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London gets huge Defecator Enthroned statue for World Toilet Week


Re: Poo facts

"One thing the Japanese toilets all do seem to have as standard is a little sink that uses the flush water, so you can stand up, flush and wash your hands."

I hope you mean "wash your hands, then flush using the water with which you just washed your hands with" because washing hands with water that had been used to flush a toilet would probably result in more than 10gm of feacal being consumed.

Another Microsoft Trojan? Sinofsky might just want a RIM job


Re: Windows to make own phone

Windows Phoney Phone

Anonymous attacks Israeli websites over Gaza bombings


"crayon-up-his-nose likes to molest goats"

goats don't have enough meat, pigs are better.


"Compare that to the supporters of the Fakeistinians that call for the destruction of Israel."

No Arab states are currently (or as policy) calling for the destruction of Israel. As for non-state supporters, I'm sure there are plenty of private citizens and loony rabbis in Israel who call for the destruction of the Palestinians and the establishment of a "Greater Israel" along the lines of the "promised land" rubbish.

Regardless, no friend of Israel seems prepared to admit that the Palestinians also have a right to defend themselves.

"Nicely cherrypicked, ignoring that rockets have been fired DAILY into Israel from Gaza since they withdrew in 2005."

They withdrew from Gaza because they had hoped to pass the problem onto Egypt, but Egypt didn't play ball. And the withdrawal is an empty gesture, given that there is a total sea and air blockade, and near total land blockade.

'The "current incident" was a response to the CONSTANT rocket attacks from Gaza.'

And as long as Gaza is blockaded and the West Bank is occupied there will always be the threat of rockets. Did any Israeli seriously think that the Palestinian problem could be solved by turning Gaza into the world's biggest prison?

'".....If any other country had used weapons of war...." What do you expect them to use, waterpistols?'

No civilised country is expected to use deadly military force in response to civil disturbances. When China used deadly military force to end the Tiananmen Square protests, there was worldwide condemnation and the EU and US implemented a ban on the sales of arms to China, which to date is still in force.

"During the first intifada, the IDF distributed truncheons to its troops and encouraged them to break the bones of Palestinian protesters. The Swedish branch of Save the Children estimated that ‘23,600 to 29,900 children required medical treatment for their beating injuries in the first two years of the intifada.’ Nearly a third of them were aged ten or under."

"Trying to pretend the brave jihadis are fighting the Israelis with slings is beyond self-deulsion."

The rise of Hamas' military wing is largely owing to the brutal methods used by Israel to put down the First Intifada.

"Because Israel freezed it for ten months and the Fakeistinians made no effort at real talks."

When? You mean from Dec 2009, when "the Israeli government announced a 10-month lull in permits for new settlement homes in the West Bank", but which "works in progress" continued unabated. And when a few months later in Mar 2010, Israel tells Joe Biden that they will build some more new homes in East Jerusalem?

Abbas wants Israel to commit to a total stop to the building of settlements. Not a "freeze" which implies it could unfreeze at any time of Israel's choosing to further its aims. Just like Arafat was obliged to renounce violence so that threats of violence from the Palestinian side could not be used as a negotiating tactic.

"Bibi was smarter than Abbas, he called Abbas's bluff"

Since Israel never stopped settlement building, even official settlements, much less the illegal (in Israeli law) settlements, there was no bluff to be called.

"And your proof of this is what?"

Here is just one of many:

"Afghan Leader Says Attack Killed Civilians, but NATO Says the Victims Were Taliban"


Excerpts from that article shows how Nato statements are wildly contradictory:

"A senior NATO official with knowledge of the operation said that the raid had been carried out by a joint Afghan-American force and that its target was a group of men who were known Taliban members and smugglers of homemade bombs, which the American and NATO forces call improvised explosive devices, or I.E.D.'s. According to the NATO official, nine men were killed."

When the Afghan side insisted that those killed were civilians:

"but that elders in the district and a delegation sent to the remote area had found that ''10 people were killed and all of them were civilians.'' "

Nato backpedals and denies responsibility:

"A NATO spokesman had no comment on the killings and said that no NATO forces were operating in the area."

Executive summary: NATO announces the killing of a number of insurgents, subsequent events proved otherwise, NATO denies operation took place.

Here is another incident:

Afghans: U.S. Troops "Covered-Up" Civilian Deaths


Executive summary: NATO operation kills 5 civilians, including two pregnant women, and a teenage girl. US troops removed evidence implicating that they killed them, then reports back to base that the women were already dead when they arrived at the scene. Later NATO admits that they indeed did kill those 3 women. US Special Forces commander offers a sheep in compensation.

There are many more reports of these kinds of incidents if you care to look for news beyond what Fox offers. And these are just the reported incidents, $deity knows how many more NATO/US has successfully covered up.

"Wow! What a twisted way of justifying random murder attempts!"

"Neither Islamic ethics nor Islamic tradition can disqualify terrorism as a means of combat."

No, sorry that's wrong: replace Islamic with Jewish and you'll have the ideology of Lehi (aka the Stern Gang), of which Yitzhak Shamir was a member. This member of a self-professed terrorist organisation went on to become an Israeli prime minister, not once, but twice.

In 1975 Israel gave two members of that terrorist organisation a state funeral.

In 1980 Israel started to reward former members of that terrorist group with the Lehi Ribbon in recognition of "security engagements up till the establishment of the State in 1948"

To call other freedom fighters terrorists when Israel was founded on terrorism is kettle meets pot.


'Obambi's and several previous Prezs have been anything but blind supporters of Israel.'

Please learn to spell.

What was the harshest critical comment that the US has made of Israel? Seriously, I am curious to know, if you know please tell.

Every time the conflict flares up the first thing the US says is "we fully support the right of Israel to self defence" and most invariably followed by "we call on the Palestinians to stop the rockets/bombs/violence". Regardless of who/how/why the current incident in question started.

If any other country had used weapons of war (tanks, artillery, cluster bombs, missiles, mortar shells, fighter jets, helicopter gunships, white phosphorous) against civilians with the regularity and intensity that Israel has, then the US would have at the very least stopped selling them weapons and most likely would have campaigned to get a prosecution in the ICC (even though the US itself is too scared to be a member).

If any other country had ignored UN Resolutions with the frequency that Israel has the US would have regime changed them already.

As for Obama, when he tried to "step out of line" over the settlement issue, Netanyahu showed him who is boss. The Whitehouse no longer insists on a settlement freeze as a pre-condition to "peace talks".

Clinton famously said "who the fuck is the superpower here?" in frustration when he found out that he cannot not fully support Israel.

"It was very predictable that as soon as Hamas ran out of rockets that the US would put pressure on Israel to accept a truce rather than mount a ground operation."

Israel knows full well a ground operation would seriously put the Camp David Accords at risk. The truce is a welcome face-saving move for both Israel and Hamas.

'If the US was blindly supporting Israel then Clinton would not have been calling for " a proportionate response"'

If the US was not blindly supporting Israel they would've called for and worked for regime change as they're doing in Syria right now. Somehow the US deems the Syrian people have a right to self determination but the Palestinians do not. Israel has a continuous right to kill Palestinians but Assad doesn't have the same right to kill Syrians.

You know full well that Clinton's call for "a proportionate response" is for the consumption of the parts of the world not usually regarded by the western media as the "international community".

Israel knows full well even if their actions are grossly disproportionate the US will turn a blind eye and probably applaud them in private, such is their support for Israel and distaste for the Palestinians.

"What army? There is no Taleban army, it does not put on a uniform and follow the rules of war."

It's certainly less embarrassing for the US military to admit they are beaten by an "army" than a "bunch of whatever you want to call them".

Like Israel, flouting the rules of war is part of the US military's modus operandi. Some of the atrocities include nightly raids on villages, breaking into homes, deliberately provoking a reaction from the villagers, shooting dead those who dare to protect their dignity and honour, then label them as insurgents.

Let me make this clear before you jump to one of your many assumptions. War is a dirty business, all sides commits atrocities. My objections are that some sides think that they are morally superior to the others.

"If you think the Taleban are so wonderful please explain their shooting of schoolgirl Malala Yousafzai?"

There you go again jumping to conclusions. FYI I think the shooting was a cowardly and disgusting act. The bigger tragedy is that despite initial outpouring of outrage across most of Pakistani society it lost the momentum to lead to a nationwide will to purge the extremists elements in Pakistan.

"Almost as brave as the Hamas ones that shoot rockets as Israeli schools and then hide behind women and kids."

No braver than using weapons of war against stone throwing children.

No braver than slamming a missile into a building where you think a militant /might/ be hiding, but where you know full well that there are civilians as well.

"There is no occupation of Gaza and there was no slaughter in Gaza."

'Nuff said, if you had it your way you would probably wish there was no Gaza.

"Hamas is uspet by targeted killings because it threatens the Hamas leadership, they couldn't give a damn about "martyrs" amongst their civillians!"

To say that they don't give a damn is disingenuous. You ought to know that much of their popular support comes from their charity and social work. Oh, and their courage to stand up to the Israeli occupation counts in their favour too.

'And what "collective punishment"?'

The blockade of Gaza. On the pretense of preventing Hamas from acquiring weapons Israel is: denying the people of the Gaza Strip the right to export goods; limiting the amount and types of goods that can be imported; denying the freedom of travel; among other measures.

As the just concluded conflict shows, the blackade has not succeeded in preventing Hamas acquire long range rockets. The only beneficiaries of the blockade are the tunnel operators and Hamas, whilst the rest of the people suffers. In a few years Hamas would have replenished their supplies of rockets, Israel would be nearing an election and will again kill some more Palestinians.

"Israel is not randomly shooting or bombing."

That means the killing of civilians is deliberate.

"However, every Hamas rocket is a war crime as they are deliberately and randomly targeted at civillians."

The rockets are primitive and highly inaccurate, their target is the State of Israel. Since Israeli logic dictates that the whole of Gaza must suffer for Hamas' actions then by extension the whole Israel can also suffer for the Israeli military's actions.

".....Seeing as most Israelis have to serve in the army, these civilians are temporarily out of uniform military...." So Israeli kids on the way to school are FUTURE soldiers too, yes?

First of all I was referring to the "civilians" who have already served and are still eligible to serve. Israeli logic deems that kids are threats. During the intifadas, Israeli soldiers routinely kill kids whether "armed" with stones or not. And the Israelis defended their policy of shooting kids by asserting that "stones can kill" (it's that fairy tale book again with that David and Goliath thing), and "they may be throwing stones now but when they grow up they may be throwing bombs".

FYI I don't care whether the Palestinians exterminate the Israelis or vice versa. All sides have committed atrocities and are terrorists. I'm just peeved at the one-sided reporting by most mainstream western media and the blatant unconditional support of Israel by the US when if the actions committed by Israel had been done by any other country it would have been bombed back to the Stone Age by the US already (twice in the case of Iraq).


"which states peace must be negotiated, and not imposed by Fakeistinian demands backed up by rockets and suicide bombers."

Since the PNA has renounced violence and in the absence of a partner for peace from the Israeli side, it is pursuing its aims in an entirely peaceful but different "from what the US and Israel wants" manner. It is trying to prove that once again the actions of Israel and the US are against world opinion. And again the threats from the US and Israel have started flying. This time Israel has gone further and deliberately leaked that it plans to dispose of Abbas if he goes through with his UN plans.

'It was a Jewish city long before the Fakeistinians started calling themselves "Palestinians".'

Same old argument - "thousands of years ago it was occupied by ...".

The state of Israel was brought into existence by the UN Partition Plan in 1947, so any disputes/legalities/illegalities with regards to the territories covered by that plan begins there. Not from some book proclaiming a promised land.

Anyway UN Security Council Resolution 476 states:

'Reiterates that all such measures which have altered the geographic, demographic and historical character and status of the Holy City of Jerusalem are null and void and must be rescinded in compliance with the relevant resolutions of the Security Council;'

"....- refugees have the right of return...." Which ones?

All, on both sides.

"The Jewish ones that were forced to leave Arab lands to go to Israel? I don't think they'd want to be ethnicly cleansed again."

If they don't want to return, then under UN General Assembly Resolution 194, they have the right to fair compensation for their properties/land/etc.

"The right to return is just an attempt to breed Israel into demographic destruction."

And the creation of Israel did not have a devastating demographic effect on the Arabs already living there? Why should they be made to suffer for the crimes of the Europeans?

"But the crux of the problem is too many Fakeistinians want to eradicate Israel."

Stop changing the argument, the "wants" I listed are perfectly reasonable and consistent with UN resolutions, and did not include "eradicate Israel".

"And why is it all about just what the Fakeistinians want, doesn't anyone else's opinion matter?"

It seems not. Israel and its poodle the US and in turn its poodles the EU always harp on about the right of Israel to "self defence", it doesn't matter that it's the Palestinians who are being occupied, detained, beaten, tortured, killed on a daily basis. They don't deserve the right to self defence, they are expected to take what's given to them, smile and stay quiet.

"If land for peace swaps are to be made then in theory chunks of what the Fakeistinians say is theirs and they are building on now could in theory end up as Israeli territory, which means any Fakeistinian building on them would constitute exactly the illegal settlement activity you said applied to Israel."

Let me reiterate, they are occupied lands not disputed lands. The fact that the Palestinians are willing to accept the Clinton Parameters and do land swaps as part of a final settlement (no pun intended) does not suddenly make the land disputed. It shows that the Palestinians are flexible and pragmatic and not the fanatics that most western media makes them out to be.

"Darn, doesn't it suck when your own arguments get used against you?"

It would, only if the counter argument was based on facts and not opinions.

"Authorities all over the World require you to get permits to build. It's called bureaucracy,"

When permits are freely given to settlers and indeed encouraged to build through grants, tax relief, infrastructure, and routinely denied to Palestinians it's called apartheid. Palestinian buildings constructed without permits are promptly demolished. Illegal settlements (yes illegal even in the opinion of the Israeli government) are overwhelmingly left alone and even provided with supporting infrastructure. Yes, there may be a token demolition of illegal settlements once in a while but the pace of illegal (ie no permit) settlement building far exceeds the token demolitions.

'Lovely language! I can see you're all for reconciliation and living in peace when you describe Jews as "cancer"!'

I haven't insulted you (yet) so please don't insult me. Read and understand what I wrote. Settlements != Jews.

The bits that Israel wants to keep in the West Bank effectively cuts it up into 2 or more physically separate chunks. Passage from one chunk to another would rely on Israeli goodwill. Water, being the precious resource that it is in the middle east, Israel wants "temporary" control of all the West Bank territory adjacent to the River Jordan as a "security" zone.

So the "two states living in peace side by side", would be in reality more like several Palestinian states surrounded by Israel. And yet the Palestinians assenting to it, in theory - so what more concessions does Israel want to wring out of them?

"So you're pro-Hamas then. So you also agree with their charter, including the destruction of Israel?"

Please stick to facts and do not assume.

"Abbas has commitments to reducing terrorism under the Roadmap."

And under the same Roadmap, Israel has a commitment to freeze settlement expansion (no "natural outgrowth", no nothing). So while Abbas has been trying to clamp down on the violence, Israel is busy building new settlements, and each time it announces new building works the violence spikes and Abbas has to kill some more Palestinians - it's a win win situation for Israel.

"Israel wants peaceful relations with all its neighbours"

If Israel was serious about peace then all it has to do is stop settlement activity as Abbas has requested and then peace talks can resume immediately. Abbas has made that point many times.

Israel has come to the conclusion that with unconditional US support the pros of keeping the occupied territories far outweighs the cons. That is why any time there is a danger of the resumption of the "peace process" Israel will engineer some provocation to derail it.

"whereas the Fakeistinians are under no military threat should they accept Israel's,"

I don't know whether to laugh or cry. Once upon a time they actually used ground troops and armour to wade into Palestinian areas to arrest or kill whoever they deemed required arresting or killing. But this involved risking their soldiers lives because despite what Israel would have you believe, Palestinians also have a right to defend themselves.

Nowadays Israel just use fighter jets and helicopter gunships to bomb and destroy targets in Gaza and the West Bank with total impunity. Why should Israel sue for peace when they can just bomb anybody who objects to the occupation?

"The reason the US and EU placed sanctions on Hamas was because they are a designated terrorist group."

Said the colonial powers who used terror to obtain their colonies, used terror to rule their colonies, and used terror in desperate attempts to keep their colonies. I don't care what the US or EU do with their "aid", but given their own atrocious record, to label Hamas as a terrorist organisation, but to those that matters, is considered a resistance movement, is just hypocritical in the extreme.


"Which International Law?"

The Geneva Conventions to which Israel is a signatory. It forbids many things which Israel is guilty of, some of which includes:

1) The Occupying Power shall not deport or transfer parts of its own civilian population into the territory it occupies.

* The illegal settlements in the West Bank

2) Any destruction by the Occupying Power of real or personal property belonging individually or collectively to private persons, or to the State, or to other public authorities, or to social or cooperative organizations, is prohibited, except where such destruction is rendered absolutely necessary by military operations.

Reprisals against protected persons and their property are prohibited. Under the 1949 Geneva Conventions collective punishments are a war crime. Protocol II of the Geneva Conventions makes that even more specific, however out of the signatories to the Geneva Conventions there are a few rogue nations who have not signed or ratified Protocol II, including: Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Pakistan, United States.

* Palestinians who have carried out attacks against Israel/Israelis can be certain that their homes would be demolished.

* The whole population of the Gaza Strip is being punished by Israel's blockade which prohibits the free movement of people and goods.

3) Prohibits the taking of hostages

* Palestinians detained without charge is state sponsored hostage taking

"If that were true then Israel would already have been taken to an international court by the massive number of apologist lawfare activists."

I'm glad you asked. To bring a case to the World Court (International Court of Justice), you need:

1) both parties need to be a UN member state

Surely that can't be the reason why the US (and to a lesser extent it's poodles in the EU), and Israel are vehemently opposed to Abbas' bids for more recognition in the UN?

2) for most practical purposes both parties would have to consent.

I don't think Israel would consent anytime soon.

Furthermore any judgement would require the losing party to "voluntary" enforce, else the Security Council would, in theory, be obliged to step in. But with one guaranteed veto (USA) and two near certain vetoes (UK, France) the chances of forcing Israel to comply, in the event a verdict should go against them, is zero.

As for the International Criminal Court, although the Palestinian National Authority has formally accepted the jurisdiction of the court, ICC itself is not able to determine whether the PNA qualifies as a state for the purpose of the ICC. In any case this avenue of justice has been closed to the Palestinians because although Israel signed up to the ICC it has not ratified it and has since declared that it will not ratify it and hence no longer party to the ICC. Two other rogue countries which have signed but not ratified and declared they will not ratify and hence no longer party to the ICC is the USA and Sudan, so Israel is in good company.

"if they convince/bribe enough countries to vote with them then it gets passed. Big whoop."

And you think the friends of Israel are not doing their utmost to turn the votes in favour of Israel? If richest and most powerful nations of the world (US, EU and sundry others) cannot bully enough of the small and poor nations to vote in favour of Israel, what does that tell you?

The US is forever threatening to withhold funding from the UN if it doesn't get their way.

"The dozens of resolutions passed against Israel by the Muslim-dominated Non-Alligned group (almost all despotic dictatorships with shocking civil rights abuses) sullies the name of the UN."

What sullies the name of the UN Security Council is mandatory use of their veto by the US, and to a lesser extent the UK and France, on any resolution which is, in any way, critical of Israel.

As a democracy Israel should know that however a vote turns out the losers should accept the result gracefully. The UN isn't perfect by any means but it's the only thing in town. The fact Israel has not renounced its membership must mean that it believes it's better to be in than out.

It is thanks to these "despotic dictatorships" in the Middle East that Israel is able to enjoy relative peace. And that's why the US keeps propping up these despots (the cheap oil doesn't hurt either). Let's see what happens in Egypt now that they've overthrown their "despotic dictatorship". And if the Wahhabis overthrow their despotic dictatorship in Saudi Arabia there would be even bloodshed in the middle east.

"But it is also a predictable whine from the pro-Fakeistinians, easily debunkable."

Any report, vote, ruling, finding which is unfavourable to Israel is always dismissed with contempt by Israel as "biased". How predictable.

"In practical terms it means nothing, it does not have any legal backing, and no enforceable powers. The ONLY resolutions out of the UN that do are those from the Security Council."

Even an idiot knows that that's not going to happen so long as the US has a veto. That's why as a general consensus of *world* opinion GA Resolutions are for more representative. Western media have for too long corrupted the meaning of "international", which to them means "some of North America, most of Western Europe, sometimes Japan, and sometimes a little of Australasia.

"For international law to apply, there would have to be a country that Israel was infringing upon. Seeing as the greedy Arabs turned down the UN Partition Plan in 1947, which would have the Palestinian Arab state, there is no such state, therefore the territory is not covered by the international laws you want to apply."

No country, not even the US poodle, has recognised Israel's annexation of Gaza and the West Bank. The international laws with regards to the treatment of people as set out in the Geneva Conventions certainly do apply. As for a Palestinian state, since the PLO's declaration of independence, 131 countries out of the 193 in the UN have recognised the State of Palestine. Unsurprisingly, it is mainly the "international" community, aka the old colonial powers, that have not yet extended recognition.

Anyway, UN Security Council Resolution 465 states:

'that all measures taken by Israel to change the physical character, demographic composition, institutional structure or status of the Palestinian and other Arab territories occupied since 1967, including Jerusalem, or any part thereof, have no legal validity and that Israel's policy and practices of settling parts of its population and new immigrants in those territories constitute a flagrant violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention relative to the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War and also constitute a serious obstruction to achieving a comprehensive, just and lasting peace in the Middle East'

Seems quite clear to me. And a Security Council Resolution no less, passed unanimously to boot - although "the Carter administration later explained that it had intended to abstain and that its “yes” vote was due to a “breakdown in communication” between the White House and the U.S. mission to the UN." - hilarious!

"This is the reason for the Fakeistinians' attempts to get themselves declared a state in the UN. Just so you may finally get it, there is no such state as Palestine, there never has been,"

They already are a state, and have recognition from the majority of UN members. However they are a state without a land, because Israel is occupying it. What they are trying achieve in the UN is to ideally become a member state (which is not the same as "get themselves declared a state in the UN"), but as you quite rightly point out ...

"and without the UN Security Council's agreement"

their application for full membership will not pass the bully boy vetoes of the US/UK/France and hence they are going for a more limited "non-member state" status.


@Matt Bryant

"In the 2000 Camp David Summit the Israelis made an offer that amounted to 95% of the PLO's claims and shared Jerusalem, an offer so unexpected even Bill Clinton was shocked (he described it as Barak commiting political suicide in return for peace). Arafat didn't even bother with a counter offer, he didn't negotiate, he just walked out and started the intifada."

Under international law and numerous UN resolutions:

- the West Bank and Gaza Strip are Palestinian territories illegally occupied by Israel

- furthermore the settlements in the West Bank are illegal

- Jerusalem (the whole of) belongs to the Palestinians

- refugees have the right of return

What Israel offered was far short of what international law requires and what Palestinians wanted, and indeed entitled to:

- Israel wanted to keep major settlements and obviously the requisite roads to link them back to Israel, meaning the settlements will remain a cancer in the West Bank

- Israel wanted to keep half of Jerusalem

- Israel denied the right of ALL refugees to return, instead proposed that some will be allowed to return, not to their place of origin as is their right, but to some place of Israel's choosing.

Former Israeli foreign minister Shlomo Ben who was involved in the Camp David talks puts in his book "Scars of War, Wounds of Peace: The Israeli-Arab Tragedy", "if I were a Palestinian I would have rejected Camp David as well"

'The latest example was Abbas walking out of talks claiming Israel was making "settlement expansion", despite Israel having frozen expansion for the period of the talks.'

Abbas wanted all settlement building to be stopped, period. Under international moving settlers into occupied land is illegal, period. Obama via Clinton made that position clear to Netanyahu.

But just before the talks were due to resume, in a gesture to show that the Jewish lobby in the US is stronger the President of the United States, Netanyahu announces more settlement building.

"No-one insisted on the Fakeistininas not building in contested lands in the West Bank."

They are not contested lands, they are occupied lands. The occupied should have every right to build on their own land, except that the Israelis require them to apply for permits which they regularly deny, furthermore they regularly demolish building which they say did not have the requisite permits

"The simple fact is neither of the current Fakeistinian factions want peace,"

Abbas has been acting as Israel's henchman in the West Bank, clamping down on militants and arresting people at Israel's behest, in the hope that this shows he is serious about keeping the peace and resume the "peace process". For this, he is rewarded with the scorn of his people and the derision of the Israelis who continue to build illegal settlements and continue to grab land in building their separation barrier.

"Abbas deliberately picks so-called discussion topics he already knows Israel cannot agree to so he can avoid real talks."

If it's suicide for the Israeli side return illegally occupied territories then how much more suicidal would it be for the Palestinian side to accept that Israel can keep the illegally occupied territories?

"Even if Abbas was really willing to talk peace he has no mandate as the Fakeistinians elected Hamas"

Abbas was elected president by all the people in the Gaza Strip AND the West Bank, although his mandate has long since run out because overdue elections were not held. It is the local elections in which Hamas won the majority in the Gaza Strip - which promptly resulted in a tightening of sanctions by Israel and the US because they did not like the result of an election in which Hamas won fair and square.

"Whilst the rest of the World cluelessly bankrolls Hamas and Fatah there is no reason for them to make even a pretence of wanting peace."

Whilst the US blindly supports Israel - shielding it from political, economic and military repercussions of its heinous actions in the occupied Palestinian territories - there is no reason for them to make even a pretence of wanting peace.

"The majority of Afghanistan is peaceful, it is largely the border area with Pakistan that is violent."

The world's only superpower, spending almost as much as the rest of the world put together on war, cannot beat a rag-tag army armed with kalashnikovs and primitive explosives. Maybe if they stopped killing so many civilians then their "hearts and minds" campaign might work out better.

"Indeed, the annual rate of murders in Afghanistan as a whole is less than the US's"

If indeed those figures are true then it probably says more about the US itself than the success of the US military in Afghanistan. However, given the situation in Afghanistan I would take those figures with a bucketful of salt. In any case those figures would not include those civilians killed as "collateral damage" - or worse, those civilians killed as "collateral damage" but labelled as "insurgents" (because it looks better on the reports and for future career prospects).

"If the majority of Israelis ever get tired of the war then they can vote in an appeasist government that will surrender to the Fakeistinian claims."

That implies the Israelis voted in these governments of occupation and hence are responsible for the slaughter in Gaza.

"The Fakeistinians and Lebanese have no choice - neither Hamas or Hezbollah will allow true debate and Fatah are fast becoming an irrellevance. If Arabs disagree with the stance of their rulers they usually end up dying."

If they have no choice then that implies they're not responsible, so why is Israel imposing collective punishment in Gaza? (again, illegal in international law, but again, unsurprisingly Israel flouts it)

"Which bit are you arguing with - that the Fakeistinians shoot rockets out of Gaza into Israel? That they do so at random? That they do so with the express intention of killing ISraeli civillians?"

Seeing as most Israelis have to serve in the army, these civilians are temporarily out of uniform military personnel. Israel doesn't have any qualms bombing the houses where Hamas members are living with their families knowing full well that there will be civilian casualties.

"This is more amusing seeing as the Mulsims Arabs arrived in the area with the drive of Mohammed's cult out of the Saudi peninsula long after his death, and thousands of years after Jews and Christians (and other faiths) had been living in the area."

If you believe in fairy tales then the Book of Numbers says that the land of Canaan was populated by giants and the Jews coming from the Sinai were initially afraid and refused to enter Canaan. Does it mean these giants have a stronger claim to Israel/West Bank/Gaza Strip?

Israeli deputy PM's social media hacked by pro-Palestine group


"pounding Gaza for over a week in what it claimed was a bid to target terror groups in the region that had been firing rockets at civilian targets within Israel ..."

... in retaliation for Israeli airstrikes that killed and injured Palestinian civilians ... ad nauseum

Deputy PM must have used obvious passwords, something along the lines of "jewsaretherightfulownersoftheprimosedlandandallpalestiniansareterrorists"

McAfee takes time off blogging to concentrate on being chased by police


Another earlier article said that MacAfee claimed he had already written 1 years worth of blog so even if he disappears the blog will continue to be updated.

Human Rights Watch proposes new laws of robotics


'The third concern surrounds accountability, as it's hard to apply humanitarian law to a robot or its programmer. Existing laws and remedies would therefore struggle to deliver “meaningful retributive justice”.'

Simple, the leader(s) of whichever organisation/government that deployed said robot would be held accountable.

Unfortunately, in practice, only leaders of African countries will ever have "retributive justice" meted on them.

Nokia HERE iOS maps app review


For those still looking for Luton: assuming HERE works in a similar fashion to Symbian Nokia Maps then, it orders results based on your current map view (not your current location).

"For example, Sheung Wan Station becomes Shang Huan Zhan", yeah that sucks. But as a consolation searches using romanised Cantonese, pinyin, simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese all work.

Pocket Wi-Fi hotspots paralyse Chinese metro lines


"The article could be clearer, but it seems to me that the problem is probably caused by mifi use above ground in areas of 3G reception - otherwise there's no backhaul."

Metro systems in China are relatively modern and are mobile friendly, even in tunnels.

Drone security project to go open source


"if you want peace, you must prepare for war"

Unfortunately the US has subverted this to "if you want peace, you must wage a global and continuous war"

"Cheap drone warfare will be an advantage for the underdog (guerillas / terrorsists). There's no military advantage to any western power to do this."

Tell that to Obama, he can kill whomever he wants (if he can find them) and not risk US military personnel returning home in body bags.

Put simply, with drone warfare, the people who have grown up playing video games can continue doing so while "serving" their country expect that the people they're killing halfway around the world are real, with families, loved ones, hopes and aspirations, just like most people across the world.

Taliban official's email blunder leaks 400+ contacts


"Yeah, I so don't understand why people would not want fanatical murderers moving in next door! Oh, wait a sec, could it be becasue they're fanatical murderers? D'uh!"

They could be fanatical murderers, or they might not be. Do *you* know? If the US had any *credible* evidence, not obtained using torture, then they would have tried them, long ago. The fact that they haven't been tried speaks for itself. And please do not rationalise the illegal torture and illegal detention without trial with the "the ends justifies the means" argument.

"China in particular has refused to take any of the Urghars captured in Afghanistan."

On the contrary, China would love to take them back so they could learn from them about "US style enhanced interrogation techniques" by applying some "enhanced interrogation techniques with Chinese characteristics".

"That's bad news (no pun intended), because in war-torn Afghanistan, targeted attacks on journalists are commonplace."

So the implication is that these journalists should watch their backs because now they're on the Afghan and US hitlist for aiding and abetting terrorists?

Skype IDs hijackable by ANY FOOL who knows your email address

Big Brother

Whenever signing up for these things I always give the least amount of information where possible, and fill in fake details wherever needed. That's probably why both my skype accounts only have username/password associated with them.

China strikes blow for property rights, British move to collectivism


Re: "China's new copyright law will make it illegal to profit commercially from an orphan work"

"Meaning people who choose to write their critiques of the government anonymously cannot publish without their names being known to the government anyway ..."

I'm sure the government already has the means (legal or otherwise) to "persuade" the publisher to disclose the real identity of "anonymous" authors without having to go through the hassle of making a new copyright law.

In any case publishers' have their own self-censorship policy such that any work which does get published would at worst result in a ban and maybe a fine (as opposed to the author being hunted down and executed after a "trial").

Critiques whose works are really sensitive and are fearful of government retribution already publish in HK or other jurisdictions.

Some also publish in english, which the government deem less threatening.

EU proposed emergency alert system won't work on iPhone


Re: No better "expert" available??

"though I expect Apple (...) will see it as an opportunity to sell you a newer bit of bling."

And don't forget their obligatory patent.

Kim Dotcom's Mega pops up AGAIN, now in New Zealand


Re: Let's hope he never tries to sell a paid model.

'So much for people sprouting the virtues of the cloud being "you never lose your data".'

Technically, "the cloud" loses the data for you so you don't have to do it yourself.

Even a CHILD can make a Trojan to pillage Windows Phone 8


Re: I suppose

"And as to Linux - that's about as bad as it gets. For instance SUSE 10, over 3,500 known vulnerabilities. Hence why internet facing Linux servers are much more likely to be exploited than Windows servers."

If you know anything about Linux distributions then you would know that most distributions maintain a repository of thousands of non-core OS programs - only a fraction of which are needed to be installed to function as an "internet facing Linux server".

Your homework is to work out which programs are required in an "internet facing Linux server" and tally up the corresponding vulnerabilities and come back with a figure much lower than "over 3,500".

Apple kicked out of China smartphone top 5 by, er, Yulong and pals


"Yet they claim that those who purchase a minority product are sheep."

Sheep being a herd animal tend to follow other sheep. This tendency to follow other sheep does not depend on the sheep being in a majority.

@diadomraz: You're probably looking at their english-language website which has a copyright notice dated 2008-2010 (which probably suggests it hasn't been updated since 2010) and interestingly is hosted on a dot cn domain. Their chinese-language website (hosted on a dot com domain) lists android based models, and they've future proofed it by having a copyright notice dated 2012-2020.

China blocks all Google services as new leader anointed


Be thankful

that they're not forcing the rest of the world to block google. Unlike when the US doesn't like something (eg Iran's alleged nuclear weapons program) it tries to force the rest of the world to follow US policy.

Microsoft promises two-step IE fix


Grikkies' Law ...

"1^6 lines of code can never be secure"

If they can't even secure 1 line of code then they shouldn't be in the software business.

Facebook set to file motion: Will blame NASDAQ for IPOcalpyse


Re: A fast market or just a fast one?

"Finally all of Wall Street will be devoured by the cost of legal proceedings."

That would be great except that that would mean the lawyers profit. Even better would be if Wall Street and lawyers mutually devour each other.

Chinese and US military square off for cyber war games


Re: Chinese selective historical memory

"but didn't the US help free China from Japanese imperialism?"

If by help you mean the US support for the Kuomintang then no. While the Communists were busy fighting the Japs the Kuomingtang were busy trying to exterminate the Communists. It took the kidnapping of the Kuomingtang leader Chiang Kai-shek to force them to agree to fight the Japs. And the Kuomingtang were notorious for being soldiers by day and looters by night.

Student's Linux daemon 0-day triggers InfoSec Institute outcry


Re: where the buck stops

Actually MS does hold themselves responsible for any manufacturing defects in the installation media which they will guarantee for 180 days (or something). That's good to know when you're reinstalling Windows for the *$#^%! time.

Female Chinese astronauts must have no scars, straight teeth


Re: Maffs?

From wikipedia:

"As of 2011, fifty-five women have flown in space, out of 525 total space travellers."

so 2 out of 7 is more equal than the world average so far.

Victorian Taxi Directorate exposes 400+ email addresses


What? Not a "computer" error?

At least they are honest and did not try to blame it on a "computer" error.

China’s handset-makers plan home-grown platforms


Re: Idiots...

Don't forget that the average US consumer could buy lots more with their shrinking incomes than they could 20 years ago all because of the millions of Chinese workers toiling away in the factories.

Samsung and LG hit with MASSIVE price fixing fine


Re: Most Major Corporations Do This

The heads of more than one of South Korea's chaebols have seen the inside of a jail. But they never seem to serve out their sentences and on release they are promptly reinstated.

Mobile banking security bypassed in fiendish malware blag


Re: Just as well I don't use Online Banking

"What is it with IT guys behaving like utter luddites and not being able to deal with change?"

I wonder if these luddites are the same group as those who rush to be the first to post a comment on any mobile phone review saying "All I want is a phone that can make and receive calls". Bloody annoying sods should go out and buy a phone already.

Chinese tech firms fingered for military collaboration


"unlike the USA, France, uk etc, China is a nuclear powered dictatorship ..."

Authoritarian maybe but not a dictatorship.

"... with a stated territorial claim on a neighbouring democracy."

Are you saying only "democracies" are allowed to have territorial claims on their neighbours - or anywhere for that matter?

The same democracies like the USA who since WWII have started and have been involved in more wars than the rest of the world put together. They have destablised, overthrown and invaded more countries than the rest of the world put together. Their spending on "defence" is close to half of the global total.

The same democracies like the UK and France who violated the UN resolution 1973 on the "no fly" zone over Libya to pursue their agenda of overthrowing the Libyan government. The same France who helped draft the 1973 resolution and voted for it and subsequently went on to violate it by supplying arms to the rebels and bandits. The same UK who helped draft the 1973 resolution and voted for it and subsequently went on to violate it by supplying "boots on the ground" in the form of "military advisors".

"Were Mr Butler alive today, the only thing he would have to do is widen the definition of «war»to encompass «cyberwar»"

No need since the US recently declared that any "cyber" attack on "critical" infrastructure would be seen as a declaration of war.

Cyber snoopers target NATO commander in Facebook attack


Maybe facebook could learn from the Chinese government and implement "real name" registration. Of course "James Stavridis" would have to prove that he is the same "Admiral James Stavridis" who is the "Supreme Allied Commander Europe" by providing facebook with his Nato login credentials.

EU competition chief threatens patent war smackdown


@Majid: "So the EU threatens companies on a 10 percent revenue tax on rules they make up themselves?"

Not much different from the US making up rules imposing penalties against other countries/non-US companies that do business with people the US deems "evil". It has long abused its dominant economic status to bully other countries. And if economic bullying doesn't do the job quick enough they have no qualms about using their dominant military status to speed things up.

Google Wallet PIN security cracked in seconds


@P. Lee

Your wallet would most likely contain stuff other than cash which would be a PITA if it got lost. Granted a modern phone would probably contain a lot of sensitive/private stuff and would also be a PITA (of a different kind) if it got lost. However, I for one, would be more likely to forget my wallet than my phone when I go out.

Hong Kongers protest over end to all-you-can-eat tariffs



It's actually a mis-transliteration of 'busy corner' in the local dialect. The real transliteration is "Wong Kok" - actually "Wong Gok" would be more accurate - anyway, legend has it the that person responsible for putting up the sign with the road name hung the W upside down hence Mong Kok. In a similar vein there's a road in Hong Kong called "Rednaxela Terrace", which again legend has it that the person responsible for putting up the sign inadvertently reversed the order of the letters.

Kenyan startup claims Google 'scalped' its data after staging a STING


@So I hope Google gets its coporate asses handed to them in court and will pay A LOT...

The chances are that "A LOT..." to mere mortals is petty cash to Google, and soon they will come to realise, what Microsoft have known and practiced for decades, that crime does pay.

India threatens to block Google, Facebook and chums


Lazy Indians ...

Instead of asking others to do their dirty work, they should do it themselves - like the Chinese government does.

US military's non-lethal weapon plans revealed


@laird cummings

"Saudi Arabia wants us involved. And Korea wants us involved. And Tiawan wants us involved. And the UAE wants us involved."

I like your choice of countries. Saudi Arabia is a hardly a model of democracy and freedom, when women there have less rights than those of Iran's. Saudi Arabian women aren't allowed to drive or even work and hence are forced to buy their undies from salesMEN. Meanwhile in Iran, a country derided in the western media as a repressive country, women have the right to vote and be voted for. South Korea and Taiwan were run by sometimes brutal military dictatorships (propped by the US of course) until their people had enough and demanded democracy, which they both got, peacefully, thankfully, despite the US influence. UAE is a slightly less repressed version of Saudi Arabia.

But this is besides the point. There is no need for you to justify why the US is involved, it will involve itself when it thinks it has something to gain (or something to lose if it doesn't get involved) regardless of domestic law, international law, morals, ethics, the views of the host country's people or ruling clique, or world opinion.

Nokia Ace to launch from $100m mountain of ad cash


On their current trajectory, Nokia would most likely be gone before they finish spending that $100m.

Yahoo! may! never! see! a! penny! of! $610m! anti-spam! win!


@Fractured Cell

Of course they do. Just take a look at the case of Viktor Bout. None of his alleged crimes were committed, or to be carried out, on US soil. But still:

"He was convicted in November 2011 of conspiracy to kill Americans and US officials, delivering anti-aircraft missiles, and aiding a terrorist organisation.

His trial heard that Bout had been told the weapons would be used to kill US pilots working with Colombian officials."

Furthermore the US case rests on the results of a sting and entrapment operation.

Old folks' phones set to take over from nurses


Yes, Text based messages.

Read the first post. An app could crash. Hopefully the server sending the text messages wouldn't. Or if it does, someone would reboot it. In any case this is for dumbphones, not "smartphones" so no installable app.

HipLogic tries to fan mobile spark

Thumb Down

adware sponsered spyware

"Once our platform is installed we know everything that happens on that phone," - no thanks.

Amazon blames hardware – not hackers – for European outage


Mastercard and friends

The attacks were on their websites not their payment gateways infrastructure.

Nokia patents touch-tastic NFC operator leapfrog



Despite jokes about the jesus phone etc, the Reg are devout iphone worshippers and will mention it at any opportunity possible.

Why Microsoft is Acorn and Symbian is the new CP/M


Faulty analogy and analysis

The competing OS's of yesteryear were basically incompatible with each other so when one OS reached a critical mass it will dominate because everybody wants to be "compatible".

The OS in today's mobiles provides:

a) the ability to call and talk with other phones and send/receive SMS

b) the ability to go online and do your email/surfing/etc

No matter what OS your phone has you can still call and talk to other phones.

No matter what OS your phone has you can still do internetty stuff.

Because of this interoperability (real one not MS's version) the likelyhood of any one OS completely dominating the market is slim.

Chinese ISP hijacked US military, gov web traffic


Re: Encrypt it all

"With the cost of SSL certs cheap, no website should unencrypted."

Certs may be cheap, but using SSL increases CPU used and leads to global warming.

"I've also stopped visiting sites that don't have a signed certificate."

That means you only visit your own site? since 99.99999999% of the web doesn't use SSL.

Google leaves sites in dark over October demotions


Using Yahoo as alternative?

@Anonymous Coward

Using Yahoo as an alternative to Google is flawed:

Yahoo's search does not give clear links in its results, you have to go through their de-URL-fier and get them to redirect you to the link you want.

Yahoo's webmail sucks compared to gmail, plus they don't have pop/imap access on /all/ accounts.

Microsoft waves Frand at Motorola

Gates Horns

MS's frand

Didn't MS used to (or still?) have a "FRAND" policy whereby they charge PC manufacturers for a copy of the OS whether or not a machine shipped with an OS?

Feds asked to probe Google's leaky search terms

Big Brother

Read before commenting

Read the actual complaint (conveniently linked to in the article) before commenting. The complainant "is a Washington, DC based Graduate Fellow at the Center for Applied Cybersecurity Research at Indiana University, and a Ph.D. Candidate in the School of Informatics and Computing at Indiana University." and he does mention how to get the major browsers to stop sending the http referrer info (in this case "major browsers" does NOT include IE and Safari).

More interesting is:

"For more than ten years, Google has tracked the links that users click on from the search results page. During the search engine’s first few years, this was done by redirecting all clicks from the search engine results page through a script on Google’s servers, before then redirecting the users’ browser to the server hosting the content they actually wished to view."

That's something that's news to me. I stopped using Yahoo way back when they started obscuring the search results making you click on yahoo links which then redirect you to the target website. Anyway before I started using Firefox and the refcontrol addon I had always copy+paste the cleartext links that Google provide in their results - which is a good thing if the above claim is true.



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