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IBM to power down Power-powered virtual private cloud, GPU-accelerated options

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Re: Couldn't they have waited until the streamlined POWER offerings supported Linux?

If only IBM had bought a company with decent Linux credentials then they might have been able to avoid this embarrassing situation.

Contact-tracer spoofing is already happening – and it's dangerously simple to do

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> Bomb threat? I'd call plod, then mostly ignore it, anyone in a 'special' job will follow the procedure they were given for these events.

I once worked in a place that had a bomb-threat procedure. There was script card you could print out from the corp Intranet and keep on your desk next to the phone, just in case. There was also a clear desk policy...

Boffins step into the Li-ion's den with sodium-ion battery that's potentially as good as a lithium cousin

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"Sodium does provide better environmental benignity..."

Oh the indignity!

80-characters-per-line limits should be terminal, says Linux kernel chief Linus Torvalds

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> No, that's an old typesetting thing - a perpendicular problem to cards - the typesetter can gather the letters and hold them as a line between thumb and forefinger for placing in the press

I don't think typesetters ever held type between finger and thumb (too much risk of dropping the lot) - they just slide it off the composing stick into the frame.

Guess who came thiiis close to signing off a €102k annual budget? Austria. Someone omitted 'figures in millions'

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Interesting viewpoint. My view is that an opposition party's job is to get the party in power to implement the policies of the opposition party (by amending, extending or blocking legislation, cajoling, appealing to public opinion etc). They shouldn't be sitting there going "you're shit"..."you're shit" ... "you're shit" until the next election.

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Agreed, particularly the NEOS party leader jeering the finance minister for missing a detail that she herself had also missed.

Raspberry Pi Foundation serves up an 8GB slice of mini-computing goodness

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We asked Upton when we might expect to see a 16GB variant, but have yet to receive a response.

> We asked Upton when we might expect to see a 16GB variant, but have yet to receive a response.

He probably hasn't replied because his eyes are still rolling. Couldn't you think of a better question to ask?

cmd.exe is dead, long live PowerShell: Microsoft leads aged command-line interpreter out into 'maintenance mode'

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Re: Strings

> More annoying perhaps, is the lack of flags on command line tools in windows combine this with the prediliction for localisation on Windows and reliably getting system informatin becomes a chore. Though I've just found that systeminfo /FO CSV returns something nearly usable.

Surely Microsoft provides an API into its telemetry database so that you can easily query what your own machines are running?

Unmanned drones to slash NHS delivery times to one-fifth of road 'n' rail transport

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> A remote hospital is highly unlikely to have the personnel, expertise, facilities or equipment for organ extraction and subsequent action.

100KG load on the larger drone - just stuff the whole body in. Fly above a couple of thousand feet and no refrigeration required!!

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Re: .. deliver coronavirus testing kits to a remote Scottish hospital

> Looks like another bloody excuse for Dominic Cummings to go on holiday to me.

"No officer, of course I haven't gone to Oban for a holiday. Actually I'm checking my eyesight using this beyond-visual-line-of-sight drone..."

[Icon: if he'd gone to an optician he'd have been asked to cover up one eye at a time.]

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> Likewise, how often is a delivery so urgent that they need an unmanned drone?

Now that organ donation is presumed rather than consented to, potentially there is an urgent collection every time someone dies of something other than disease or old-age in a remote hospital?

Twitter ticks off Trump with new 'Get the facts' alert on pair of fact-challenged tweets

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Re: Ooh, fun!

> Can we also start seeing something similar on UK Govt & Tory tweets, and anything from Cummings.

Good idea. It needs to be something that warns people they should look closely... #eyesighttest perhaps?

eBay users spot the online auction house port-scanning their PCs. Um... is that OK?

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Fraud is a big issue yada yada...

Presumably a lot of eBay fraud is fraudsters buying an 'eBay fraud kit' on the dark web which provides handy features for defrauding buyers and or sellers. So I fully expect that an updated version of that kit was released about 5 minutes after eBay first started doing these scans.

As always, it's us that suffers - the fraudsters won't be impacted in the slightest, except a one-off upgrade payment for the updated fraud kit.

HPE's Black Thursday: Staff face pay cuts or the ax, office closures to save $1bn+ after coronavirus slams IT titan

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Re: W.F.H

> Have been W.F.H since the end of march and so has my wife. Now that we have got used to it it is ok, we go for a walk at luchtime together.

I read that as lurchtime and I wondered just how early you started drinking ;-)

Competition? We've heard of it. MoD snubs cloud rivals to hand Microsoft £17.7m Azure hosted services gig

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Only the beast of Redmond could meet 'data sovereignty and reliability' needs

> Only the beast of Redmond could meet 'data sovereignty and reliability' needs

What's this 'beast of Redmond' nonsense? Hasn't the Micros~1 memo done the rounds yet?

[Icon - replacement for the El Reg office email system]

To test its security mid-pandemic, GitLab tried phishing its own work-from-home staff. 1 in 5 fell for it

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> Yes it's bad they didn't recognise the domain change

It's only bad if there had been a previous 'all staff' directive that said something like "genuine requests from the IT dept. will come from domain xxx.gitlab.yyy.'

Anything else gitlab.zzz just looks like the marketing department were allowed to let loose another bright idea.

DNS this week stands for Drowning Needed Services: Design flaw in name server system can be exploited to flood machines offline

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> I sense a new El Reg unit of severity coming.

A scale from 1 to 5 like the you-know-what scale:

Level 1 - Safe. No need to worry. Feel free to worry more about rogue apostrohe's and double spaces after full-stops.

... through to ...

Level 5 - Critical. So severe, even Apple will respond to enquiries from El Reg

Podcast Addict Play Store ban: Android chief says soz for incorrect removal, developers aren't impressed

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> COmplex VIDeo

> I think I can see what has happened here!

Does that mean my new app for the Witchfinder General – COVen IDentifer – will get rejected?

Easyjet hacked: 9 million people's data accessed plus 2,200 folks' credit card details grabbed

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Re: We took immediate steps to respond to and manage the incident

> "We took immediate steps to respond"

Yep - we immediately waited 3 months before telling customers.

NASA's Human Spaceflight boss hits eject a week before SpaceX crew launch

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Re: On the negative throught

Saying "I judged it necessary to fulfil our mission" in the leaked letter, covers a multitude of possibilities.

It could be a QA / testing short-cut to allow a subby to meet a deadline.

It could be agreeing to pay off a sexual harassment suit in order to keep someone key to the team in place.

My money's on something non-technical. Whatever it was, it sounds like it's about to become public.

Could it be? Really? The Year of Linux on the Desktop is almost here, and it's... Windows-shaped?

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Re: @jonha - Why do you believe this ?

> Actually anyone who knows the word "kernel" is a weirdo

and people outside of IT who know the word "kernel" are nut jobs.

Honor launches new UK store, laptop, kettle, er... toothbrush?

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The girl in the picture knows more than she is letting on...

Apple were there first - https://www.theregister.co.uk/2018/01/19/apple_colgate_ai_toothbrush/

And the same girl in the same picture was similarly surprised! You'd think she'd be used to it by now.

Micros~1? ClippyZilla? BSOD Bob? There can be only one winner. Or maybe two

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Re: 8.3

> Also, Micros~1 is 8.0 not 8.3

> Micros~1.exe or Micros~1.com might be more effective.

That's the beauty of it: if the story is about .NET then it's Micros~1.NET, if about Office then it's Micros~1.DOC and if about security then .NOT

Rust marks five years since its 1.0 release: The long and winding road actually works

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Re: The language might be super-safe, not so sure about the installer

> Just like installing any 3rd party software then really

But without the checksums, code-signing or even version number.

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The language might be super-safe, not so sure about the installer

According to https://www.rust-lang.org/learn/get-started the official way to install Rust on a Mac is:

$ curl --proto '=https' --tlsv1.2 -sSf https://sh.rustup.rs | sh

Microsoft doc formats are the bane of office suites on Linux, SoftMaker's Office 2021 beta may have a solution

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Re: Re:PDF

> In our off we went wholly to google docs for their ability to share, but more technical stuff still goes through LaTeX. Final versions are kept in PDF

Does Google docs let you export to PDF but silently exclude any embedded documents? If so then it is feature complete vis-a-vis Word.

It's one of those things that really makes you want to bang your head against the wall. A developer at Microsoft sat down and wrote a routine to extract the icon image of an embedded file object and insert the image into the PDF being produced but it never once occurred to them that maybe, just maybe, the person doing the export might like the file(s) they carefully embedded into Word to be carefully embedded into the PDF as well?

Driveway karaoke singer who wanted to lift lockdown spirits cops council noise complaint

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Paris Hilton

Re: Damn!

> I suppose this will put a stop to my Der Ring des Nibelungen sidewalk performance.

The Government has said that you're allowed to cycle.

[Icon: so nearly a Valkyrie]

From pair to p-AI-r programming: Kite floats paid-for spin of its GitHub-trained code autocomplete assistant

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Clippy for programmers

It looks like you're trying to include a buffer over-run vulnerability in your code... would you like help with that?

What do you call megabucks Microsoft? No really, it's not a joke. El Reg needs you

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Re: Ribbon Wranglers?

After reading through, much as I like Redmond's ribbon wranglers it's probably better suited to the Office team, so I'm going to go with Patchzilla.

Chipzilla ... Switchzilla ... Patchzilla ... an unholy trinity from the same era.

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Re: M$

> But out of date because nowadays it's G$.

Nah. Out of date is Dosferatu the Vampyr

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Ribbon Wranglers?


Microsoft claims AWS has used new JEDI mind trick with secret contract objection filing

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Re: WTF?

> Something appears to be seriously amiss here. You have used a star wars pic for a JEDI story.

> Please explain.

Looks like an X-Men pic to me.

'A' is for ad money oddly gone missing: Probe finds middlemen siphon off half of online advertising spend

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No surprise, but what to do about it?

> PwC's finding that publishers received just 51 per cent on the dollar, or British pound in this case, underscores long standing complaints about the inability of news publishers to sustain themselves through online ad revenue.

No surprise, but what to do about it?

Well, there's nothing to stop on-line papers from booking their own adverts, just as they did for print. And then their sites might be rid of that "one neat trick" fake ad shit and the whole site might just become a more pleasant place and attract more readers?

There's a black hole lurking within 1,000 light years of Earth – and you can see stars circling it with the naked eye

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Re: Maths up the Khyber

The article doesn't make it clear but if you look at the PDF you'll see that the system is hierarchical - there's an inner binary consisting of one star and the BH, both being orbited by the 2nd star which is much further out.

Additionally, the 4 solar masses quoted is just a minimum size for the black hole. They don't have an estimate for its upper size (that I could see on a quick skim through) but - to address your point - the 6 solar masses star is orbiting a 4 + 5 = 9 solar masses binary.

That awful Butterfly has finally fluttered off: Apple touts 13-inch MacBook Pro with proper keyboard, Escape key

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> Her only reason was that she had some spare cash after a cruise cancellation and wanted something lighter.

The laptop or her wallet?

<ba dum tish>

Browse mode: We're not goofing off on the Sidebar of Shame and online shopping sites, says UK's Ministry of Defence

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Sorry to disappoint but, from the fine article:

For the years 2016 to 2019 inclusive, Mail Online and Amazon.com were the most common websites accessed from the ministry's IT networks, excluding search engines and departmental intranet pages.

Excluding work-related sites is always going to make it look like not much work is going on.

Guess who's back, back again. SE's back, tell a friend: 2020 reboot looks like an iPhone 8 and even shares components

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Re: but how is it selling?

> If it is selling, it's to folk with an old SE who have finally realised there will never be a replacement and they have to accept this faster iPhone 8 (that they are calling an SE), instead.

That's me you're describing and your body punches have landed.

The reason I went with the original SE was that the 8 was too big. Now that phablets are the new norm and Audi Q7's are larger and heavier than 1980's Ford Transit vans, what was previously a large phone is no longer so. Or, put another way, as phones have doubled in size, so have my standards. ;-)

Singapore's corona-crushing superhero squad grounded by football fans

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Re: Are you sure it's not the US?

> I'm sure there are other W words that could fit in there, but I'm too polite to type them out!

Make America Dubya Again?

News sure to ex-Zeit: Next.js company reborn as Vercel

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> "We decided to retain our signature triangle logo, although we have simplified it," the team explained.

The quantum particle that carries 'simpleness' is called the simpleton.

Google pre-pandemic: User-Agent strings are so 1990s. Time for a total makeover. Google mid-pandemic: Ah, we'll reschedule to 2021

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Re: User-Agent strings are kinda useless these days...

> Not that this is a bad idea, IMHO instead of user agent names they should announce web standard compliance (and web standards should ease it with clear identifiers) - just it should not be Google to decide how it works - otherwise it's just the new IE.

Came here to say much the same thing but wondering if web standards compliance is enough? Perhaps there should be something about whether the output display is touch enabled or not? And screen dimensions + pixel density perhaps?

It should definitely include a disability string to indicate things such as screen reader in use; contrast enhancement in use; hearing impairment, so go easy on the sound effects etc.

Hana-hana-hana: No it's not your dad trying to start a motorboat... It's Northern Gas, renewing its SAP software

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Re: SCADA In the Cloud? You Cannot be Serious

> Even if the comms is secure the idea of someone hacking into the control system is quite terrifying.

Don't worry. It's a SAP system - no hacker will be able to get in until they've bought a licence.

This hurts a ton-80: British darts champ knocked out of home tourney by lousy internet connection

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Re: Actually ...

> Politicians in London don't get paid enough to afford luxuries.

I think your downvoters missed the sarcasm tag. However, I can forgive them for believing you genuinely thought MPs aren't paid enough - at one time some of them were so skint they couldn't even afford to pay for their own porn


Wanted: An exit strategy from the overt surveillance of smartphone contact tracing

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On the plus side, the wearing of surgical masks by people with colds will become the new norm so that's one in the eye for facial recognition.

Microsoft attempts to up its Teams game with new features while locked-down folk flock to rival Zoom... warts and all

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Re: Windows?

> Would be nice if it had this feature called "separate windows". Perhaps Microsoft has heard of it.

There's a sort of work-around: use Edge and open one team per tab and save the main app for video etc. It's not great but better than nothing.

Just cough into here, please: Cambridge-developed app slurps the sounds of COVID-19

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> Those good intentions are potentially undermined by the use of Google's reCAPTCHA service, used to deter bots from recording their coughs,

Coughing into speech recognition and then pasting that in as the response to the audio captcha probably works.

I got fed up with identifying traffic lights and wondering whether the pole counted or not so switched to using the audio instead. It's now a game to see just how unlike the sound a word can be and still get through. It's surprisingly lax.

[Icon -> because the need for captchas in the first place]

ESA missions back doing science after precautionary pandemic plug pull: We talk to space boffins about Mars Express emergency command line

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New Reg unit required

> At least as normal as operations get for Cluster, now over 20 years into a two-year mission

Isn't it about time we had a Reg unit to represent the length of time a space mission runs beyond its original planned lifetime?

Perhaps it could be named after Mars Express as in 'MEXtra' years?

Or maybe call it the Voyager? (Voyager's primary mission completed in 1989 but will run on until 2025 when there is no power left to run science experiments) which equates to 36 extra years. So Cluster's 18 extra years is very conveniently 0.5 of a Voyager.

Maybe you can come up with something better?

Welcome to the telco, we've got fun and games: BT inks 5-year deal to outsource mainframe management to IBM

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Re: Help me out here

> what is it BT do brilliantly again

Surely BT stands for Brilliant Telephony?

Talk about ill-gotten gains: Coronavirus KOs Xerox's $30bn months-long hostile takeover bid of HP Inc

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Re: Ugh...

Likewise 'homemade <whatever>'.

I'm always tempted to ask "Who's home was it made in and do they have a current hygiene certificate?"

NASA mulls restoring Saturn V to service as SLS delays and costs mount

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In other news, I've solved the problem of people panic-buying pasta by planting my own spaghetti tree.

16 years and counting: How ESA squeezed oodles of bonus science out of plucky Mars Express probe

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Reg Unit required?

Bit late to the comments here :-( but is it about time (groan) that we had a Reg unit of time for space mission extensions beyond the original mission plan?

The obvious name for the unit is a 'Voyager' - except that Voyager is still going and so is an undefined period of time and also might be better used a unit of (undefined) distance. :-)




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