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O2 touts OTT tariffs for Nexus 4 exclusive

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I'll be avoidning O2s crappy contract

For a phone worth £279, 24mth contracts should start at £20 ... £36mth is ok for 12mths

Outage outrage: O2 dishes out 3 free days, £10 voucher

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Good stuffs

Given that ther eis no obligation, and no company guarentees 100% up time, I think what O2 are doing is beyond the call of duty.

It affected me, no big deal. I get £10 to spend, and 10% off my bill....fairy nuff!

Woz praises Android, blasts iPhone limitations



The only problem I have with Android is Malware and lack of app store control...

Virgin Media blames Activision for Call of Duty lag problems


VM Customer for 10 years

I'm a gamer, PC, xbox and PS3. Been using VM for 10 years now... I know what to look out for for ping responses and I can say I've not have much trouble at all on either device, with the exception of the PSN being terribly slow for downloading.

Online gaming is fine, albeit I have the 50Mb service, but only been on that in the past year.

Service has been fantastic! Only a few downtimes in 10 years so I can't complain :)

Jobs offers relief for iOS 4-running iPhone 3Gs

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has the reboot problem fixed?

My 3GS reboots during calls, and is unusable. From the Apple forums 4.1 doesn't seem to fix this issue....

iOS4 pile of poo...

Virgin Media to warn malware-infected customers


I'm a Happy VM Customer

I've been with VM, ever since telewest. Although their Customer Service is lacking, severley, I've had very little problems with their ISP service. Although sending letters out to customers to tell them their PC is infected won't do that much, except extort money out of their custers

Apple preps iOS fix as Germany warns of iPhone peril

Jobs Horns

There is a fork

The original iPhone doesn't support iOS4.

Android's UK phone sales quadruple



Selling on ebay won't cover the contract + new phone :p


Can't wait....

Can't wait till my contract ends so I can ditch the iPhone! But got 18mths left to go *cries*

Android slurps market share from Apple, RIM, Microsoft

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Bye Apple....

My next phone will not be an Apple device....nuff said...POS device!

Dixons renames itself Dixons


Price Match their own site

Until stores actually price match wesides, including their own, then I will use them. But ever since I went to buy a hard drive I seen online for £50, instore was £65, and was told "Well if you reserved it online you would have got it for that price", I simply opened my iphone and ordered the hard driver from amazon for £5 cheaper right in front of the guy and said "Too bad you just ost a sale, I wanted it now but, but willing to wait a few days for a £20 saving" ... it arrived next day. I now avoid all DSG stores and website.

Apple bins iPhone covers


They are needed

I got a scratch on my 3GS, luckily my screen protector hides it well. I don't think I would ever use a touchscreen device withough a protector.

HTC HD2 Windows Mobile smartphone


Fears where real

I was thinking of this, but read to much bad things about WM6.5, and from the comments above my fears are actually true. Glad I went for the iphone, even though its not perfect (yes its not!) Its UI is remarkable...

Channel 4 to become Channel 3D tonight


Yeah can't wait for 3D!!

...oh wait...old tech....crap shows......


Never watch C4 anyway...complete FAIL!

Scots slam Germans for 'tight-arsed' slur


I'm Scottish

....always looking for a bargin!

Brute-force attacks target two-year hole in Yahoo! Mail


Wifes acc

My wifes account sent out spam this weekend, I guess this is the culprit.....damn Yahoo!!

T-Mobile's G2 denied the update Touch


xda dev


Ask around there on how to update or get the update

iPhone solo loss stares O2 in the face

Paris Hilton

iPhone not for me...

not unti the drop the price and sort out their app store submission policy. Get rid of their dictatorship!

I was wanting an iPhone, not because of the app store but because the device itself is great, technologically speaking. But with the exclusiveness to one carrier means inflated prices for long period of times, and their "this is an apple product and we will only allow what we seem fit to be on the device" attitude stinks! There is no openness where so many "smartphones" out there are.

WinMo is, so so, but the HTC home app is a great way to hide the uglyness and android is looking good.

The iPhone is going to die...except for those fanbois!

Palm slams Apple, hoodwinks iTunes



iTunes - Don't use it and never will

iPhone - Don't have one, and never will

Palm Pre - Thought about this, but now after this report of tom foolery I won't get one.

Nokia 5800 - Yip that's the one I'll get....

T-Mobile UK starts shifting iPhones on the quiet


Funny that..

I was in a T-Mobile shop on Saturday and they told me that they are definitely not getting the Iphone, there where talks of the 3G coming but unfortunately no.

Archbishop condemns Facebook, email, footballers



"Other than the 100% packet loss, of course."

You made me laugh so loud the people around me are looking at me...

Average UK broadband just over half advertised speed



and get 10Mb, I pay for 10Mb. Only issue is STM, that's the real PITA.

NHS Direct gets to be number one, one, one


NHS Direct is good.

I have had to use this, but for nothing too serious. Its great for out of hours too, must admit I had to google for their number :) The service its self if good for advice, just theres plenty of idiots who abuse the service or have no common sense


@Conrad Longmore

lol, great IT crowd joke...got me signing that song now :P

Phorm confirms TalkTalk fail



..wants phorm!

Listen to the user base and just ditch it!

Ofcom coughs 3G coverage maps



Holy crap, O2 are so bad compared to the others when you look at those maps!

Although I badly want a iPhone, I may reconsider. O2's coverage of 3g is terrible in the UK!


iphone fail!

Funny how the iPhone 3g/3gs is so popular that in fact it can't be used to its full potential in most places.

Apple's iPhone 3G S: the $179 handset


In other words....

typical Apple, cheap components, over priced retail!

Is your cameraphone an oxymoron?



Yes that is the point, how many times have I actually used the camera on my phone on a night out....em...once! I have owned a phone with camera for ...oh...6 years or more, and I have never used my camera other than that one occassion.

Its a fad, and we are brain washed into thinking we need one!


can't compare phones to DSLR's..

.. but compact still better!

My 4 year old 5MP Compact still outshines any phone camera I have used, including Sony's

I don't take my DSLR on holiday abroad, but do take Compact, I wouldn't think of using my Phone camera......it was phone years ago as a novelty but now I'd rather use a device designed for taking photos


Phone camera = FAIL!

Never really understood the point, other than taken drunken photos of your mates on a night out. I would never use a Phone Camera for holiday snaps or real photography. I dont care how many MP they put in, the sensor and lens is far more important!.

People who complain about their quality of Phone camera pic's are just idiots! Its for fun, not for serious pics!

Recession takes chunk out of game sales


Way overpriced...

Games today are way over priced, I just buy pre-owned or ex-rentals now, so I have to wait 3+ months to get the "latest" game, if I want it. There have only been a few exception to this rule I follow. I will only buy new games when I know they have severl days worth of game play, yes days. Like GTA4, Metal Gear Solid 4, took me about 40 hours to play each (possibly longer). The next game on my list is the next Final Fantasy as these are always excess of 40 hours play.

I agree with adnim, games these days don't have great storys and are just filled with eye candy. A few years ago it was better, the PS2 was pushed to the max then games companies started to develope more realism into the games , now with the "nex gen" consoles its all eye candy...

Firefox exploit sends Mozilla into 'high-priority fire drill' mode

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good old NoScript!

Glad I started using it!

And glad to see the Devs have already fixed the issue, good work!

Dell confirms more jobs cuts in EMEA


@EMEA -- Bracknell?

EMEA = Europe, Middle East and Africa...


iPhone 3.0 beta reveals mixed blessing



Not being an iPhone lover, I still think the iPhone lacks some very important features. E.g. 3G is old tech now with HSDPA being much faster, with the 3.0 firmware I must admit I am tempted to switch, but need to wait till december so who knows.

I always felt the iPhone to be weak, compared to Windows Mobile phones, but the iPod Touch truely is in a class of its own, I would love one of those. The iPone is too larch to be used as a phone, but as the media decive its superb thats why I would choose the Touch.

Virgin Media trials longer bandwidth throttling



Everytime this soubject comes up I hear "Move to another ISP and show them you're not happy!" statement.

For me that would mean a BT like ADSL of 2Mb, switching to a BT line and either SKY or some other TV service (BT?) all this is more expensive.

I do need 10Mb, nothing more. I got 2 PC's using the net, PS3, WII, handhelds.

I do not agree with STM, but I enjoy the TV service from VM rather than SKY. My only problem with STM is the download limits in place.

10Mb line, 1.2Gb limit,breached in 30mins, STM'ed for 5 hours.

So I get punished using my, paid for, service for 30 mins use!!! The limits need to be atleast 10 times more than what they are. Then I would be content but never be happy with STM.

Now I just wait till 2300 and download anything I want, this mean either leaving the PC on over night or my PS3, which in turn increases my carbon foot print, lol!

Red Dwarf finally returns to Earth

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Virgin puts 'legal P2P' plans on ice


I pay...

..well in a sense.

I have a Cineworld Unlimited Pass, I can go and see as many movies I like, as many times as I like. for a simple prices of £11.99. So do I? No.

I do regulary go, but sometimes RL gets in the way and by the time I have some free time the film is no longer showing...so I just torrent it...this is classes as illegal. But the fact is I am paying for a service, that I was unable to use. So IF I torrent films the MPAA assume that they get no revinue, where as if I go and see 20 monvies a month (very possible) I only pay £11.99 so where the extra revinue for them? None!. After all its cinewolrd who pay for the film and charge users to see it, its cineworld that loses not the MPAA.

So am I downloading illegally? Even though I do pay (in a sense)?

Virgin Media eases off bandwidth throttling


Gamers will suffer...

This is quite simply a bad thing, gamers are going to suffer the most on this.

Primetime gaming is between 4pm and 9pm, and depending on what you ply you have to download patchs/updates and stream data back and forth between clients and servers. There cap limits are far too small, I'mon their L package and 750mb cam be downloaded easily in 2 hours. No more downloading beta's or demos during prime, most are over 1gb these days.

VM/Telewesdt >was< a great service, its now going down hill....but ...still better then BT lines I suppose.

Sony says no to Euro PS3 price cut


Glad I bought a Wii

I've owned a PS, PSOne, and PS2.

I bought the PS2, infact I pre-ordered the PS2, and paid alot for it when it came out.

I've never owned any Nintendo equipment in my life, untill the DS appeared, and now I own a Wii, the Wii being a fantastic console @ the right price.

I am fed up that us in the UK getting ripped off all the time with any product.

Buy a Wii its much more fun!!


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