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Fasthosts goes titsup after storm-induced power outage


Action Group due to Fasthosts Non-Contingency Plan??

I would imagine that a company of this size should have to have a responsible and assured contingency plan should their ever be a power out. I am personally not happy with the replies I have been given from Fasthosts, and feel that responsibility is being shrugged off. They have told me that my hard drive is corrupt and I can now not mount this drive to the server, in order to recover the data. This they are blaming on me, rather than their recent issues. It would be interesting to know what other peoples experiences are in light of this recent issue......

If I can ask everyone here, if it has an effect on their business and revenue, and if so, would anyone be interested in setting up an action group with the potential of legal action to be brought against them. If you would have interest in this, and have been affected in any way, then please do contact me at your earliest convenience.


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