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Vivaldi update unleashes the 'Cookie Crumbler' to simply block any services asking for consent (sites may break)



If some cookies are "essential" for website functionality (and I can't reject those) why is my decision (made last time I visited) to NOT consent to the advertising/tracking ones recorded?

Do I HAVE to reject all "non essential" cookies every time I visit the website?

If "essential" cookies can record my username they can bloody hell record my answer to this question the last time I gave it to you...


Re: This.

The Register, unlike some sites, does not have a "reject all" button alongside the "accept all" button.

Shame on you.

And no, you can't hide behind the "b...b...but it's the law! I HAVE TO DO IT" excuse.

Oh hello. Haven't heard much from you lately: Linux veteran Slackware rides again with a beta of version 15


one of?

"While there have been some rumblings over the years, the lengthy absence of a full new version hinted that all might not be well with one of the oldest Linux distributions and its band of contributors."

Not one of the oldest? THE oldest.

KDE maintainers speak on why it is worth looking beyond GNOME


Re: Had me thinking I'd give it a try

“I think without [Systemd] Wayland would be effectively impossible,” said Edmundson.


That means AlienBOB's Slackware64-current runnink the latest plasma5 and wayland should not exist


Academics: We hate to ask, but could governments kindly refrain from building giant data-slurping, contact-tracing coronavirus monsters?


Re: "the data will be flipping useless"

Well, if you are only considering COVID-19, then: yes, the data from these apps will be useless.

*must get new keyboard. this one is clearely infected*

We need baby Googles, say search specialists… and one surprising VC


Re: It rubs the Monopoly on it's skin, or else it gets the antitrust again...

You do know google maps has had offline mode for some time, right?

As for detours: it usually suggests a new route if the one I'm at has heavy traffic ahead, but it is just a suggestion (I can still force the original route, but every time I did I regretted it soon after)

China plots new Great Leap Forward: to IPv6


Re: To be fair..

"And no one will be surprised to learn that iPv10 has already been invented by Apple"

I think you mean IPvX

Speaking in Tech: Dell and EMC – one year after they shacked up....

IT Angle

Re: Excellent

Yeah, that show was a bit crap.

I usually listen to Bad Voltage.

What IT / tech related podcasts do you guys listen to?

Google goes home to Cali to overturn Canada's worldwide search result ban


google = thepiratebay

Both are search engines that link to illegal content, without directly profiting from it, and laugh in the face of law.

I wish thepiratebay had google's money :(

Search results suddenly missing from Google? Well, BLAME CANADA!


Re: Ahem


Like google, thepiratebay is a search engine.

Google provides hyperlinks, thepiratebay provides magnetlinks: both are just pointers to pirated content, not the pirated content itself (which is not hosted on the search engine).

If thepiratebay must obey "international law" then so does google!

What? Just because they are rich they should be above the law?

Fuck google.

Google hit with record antitrust fine of €2.4bn by Europe


Didn't even realize...

...that google had a price comparison site.

Seriously! I heard bout it here first!

Elon to dump Trump over climate bump


Climate explained (by americans, for americans)

Even you guys should grasp this, as you read a tech site like El Reg... it has pictures in it...


LiveJournal trial a storm in a safe harbour


No such thing...

...as "a bit pregnant": either you are or you aren't.

It's like: "yeah, officer. I did it. But I left him just a bit dead!"

Alleged German YouTube-to-MP3 ripper sued by labels


Re: No.... it doesn't

It does not allow people to keep copies of music videos. It just lets them keep the audio...


"The website offers to convert YouTube vids to MP3 files, for free, which allows people to keep copies of official and unofficial music videos – sans ads, of course."

No... it doesn't.

Li-ion king Goodenough creates battery he says really is... good enough


"BTW, Lithium extraction is done by removing salts from water, not blowing up mountainsides. It does have ecological impacts if done poorly, but can bring money to poor places such as Bolivia"

I'm a bit hazy on my high-school geography, but I believe Bolivia doesn't have access to musch see water...

Nokia 3310 'Supremo Putin' edition goes on sale in Russia



"assharwood" hehehe nice twitter handle.

Double KO! Capcom's Street Fighter V installs hidden rootkit on PCs


Re: Why the double standard here?

"Limited Liability, same reason no one goes to jail when the oil companies try to save a few pennies on piping, or when the banks steel millions."

Banks always do that. It's called a safe. It prevents burglars from taking said millions.

Your wget is broken and should DIE, dev tells Microsoft



oooh oooh, please tell !

please tell us that novice-level one line that will download a multi-gigabyte .ISO file to a remote server AND use it to turn a server core into a server gui :-)

By 2040, computers will need more electricity than the world can generate


obligatory xkcd reference...


WhatsApp gets another Brazilian whack as magistrate blocks it again


Re: I love how

@Paul Crawford,

"over-the-top suppliers" is something americans invented to differentiate "real" ISPs from "virtual" ISPs.

To brasil's law there is no such distinction, and applies to any provider of a service over the internet, as you can read here: http://www.planalto.gov.br/CCIVIL_03/_Ato2011-2014/2014/Lei/L12965.htm

If whatsapp does not like the law in some country it has the option of not doing business there.

If they want to do business somewhere, they have to obey that place's laws.

Just like google has to censor itself in china, and hide results in america due to copyright laws.

Don't like the laws? --> Don't do business there.

Big Brother

Re: I love how

Nobody is trying to intimidate math.

The judge is indeed asking that messages (for the "criminals") be recorded before encryption and handed to authorities. Well, not asking... ordering.

As she sees it, whatsapp does indeed have the power to do that. It just doesn't want to.

And no, she is not trying to bypass parliament, as the law that allows her to demand such things already exists.

I'm not saying that they are right or wrong, but judges don't make laws... they enforce them.

Blame the politicians for taking away your freedom to talk privately among yourselves.

Then, blame yourselves for letting them do that in the first place.

Uber helicopter taxis


Re: For $19 I'd have a ride

It is "São Paulo"...

Heathrow Airbus collision 'not a drone incident'



"Pilots can see that drones can be useful and fun to fly, but these near-misses are becoming too regular an occurrence."

Doesn't he mean near-hits?

<after seeing 2 airplanes collide in mid air> "Look! They nearly missed!"

Samsung is now shipping a 15TB whopper of an SSD. Farewell, spinning rust


"Endurance - 1 drive write per day (1DWPD)"

Ok... for how many days?

El Reg mulls entering Robot Wars arena


Re: Well what worked best before?

This looks good :)


OFFICIAL: Zuck's BIG in-your-face Facebook Messenger SHOVE finally pays off


Re: "...popular in US"

Well, that's the thing isn't it?

The article should be " 'mercans sure love FB messenger! " and not " FB messenger is more popular than youtube "...

Need some stats on world wide use, don't we?

I, for one, rather spend hours looking at cat videos than 'talking' to people whom are labeled as 'friends' online.

Obsolescence of food is complete: Soylent now comes in bottles


Re: Transporting water?

They can now make a pipeline...

...just imagine: soylent-on-tap!

World-beating TWO-QUADRILLION-WATT LASER fired by boffins



"100m long - how's Luke going to battle the dark side with something so unweildly?"

Well, I can think of one way: https://xkcd.com/1433/

US Feds investigating Prenda Law, say Pirate Bay co-founders


Re: Entrapment?

"Unless that is they were members of the Special Demonstration Squad."

I wasn't referring to the sex bit... but to the fact that undercover lady cops would hardly commit the same crime to entrap a guy for solicitation... which was what Prenda's honeypot was for (catch guys pirating stuff while pirating that same stuff themselves). Clear now?


Re: Entrapment?

The difference being that that lady cop does not actually f*ck the guy before making the arrest...

You need one cloud computing provider - and this is why


Re: Eggs -> Basket

...and it is not even your basket...

Watchdog slaps American Apparel's youthful naked arse


too prude?

Perhaps if they sold burqinis this would appeal to ameri... oh...

Google Glass DIED from TOO MUCH ATTENTION, Captain Moonshot admits


Step by step

If what killed Google Glass was mainly privacy issues, they would probably enjoy better success if the initial model did not include a camera.

Once the "cameraless" model was mainstream, then add the camera model option.

I know, I know... without a camera it would only serve as a HUD enabling one to view youtube cat vids while walking... but hey! that's what people want!

Authy 2FA app popped by simple, secret, code


Reminds me of Bobby Tables...


SO. Which IS more important to humanity: Facebook, or Portugal?


Are you sure?

Hmmm a 10 year old company claims to be more important than a 872 year old country...

I, for one, am sure that one of them will still be here 100 years from now ;-)

Adults-only Chrome add-on grabs you by the Googlies


Re: protect the kids!

"I suppose that all of your "no" answers could be "yes" depending on who's pc/mac/etc. was being remoted... yes, they're thinking of the children and also parental sueballs."

So, the same as gmail app that "may" contain smut/violence... that's why it is rated 17+ so parents don't sue itunes...

oh wait...


protect the kids!

violence: no

profanity: nope

fear/horror: nothing

drugs references: zero

nudity: zip

sexual content: zilch

that leaves 'unrestricted web access'... like browser or email client...

CLEARLY we must think of the children

Linux systemd dev says open source is 'SICK', kernel community 'awful'


Re: Oh please...

Hey, I use Slackware at home and at work, and it is Poettering-free software! :D

Something rotten stalks the Cloud Kingdom


Told ya


I told ya this would happen if you used Linux!

Those evil paladins will enforce the holy book of Licensing as they see fit!

*tsk tsk*

If you only had provided Microsoft software to your peasants, not of this would have...


Fancy a little kinky sex? GCHQ+NSA will know - thanks to Angry Birds


Re: Here's the problem

"being within the letter of the law doesn't mean you're right"

So, from my old AD&D gaming days (I hate angry birds) that would make:

NSA --> Lawful - Evil

Snowden --> Chaotic - Good