customer Experience and NPS - Net Promotors scores.

… or were they just too expensive in the post-COVID, post Trump, shrink-flation/customer service, supply chain, energy price speculated inflation ridden wasteland we now occupy.

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Re: You mean...

Despite CFM systems, Trailblazers etc NO-ONE (or no AI) EVER FUCKING looks at your prior history, or last call. It’s always back to square one.

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Re: No no no no no

You are talking pish there.

Underwater datacenter will open for business this year

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Re: Why the bleep dunk these things in salt water?

Probably because sea-levels are rising, and are not subject to the vagaries of drought/climate change. Go see Lake Mead and the mafia dumped bodies - summer 2022.

“The savings are the result of a smaller bill of materials, and less complexities in terms of deployment and maintenance," Reynolds told us. "It's complex and costly to put in the infrastructure in metropolitan areas, and in rural areas too: there are land rights and permits to consider and labor is slower and can be more expensive."

… surely it’s costly - massively expensive downside - to put it in a permanently leak-proof ‘server submarine’ too ?? With occasional need to disrupt/bring up for servicing. Apple warranty weasel on IP68 water resistance on an iPhone 11 so this needs to have great seals !!!

Micron confirms first US memory fab on home soil in 20 years

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Re: why go to a Drought area


Idaho too/.

“When complete, Micron says the fab will create roughly 17,000 new jobs, including 2,000 full-time positions working at the facility.”

… that’s some wild predictive bullshit numbers there, without any supporting evidence provisioned.

Here's how 5 mobile banking apps put 300,000 users' digital fingerprints at risk

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Re: Where did these fingerprints come from?

I was thinking the very same.

The app would gain TouchID authentication in some way, but being able to extract/copy the FingerPrint - and likely just the single digit - seems ridiculous.

That would point the finger - pun intended - at Apple and Google.

Tesla faces Autopilot lawsuit alleging phantom braking

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Re: Last week

Do you take your foot off the gas for a child too ??

California lawmakers approve online privacy law for kids. Which may turn websites into identity checkpoints

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Re: Whatever.

Well the internet was designed for US ARPA but has evolved over the years. Yours is a specious argument.

Roads aren’t ‘designed for children’ either but plenty directly or indirectly use them, mostly safely. If school is on road, then put up appropriate signage and reduce speed limit. Same broad principle.

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Re: Whatever.

Do you have the competency for that. Are you able to demonstrate it in every non-internet thing they do?? Are you able to stop them riding their bikes badly or trying to buy alcohol with a cake age verification ID??

The legislation does not mandate an at scale State data collection, it’s a sensible loose age challenge to enable extra levels of protection baked into the website design. If children use this, don’t paedo harvest their info (which is already a long in CCPA/GDPR anyway).

Works reasonably well in the UK, but is easy go circumvent and without intrusive - like actual age verification- further measures is as good as you are going to get.

That 'clean' Google Translate app is actually Windows crypto-mining malware

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Lister : Beware of Trojans, they're complete smegheads!

UK's NHS goes to market for $2b HR and payroll system

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Re: Who created this monster?

The DHSC was formed in 2018 by the latest round of government meddling/restructuring, prior to that it was just the Dept for Health - which had lots of Tory and Labour government meddling/restructuring- which was itself formed in 1988 when the Tories dissolved the DHSS (Department for Health and Social Security), formed in 1968 when the government of the day meddled/restructured in dissolving the then Ministry Health and adding Social Security:

… seeing any common issues here … like perpetual government meddling….


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Re: £1.7 Billion

It’s far-far worse than that… as an ESR user…. . ESR is one of the (few) common core systems in use a across the NHS (unsure about Scotland) and partners like St John Ambulance.

My trust half uses it … only as a source for core NHS Heath Education England and the ‘e-Learning for health’ and uses a hodge-podge of other things inc Moodle for ‘local trust training’. Every trust feels the need to waste money putting it’s local trust spin on things. In my area there are about 7 overlapping trusts, before you even talk about General Practice.

Lots of certificates needing uploaded/sent, bad data etc. Lots of overlapping/repeated training across different courses.

Looking at ESR right now - I have ‘no training records exist’, that’s managed elsewhere. Some in developme.plus, some in Moodle.

Just really used for Payroll.

It’s already in meltdown.

Google says there's no Waze forward, carpool app axed

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As with all acquired things… Waze in it’s entirety will be on the chopping block eventually … subsumed by the Google Maps behemoth.

Lawsuit accuses Oracle of facilitating sales of 'billions' of folks' personal data

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Interconnect innovation key to satiating soaring demand for fiber capacity

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Re: Smart hard shoulders

Yes. A poor analogy. Esp. When is is busy, the former running lane, now magically a shoulder again “reserved for emergency services use only”.

There is no need for it when the roads are not busy, and when they are they are they take it away from you.

Ransomware attack on UK water company clouded by confusion

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Re: "and by making sure employee behavior is driven towards best practices."

What ever happened to Anti-Virus software scraping this stuff into quarantine ??

All I seem to get these days is a semi-literate and wildly inconsistent accumulation or useful stuff and obvious spam quietly pushed into Junk…. and an Anti-Phish submission button on my corporate Outlook.

Come back, Dr Solomon’s AVTK for Exchange Server !!

Tesla expands Powerwall-to-grid program to cover most of California

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Re: A good start... but V2G is better...

They may as well just consolidate the batteries in a PG&E shed somewhere in that case.

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Re: $2/kwh is a lot of money

This is the gotcha I don’t really get.

If there is an extended power outage, that’s one reason kinda why house bought a power wall, and will be keeping it for themselves, so they can keep their Nespresso machine fired up whilst they wait it out.

Feels like another ‘Tragedy of the Commons’.

Aside: if you can afford the capital cost without having to fund it via a loan you are quid’s in. If not, the numbers on solar don’t have a great ROI and are a long term gamble.

Quantum computing startup IonQ lands on Microsoft's Azure

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“ Some early unnamed customers have already begun using the system to develop algorithms that mitigate risk in finance, model chemical reactions within EV batteries, and improve image classification for future autonomous vehicles, the company said.”

Nothing useful like exascaling chatbot’s then ?

UK launches 'consultation' with EU over exclusion from science programs

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Re: I assume a continuation of their efforts to anex NI

No border on the Island of Ireland, no border in the sea …. Put the border in Stranraer, Holyhead and Heysham.

Job done, commitments honoured.

It’s working really well at Dover right now for UK —> France trade and people.

Stop complaining.

Back-to-office mandates won't work, says Salesforce's Benioff

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Agreed, though something like a London Weighting to a salary maybe harder to argue in this way.

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Re: "opinion is divided"

I was on the office - open plan- on Monday and fuck me it was SO NOISY compared to home. How does anyone get anything done.

I wanted to tell them all to shut the fuck up as it was highly disruptive, but the loudest was our VP of Operations !!

The trade ban that wasn't: US allows 94% of restricted tech exports to China anyway

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Like many things, lots of shouty new laws or restrictions, but fuck all enforcement or available people to enforce meaning a waste of time.

Don’t worry, some politician for a sound bite will be back with new tougher laws/restriction to sort ‘em out.

Nuclear power is the climate superhero too nervous to wear its cape

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Re: Waste

Reforest much of the planet.

The UK was largely forested until large scale clearances during the Bronze Age … required due to poor agricultural practices, techniques and crops.

30,000 hectares/115sq miles per annum of new trees/forests is the woefully pathetic UK wide target. It should be in the millions of hectares ballpark p.a.

Parks, roadsides, motorway verges, scrub land, uplands, hedges, crucially in urban areas for cooling.l and to help bind land together for water retention.

Tree’s are highly effective natural carbon capture and storage.

Reforest Africa anyone??

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Re: Waste

The Integral Fast Reactor at the Dounreay Nuclear Power Development Establishment (NPDE) was showing promise there… latterly the Fast Breeder Reactor.

Modern day developments are the molten salt reactor system. Another UK walking away from Research and back - in this case - to carbon emoting fuels…. The ‘Dash for Gas’….and eco wood chips Biomass from the USA.

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Re: I have been on about this since I was a teenager

As I said look at Starlink, OneWeb etc and their pollution of the sky’s with thousands of Sat Internet hardware.

The hardest part is getting into earth orbit, and that’s reliable and commodity now, in that segment.

Embed an Apple Tag (with better battery) in say the glass to vitrify the nuke waste in case of an accident…. Find my … Nuke Waste !!

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Re: I have been on about this since I was a teenager

Surely with some modern Industrial scale heat-pump action the energy can be recovered further from warm water to power further processes instead of ditching it in the river??

Esp’ during the winter.

Exactly the same as ground source, water source and air-source heat pumps we are all supposed to be investing in.

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Re: I have been on about this since I was a teenager

Bury the nuke waste on the Moon -Space 1999 pah!! Green Propaganda - or SpaceX the waste into the Sun.

If we can shoot thousands of mobile internet satellites into orbit we can get shot of some Nuke waste.

Intel, Amazon, and SpaceX asked to tuck into DARPA's Space-BACN

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Yes. As they are sooooo far behind Amazon Project Kuiper doing a consortium deal/become a OneWeb/Eutelsat partner would seem to have merit as opposed to another few thousand mobile internet Sat’s needing to be slung up, further polluting the night sky in a few years.

Lessons from Google Loon and Solar Powered Internet Airship’s etc….

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It’s already 2/3 of the way into it’s initial Phaae 1 build out - that are in orbit. Delayed by Russian Rocketry/war issues - SpaceX are launching them now too.

With the Eutelsat deal things look a lot rosier than when they ran out of money thru Covid.

Amazon’s Project Kuiper have yet to get a single bird in orbit, and are years away from it.

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I’m surprised Amazon didn’t just buy OneWeb to gain probably 5 years catch-up, for a very low outlay. It took the UK Government and (Bharti) to do this … who have now sold out … to the post Brexit Frenchie’s !

SpaceX - visibility on competitors and Rocketry economies of scale and continuous improvement on someone else’s dollar.

Scientists unveil a physics-defying curved space robot

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Re: "didn't indicate the device would actually work. "

Stop the Magic Steal.

BT wins networking contract for UK nuclear site Sellafield

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Re: AI in charge of a nuclear device - what could possibly go wrong?

Before you proceed to abort detonation, please complete the CAPTCHA below.

I am not a robot

Click the images below until there are no crosswalks.

The sins of OneDrive as Microsoft's cloud storage service turns 15

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Doesn’t help counties around the world’s view of the USA as cowboy’s if that’s how they act, and in an underhand, intimidating and unlawful (International Law) manner.

Esp. With people belly-aching about Constitutions and the Land of the Free and Brave.

Boris Johnson, Vladimir Putin, Jair Bolsonaro, Rodrigo Durerte and Xi Jinping keep good company.

Hardly surprising Iran push the boundaries of the Joint Comprehensive Plan (aka Iran Nuclear Deal) with the USA as such a good model to follow.

See 4th, 6th, 9th, 10th amendments to the US Consitution, as well as reading that too.

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Re: "But it depends on the company, and if they do biz on both sides of the pond"

As with most USA legislation/agencies it’s scope of application is within the USA borders or for data held geographically there. They can intimidate US domiciled or foreign but US operating companies but in effect there is little they can do with data

It’s where there are reciprocal data adequacy/ exchange policies … or were until the successor to Privacy Shield (successor to Safe Harbour) was struck down.


Unless you think FBI International are going to be beating down the doors with a raid on Microsoft Ireland.

You’ve been drinking too much of the Grape Illusion Kool-Aid.

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With Irony, BSkyB - now owned by Comcast - pulled their Sky Cloud Storage before the case went to court…. and literally no-one mistook Skydrive as being from the TV company.

Microsoft asks staff to think twice before submitting expenses

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Re: "think twice before submitting expenses"

I’m surprised your company did not have an organisation wide Corporate Travel Insurance Policy covering this, often with a benefit covering personal trips too.

Wave of corruption claims crash into China's chip Big Fund

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Central Commission for Discipline Inspection (CCDI)

sounds like a sub-division of Viz’s “The Bottom Inspectors”

How TSMC killed 450mm wafers for fear of Intel, Samsung

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Re: Math, the tricky bit

That’s just a size thing.

The expectation of this is yield too.

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Re: 450mm wafers will never happen

Let someone else sink the R & D cash !!

Yes… like Uncle Sam and his CHIPS act.


US Automakers must be particularly pissed as the Advanced Technology Vehicles Manufacturing Loan Program (ATVM) made them pay the money back for EV investment. D’oh.



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