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Is it OK to use stolen data? What if it's scientific research in the public interest?

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For those who say 'NO' unreservedly, what about the stolen / captured machines and codes which eventually led to the end of the second world war. Is this still stolen data that should not have been used ?

In almost 60 years of experience I can say that there is no black or white mostly, it is all a grey area.

Governments ( as noted above ) will do what they like and fuck everyone else.

To me, if stolen data can be used for good and can possibly prevent a reocurrence of a problem then at least something good comes out of it.

What I do not accept though is any commercial profit made from the same.

So to summarise, if someone can improve humanity's lot from stolen data and is doing so on that basis then yes.

But for Google, Amazon and other similar parasites to be using stolen data to increase profits then no fucking way.

Something phishy: Tech recruiters jabbed by fake COVID-19 Passport scam

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Re: I wish I could filter for emoji.

That is the most sensible thing I have read all week.

To that I would add excrutiating crap such as ''reaching out to our stakeholders'' instead of 'contacing our customers/ victims' and similar bastardisations of our language. If something needs saying, say it, don't wrap it in shit first.

Also a 'rate your experience' email about 12 seconds after contacting a company. If the fuckers could respond in that time when there is a problem it would be bloody marvellous.

Have a good weekend wherever you are.


Beijing wants its internet to become 'civilized' by always reflecting Marxist values

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Sounds like the BBC.

Microsoft adds hybrid meeting features to Teams, including interruption-detecting AI

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Fuck the new features...

How about making the bloody thing work on an MS Windows PC without having to wait 5 minutes for the software to open up, meanwhile making all other operations unusable, thrashing the disk, using about 90 % of the memory and running the laptop fan hard enough to heat my house.

If I have to reboot the laptop, it takes an additional 5 minutes of disk churning before you can do anything while this bag of turds is trying to open up, even though after each time it does this I remove it from the MSCONFIG start menu.

Then tells me to open an MS account as it does not recognise the one I eventually use to log on when I do need to use it, leading to another 10 minutes of nothing.

My mother could have come up with a better program and she doesn't even own a fucking PC.

There really does need to be a world wide programme of killing these marketing bullshit fuckers one by one until the rest get the point. Sadly Covid is killing the wrong people.

ExpressVPN bought for $1bn by Brit biz with an intriguing history in adware

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Meme merde, jour difference.

I am not an IT tech in any way but I would say that in general, any small successful outfit has a potential few years to become really good at what they do. Then the arseholes and parasites buy them out and either kill them off as potential competitors or turn them into a bag of useless shite.

Anything bought up by Google, MS or FB will suffer this fate. Fucking parasites the lot of them.

Very sad.

Why tell the doctor where it hurts, when you could use emoji instead?

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Re: Pragmatism

No that is just dumbing down.

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If you like them then fine but as far as being used for professional communication and even worse, medical communication is quite frankly stupid. We have a language for such things - use it.

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Re: F**k emojis

My response to professional communications sent by text or using such bollocks has always been to send it back and ask for an intelligible communication using a recognised language.

Any one will do, I will sort out from there but this sort of shit lazy communication has become endemic and the use of emoji bollocks just makes it more poitlessly complex to save people from actually composing a sentence.

And yes, before anyone asks, I have lost work through this but frankly if people can only communicate in visual grunts then I have no desire or need to work for them.

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Re: F**k emojis

Response of the week !

I can communicate freely in 4 languages and in a restricted way in a number of others. We really need to stop dumbing down for the sake of the imbecillic who forego a free education ( in the UK at least ) but yet are at the forefront of entitled whining to have things dumbed down to suit their needs.

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Re: Accessibility Fail.

This is just trying to put a plaster on a gaping wound. When a screen reader does it's thing - reads the fking screen, which is what people want them for, why complicate matters with a lot of crap to suit the hard of thinking and the lazy.

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Re: Accessibility Fail.

Well said SS. Have a good weekend.

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Re: History repeats itself

Because in medicine you need accuracy perhaps ?

How long will it take someone to sue the NHS when their emoji turns out to mean something else. Bowel cancer / leukemia / insert other condition here... is pretty much unequivocal. A tiny bloody smiley symbol could mean anything.

If your Doc says you have prostate cancer you don't go off to a party thinking that you are OK, but if you only have a smiley face that could signify anything then you could potentially do just that.

Fucking stupid idea and a further dumbing down of communication routes that have been well established for hundreds if not thousands of years.

I do think that humanity has run it's course and this type of bollocks is the cure, much like Covid-19 being the solution for the planet and not the problem.

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Re: To be honest if you define literacy like that, the bar is set pretty low.

If you want proof or increasing illiteracy within the UK go and talk to someone in industry or in high end education.

They will confirm that the level of illiteracy and lack of common sense, along with a lot of other shortcomings are on the increase. Sadly the level of entitlement and self belief is on the increase amongst the same people.

I have worked in my industry for almost 40 years and the level of ability amongst the last generation and possibly the one before is declining.

If you want to believe otherwise then feel free, just don't put the onus of proof onto those who know otherwise through years of experience. If you think we are wrong then you come up with the evidence against it.

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Re: History repeats itself

The global rate yes, but the frightening problem is the number of illiterate people in the developed West, in particular the UK. We were the leaders in tech and innovation througout the industrial revolution and invented or built most of the infrastructure in the world but now we have a huge increase in the number of people who can't be arsed to get an education - even though it is provided free by the taxpayer - unlike a lot of the so called 'third world' nations rapidly overtaking us and the US.

Vaccine dreams: A trip to Oxford to see a biscuit tin, some bed pans and ChAdOx1 nCov-19

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Nice reply. I really can't abide the morons and fuckwits who keep putting down the successes of UK or part UK ventures, usually while praising anything from the US.

It should be clearly shown everywhere that the Oxford AZ vaccine is being produced and distributed at almost cost price, Not something you see with US produced stuff - they seem to be charging about 9 times the price and I would assume are making a killing from the pandemic.

Some things are more important than money but the US and their followers will not understand that as it is contrary to their belief.

Glasgow firm fined £150k after half a million nuisance calls, spoofing phone number, using false trading names

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Re: Peanuts

Not fined but have their assets seized and be put in prison. Nothing else works. For decades they have just changed to another company name and carry on without a pause. Putting money and property in a different name should make no difference.

If our esteemed gov wants to look like it is doing something useful then for fuck's sake get this done. I doubt it would have any negative fallout whatever most people's political leaning. ( With the possible exception of the Guardian readers and the BBC.)

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Re: How do you find them?

I would think that this type of case would be classed as criminal harrassment or threatening behaviour or whatever the Guardian readers allow us to call it this week.

If not then the system is even worse than I thought it was.

Worst case scenario, phone the police and tell them you are one of the Guardian's favoured minority groups and that this is a ''hate crime'' as opposed to a normal friendly crime against a lot of people, which can be safely ignored.

Windows 11 will roll out from October 5 as Microsoft hypes new hardware

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Teams !!!

Biggest joke of the article: ''...integration with..teams..''

On a Windows laptop I can and regularly use Zoom, Conflab, Ring Central, Whatsapp and G-Suite tools to initiate or join online meetings with voice / video ( not Conflab but that is why I use it when needed. ) and collaboration / screen share or document share as needed. This all works without any major issues. Might have the odd video freeze and some stutter on sound.

But when I have to use MS Teams ( MS is emphasised because it is the same fucking outfit that made the fucking OS ) I end up with nothing but problems:

The bastard thing tries to load whenever I reboot ( doesn't matter what settings you use of what you change in MSCONFIG ) and basically runs the processor and memory / HDD use at about 100 % for about 10 minutes before deciding that it will not load, in the meantime slowing everything else to a bloody crawl.

When it is eventually on and settled, trying to open it for a meeting results in more furious disk thrashing, slowing down of everything else followed 5 minutes later with a message saying it can not load because I don't have an account and why don't I open one now..even though I DO have a bloody account and I have tried to input the details when and if prompted to no avail.

Finally after 3 tries, at least, it opens up a Teams window and then I have to persuade it to look for my video camera and / or mocrophone which it invariably can not see.

During an actual meeting I can use the laptop to heat my fucking house. I have to turn up the volume by 30 percent to over ride the fan noise which does sound like it is trying to take off.

Why the merry fuck can the incompetents who make both the OS and the Teams program not work together ?

Don't like the new Windows 11 Start or Taskbar? Don't worry – Microsoft's got your back

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Re: Tired ? Older hardware ?

Like most people who say the same thing time and time again, the answer is quite simple. I am not against using Linux, indeed I have run several different distributions on a spare PC over the yers mainly to check if I can actually migrate to it.

I need my PC to be able to do my work. There is no alternative for 4 pretty expensive software packages I have to use and emulators / virtual engines etc DO NOT work with them. Main one is AutoCAD. Others are specific BEMS, building energy efficiency programs and structural calculation software. There are no alternatives so Linux does NOT work for me.

Please accept the fact that while you may be able to use Linux for all your needs that others can not. Simple fact. This is the one thing that pisses me off with all the smug 'why are you still using windoze' brigade.

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Meme merde, jour difference.

Lenovo pops up tips on its tablets. And by tips, Lenovo means: Unacceptable ads

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Re: to maximize end user enjoyment

Very well put Sir.

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Re: Alldocube iPlay40, or Chuwi Hipad Plus

And this is different from the proud US 'manufacturers' that get all their stuff made in the exact same Chinese factories but charge fuckload more ? ( Assuming you are of US origin because of your spelling.)

Stop spouting Sinophobic rubbish.

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Re: "System App" bollocks

I am not 100 % because I do not have a W10 system but is that not full of 'advertising' shite, candy crush and similar bollocks that can not be removed, admin rights or not ?

That is my understanding - if you have a big enterprise with 100's of licenses you can over rule but any normal 'home' or 'professional' user can not.

Would be great to know it can be done without too much hassle before I have to inevitably get a W10 pc.

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Re: A fast one

And you think any of the eqivalent US companies are any different ?

Western Digital unveils 20TB OptiNAND hard drive, pledges 50TB to follow

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Re: Old fart rant inside...

But that doesn't make it right - to be able to lie about the usable capacity. Even though we know this has happened for decades it does not make it right and it should be stopped as being an outright lie.

If I sell you a house with three floors and it turns out that only one of them can be used, but in some microscopic print in a 1000 page EULA or similar, I say that the number of floors may not be usable by the purchaser then you would rightly have a case against me. No difference in my opinion.

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Re: 20 & 50TB

Over a large number of years I used WD HDD's in an external case as part of my backup strategy. Apart from a couple of times I dropped them onto a solid floor they all worked well until they got full and were changed.

In the last 3 years or so I have had 3 fail on me for no reason ( luckily I never rely on one ) May be luck of the draw or more than likely becoming crapper to save money which seems endemic in the ICT world - PC's, phones, printers - all shite-ier quality as time moves on. ( Couldn't think of the correct multiplier word for shite..)

Tech support scams subside somewhat, but Millennials and Gen Z think they're bulletproof and suffer

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Obvious scams.

I get annoyed at the usual 'age bias' - you are in your later years so you must be thick as fuck. Let us not forget who invented this technology and made it simple to use for the youth who, in the main, I suspect would not be able to build a PC, sort out problems using a CLI or set up a web page. Or indeed take out a car engine and rebuild it or a whole horde of other things I have done over the last 6 decades. Oh yes, they may be brilliant at installing a new app on their phone without looking at all the crap they are signing up for.

Also I would say that anyone in the UK at least would understand that no company is there to help you but to make money off you in whchever way it can. Try contacting one of them to sort out a problem and see how quick it takes to arrive at a knowledgeable human who can help. Then consider that nobody in such a company would spend their valuable time speaking to you at their expense to make your life easier.

That is such common sense that I fail to see why it is such a surprise to most people.

The bleeding obvious:

Anything that looks too good to be true will be.

Anyone who says out of the blue that they can save you money and not make them money instead is a fking liar.

The world is not altruistic - nobody will go out of their way at their expense to do you a favour.

If everybody follwed these simple rules life would be much worse for the scammers and perhaps they would all fuck off and get an honest job.

A real go-GETTR: Former Trump aide tries to batter Twitter by ripping off its UI

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Living in the UK and having an interest in politics and what goes on in the world, I am stumped as to why Trump has not been sued for his public ranting claiming that he was cheated of the presidency etc.

Obviously if he had proof of the cheating going on then he would have produced it but there was none declared so I deduce that he did not have any proof.

Why has nobody taken action against him as they appear, at least to us here in the UK, to go to law for anything over there and I would assume that the democrats would have a valid case of defamation or whatever it is called over there.

Genuine question, not a troll as I would like to understand how their system works.

Hungover Brits declare full English breakfast the solution to all their ills

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When in my teens and twenties a solid bike ride or run for a couple of hours while still mainly drunk would do the trick.

Later on it became a few bacon rolls, with runny fried egg if really bad.

Then it became several cups of tea with sugar in ( which I normally hate.)

Now it is a whole day of pain and fucking misery.

I try to restrict those days to a few times a year where a good day's acrobatic paragliding in Oludeniz leads to wine and raki..

UK watchdog fines biz £130k for 900,000+ direct marketing calls to folk who had opted out

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Same shit different name..

The government can change laws at the drop of a hat when they want to do so and I ask them why do you not act on this when the same thing happens almost every time someone is fined ?

Where is the punishment ?

To be stupidly charitable, on the first offence by the director of this type of outfit, fine them personally.

If they are a persistent offender throw the fuckers off a cliff somewhere.

Covid is killing the wrong people..

Biden to Putin: Get your ransomware gangs under control and don’t you dare cyber-attack our infrastructure

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fucking hypocrites.

As usual.

US spies on everyone but complains when anyone else does it.

US has shitload of nukes but complains if anyone else has one.

US is happy to get cheap stuff from China and sell to the world at massive profit but does not want China to profit or indeed any other nation being able to obtain things from China when the US can sell them the same type of thing.

Time they practiced a bit of what they throw at the rest of the world.

Ot time the rest of the world start to grow a set of balls and carry on without involving them.

I know it is not easy but we must make a start.

Verity Stob is 'Disgusted of HG Wells': Time, gentlemen, please

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Bloody excellent.

Shows up the BBC for the utter shite it has become. I only log on to their news site now and again and within a couple of minutes I remember why.

The other day there was a news story about Bangor, about as Welsh as it gets in terms of large towns. The BBC have to intervierw someone and it ends up with an Indian / Far Eastern name who spoke English. I assume it would not be ticking enough PC boxes to actually ask a fucking Welsh person for their view.

Keep up the good work.


China, Russia and Iran all attacking US elections and using some nasty new tactics, says Microsoft

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Re: Blowback

I agree. I couldn't give a fuck if the US turns into a medieval religious clusterfuck the way they have behaved basically since the end of WW2 and in particular the GWB years and the current twat-in-chief. The problem is that my government is so far up their arse that the UK will go down with them.

Adtech's bogeymen are tracking everything - even your web visits to mental health charities, claim campaigners

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Re: Too much javascript

I have done this for years. Usually if the site is a pig full of flashing ads and other shite and with a load of suspect JS. I will find a way to leave a message to say that they have lost a customer and why. I don't email them as I don't want them to harvest my details and spam me and I have no interest in any crap response they would have. I want them to know why they lost a customer, end of story.

Go Huawei, Android: Chinese telco biz claims it will spread Harmony OS for smartphone to devs come December

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Re: Maybe

And do you think that the US companies and regime are better ?

Sub 20 Pilot

Re: Against all odds

I would be in the market for one. If anyone is going to be stealing my data and profiting from it I would rather it were the Chinese than the tax dodging US companies, backed up with threats by the orange baboon.

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Re: Essential?

I have been telling people this for years ( not in a ranty tinfoil hat way but when anyone asked about their new phone or similar I would tell them to take care about the shite they were installing and the information they were spewing online.)

Mostly it was dismissed or ignored but a few years ago someone I know had a fright when she went home after discussing a particular and very niche product in her place of work.

She did not google it on her iphone or do anything with the phone but just mentioned this product to a colleague, which she had heard about but never used, bought online or even searched for online.

On turning on another i-device at home, presumably on the same apple account, she saw a bunch of ads for that very product. Spooked the shit out of her and started to see how intrusive the whole ecosystem was. Still did not stop her from getting one of the spy-speakers ''because friends have them...' so like most of the sheep, she had to as well.

Even with this evidence of intrusion, spying and general creepiness I am afraid most of the population will still buy these things in their millions because they are a 'shiny thing.' I don't bother telling people any more, if they want to be sheep carry on.

'We're not claiming to replace humans,' says Google, but we want to be 'close enough' that you can't tell it's a bot talking

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Re: Garbage in garbage out

I have yet to see an useful ''chatbot.'' In the last few months I have had , in desperation, to revert to trying out the respective option on Ryanair and SP Energy websites due to there being no other way of finding what I wanted or indeed a sensible method of contacting a bloody human. Nothing you put in the text box made sense to the algorithm.

OK I expected it with Ryanair as I wanted money back from them so no fucking chance that was going to work but with SPE it was putting £20k plus their way for an upgraded supply so I would have thought that ''I want to give you money for something'' would have led to a pretty good response.

Previously in the last year I have had the same while trying to spend money with Samsung, Dell and ( in desperation ) Carphone warehouse. The end result of which none of them got my money as they couldn't be arsed to provide a human to sort out a few basic queries.

This is still roughly the same level it was years ago so what is the problem and where is the bottleneck ?

UK govt reboots A Level exam results after computer-driven fiasco: Now teacher-predicted grades will be used after all

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Is there anything that the succesive governments of the UK can not fuck up by bloody useless software ? And as for Kier Starmer, fuck off unless you have something constructive to say. I am sick of these idiots trying to make political capital out of everything, as though their party would not have done exactly the same mess.

Australia to force Google and Facebook to pay for news and reveal algorithm changes before they whack web traffic

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Useless search engines from Google and the like.

I know that this is not a mainstream case and slightly off-topic but I have found the big search engines to be useless unless you want to buy something from the larger multinationals.

It may have improved by now but a few years ago if I put something like ''Ulnar fracture'' into a search box the first page would be filled with things like ''get your next ulnar fracture from amazon'' or similar. Fucking useless for anything except the promotion of amazon..

Same if I wanted to find details on something just as specific related to my work. I may be looking for Radon Gas barriers but the top listings would be companies selling gas and electricity and wanting you to switch providers. Keywords or whatever may serve a purpose but not in most cases where ''gas'' doesn't automatically mean you want to change your gas provider.

Very similar is the propensity for any English search term to throw up loads of US sites regardless of what you put in as a search term or tried to restrict to UK English. If the searches are no good then no point trying to use them.

I use DDG when I have to or try to find details by other means but for me the search engine has been nothing but a waste of time and maybe things like this will change them for the better. ( It's Friday so I am allowed a bit of optimism...)

Keep it Together, Microsoft: New mode for vid-chat app Teams reminds everyone why Zoom rules the roost

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Usual MS behaviour.

Microsoft are the spoilt child at their own birthday party who have a ton of chocolate ice cream on their plate but whine because someone else has a cake and they should have that too.

If they did one thing properly, say for example produced an OS that was not an utter pile of shite ( W10 ) and spent their efforts on making it workable, stable, secure and usable without the constant fucking about with needless updates without dealing with the core problems, then I would be happy.

Instead they have to interfere in everything and produce a third rate alternative then try to foist it on everyone, even to the extent of buying the competitor and killing it ( can't be long before they do it to Zoom ?) I used Skype quite a bit before they bollocksed it up. Never used it since.

I am happy to pay a subscription for an OS as I need it to make a living. This is something which they can not achieve, sending out pointless crap under the guise of value for money. Anyone using their OS for work, which is what I have to do, is stuck with this endless load of crap.

NOTE: I don't need any smug Linux users telling me that I should use their favoured OS at this point as it will not run AutoCAD or any of the windows only structural analysis, BREEAM or heat loss modelling software amongst other things that I need to run. Believe me I have tried over the years to do this in various emulators etc but to no avail.

I have used Zoom for meetings since the lockdown and do so on a 5 year old Android phone, a newish Android tablet, a laptop running W10 and a PC running W7. I have not had a single problem in all that time with it. I had one meeting whereI was present in the same room as a colleague who was using Teams on his laptop. It was the most turgid, stuttery, problem ridden bunch of arse I have seen in years, it could well have been running on a 20 year old virus ridden plodding donkey of a pc and not a high spec W10 laptop.

I have been hoping for a resolution to MS' dominance of the pc scene in terms of what I need it to do for decades and looks like I will have retired before it improves. At least then I can be rid of the fucking pestilence and just use Android and Linux. Roll on that day.

Wallet-snatch hack: ApplePay 'vulnerable to attack', claim researchers

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NFC payments in general

Personally I don't think people will have to go to any great lengths to steal credit / cash from most of the public in this way. For the last few years since the upsurge in NFC credit cards and the various mobile pay services I can sit in my friend's shop and watch as about 95% if not more of customers come in and pay for fuel, fags, booze, other miscellaneous stuff on a contactless card or phone and will say ''I don't ant the receipt.''

Fucking mind boggling stupidity in my opinion. Why give the banks and card providers any more reason not to credit you a disputed claim for a fraudulent transaction ?

With this kind of stupidity in the majority it can surely only be a matter of time before someone realises that they have been stung somewhere and then realises that they can't do a thing about it. Or is it just the hipster morons with too much money / rich parents that are doing this and not really caring.

The user base I see are usually the teenagers / early 20's lot who in general seem to have no clue about reality, aided by parents who seem to fund their every whim. Others are older and seem a bit unsure when using the technology but do it anyway as it is the in thing to do maybe.

I have long given up my 'good samaritan' bit, or interfering git as most of them seem to think by advising them to at least keep a receipt of the transaction but then again for years they have probably considered me as some sort of gibbering fool when I tell them what the odds of winning the lottery against getting killed by tobacco products are..

Virgin Atlantic co-pilot dazzled by laser

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Why not get a fucking clue what you are talking about and post under your own name if you are going to make such statements. Moron.

Sub 20 Pilot

And when some turd does manage to bring down a plane a lot of people will be running around asking why did they not do anything...

Sub 20 Pilot

In that case get the police to bust the place once a week every week at their busiest time and make life difficult for the useless cunts running the place who are happy to aid and abet this by refusing to pass the CCTV over. Play the fuckers at their own game, that is the only way to deal with morons who know their rights but no idea of their responsibilities.

Move over, Google. Here’s Wikipedia's search engine – full of on-demand smut

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Search engines..

I have not used google to search for anything for a long time. I know that they are reliant on ads but to me that is no good, If I look for details on, say, thermal properties of titanium, they would fill the first page with pointless shit that said ''buy thermal properties for titanium locally for less here..'' and similar crap.

I would happily pay for a search utility, be it google, duckduckgo, wiki etc if it did away with this sort of shit and gave me relevant search results as opposed to search results that are relevant only to the people paying to push their shit. most of my need for information such as this is based on my work and is worth money to me.

Sadly, I don;t think that will ever happen as the number of people willing to pay for a better service are dwarfed by the ones that want everything for free an are to fucking stupid to realise that they are the product being sold.

Is hybrid cloud fundamental for your organisation? Tell us, readers!

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Three scoops 'most reliable network' crown, EE takes every other title

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EE Mobile - fucking joke. Where I live, in a small town with a lot of infrastructure and a lot of public sector offices / university / hospital etc. their coverage is shit.

Outside, in smallish mountainous terrain it is even worse. One local village loses all EE connectivity for about a day every few weeks with no fix in sight.

I have what is laughably called a 4g contract. Now and again I get 3g to run for a bit before keeling over or dropping calls and data. I could leave the phone downloading data 24 hours a day and I doubt it would get anywhere near my 2gb data limit per month it is that bloody slow.

I have an android phone which has all the pointless crap removed and the rest of the useless rubbish disabled from updating so should not be down to shit going on in the background.

It would be nice to have a realistic database of what works where and not the 'coverage' statistics put out by marketing pricks.

LinkedIn sinkin': $10bn gone in one day as shares plummet 40%

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Waste of space

I signed up with that lot years ago and would have got a pro subscription as it would have been worth while to actually have my professional details there for prospective clients and contacts.

Their useless location procedures would only recognise part of a postcode which located me not only 70 miles away from where I am based geographically but in a different country ( England not Wales.)

I contacted them and explained the situation and told them I could provide an actual address which would have at least listed the town I live in. They were not interested and couldn't see the problem, even when I asked them if they would be happy to pay for a professional service relating to their potential employment that said the were based in Cuba or Canada and not the US.

They couldn't be arsed to answer that so I never went back to them and assumed they were only interested in flinging ads and other such crap at me with no relevance to what I wanted. People like that deserve to fail.

Rooting your Android phone? Google’s rumbled you again

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Like a lot of people I just want my phone to work as a phone, have good battery life and pick up emails on a large readable screen. Not interested in games, data grabbing apps, subscriptions to music or films etc.

I have no idea why anyone would use one of the google/ apple / whatever pay systems or the contactless debit cards. A huge security problem in every case and your responsibility to prove you did not make a transaction as there is no secure pin or whatever. All of this at your cost in time etc obviously.

On top of this the phone pay systems have the added benefit of all your transaction details passed on to the fucking leeches ( google / apple etc) to make money from and to inconvenience you with adverts and monetise the data even further.

I will carry on making BACS payments from my secure(ish) pc and pay by Credit Card which at least has some level of accountability and audit. It will be a sad day when I decide that the extra two seconds saved in typing in a secure password over waving a card at a small box with no way of proving that it was indeed a valid transaction.



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