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'Universal Processor' startup Tachyum unveils full-system Prodigy emulator ahead of sampling later this year


I'm baffled by this. The usually reason why hardware developers create FPGA dev boards is so that the software stacks can be developed in parallel with the hardware. But Tachyum are providing an emulation layer so customers wouldn't need to modify their software, even if they wanted to use Tachyum's ISA, it would just involve recompiling (assuming they upstreamed to LLVM or gcc...).

So why release this to customers?

I think I'm a clone now: Chinese AMD Epyc-like server chips appear in China. What gives?


"It wants its web giants, and computer, phone, and server makers, to use homegrown and homebuilt chips within China."

"CHMT need only be given enough intellectual property from AMD to physically produce the chips - typically a mind-bogglingly non-trivial "netlist" of gates that's difficult to reverse engineer..."

So the Chinese government still have no idea what's going into their data centres?

So, FCC, how about that massive DDoS? Hello? Hello...? You still there?


"got two million comments in 10 days from a load of bots in "the cloud" shooting out 30,000 requests a second tops."

2000000 / (10 * 24 * 60 * 60) = 2.31

A little over two comments a second. They sound like half-arsed bots.

D'oh! Amber Rudd meant 'understand hashing', not 'hashtags'


Can someone enlighten me, because I thought 'hashing' in this context was just checksum generation?

Which means that just changing the resolution, or cropping, or changing the colour of a single pixel of an image would change the hash value. So wouldn't you need something more akin to resolution-independent (vector-based) feature detection of images?

Why software engineers should ditch Silicon Valley for Austin


Serious question: why do US software developers get paid so much more than those here in Blighty? Someone with say >6 years of C++ experience would earn (outside of London) about $70K, a huge difference.

ProtonMail launches Tor hidden service to dodge totalitarian censorship



"If I have something to hide then publishing it in the clear amongst general internet traffic is almost certainly safer..."



Re: Not sure it will fly much

"Then having to go through the dual process of logging on and decrypting the mailbox."

Not true anymore: https://protonmail.com/blog/encrypted_email_authentication/

Operator of DDoS protection service named as Mirai author


It's well worth reading Krebs' (very lengthy) blog post on how he came to his conclusion.

Wi-Fi for audiophiles: Alliance preps TimeSync certification program


I'm confused, IEEE solved this almost 15 years ago. It's called PTPv2 or IEEE-1588-2008, v1 is IEEE-1588-2003, which came out in... I'm sure you can guess.

PTP has major traction in industrial control systems, and is starting to make headway into professional and broadcast level audio systems (not domestic). The major issue for most people is the cost, the switches required tend to have Hirschmann, Cisco, and Arista labels on them - rather than D-Link or BT.

So El Reg, is "TimeSync" actually just marketing fluff for PTP - or is it actually a new standard? And if it is, why is IEEE reinventing the wheel?

Fedora 25: You've got that Wayland feelin', oh, that Wayland feelin'


I've used it for a few weeks now. It works, I like it.

UK National Lottery data breach: Fingers crossed – it might not be you


Use a bloody password manager!

McAfee outs malware dev firm with scores of Download.com installs


Re: Interesting

And that streaming pile of crap SourceForge.

Privacy warriors drag GCHQ into Euro human rights court over blanket spying, hacking


Has no one told them Brexit happened?

Chinese Android smartphone firm: It packs a dedicated crypto chip


"The Gionee M6 has a 5.5-inch,1,920x1,080 resolution display..."

"The Gionee M6 Plus has a 2.0GHz octa-core processor, bigger 5.5-inch display..."

A 'bigger' display that's the same size?

Hello, Barclays? Why hello, John Smith. We meet again


"80 per cent of all consumers believe that biometric authentication is more secure than traditional registration"

So fucking what.

Zero-day hole can pwn millions of LastPass users, all that's needed is a malicious site


I recently decided to use a password manager and chose KeePass, primarily because it's open-source but also because it doesn't do any cloud stuff on your behalf. Unfortunately I've found that I end up using a cloud service to sync the keys database across all my devices - so I don't know how much better off I am now...

Hopefully Tavis will set his sights on KeePass after he's done with the proprietary ones, as a good security audit is never a bad thing.

Yahoo! She said yes. Verizon confirms $4.8bn acquisition


So Marissa Mayer's exit package is worth over 1% of the entire company's value? Nice work.

Want a better password? Pretend you eat kale. We won't tell anyone


Aren't strong passwords a little quaint nowadays considering the vast majority of hacks are from poorly patched systems or spear phishing?

UK needs comp sci grads, so why isn't it hiring them?


Do we have any clues as to why the Comp Sci courses aren't up to scratch? Too much/little theory, too much/little practical skills, no development tools knowledge, no development methodology knowledge, no testing ability, etc.... ?

Reusable autonomous swimming microbots soak up 95% of spilt lead


Aren't fish going to eat them? When they're full of lead too.

We wrap our claws around latest pre-Build Windows 10 preview


Re: I wonder if the Edge update fixes the inprivate not being private issue

"I have noticed that Edge has a problem with it's inprivate feature not working"

That's not a bug.

Gnome shrinks the upgrade footprint with version 3.20 release


Re: That damned Software app

Agreed, just about all distros have very good package management software already, so this is just pointless. I like Gnome 3, but it has a glut of utterly pointless and poorly made applications bundled into it: Maps, Documents, Videos, Music, Weather, Photos, etc.

Google-backed British startup ‘stole our code’, says US marketing firm


"predicting when a user will leave (or “bounce off”) a site, triggering inducements to stay"

They should both be fined $100m for crimes against humanity.

HTC teases yet another make-or-break comeback flagship


" Its looks borrow from the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy families"

As in, it's a rectangle inside another rectangle? I don't know why people moan about phones all looking the same, but not monitors or switches or microwaves...

Securo-bods snigger into sleeves at Norse Corp as conf sponsor


Re: Whistling on the graveyard

I'm still hoping for Threatbutt.

European Patent Office heads rapidly toward full meltdown


There's an excellent write up on Ars on just how mental "EPOnia" is: http://arstechnica.co.uk/tech-policy/2016/02/welcome-to-eponia-the-strange-land-of-european-patents-that-is-outside-the-law/

Intel shows budget Android phone powering big-screen Linux


Re: "Low-end == 2 Gb"

"What went wrong?"

We wanted more than 256 colours.

Rust 1.6 released, complete with a stabilised libcore


I wish people will stop lumping C and C++ together. C by default is very low level and easily dangerous to use, where as modern C++ with it's dynamic memory management and containers is completely different.

Is that light at the end of AMD's dark tunnel, or God sparking up a cig?


"Design win momentum"

So that's where they've going wrong, they're not designing enough win momentum. Of course.

JetBrains announces Project Rider, a cross-platform IDE for C#


I like using their IntelliJ IDEA at work when I need to (C++ developer most of the time).

But I've actually bought their CLion C++ IDE for use at home, because I bounce between Windows and Linux and it's a lot better than Qt Creator. It's nice to see they're doing the same for C# as going between VS and MonoDevelop is a bit of a pain.

Chaos at TalkTalk: Data was 'secure', not all encrypted, we took site down, were DDoSed


TalkTalk stores the data by writing it down and then talking a hi-res photos of it taken - that's how it's "encrypted".

OnePlus 2: Disappointing Second Album syndrome strikes again


I love my OnePlus One, primarily because of CM, so the Two doesn't interest me too much. Having said that, Ill probably buy the Two just for the bamboo backing...

My parents don't know I'm in SEO. They think I play piano in a brothel


Wait... Search engine optimisation is an industry!? What a shit job.

Layabout, sun-blushed techies have pick of IT job market, says survey


"...and top up their tans."

They've seen IT people before, right?

Greater Manchester plod site targeted by nuisance DDoS attack


Nothing screams 'virgin' like a half-arsed DDOS attack.

Farewell to Borland C++: Embarcadero releases Delphi and C++ Builder 10


Three and a half grand for an IDE!? Is there something I'm not seeing?

Yahoo! parties! like! it's! 1999! with! retro! billboard! revival!


What does Yahoo! actually do anymore? The only times I'm reminded of the company's existence is when El Reg is mocking it...

HP slaps dress code on R&D geeks: Bin that T-shirt, put on this tie


I've taken to just walking around the office in bare feet recently. No ones even noticed. I'm slightly disappointed.

PEAK PLUTO: Stunning mountain ridge snapped by New Horizons craft


" it looks like something other than water is going through a melt/freeze cycle"

It's nitrogen and methane: http://astronomynow.com/2015/07/16/pluto-the-ice-plot-thickens/

UK.gov makes total pig's ear of attempt to legalise home CD ripping


When I play a FLAC it's "format shifted" into an uncompressed stream - does this mean playback of all compressed digital formats is now illegal?

Github's 'Atom' text editor hits version 1.0


Re: Still no print capability?

You print code out?

That man told me to stuff a ROLE up my USER ENTRY!


I was in the States years ago and being introduced to a couple via a friend. The man stated his name, and being useless at names I frantically repeated it to myself in my head.

"Pat", " Pat", "Pat".

A few minutes later his girlfriend introduced herself, "what's your name?" She said.


My name is not Pat.

Pint-sized PCIe powerhouse: Intel NUC5i5RYK


I was looking at these things to build a home ownCloud/git server, but I really wanted a RAID1 configuration and none of them have more than one SATA or M.2 port. Which I find odd because you'd think home server would be a popular use for them.

You could hook it up to a NAS, but you've just doubled the price...

DuckDuckGrow: Privacy search soars 600% after Snowden dumps


"what that long text field at the top of the browser window might be for"

Its for doing Google searches.

ASUS reveals 'Zensational' style-over-substance kit


“Join me on this journey to Zensation!”

A piece of me died whilst reading that.

GDS to handle Govt payments? What could possibly go wrong?


“Digital is the biggest revolution of our time,” he said

Have you noticed how it's only people who know nothing about computers or electronics refer to things as "digital"?

EXT4 filesystem can EAT ALL YOUR DATA


@Mine's a Guinness

Yeah the OpenSUSE BTRFS configuration is utterly shafted, every software update triggers a snaphot and changing the root config for snapper doesn't seem to do anything. I'll happily go back to ETX4 next time.

You've come a long way, Inkscape: Open-source Illustrator sneaks up


I use InkScape almost daily for designing icons and doing UI mockups. I like it. That is all.

Tesla reveals Powerwall battery packs for homes, Powerpacks for cities


Re: Half the world excluded from this

"Half the world excluded from this"

No it isn't, it just means you have to have it inside your house.

'Aaron's Law' back on the table to bring sanity to US hacking laws


Re: Eh?

They're using the Hollywood version of the term"hacking", which means using anything other than Facebook, YouTube, or MS Office.

Oh look I have a terminal open - must be hacking, natch.