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Google TV transplants Android on Intel



Missed the point on the pricing - Logitech kit is generally higher end and I would expect other cheaper boxes to come out that match more closely the apple price tag.

First Samsung Android phone out next week



Had a HTC Magic on Vodafone for 3 months now and absolutely love it. The Samsung sorts out the only negative points in the magic - the crap camera and 3.5mm jack. Yes the battery life does only last a day if you spend all your time surfing the web, using Sat-Nav, finding the nearest local cinema/restaurant etc but if you use it as a phone it'll last 2-3 days at least. The touchscreen is a joy to use, as is Android and the marketplace offers you hundreds of programs to waste your time playing with. Best thing is the Magic fits more nicely in the pocket than an iphone, noka n97 or any other smartphone I know of. Either wait for the samsung or get a magic, I don't think you'll be disappointed!.

Advent 4213 HSDPA 3G-enabled netbook


4211 v 4213

Why the better test scores for the 4213 as opposed to the 4211 - seem identical in terms of hdd,ram,cpu?

T-Mobile joins 3 UK in prepaid mobile broadband race

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Time limits on a data package?

Data packages in the ISP market are measured in GB not time. While time is fine for the mobile pre-pay voice market it might not go down very well for data based packages. Let's say £10 for 1gb in a month would go day alot better than £2 a day or £20 unlimited for 30 days. Let's face it, unlimited isn't unlimited anyway.

3's contract rates are cheaper anyway.

David Blaine tw*tdangle ends in controversy

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You can't really do much about gravity, pretty hard to swallow upwards and it might of been amusing to see him do his toilet stuff upside down. Maybe Blaine could do us a favour and just be a street magician. Failing that, maybe jumping out of an aeroplane without a parachute should be his next stunt...

Ray Winstone joins Mel Gibson at the Edge of Darkness


Rehash for america?

Does that mean the heroes won't die as in the original...

Sky ices Picnic, blames Ofcom


oh dear...

As much as I would love to see sky movies/sport on terrrestrial tv I can't help feeling the only people to benefit would be sky. More subs via freeview isn't going to make sky offer a more competitive product.

That said topup tv's offerring isn't very good, so sky can feel a little aggreived. Ofcom really are pants and haven't exactly been proactive in the tv/telecoms world....

C&W orders up base stations for Tesco


Mobile network?

With the hundreds of stores littered around the UK, you'd thought Tesco would have looked into setting up it's own mobile masts and buying a chunk of the spectrum. Now that would be interesting for the consumer...

Google Android just five weeks away?


Do all that stuff already

i use gmail calendars and igoogle from my n95 on my 3 mobile account. If that is android then i already have it.

Microsoft to kill Windows with 'web-centric' Midori?


trying to beat google to the punch?

Sounds alot like google docs. If so, they'll have to speed it up 10-fold! As a google docs user I have to wait for even the simple things to be to be done, like moving across a spreadsheet page for instance. ISP's are having a pretty hard time with bt/ofcom forcing them to pay over the odds for infrastructure and bbc's iplayer sucking up bandwidth (and margins) - so I don't think MS OS Cloud will really fly.

Would they not be better off taking a cut down version of XP and giving it away for free (supported by advertising via a compulsory MS Homepage) with the option of paid for add-ons available for download off the net (ie. cut down office, specialist drivers or enhanced support for business).

MS are obviously trying to look for a freebie internet product that will generate vast amounts of advertising revenue and eventually allow them to charge for more sophisticated versions of the product. Sound familiar?

Are the ice caps melting?


Global Warming in Leeds

Since the last Global warming article, the weather in Leeds has if anything got worse. As far as I'm concerned global warming can only exist when I have to put my shorts on in the summer time.

Apple to announce handheld games console at WWDC?


think about it...

What is the biggest thing currently happening in the computer world at the moment (or one of them anyway) - subnotebooks...

When is everyone launching a subnotebook (dell, acer, msi etc) - JUNE. When is the intel atom available - JUNE.

Lets think about it - a fast expanding market tech market without apple?

they would be stupid not to release a subnotebook...

Is the earth getting warmer, or cooler?

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Global warming if only...

Having moved up from London to Leeds and endured the most god awful miserable 7 month winter in my living memory (sat was the first time the temperature reach 16c e august!) I'm inclined to believe NASA are cooking the books.

Another reason is you need concensus on what is going on and if 2 satellites (when they are not on TomTom duty directing people into rivers) and the met office say nothing is really going on then 3-1 does it for me.

EVEN IF.. NASA were right then I don't think caring about the environment and sticking solar panels/wind farms up is a bad thing compared to coal fired power stations causing acid rain in scandanavia.

I might finally get some bloody decent temperatures up north!

Mystery HDD maker orders kit to build monster-capacity drives


Benefits for flash?

Forgive my ignorance, but can this technology be used to up the capacity of flash media. Now that would be exciting...

Windows Vista update 'kills' USB devices


Linux users read this...

I have an eee pc bought a week ago. I have spent most of the week trying to install a program, any program! The package manager only works on 2 repositories out of 6 I have tried and I can't install programs I do know about - all after spending hours surfing google for scraps of information!

Don't even think of trying to install something of the net - rpm/tar.gz - wtf! -what version of linux do I have - oh it's a debian/xandross/asus hybrid and nobody really knows what can be installed from where safely!

I can't run nokia pc suite because no version exists for linux - stopping me from using my n95 as a modem and limiting my eee's portability.

Great! - linux may boot in 40 seconds but isn't much use to us normal people without the functionality and ease of use we have come to expect.

Any wonder I'm re-installing xp next week....

CPW broadband targets feel the crunch


Bloody city analysts....

really not sure what the fuss is about. Ignoring the pointless credit crunch remark - let's face it how can it explain several months of trading? - carephone is still pulling in 100k new broadband punters, which plenty of ISP's aren't doing. Another thing to remember is this product isn't marketed heavily outside the CPW stores, mainly because it's a budget product with a tight budget. So 4% growth on your bb base doesn't sound so bad unless your a stupid city analyst who thinks 20k less bb members than forecast is really that significant in a company generating billions of pounds revenue...

Elonex £99 Eee PC rival to arrive in June

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£10 or a decent processor?

if they can take a tenner off the price for the june wait, then why can't insert a decent processor instead and give the eee some decent competition....

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and another thing.

another great british cock-up...

announce the product and then make the public wait 3 months for the thing, by which time they''d bought eee's or every other manufacturer will have something better in the market place...

why can't we ever do anything properly...

BT gets EU backing to raise (and cut) wholesale broadband prices


and of course BT have never made any money from LLU.....

BT's poor wholesale division, they've only had to install 4m odd LLU lines from competitors and take revenue from each line for rental/installs/moves/ceases. oh dear, they must be struggling....

Funny how they've been cutting the per customer element of IPStream wholesale prices in it's biggest 1000+ exchanges for more than 2 years now. It's approx £2-3 cheaper to have an IPStream line in London compared to most rural areas anyway. so I don't know what this ruling really does and I'm not sure you'll see BT suddenly start dropping the prices of it's favourite cash cow anymore than it has already.

Maybe the EU/ofcom could get off their arses and do something pro-active like make BT install fibre with all those millions it makes each year....

London Congestion Charge becomes CO2 tax


Rich people wouldn't be seen dead in an old car...

been said already but how many rich people would been seen in a 7 year old car? So red ken screws the working class he supposedly loves....

Worked in london and the number of women attempting to drive 4x4 to school and back beggars belief and it sounds like they'll still get away with it based on these proposals.

Easier solution is to base the congestion/co2 charge on vehicle weight and co2 performance. You'll get most of the Chelsea tractors this way and a few city fat cats hopefully!

ISPs demand record biz pays up if cut-off P2P users sue


Mssing the point

I'm sure ISP's can traffic shape p2p to 1kbps per sec or less and render P2P virtually unusable, they have ways and means to do this because it helps make there networks more cost effective (working on the assumption P2P contributes heavily to bandwidth).

So ISP's really wouldn't want to start collecting logs on who did what where and waste huge amounts of time and effort chasing a few illegal downloaders, when a simplier solution already exists.

The only people this benefits is the record industry who really ought to be coughing up for it. I suspect the cost of investigating isp customers would cost more than the actual money they'd recoup...

SanDisk readies 43-nanometer NAND Flash bash


Bring it on...

I'll agree with everyone else, sooner we get high capacity flash chips (I'm talking 64-250-500gb) the better.

We can finally stop pouncing around with HD-DVD Blueray thingy , 3.5inch hard disks etc and put our entire movie/music collections (legally obtained of course) onto a little flash card to play on our portable media players - accept ipod users who will have to pay to convert everything via itunes drmware and wait 5 years for decent size overpriced product....

London man coughs to 172mph Porsche jaunt


Renault 5 GTI...

We had a department company car, a renualt 5 GTI. I drove it once and it scared the shit out of me as I accelerated in 2nd gear only to find I was doing 80 down the A4.

I can see easily how someone could do 172mph on a nice straight piece of road, but wouldn't he scared shitless - even in a porsche.

Some people have more money than brains!

Sony says no to Euro PS3 price cut


Listen to market forces

Simple solution - don't buy a PS3. All Sony (and any other company) cares about is volume and profits. Less PS3's sold will mean less profitable games sold.

I wouldn't hang around for a price drop anytime soon, do you think Sony care about their customers? Buy an xbox360 or Wii and teach Sony a lession...