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BT bumps up broadband speeds

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Useless service.

I am supposedly on 24mb ADSL2+ got changed over from max, line went from a solid 6500 profile to an artificially limited 3mb. Apparently they have placed artificial limits on a very large proportion of entanet customers, with no explanation. Go faster, but get limited to under half what you had before!!!

Firefox users flip out over sneak MS add-on



Don't know what linux forums you use, everyone I have been on, newcomers get lots of friendly help.

Anyway, playing with win 7, found it in FF, it let me just press uninstall and it went. Mind you win7 then bluescreened, so I went back to using linux.

UK police bust lottery scam centre in Somerset


How many people?

£35million a year at £20 a pop, that means getting 1.75 million mugs to fall for the scam, every year. I suspect this is like the Police and the vastly inflated figures placed on drug finds.

What would you pay for 400,000 new green jobs?



I can believe the figures for the environment sector alone for job increases, and would even go as far as to say they may be underestimated, but 87,500 in the wind sector currently employed and going up to 156,000? Are they counting general construction workers who erect the windmills? a temporary position, or is the the manufacturers etc. More detail should be given before ministers spout rubbish like this. Wave power, the UK has world leading technologies and expertise, but little investment.

Tiscali shares suspended on titsup fears

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Not Surprising

If the way they run their service is anything like their corporate activity.

Had them when I first went ADSL, I stayed 5 weeks, got told not to download more than 50mb in an evening, had sub dial up speeds. Went to f2s, left when it was announced they bought Pipex. Had my phone with them, they forgot to charge me for 10 months, admitted it was their fault so I got 10 months free calls, which was nice.

Debian 'Lenny' arrives: bigger, longer, searchable



Oh come on, surely you can do better flamebait that non issue, or perhaps you do not have a clue what you are talking about.

Trolls nowadays, I ask you, they don't even put the effort in.

HP puts Linux on business PCs


Year of the Linux Desktop

2009, could it be?

Mine's the one with ubuntu install cds in the pocket.

Netbook SSD usage to fall under 10% in 2009



I have the HDD AA1 with ubuntu on. Since I got it a few months ago my laptop has hardly been switched on. It is a laptop replacement.

Fossett aircraft contains 'minimal' human remains


@ John Stonehouse

Surely you mean Reggie Perrin.

'UK's Chernobyl' spam spreads Trojan

Paris Hilton

What happened to Paris

I had fun reading all the exploits of Ms. Hilton in the Spam titles. They seem to have dried up over the last couple of weeks.

Carbon Trust: Rooftop windmills are eco own-goal


@AC 14:43

As a greenie, I have to agree, nuclear is the only viable technology we have to meet our energy requirements in the near future. In the longer term photovoltaics/solar heating and wave power. Salter's Duck anyone?

UK abandons train and tube scanners


@ Dan White

We have never directly voted for any Prime Minister ever. They are elected or appointed by the party who is in power at the time, who were elected.

If you want a directly elected head of state or parliament, I would suggest you do not continue to live in the UK.

Firefox record breaker sets the date


Re:I already have it.

You will find that either rc1 or rc2 depending on which repo you use. Not the final release.

Social networking site bans oldies over sex offender fears

Paris Hilton

Logan's Run

Where are the Sandmen

OpenOffice.org 3 beta lands



You must be using some version of OO.o that is unique to you.

Is the earth getting warmer, or cooler?


Selective data set

why select 1998 as the effective start point, I think the data for a couple of decades prior should be shown, this would make many comments nonsensical. 1997 was exceptionally warm, it was the year of a very strong El Nino effect. Interesting that, of the data shown is from the end of this year, skewing trends. If the available data going back was normalised you would still clearly see that the trend is to warm. Please use the full data sets and not pick and mix. You will find that the long term trend is still upwards. Anthropomorphic climate change is happening. 1/10 for science, 8/10 for misrepresentation of data.

BSI faces High Court challenge over OOXML U-turn


@ Alan

There is an existing standard that works, is actually implemented in many different applications and platforms, patent free, unfudged etc.

ODF, look it up.

MS keeps admins busy with critical Vista patches



How many of those updates actually required a reboot or two? I think you will have noticed the system just updated itself and kept going. The updates are for the whole installed app base, not just the underlaying Linux. I prefer to get updates immediately, not once a month, that way I know I have safer systems.

Has your shifty foreign neighbour got 16 mobes?


Can someone explain

After a couple of decades of IRA bombing campaigns which killed a lot more people do we need all this extra anti terrorism awareness?

Tiscali executes stealth LLU migrations


Costly to the User

This is underhanded and costly to the user. As many tiscali users will wise up and wish to migrate away to other, less low end ISPs. the fact that they are on a LLU circuit will most likely involve connection fees to put the line back on to a BT circuit and allow migration.

MS preps critical Vista patch for Tuesday


Re: Uptime

Is that just the time taken to copy a couple of files?

w00t voted 'Word of the Year'


Wow Loot

I thought it was shortened from 'Wow Loot'

Microsoft's sex-obsessed RoboSanta spouts filth at children


edible linux

sb - do you use linux?

- (G) Santa (G) - I love food! I like just about everything...

sb - is linux better than windows

- (G) Santa (G) -I can't really tell, both linux and windows are good.

sb - windows is not good

- (G) Santa (G) - I'll get over it.

stealth banana - will you use linux?

- (G) Santa (G) - I might eventually, but for now I'd be happy just staying there and chatting with you.

What do you want for Christmas, sb?

Confused BBC tech chief: Only 600 Linux users visit our website

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Noted a wee poll on the BBC technology page about Leopard, and will you be changing. One of the options was 'No I use Linux' It had, when I looked, about 15% clicking that option.

I note the poll is no more.

Fight malware by upgrading to Vista, urges MS


Fair comparison?

"Vista experienced fewer security vulnerabilities than either Mac OS X, Windows XP or Ubuntu Linux"

Is this the old M$ FUD comparison of just Vista (used to be XP) as shipped against the typical full Linux distro with every package? I think they should also count every windows app and their security vulnerabilities for a real comparison.

Red Hat, Novell sued for patent infringment

Jobs Horns


Now, as suspected by the people in charge of this patent troll, this is a ploy by M$ to halt the spread of the GNU/Linux cancer, what will that do to the 'no sue' agreement with Novell and inter-company relations?

Personally, I would love to see a full independent audit of M$ code for violations of the GPL. I think that would be fair.

Judge rules Gore's film an inconvenient catalogue of errors


Re: Legal Fees

Dunno if you heard the news on BBC radio 4 yesterday. He was asked who had funded him, he admitted getting backing but refused to name his backers. I think they should be named as it is in the public interest.

ESA readies super-chilled space telescope


Re: Absolute Zero

Big thing out there called the sun. The suns rays will be hitting the poor little telescope without the protection of the atmosphere, This leads to massive changes in temperature, hence the need for cooling. As a whole (as in the whole universe) its near absolute zero, but then the universe is a pretty big place.

Tesla electric supercar may be delayed


No pollution?

>But the Roadster itself emits no pollution whatsoever into the atmosphere.

Erm, beg to differ, what about the tyres, or does it run on some sort of anti-grav? The biggest cause of harmful particulate matter (<pm20) is from vehicle tyres wearing away on road surfaces. Please conduct research before making such claims.


A. Treehugger

'Wild West' internet needs a sheriff


Only ISPs?

So if you get a scam letter via the post, can you then look to the post office for compensation for the loss due to your greed, erm stupidity.

Silicon Valley struggles to save toxic landmark



As the saying goes, In the UK 100 miles is a long way, in the US 100 years is a long time.


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