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Apple hits back at devs of axed kiddie screen-time apps


Re: why now?

I agree, I use both the Android Family Link controls and iOS Screen time with the kids and Screen time is rubbish compared.. seems inaccurate, no central control and just so basic.

BlackBerry wins $814m Qualcomm patent-cap arbitration


Waiting for the inevitable "Are BlackBerry still going??" comments..

‘Penultimate’ BlackBerry seen on 'do not publish' page as fire sale begins


Whilst BB might still produce the odd device they are now a SOFTWARE company and they are doing rather well at it.

BES12 and its accompanying products (Watchdox/Good etc. etc.) have just been rated as a 'Leader' by Gartner in the mobile space:


Those who keep saying "BlackBerry are dead", give it a rest and try and do some reading beyond BGR.

Blackberry beats the vendors it trails, finishes Quadrooter patches


Re: You (Mr Chirgwin) can cut the smug grin.

Nothing like kicking a dog when they are down.. BlackBerry should be congratulated for keeping their promises.

BlackBerry: Comeback canter should be a trot... yet, weirdly, isn't

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Well hopefully if us sys admins keep on diligently blocking them you'll be waiting a while thankfully :)

BlackBerry Priv: Enterprise Android in a snazzy but functional package


Looks really good and I really am considering getting one seen as we've got BES12 to back it all up, now lets wait for the BlackBerry bashers to arrive...

AVG to flog your web browsing, search history from mid-October


Bye bye AVG

Been meaning to switch to Kaspersky for a while, looks like now's a good time.

BlackBerry slowly pulls out of power dive into toilet


If they do pull back, and I really hope they do, then it'll have been an amazing turnaround. The Z30 was a great device that and the new Passport and BES12 really hold promise.

Hopefully the unfounded bashing of everything BB will stop but I think that'll take a while yet..

BlackBerry makes its devilish Android trickery official in OS update


Re: Leaps and bounds

Can't speak for Ottawa.. but Manchester UK is pretty wet as usual.

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Leaps and bounds

Having used a corporately activated Blackberry 10 device since they came out the OS is coming on at an impressive rate. I've now dropped my own Android device and simply have one Z30 for everything. I think the "welcome to 2008" title for this article is a little unfair and the pinch and zoom references a new feature for mailbox management which is actually really cool. You've been able to pinch and zoom on a BB since roughly...ermm.. 2008.

Really looking forward to the trolling anti-BB comments from loads of iSheeple who've never actually used a Blackberry 10 device. I've used all the major phone OS's and BB10 combined with a corporate BES10 server really is a force to be reckoned with, ask the Pentagon...