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Americans' interest rates plummet

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Little of the news I get comes from Fox, CNN, ABC, NBC, or CBS, as they seldom have anything of relevance to report. Google News sure digs up a lot of interesting stuff from all over the place, though.

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One thing the statistic doesn't show...

I wonder how many people use rss, automatic news searches, and other automated methods for receiving information of interest. I bet that if this were calculated, Americans would be found to use this method for finding information more than their European counterparts.

I can't speak for all Americans, but I have been so busy most days earning a living for my family that I don't have time to sit and type into a search engine. All of the news that is of interest to me is delivered to my E-Mail in-box or posted on my iGoogle page, automatically.

RIAA hits paydirt: wins first music-sharing jury trial

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We have sunk to a new low...

As Isaiah puts it (chapter 10, verses 1-2, K.J.V.):

"1. Woe unto them that decree unrighteous decrees, and that write grievousness which they have prescribed:

"2. To turn aside the needy from judgment, and to take away the right from the poor of my people, that widows may be their prey, and that they may rob the fatherless!"

OpenSUSE 10.3 opens for business

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Novell is a wolf...

In sheep's clothing.

May Debian remain forever free.

ICANN dukes it out with the USSR in cold war rematch smackdown

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The Internet != the Web, either. The Internet is the infrastructure for things such as the World Wide Web, internet relay chat, file transfer protocol, secure shell, telnet, e-mail, and hundreds (if not thousands) of other uses. The Web (short for World Wide Web) is just one application of the Internet. It is the one that specifically uses the hyper-text transfer protocol (http) and that you see when you use a web-browser.

In mathematical terms, the Web is a subset of the Internet. The Web does not contain the entire Internet. The Web only contains the portion of the Internet that makes up the Web. On the other hand, the Internet does contain the entire World Wide Web as well as hundreds or thousands of other uses.

As for TLD's, I don't care what ones they use, as long as it works and I can get to the information that I want.

Genghis Khan didn't much like gays

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There is at least one...

There is at least one ban that predates the Romans. Ancient Israel, under the law of Moses, had the death penalty for homosexuality as well (Leviticus chapter 20, verse 13).

US denies entry to security researcher

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That's OK by me.

As a U.S. Citizen, I can honestly but sadly say that the less that U.S. Government knows about hacking and cracking, the better. Current U.S. policies and laws are already so oppressive that we don't need them clued in on how to get into people's computers.

Night of the Living RegisterFly: Randy Travis concert in jeopardy

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Calm Down...

I like Randy Travis as much as the next Belly Dump Driver (yes, I really do drive a road construction truck for a living, even with a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science--Magna Cum Laude). Any regular reader of El Reg knows enough to not get their back up over the opinionated comments that are strewn throughout the articles. In fact, that's why I like the articles. It makes it easier for me to understand where the author's bias lies and how to treat the information contained within the articles. I say kudos to Burke Hansen for doing such a good job of presenting the pertinent information despite any personal bias he may have against Randy Travis.