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Fasthosts goes titsup after storm-induced power outage


Re: Action Group due to Fasthosts Non-Contingency Plan??

I have also had the HDD issue, Fasthosts have been trying to assist but I do feel that this issue is not all what it seems. I have been with Fasthosts for 14yrs and never had issues like this previously so this is not the ranting of some newb punter with no knowledge of the products supplied.

Our story is as follows.....

After the "Power Outage" our server did not come back online and when we contacted Fasthosts again (as we had been calling there premium rate number all weekend), they told us that our hard drive had gone. Confused and bemused I asked "where has it gone?". I was informed that it hadn't left and that it was actually still in the server but as sometimes happens it had "Packed Up", "Give up the Ghost", "was kaput", "Busted".

Once I had retaken control of my emotions, I explained to Fasthosts that the data and websites on the drive were extremely important and that I would need access to the drive, something they refused. To be honest Fasthosts have actually so far been quite helpful, although our facilities are still down and getting them back online is a mammoth task.

My thoughts are this... There was no power outage as if there had been the UPS and Gensets would have kicked in and we would not have even been aware of the problem. Whats more if this was the case and the power outage has damaged hardware then we all have a claim against the insurance cover supplied by the provider of the UPS and back up facilities.

Could it actually be the case that it was in fact a security breach and Fasthosts pulled the plug in which case we have a claim against Fasthosts.

Either way its sounds like someone needs to be footing the bill... Oh and to add insult to injury on the Sunday after the event I got an email reminder to pay my bill... :D


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