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Gigabit web streaming in 2016? Live tests say yes


Comcast will have to follow market pricing

Here in Nashville, TN, market forces will keep Comcast GB services competitive price wise (already announced as being available here in 2016). Google Fiber is also rolling out end of 2015 and early 2016, and their prices are $70.00/month for internet, and full TV package, less premium channels is $50.00. Total $120.00 (plus taxes and fees). Comcast would be a fool to charge much more than that for the same services. Spoke with an installer/friend last month, he has the D3.1 modem in his house, so they're working on it in this market. I would presume that the other 4 markets that Google is building out, including the major Atlanta area, will also force Comcast rates down. The installer already acknowledged that there is that discussion going on now, system wide.

Happy 2nd birthday, Windows 8 and Surface: Anatomy of a disaster


How to get wide Windows 10 adoption

If MS really wants to make Windows 10 quickly adopted, then work into it the ability to do in place upgrades from ALL versions of WIndows from XP Forward! Yes, there are always going to be incompatible applications, BUT MS KNOWS which ones they are. Give the user a full list of what WILL and WILL NOT auto transfer to the new install. That would be the biggest step to getting XP out fo the market.

Mail Migration


Re: Mail Migration

I strongly suggest you consider NetWin from New Zealand, their SurgeMail product. It has a built in Migration procedure that makes migrating users a dream. Essentially, you set the new mail server as your primary, and point it to your existing server. When new mail arrives, if the user doesn't exist, it's passed to the old server for delivery. As each user connects, and logs in with their email client, the NEW server, if the user doesn't exist, the NEW server will query the old server with user/password. If that pair is valid, the users account is CREATED on the new server, and ALL of their old mail is pulled to the new server, and from that point on, that users email, and logins operate on the New Server. They have both POP3 and IMAP migrations. If I recall, the IMAP migration will also pull all folders and such from the old server to the new server. There is virtually no need for you, the email admin, to setup each users accounts on the new server. You can leave the system in Migrate mode for as long as you like. They have Surgemail for Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, Solrais, etc. The pricing is VERY fair, and their support is AMAZING. I've had feature requests added in a week or two. Plus, if you have a special need, they're very responsive to your needs in adding functions, and doing special builds for you until they roll that function into the base releases.




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