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Sony Ericsson confirms Symbian spurning

Gates Horns

unlawful activity

"It makes one wonder why why HTC is even bothering to make a Win 7 handset"

Probably because they get paid by MS per unit they make?

"I don't think that smartphone OS's have the same sort of "lock in" that desktop OS's have, so Microsoft still has a large window :) of opportunity left."

It is precisely this lack of lock in that prevented MS from fully leveraging their Windows monopoly. MS can never be competitive in a free and open market.

Wikileaks will soon post biggest military leak ever


The irony

"I'm surprise you managed to catch even one of them, shows they have more spine than western politicians if they went anywhere near the actual 'theater of war'. Did you ever see Bush or Blair do so?"

Bush and Blair had to make sneaky, unannounced,fugitive visits to Iraq. Meanwhile when Iranian President Ahmadinejad visited, he was given the full "head of state" red carpet treatment and had a motorcade trundle through Baghdad. The irony.

Microsoft locks down Windows Phone 7 code


More importantly ...

Where is the CTRL-ALT-DEL button?

The Camel: Nokia unveils user designed phone


...give Nokia kudos for trying to talk to their customers?

They don't need to "talk" to their customers. They just need to monitor and take on board on the comments and address all the complaints on their forums. Instead, whenever you post something that has the slightest hint of expressing discontent with Nokia or their phones, the effing moderators jump in to censor your post and slap on their standard warning "This board is monitored by Nokia but the best way to give feedback to us is to contact your local Nokia support..."

Microsoft lines staff pockets with Windows 7 phone


Windows Mobile get its arse kicked

> Windows Mobile was a kick arse mobile OS in its day

It sure made me want to kick its arse. If it didn't crash once a day it would crash several times a day.

Nokia pays 8 2* years' royalties in advance

Paris Hilton

8 years' of royalties??

Seeing as Nokia owns nearly half of Symbian and presumably gets a corresponding share of the profits wouldn't that make it something more like 16 years?

Microsoft pays people to use its search engine

Gates Horns

@Welcome to the future

"Methinks the crocodile has lost its teeth"

They still have enough ill-gotten money in the bank to be a destructive force - the ramming of OXML into ISO, the derailing of the OLPC.

OLPC and Microsoft punt Windows-only XO laptop

Gates Horns

scorched earth policy

MS has won a major victory here. Whether or not OLPC goes on to selling any units from now on is moot. They have managed to decapitate OPLC by forcing the top people to resign and destroyed any credibility that Negroponte may have had. And most importantly they have prevented millions of people from getting acquainted with computers using something other than Windows. If the OPLC does still manages to be a success then MS would have indoctrinated a whole new generation who grows up believing the 3 Rs (restart, reboot, reinstall) are the holy tenets of computing.

Apple okay with Safari 'carpet bombing' vuln for now

Paris Hilton

@Ask before you download

"Even Firefox, that has its annoying "download all to Desktop" 'feature' by default, "

Probably to make life easier for dumb lusers, or the people who have to provide support to them.

I provide tech support over the phone to family & friends and often I have to tell to download this and install that. Before they download I specifically tell them to remember WHERE they are saving the file - 9 times out of 10 right after the download they say they can't find the flipping file.

India and Belgium decry Chinese cyber attacks


@Free Trade versus Security

"Just because their gear is cheap and appears capable does not mean it is in our interest to use it. I want to make the argument that strategic equipment (CPU, RAM, display, networking, software) must come from sources we (democratic countries) trust."

You must be living in cloud cuckoo land if you think democratic countries have an agreement not to spy on each other and not to use underhand tactics on each other.

"Joking aside, the single most important organisation in the capitalist world is headquarted in Belgium. It is a place so prestigous that it's employees are banned from ever using the word 'prestige' in internal documentation. That is not NATO, it is SWIFT. It is much more secure than NATO. When you hear of hacking attacks on Belgium, don't think military, think financial. Or beer."

Or they just do what the US did/does, blackmail SWIFT and other corporations to give them whatever info they want:


'Safe' mobile phone battery firm goes titsup



they get bonuses for having not sold a product that isn't available yet?

Microsoft could go it alone without Yahoo!


@I. Aproveofitspendingonspecificprojects

"Almost any body hu is anybody in China uses Yahoo. "

It may have been true 5-8 years ago. These days people and companies use homegrown sites like 163.com or sina.com etc.

Office 2007 fails OXML test

Gates Horns

@How to *really* scare Microsoft ...

"Implement an office suite that uses OXML correctly. Wouldn't it be hysterically funny if the first OXML-compliant application was FOSS?"

It won't be funny at all. Not it is possible.

But assuming it was, they'll respond by saying "see it is possible to do 3rd party implementations" and promptly starts charging patents licensing fees.

Then after they get their own implementation out they'll extend it making it incompatible with the "standard" (cf. java). The changes they make will of course take years to filter back to ISO (if ever) - of course MS won't be fast tracking the changes.

Chinese hackers call off CNN attack


@ US dud what ?

"Perhaps you could ask each of China's neighbours - they seem to be in dispute with all of them."

Perhaps you're talking from your rear-end? China has no significant disputes with any of its neighbours.

"China has invaded India (1962), Tibet (1949), Vietnam (1979), East Turkestan (1949), and then of course there's Korea."

Tibet and Xinjiang are both within China's internationally recognised borders. It's funny how China "invaded" India when China had spent years building a road in the disputed area and the first that the Indians knew of it was when they saw the newly built road marked on Chinese published maps.

I'm surprised you have the audacity to mention Korea. The US invaded Korea, China repeatedly warned the US not to cross the 38th parallel, the US with their customary arrogance dismissed those warnings and the rest is history. If you feel there's no justification for China's intervention in the Korean War then try justifying the so called Monroe Doctrine.

Asus launches second-gen Eee PC


@Wireless Cr*P

You just got a dud one. FWIW my eeepc can consistently pick up more APs than my Thinkpad Z61. At home the eeepc on average sees about 20 APs whereas the Thinkpad only manages around 10.

Red Hat scurries away from consumer desktop market

Gates Horns

Windows' useability?

It makes me sneer to hear people mention Windows' useability (lack of). Features that I take for granted such as auto-focus (on the window under the mouse) and multiple virtual desktops, and which I have been enjoying since my Amiga days, are still missing from Windows. Major time saving conveniences such as having your session saved when you log off and having it restored it when you next log in (which even the old OS/2 had) are obviously non-existent in Windows - it is all the more strange considering that a Windows user would benefit from that feature much more so than a Linux user, since the former would encounter BSODs (or whatever MS disguises it as these days) so many times a day.

Little things like text highlighted with the mouse being automatically copied to the clipboard (and can be pasted using the middle mouse button) are major time savers - and I don't need to worry about accidentally overwriting the clipboard because klipper allows me to keep a clipboard history.

HP launches Linux-loaded Eee PC rival


bloody marketing depts

"That's the front thickness - HP didn't say how much bigger the 2133 gets at the back"

WTF would one want to know the thickness of the thinnest edge? I want to know the thickness of the thickest edge TYVM. Bloody tw@ts.

Steel Cloud servers to power US Navy robo-cannon kit


@Easy to avoid

"In that case, all you need to do is take one shot, and immediately duck behind a wall. By the time the gun has slewed to your position, you're not visible anymore!"

No, in that case the jerks will fall back to SOP and call in airstrike(s) to level the wall/building that you're hiding behind/in, and maybe the surrounding ones too for good measure.

Pro-Tibet rootkit Trojan poses as cartoon


@ Ominous

"where is the US / UK government?"

Too busy having fun with Echelon.

Asus Eee PC 4G sub-sub-notebook


@Swap + Flash Usage

"I expect they've simply removed the restore partition that takes up quite a bit of the flash on the 4GB version (it's not really needed anyway, as you can restore the OS from a USB key or external DVD drive anyway)."

It does not have a separate restore partition. The base system which doubles up as the restore partition is mounted read-only, and is merged with the partition holding the user generated files using the magic of UnionFS. Why is it that MS with its self-proclaimed "innovative" prowess haven't come up with something as useful as UnionFS?

Pentagon: Our new robot army will be controlled by malware



@Surely a better solution ..... would be a new international treaty which outlawed robotic weapons altogether?

Why would a country which had the technological edge agree to such a ban? It's only when you have technological parity, when the other guy can hurt you as much as you can hurt them, will there be any moves towards such a ban (whether it be ICBM's, nuclear warheads, space based weapons, or even white phosphorous).

@Just imagine what we could have done if all that money had been spent on clean water and sanitation instead of thinking of new ways to blow people up.

If the hundreds of billions that the US spent in their war of terror had been invested in productive research we could have cures for cancer, aids, malaria, and maybe even the common cold by now. Instead the money has been squandered in nurturing a new generation of disaffected youth in the Middle East and Central Asia who grows up knowing that it was the Americans who killed their brother/sister/father/mother/uncle/dog.

@US Govt do what they like with foreigner's code? Don't theink WTO etc would stand up to that. So that isn't a threat to OSS.

That assumes that the present US Govt gives a toss about the WTO and its rulings.

Chinese cyber strikes will be 'like WMD'


@What we should be concerned about..

"Is the fact that China is doing so many, many deals buying up Countries oil production for many decades into the future ... We, the West, need to get much more pro active."

So you're saying that it's bad for China to be *buying* oil and instead they should follow the proper procedures like invade oil-rich countries under the pre-text of WMDs, and when none are found change the mission objectives to (1) making said oil-rich country into a "beacon of democracy"?

@Don't be so dismissive

"I know from a relative who works in the government, and has to deal with this stuff on a daily basis, that China is indeed waging cyber-warfare against us"

And are you too naive to realise that the US is also "waging cyber warfare" against every other country of significance? I don't see other countries making a song and dance about it.

China hijacks Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo! traffic?


@When you run with the Devil, don't be surprised when you get burned!

'I find it ironic and funny that these companies that rolled over, er I mean "cooperated" with the Chinese authorities are rewarded with their sites being blocked.'

They had to comply with the laws of the land in which they were doing business in. How is that different from:

1) the US forcing non-US banks to hand over financial details of their customers (who are not even US nationals FFS)

2) the US forcing airlines to hand over passenger details

under the pretense of Bush's War of Terror.

Gutting of Amazon patent was helped by Amazon-owned company


@US patent law forbids ...

"I guess USPO knows that if third parties were allowed to dispute patents, 99% of us patents would be proved invalid."

The USPTO is self-funded by the application fees. Hence it would be in their interests to grant as many patents as possible. Who cares if they're invalidated later.

Jackie Chan records Olympic ditty

Paris Hilton

@Graham Dawson

Get a clue before you spout your crap. HK never had much "democratic" institutions to start with. Chris Patten tried to introduce universal sufferage as a "poisoned pill" but the Chinese were having none of it. After all Britain had 150 years in which to implement democracy in HK but only chose to do so when Maggie Thatcher's dreams of wanting to keep HK (Island) were shattered. Truth is that HK has more "democracy" now than when under British rule - more seats at the Legislative Council are directed elected than pre-1997.

Anyway HK's trump card is that China's central government does not want and cannot allow HK to "fail", doing so would mean losing face to the barbarians who had ruled HK for much of the last 160 years. Another factor in keeping HK prosperous and successful is that China hopes to entice Taiwan back into the fold.

Cloak and dagger Chinese firm tells Google to change its name


Re: Rots o Ruck Beijing Guge

"the Chinese Communist Party (like Lenovo), which has been trying to undermine (if not POISON with tainted food products) America since the 50's."

Between McCarthy and Bush, the Americans have been doing a good job of undermining themselves without outside help.



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