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Pair of double-As give you cheap, quick charge

Tom Russell

Or use the non-techy solution..

The alternative being, hop in a cab and tell the cabbie the name of your hotel. Fifteen minutes later you're there; rather than faffing about finding electronics to kludgily charge your phone!

PARIS unveils impressive box

Tom Russell

release mechanism

By including the release mechanism within the payload box - that works on pressure differential - within a sealed box, aren't you in danger of altering the pressure around the release mechanism vs the actual exterior pressure, and hence it won't work as you intend?

Perhaps a further release check with everything boxed up...

Net radio saved from certain death

Tom Russell

Stream ripping

How pitiful.

If you can hear the sound coming through your speakers - and what good would internet radio be if you couldn't? - you can record it.

Even a simple audio jack leading from your audio out port to your line in will do the job perfectly well!

Why won't these people understand that you cannot prevent people recording what they want to record?


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