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How big might IT spending get in 2021? Gartner: How about $4 trillion. And no, you can't have a new MacBook


2011: PC is dead claims Gartner

2012: Gartner - Desktop PC’s dead in Asia Pacific

2013: Gartner - The PC market is dying.

2014: Gartner - The PC Is Dead; Long Live the Tablet

2015: Gartner - The PC is dead

2016: The PC is dead. Gartner wishes you luck, vendors

2018: Gartner - Windows 10 Pro is a dead end for the enterprise

And many others

How Apple's M1 uses high-bandwidth memory to run like the clappers


Sounds like a sound plan to ensure those pesky customers don't avoid the Apple Tax by buying more memory later, even if their use case changes and demands it, or they simply realise that what they thought would be sufficient actually isn't.

Better over-spec at the start just in case $$$

Uncle Sam to blow millions on getting fusion power finally working – with the help of AI


Re: F1

Absolutely, team mates car reliability throughout a season can also affect a comparison significantly, let alone poor sportsmanship, bordering on cheating affecting the opposition, I'll let you decide who that relates to :-)

Could it be? Really? The Year of Linux on the Desktop is almost here, and it's... Windows-shaped?


Re: It's just so backwards...

And the simple answer to that simple question is there are no Linux alternatives with 100% feature parity, get over it!

Office file sharing in the corporate world relies on compatibility between applications that will show the same information in the same way, and there are too many non esoteric features that one way or another aren't shared across cross platform office suites, ergo: while that is the case forget the pipe dream of a Linux dominated world, particularly in business, it ain't going to happen.

"You use office suites to do a job, you don't do a job so you can use a particular office suite"

Which translates to if you want to work with businesses you need to use Microsoft Office, you might not like that, but nobody gives a rats arse about your opinion, live with it.

UK's beloved RNGesus machine ERNIE goes quantum in 5th iteration


Re: Does not compute

Don't loose hope, with a £1 bond the odds say you should still win something within the next 2000 years or so.


Re: Parallel Universe

Money disappearing from your account with nothing to show for it could have something to do with the multiverse, if by multiverse alternative you mean significant other.

Q. China just landed on its far side, the US woz there 50 years ago – now Europe wants to mine it? A. It's the Moon


This seems continue the modern trend for woolly environmental thinking, please stop it!

Exploitation and despoiling of environments only has meaning when there is an environment to despoil, with a balanced ecosystem, living creatures, plants and at a bare minimum, an atmosphere.

Digging holes and moving minerals and elements from below the surface to the surface, even littering the place with junk, apart from being aesthetically displeasing, will have no effect on the moon in any way whatsoever.

Huawei MateBook Pro X: PC makers look out, the phone guys are here


Re: I don't like the aspect ration

The aspect ratio is exactly why this laptop is a breath of fresh air, if you want 16:9 pretty much every other laptop out there caters for you.

Thankfully there seems to be a light at the end of the long dark, narrow, tunnel that has been the 16:9 obsession for years, it has stopped me upgrading for lack of choice, sticking with my ancient Lenovo T410.

You want 16:9 knock yourself out, you want to use a laptop for work, this and the more expensive Microsoft offerings are your only options in the non Mac space. Hallelujah, maybe the IT world is returning to it's senses.

BT, Sky bury hatchet with deal to sell each other's telly channels


Re: Pay TV

Sorry, can we stop perpetuating the myth that Netflix and Amazon are replacements for terrestrial/satellite/cable TV

I have Amazon Prime and friends with Netflix, and unless all you watch are box sets and movies they don't have the variety that the other services offer.

You very quickly exhaust the selection of what you want to watch from the choice available if that's all you watch.

So until these services dramatically expand their service just stop it!

Don't install our buggy Windows 10 Creators Update, begs Microsoft


Don't update manually, the option would have been nice.

I'm not sure how Microsoft is determing when to roll out only when it's confident your machine is ready, but I don't think it's being very careful.

I was about to undertake some important work from home, but had to update a program first which required a quick reboot.

Unfortunately as soon as it started to reboot the Creators Edition started to install without warning, annoying enough when you're in a rush, infuriating when it reboots and can't see the boot drive.

Hours later after extensive investigation I had to manually rebuild the windows boot loader and recreate EFI boot partitions because it had thrown a fit and corrupted the UEFI bios settings, thanks.

I'm a creative and it's not been the edition for me!

One in five mobile phones shipped abroad are phoney – report


Only 20%

If you've ever tried to keep an old Nokia alive by buying replacement batteries, even from the likes of Amazon, in my experience the percentage is more like 100% fake!

Will AI spell the end of humanity? The tech industry wants you to think so


Re: Time for Tollpuddle Mk 'N'?

So you're saying it's OK if we don't pay our corporation tax bill this year then?

New booze guidelines: We'd rather you didn't enjoy yourselves


Don't always believe what they tell you

This was widely discredited earlier in the year when they announced the new guidelines...


As were the previous guidelines, when it was revealed in 2007 they simply made them up...

Richard Smith, the former editor of the British Medical Journal and a member of the college’s working party on alcohol, told The Times yesterday that the figures were not based on any clear evidence … “David Barker was the epidemiologist on the committee and his line was that ‘We don’t really have any decent data whatsoever. It’s impossible to say what’s safe and what isn’t’. And other people said, ‘Well, that’s not much use.’ … So the feeling was that we ought to come up with something. So those limits were really plucked out of the air. They weren’t really based on any firm evidence at all. It was a sort of intelligent guess by a committee.”

Sensible consumption is obviously a good thing, but lying to support a hidden agenda isn't going to endear you to anyone.

Oculus Rift will reach UK in September – and will cost more than two PS4s


Re: Google Cardboard

"Ever driven a 2CV? For many things it is sufficient."

Apart from going up a steep hill with a passenger on board

Outed China ad firm infects 10m Androids, makes $300k a month


Re: Doesn't seem like a good advertising business model to me

Actually it says infected devices will display a share of the company's 20 million ads displayed daily, and the 2.5 million clicks is written in such a way to imply it's the total for the whole company, legitimate and otherwise.

Which admittedly as Google's own figures for DoubleClick indicate a 0.17% click through rate, this is impressive at 2.9%, if this 2.5 million clicks is related to the 85 million devices indicated in the article.

So to explain the crazy maths in simple terms for you 10 million devices generating $290,000/month in advertising is 2.9 cents per month or 34.8 cents annually for every single device.

Now I may have been slightly cheeky in using the DoubleClick rate of 0.17%, i.e. one click for every 588 users, or 588 x 34.8 cents = $204.70 annually, wow crazy maths right.

However which ever maths, crazy or otherwise, you choose to use, $300,000 from 10 million devices is bloody expensive advertising.


Doesn't seem like a good advertising business model to me

Is it just me or does this seem like a horribly expensive way to advertise, leave alone the morality hole the advertisers live in.

If they are generating $300,000/month less the $10,000 in store fraudulent downloads, generating $290,000/month from 10 million infected devices, this equates to 34.8 cents from every user annually, assuming it doesn't get spotted and fixed.

So even based on Google's legitamate click through rate of 0.17%, the advertiser would have to generate $205 from the user that actually clicks the ad, from a population in India with an average monthly wage of $302.

Maybe I've missed something really obvious, but it sounds to me like it's more than just the users who are beeing fleeced.

Windows 10 claimed another point of desktop share in February


Re: Windows Server?

Probably XP64, not actually windows server 2003

Feature-phones aren't dead, Moto – oldsters still need them


Yep, it's got nothing to do with age.

I still love my Nokia E52, three weeks battery life, proper corporate email and exchange public folder sync, something my colleages iPhone still can't do as well, and no pointless time sucking junk.

And it's a proper size and weight for a mobile phone, in fact it's one of the last of the true mobile phones, rather than the evolution of the PDA with poor bolted on phone capability that rebranded itself as a smartphone.

Thanks smartphone, but no thanks.

Panasonic slaps Freetime EPG on 2014 smart tellies


Re: Once bitten

Tell me about it, my 2011 Panasonic GT30 doesn't have Netflix, or even any on demand english speaking mainstream movie service after the demise of AceTrax I only have asian movie on demand channels left.

And don't even get me started on Youtube, as it's the old GUI you can't jump to a time, rewind or fast forward, so if you have to stop watching an old movie, your only option is to start again from scratch and watch through at real time. It beggars belief how it was designed this way in the first place, but Panasonic rubs salt into your wounds by implementing the new improved app on new TV's and leaving you starded and ignored.

Panasonics abandonment of existing customers is shocking, you get about 18 months of generally minor updates, very few new apps, all pointless, and then they completely forget about you, despite making a big deal about the expandability of the viera connect service.

The experience has eliminated any goodwill I had toward Panasonic, and now they don't even make Plasma's they can't even play the picture quality card.

I'll never again buy Panasonic or recommend them, which I have been happy to in the past.

Not so shiny shiny: MWC in a post-affluent iPhone world


Sign me up!

I've stuck with my Nokia E52 for years because I don't want to give up my 3-4 week battery life and compact size for dubious "features"

At last sanity might be returning, or at least a glimmer of hope.

Just hope I don't have to move to the third world to get one.

Windows 8.1 update 'screenshots' leak: Metro apps popped into classic desktop taskbar


So they're moving toward allowing 'Apps', or for the non trendy traditionalist's, 'Programs' to run on the desktop.

What will they think of next?