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Twitter engineer calls out Elon Musk for technical BS in unusual career move


"software-intensive web-centric system at global elastic scale."

There's simply no way that isn't made up horseshit.

Windows 10 Insider wondering where Notepad has gone? Fear not, Microsoft found it down the back of Dev Channel


I used to get asked...

...what is your favorite HTML editor. I always said Notepad.

Microsoft: 2TB or not 2... OK, OK! 2TB. OneDrive dragged kicking and screaming into selling more storage


Re: "Once upon a time, Microsoft's cloudy storage was unlimited"

I'm personally always surprised any company is permitted to use the word unlimited in advertising. There's no such thing.

Hotter than the Sun: JET – Earth’s biggest fusion reactor, in Culham


Brexit pushes Fusion Power back another 10 years

Which seems unnecessary. Fusion can do that by itself.

Will the MOAB (Mother Of all AdBlockers) finally kill advertising?


Re: And the choice is ?

"Who pays for the good stuff to get made?"

The answer was in his post - there was good content online before the advertisers so people will produce content even when not being paid. Apache would be my favorite example of something a bunch of people did not because they were getting paid, but because it was cool.

Mysterious Gmail account lockouts prompt hack fears


Same here....

I have four Google accounts (I know, I know...) one of which has two-factor authentication enabled. The other 3 are more "throw away" and don't have that enabled. The three without two-factor authentication were the ones asked to re-sign in.

Huzzah! Doctor Who comes to Playmoverse


No good

until they add a K9 figure. Amazed they didn't think of it.

RAF Reaper drone was involved in botched US Syria airstrike


"US Led Strike"

The lesson would appear to be we should rely on our own intel. I seem to recall there is precedent. A quote I heard from WW2 I heard just recently went along the lines of:

When the British shoot, the Germans duck.

When the Germans shoot the British duck.

But when the Americans shoot, everyone ducks.

Ford announces plans for mass production of self-driving cars by 2021


Re: Is there no icon on El Reg...

OK, I'll bite. I would buy one. I enjoy driving, but the overwhelming majority of it is a chore. Road deaths are at unacceptable levels. It's governments job to legislate for the benefit of the population. I'm not going to feel sorry for them that they have to work a bit harder/faster to make the necessary changes.

You'll buy one too. You might not want to, but once the insurance premium of a normal car skyrockets above what you can afford (it won't take long) that will be that.

Sorry, I know this sounded confrontational. Road deaths aren't funny though.

Facebook ‘glitch’ that deleted the Philando Castile shooting vid: It was the police – sources


Re: Bit of a curve ball....

The cop was clearly not qualified to be holding a firearm. That being said, an argument could be made as to which gun killed the poor guy if him having a firearm prompted the officer to shoot him.

UK.gov wants to fine websites £250,000 if teens watch porn vids


Sounds like my house

My lot are all over 18 now, but I was taken aback the first time the subject of porn came up when they were growing up. Didn't realise I'd been married to a prude for all those years. Amazed now that procreation actually occurred.

The danger is of course, she's probably not in a minority. A huge swathe of the electorate will doubtless support this with no thought to the implications to their rights.

My plan to heal this BROKEN, BREXITED BRITAIN


Didn't understand

Quite why remain cited a fall in house prices as a bad thing. Aren't property prices spiralling upwards bad?

Sure, I'd prefer not to lose money on my property, but I'm more concerned my 3 (now adult) children will never afford a property.

So. Why don't people talk to invisible robots in public?


I use it quite frequently

Buy only in the vicinity of my wife. She absolutely hates it for whatever reason, despite the fact she must notice it 1) works and 2) is way quicker than typing. It's mostly her reaction that puts me off using it in public. My kids find it perfectly normal.

Honestly, I think it'll catch on.

Q: Is it wrong to dress as a crusader for an England match?



And it never will be. The only people who find this offensive are left wing, authoritarian white people who think, for some bizarre reason, it's their job to be offended on behalf of people with brown skin. These are the same people who think Muslims are offended by Father Christmas.

BOFH: What's your point, caller?


Exchanging stories

Never claimed to be an Exchange Administrator, just got lumped into doing it when I joined the company.

Over a decade later the true nature of limits learned include the maximum number of iPhones a single user can register his mailbox to (it's 10 if your boss hasn't clocked up this "achievement" yet). Also the default KB limit size of the blocked senders folder, and of course most obviously, just why MS suggest 2GB as an adequate amount of capacity for an Exchange mailbox. There are more, don't want to bore you any more.

Of course, the primary lesson learned is that user behaviour that crashes systems is the administrators' fault for not predicting their lunacy.

Twitter expands beyond 140 characters



Sorry, couldn't resist.

Hey, YouTube: Pay your 'workers' properly and get with the times


Re: "it pays out something far more valuable than money: attention"

Sure, easily to criticise this statement. Also very easy to forget what happened when newspapers cried out at having their content displayed in Google News. Google complied, then they all wondered where the visitors to their websites had gone.

Like it or not, you'd be sacrificing a massive amount of reach by not having your content pushed out by Google. That doesn't mean I like it, but I think I understand it to a reasonable extent.

UK's 'superfast' broadband is still complete dog toffee, even in London


Re: One thing missing....

I'm glad I'm not the only one annoyed with appalling latency. My home internet is utterly horrible to game on. Bizarrely, I can tether to the 4G on my phone for a better ping. I'd prefer 5-10Mb with low latency than almost any other configuration.

If you need 100Mb in a domestic environment, you're doing it wrong. By "you" I mean the people who if challenged wouldn't know what a Mb is. By "it" I presumably mean porn.

USB-C adds authentication protocol


Then the name needs to change...

USB will just become SB. We could use the space we've saved by making it SOB as that's what I'll be crying out when I can't charge my phone as a result of this.

Britain is sending a huge nuclear waste shipment to America. Why?


£68 billion to clean up?

If memory serves we used to have a similar problem at Windscale. The government were able to reduce the amount of waste present at Windscale to zero at very low cost:

"There is no longer a nuclear waste problem at Windscale. We've changed the name to Sellafield."

NatWest tightens online banking security after hacks' 'hack' exposé


Re: communicating with them using ALL of their registered methods

@aidanstevens I doubt we're talking about weirdos such as you and I. Virtually every "normal" person I know has fallen for this kind of thing and a lot of them do it regularly. That's friends, family and worst of all people I work with.

The most troubling thing in the article for me is the premise that an attacker can gain access to my phone number without my knowledge.

UK.gov could reopen Google's £130m HMRC tax deal, says Parliament


Let me guess

"HMRC does not know how much its own six year investigation of Google’s tax affairs cost"

Most likely £130m.

Facebook tells Viz to f**k right off


Permanently deleted you say?

I seem to remember when I "closed" my FB account they helpfully told me they'd hang onto all the data in the account just in case I changed my mind. Well I haven't and won't.

If I'd known posting something humorous could get it wiped properly I'd have done that.

Does anyone know what their broadband costs? The ASA hopes to change that


Re: Funnily enough...

The criticism was for suggesting they really ought to publish the price including line rental if line rental is not optional.

Not sure how my saying the use of the word unlimited, which neither does nor can apply to the amount of data transfer physically possible, is in any way related to my not understanding of it's definition. I would humbly suggest the exact opposite is true.


Funnily enough...

I got criticised for even suggesting this on a previous article. If they could also rip out the use of the word "unlimited" things might be a little clearer.

Footnote: I know none of this complex pricing confuses me, or most of the people who read the register. I also know that myself and the rest of you lot are NOT normal people.

Come in Internet Explorers, your time is up. Or not. Up to you


RMDMO user (Royal Mail Despatch Manager Online)

Interestingly, when run in Microsoft Edge, RMDMO complains I should use Internet Explorer, and not Google Chrome 42.x.

Hacks rebel after bosses secretly install motion sensors under desks


I got caught reading this at work

Got told:

1: Implement

2: You're fired!

Cat fight: Watch out YouTube, here comes Facebook


Re: Zero profits are just a way of dodging Tax

Horse Doings. Amazon are zero profit primarily because they want market share - all of it. YouTube similar scenario - market share first, money later. Doesn't matter how much later either, evidence is shareholders will wait.

Just take a look at other "free" things Google has offered in the past - Froogle for example was free for many years. Google spotted the point at which merchants were so heavily reliant on it they'd pay for it and THEN started charging for it.

I have you now! Star Wars stocking fillers from another age



Freeing up the 600k or so of conventional memory X-Wing demanded was (I believe) the first time I "did" something with a computer. The game was pretty good as well of course.

Shame the latest Star Wars game apparently spent their entire budget on marketing and 50 pence on the game itself.

EE plans to block annoying ads on mobile network


Re: Eh?

While I get that some are laughing at ad targeting as the AI behind it clearly isn't very smart, I'd caution everyone to be careful what they wish for. I think I prefer ADs served badly than some kind of SkyNet overlord that can actually guess what I might want/need accurately.

Remember Windows 1.0? It's been 30 years (and you're officially old)


Yeah...lucky you.

There are 10 soundcards in my office. Seriously considering making them vanish.

Dell PCs to be never knowingly undersold by John Lewis this Chrimbo


Bravery or idiocy - YOU decide

So Sony, along with Samsung and Toshiba have seen the writing on the wall and withdrawn from the sector. Dell see this as an opportunity. I wish them luck.

Latest Android phones hijacked with tidy one-stop-Chrome-pop



I wonder at what point it will become clear allowing remote code to execute locally is a bad idea.

Virgin Media hikes broadband, phone prices by five per cent


Re: Line rental....

Yeah, I get that. But by the same token, for example, Tesco don't charge me £1 for a loaf of bread plus a 10p surcharge for their distribution network to keep going without which I'd get no bread. It just seems to me in any other industry operating costs are incorporated into the price you pay.


Line rental....

Is there really any reason for this to exist anymore? Maybe there's some technical excuse for it, but it seems to me to just be a mechanism for offering something for £10 then in small print saying it'll actually cost £20 because of this spurious surcharge.

I mean, for VAT it's accepted (and even a legal requirement) for advertisers to include it in pricing for consumers.

Virgin Media whines about Sky's customer service claims, ad watchdog agrees


Re: they were beyond shit

Still with Virgin, but can't forget the day they sent TWO people to connect me to the service. A pair of untrained "technicians" arsed about for 2 hours trying to configure the router via USB. They said a "senior engineer" would be with me the following day because they couldn't make it work. I asked why the hell they didn't use an ethernet cable to be told they weren't trained how to do that.

Needless to say I plugged in a CAT5 cable within a minute of them leaving and let Virgin know their "senior engineer" could take the day off.

Wireless charging desks are coming


Already there

My wireless charger is already fixed under my desk so no-one can see it, and the phone charge on the desk.

Might sound petty, but no-one ever asks to borrow my charger.

Bacon can kill: Official


Call me Mr Thickie but....

I'm now confused as to what exactly "processed" meat means. My impression of bacon is that it's cut directly from the animal. What else happens to it? Do I even want to know? And will I stop eating it if I do?

Answer to the last one is going to be no of course.

Facebook's UK wing paid just £4k in corporation tax last year


Which is exactly why...

...I wonder what the point of corporation tax even is. If we stopped charging it, companies like FB would employ more people here and they'd pay the PAYE. All corporation tax achieves as far as I can tell is to make domestic businesses uncompetitive and why the heck would we want that.

Testing CarPlay with Apple’s most expensive ever accessory


Re: in the search of a problem to solve

Have to agree. £2400 to make an iPhone worse?

BOFH: Press 1. Press 2. Press whatever you damn well LIKE


Re: Cheap desktops

Cheap desktops....another true story

Best not name the distie, but when I was there one of the sales guys sold 20 OEM bare towers to a system builder. Next day the guy called to complain that if you stuck your thumb in the kettle socket on the PSU after disconnecting it from the mains you got a nasty shock.

When asked how many he thought were faulty he said "All of them - I put my thumb in each one to check".

Don't want to upgrade to Windows 10? You'll download it WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT


Re: Moving to Linux is really not that hard

Correct. That's what I've done at home too.

Unfortunately, I also have to maintain the IT at my workplace. There is absolutely no way this is an option. Most of my users haven't got their heads around "file > print" yet. I mistakenly used the term "bookmark" last week only to get a chorus of people asking me to quit with the technobabble.

The internet's Middle East problem: Who is going to do something about Whois?



IMHO this is more complicated than that. What if you're a secular blogger in Saudi Arabia where such activity carries the death penalty.

Google Adblock shock a load of cock – users mock post hoc


Re: Simple solution for google

"Other than the ad people, the PR people, the company the ad is for, and the site presenting the ad, who is being hurt?"

The content creators themselves. Plenty of channels rely on AD revenue. The bulk of the channels I follow are of scientific, educational and political slants. I spend vastly more viewing time on YT than the TV, as do all 3 of my (now adult) offspring and it's got to be funded somehow. When YT comes up with a subscription based AD free option, I'll most likely take it.

They’re FAT. They’re ROUND. They’re worth almost a POUND. Smart waaatch, smart waaatch


Re: Too Fat and Too many pounds

Tsk. I won't mention what it is for fear of sounding like I'm advertising the thing, but my watch is 100m water resistant, gives email notifications, is solar powered, changes time zones automatically and a few other things. On a good old fashioned "ticking" analogue movement.

To me, that seems like a smart watch.

Why do driverless car makers have this insatiable need for speed?


Re: Descisions

Driverless cars don't need to be perfect, they just need to be better than humans. In your scenario what would the human driver do? Most likely not react in time at all and just hit the pedestrian.

Budget UHD TVs arrive – but were the 4Kasts worth listening to?



It was a black day for me when my 21" CRT gave up on me. Samsung were nice enough about it and sent me a replacement monitor but they'd pretty much ceased with CRT's by then and said it had to be a flat panel.

Definitely agree with the premise that 27" is about right when you're sitting .5m from it. Tried sitting right up to a 40" to play PlayStation games and it doesn't work - to much of the screen is outside your peripheral vision so you keep having to look around.

Two weeks of Windows 10: Just how is Microsoft doing?


Gradually replacing 7 on our network...

...just because if I let all the clients do it at once I won't be able to answer all the questions. I'm saving the office idiots' PC for last just to stay off the inevitable round of bitching he'll give me.

Best I can really say is "meh". Seems to work well enough, no problems I wouldn't have expected such as losing connections to network printers, printers getting renamed. In terms of applications every user I've upgraded so far has been able to continue working as normal immediately.

One annoyance, the notifications sound. Like the introvert I am I always disable Windows sounds. The new notifications thing (annoying enough all by itself) appears to think it's too important to be silenced. Hardly a deal breaker though.

Virtually no one is using Apple Music even though it is utterly free


Not really surprising

It never ceases to amaze me when a company that's good at doing "A" sees another company doing "B" and says to itself "hey, that looks easy, let's do that and start counting the dollars".

Blessed are the cheesemakers, for they have defined the smidge


I reckon I can cope with the antics of....






The Tories

But this, this is intolerable. I must protest.