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Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T200 compact camera

Dead Vulture

Noise, Detail and ISO

AND the supposedly 3200 ISO pic was taken with a flash. The resultant pic wouldn't be a good indicator of high ISO performance. Even so, the enlarged pic doesn't look all that good...

Hmmm - I'll give this one a pass...

You've got OpenSolaris in my System z


Re: As far as I know

Yeah - z/OS does have zlinux bundled in the standard suite. But then again, it runs over the z/VM. AFAIK, the problem is more in the software licensing part of the deal than the technical aspects of it.

A new environment for the mainframe would be welcome, as long as it doesn't come with icons, crashes and BSODs ;-)

US navy's robot carrier plane building fast

Black Helicopters

RE: Why robot planes?

quite right, I say...

if they do need a UCAV, why not design a controlling system that can fly an existing platform? reusability, anybody?

First metal cut on BAE's 'Taranis' robot stealth bomber

Black Helicopters


Anybody think of recruiting gamers? They'd be better than those boyscouts in the RAF anyway.

Can visualize the poster:

Wanted for part time combat duty - Flight Sim Gaming experience on PS/PS2/PS3/XBOX/XBOX360.

Orange launches new assault on English language


Re: Cmnts n 'Orng lnchs nw aslt n nglsh lngg

Sometime in the near future,

In the morning, greeting a friend

Mr X: Hy mn, hru?

Mr Y: Dn fn, n u?

In the coffee shop

Mr A: wt wd u hv 2de?

Mr B: cpcno, plz

Crazy cyber-jihadi emails planned death for Mayport, FL


Re: Misguided gamer?

"The plotter will keep the US Air Force at bay with "a sophisticated anti-aircraft weapon - which the American forces have not used yet."

Brothers, Osama has the BFG from Doom! Allahu Akbar!


Cloak and dagger Chinese firm tells Google to change its name


the evil empire...

there have been reports of now-resurgent, ex-commie countries using questionable tactics to implement protectionist policies...

remember the shell fiasco at sakhalin II?


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