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IFPI wants another stab at OiNK



stop using the word freetard.

just because people get something for free doesnt give you the right to call them retards.

offensive trolls like you make me not want to use the reg at all...

BitTorrenters seek sanctuary in Pirate Bay


burn in hell for retardation

It pisses me off when people bring god into this like he'd give a testicle whether i shared the latest greenday song. Its immoral to use god to justify your greed and selfishness. In fact id go as far to say its blasphemous to put fear in people hearts, to satisfy your own agenda.

Sharing is that, sharing, its not consumerism, its not theft, its sharing.

IP is an idea which someone has proposed to "own". This idea to me sounds impractical as no one "owns" anything. There is no godly right to ideas. They are that ideas. And music is an idea. imagine if someone had copyrighted the "C" Chord in music!!

Its just this .. watch "steal this movie II" its on the pirate bay it is great. Show ed how people tried to ban the book! Based on the assumption it was the devils work and people shouldn't be allowed to share information.

Its gutless greedy imperial to say that one "owns" a lyric, chord formation or even an image.

We need to change our worldly perspective and embrace a practical new application of law and though for IP. As using god to delivery your sentiment doesn't cut it any more.

3 drags rivals into court over number porting


porting helling.

I was on t-mobile, and they keep on "messing up" my number port. In the end i gave up and just choose a new number...

Does make you think though, how many "mistakes" companies like this should be tolerated?

Its ofcoms job to make it a competitive market, where customers hold the power, over the network not the other way around./

Sheet music site forced offline


Boo as usual

I don't agree with Record comapnies squeezing as much as possible out of cinsumers, just to fill their own pockets. The internet has alloed sharing of scores. Now if they provided an alternative to spending £15 on a small score book then there wouldnt be a problem. Alot of stores don't sell what the customer is looking for. The record companies need to provide electronic equivilants for a reasnable price.Iam tired of these comapnies bullying people, who arnt in it for ripping off, or even makning money. But just want to share music for the masses, who can learn and pass music on to others.

The record comapnies nned to get things ion order before they alienate the very crowd who are normqally their customers.

Pump-and-dump scammers debut MP3 spam



the cake is a lie.

Google updates desktop for Linux


Ex Pat, M$ Lapdog?

I think some people just like evoking reactions.

Maybe they are depressed at being a fat, nerdy, boring, troll, so they try and take it out on Linux folk. Linux has nothing to do with geeks any more. I installed it easily, just finding bit torrent difficult to use on it./...Other wise 1000's of free programs for practically any need out there (office to scanning software).

Ex Pat don't worry. One day you'll have enough spare time in your busy schedule to try something new.

Oh wait, you can do that right now!

RIAA hits paydirt: wins first music-sharing jury trial


Money can't buy me love

Oh yes the 6 record companies will feel the love of the public for this.

100,000 pounds for sharing a small section of songs.



She's not exactly terrorist hacking mom. This punishment doesn't fit the crime.


Boo jury for letting this happen.

Boo indeed.

Hackers hit back at iPhone update


i get it

So customer break the warranty that means Apple can break your phone.

Makes total sense.

3 Ireland's broadband stumbles to its knees



Pete what is the name of this £5 a month package?

all i can find is Flexible Data which has a no monthly fee plus 1 pound a MB :S:S:S

or £20 a month plus 12.5p a MB (business)

doesnt seem great to me.

Sounds like the infra structure sucks in Ireland.

And if i was on a plan which provided a service that fals to work. Id leave that plan... even if it had a contract (it seems to be in conflict with TOA not providing a service..)

Microsoft delivers critical fixes for Windows, IE and Excel


twist panties in.

i want to try linux again.

Ms peeps can use ms. and it can be free (cracked)... or paid for, to allow updates.

People take it really personally. (why??? its bill who should take it personally)

i did cry abit inside though when he called everyone a Ms Luser. It was quite witty though...

emotion seem to bring out the best vernacular in people.

Google and Sun tag team MS Office



parh i have used ms product for years.... But this is the way of the future. Again google worrying give everything away for free.

But lifes too short to worry and MS are getting old.

I have tried open office fundermently it does everything one needs, unless you really HAVE to have certain items. But most of world dont...

viva google.

FCC opens up US wireless spectrum


to google or not to google?

yep id rather have google than any traditional telcom.

Their not completely about profit, new ideas, information is the new profit..

Viva google.

BBC iPlayer launches, but with limited viewer reach


anyone tried it yet?

just wondering? Its seems counter intuitive to put Digital restrictive management on ... as we are allowed by law to make a private copy, for an undisclosed period of time, ie like in the good ol days of VCRs... i pay for content so i should be able to watch it within an unrestricted content whenever on what ever platform i choose...

'They threw my laptop into the atmosphere'



13k worth of "mission-critical P3-class CPU can cost that much, and a crate of those disappearing isn't a big deal at all..."

i wish i worked at NASA i would have an uber PC.


Good to see misappropriation, come on its only 94 Million dollars...

i was wondering where all the taxes went. And now i know.

sH*T hot, laptops. (Literally burning up)

AllofMP3.com owner faces jail time


well said greg, free emails?!

Greg made a valid point and one that i considered...Phine calls should be free, The internet is allowing us to achieve VoIP, and if companies like orange/ BT owned the internet, can you imagine.... ? 10 p per 1kb of data, we currently pay 10p for a txt, just a small piece of data.... With wimax on the horizon they must be nervous.. i agree it costs money to create the structure, but only a certain amount and wth the billion made yearly i think they may have covered this expense (looking at BT). Its a joke really, i remeber browing on my mobile phone, being asked whether i wanted to pay a subscription to access sport "pictures". Its just the capitialist way of making a dime from whatever one can and exorting as much as possible, by controlling access... Artist should be paid, get rid of the middle men, and compensate the arist diorectly through their own websites (,mp3s sales or even concert tickets maybe even webcasts from their own home!) With the advent of youtube and open access internet (unlimited 24/7 access) the way business is done is changing. and it would be nice to see everything free or incorprated into taxes or monthly subcription fees. People contributing because not that they be paid but because they can (Blogs, webcasts, vlogs, amature artists on youtube) Arists can still make money they just need to find different avenues to do it... roll on wind of change (just dont cross your eyes)..

T-Mobile in court over Truphone call blocks


who decides market rate?

Jags, truphone is a geniune business, its an idiotic statement to imply they are not, based on the lack of knowledge you pertain too. Truephone and "whatever" how you equivalently put it... are more competitive than the cartel that the current mobile market seems to have surcome too.

iam all for people making money , but this is about greedy and over extented use of current power....

The internet makes it simple to make cheaper and free calls. And Iam ashamed to say i was a T-mobile customer (they charged pounds for minutes of international calls).