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Um, I'm not that Gary, American man tells Ryanair after being sent other Gary's flight itinerary

The Corner of Moron

I feel Gary's pain a little.

I have a guy who presumably has the .com equivalent of my .co.uk address (although I don't actually know this).

From the emails I receive, he appears to own a Vauxhall, be a member of various motor clubs and does karate!

I do wonder if he ever thinks "why don't I ever get emails from *insert sender*?"

Or maybe he doesn't want said emails, so used an address that wasn't his on purpose?


Pasta-covered cat leads to kid night operator taking apart the mainframe

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Re: Click bait


Nice cat pun! ;0) I laughed so hard I nearly "chat" myself.......

.......I'm getting it, I'm getting it!

iPhone XS: Just another £300 for a better cam- Wait, come back!

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Re: 6 -> XS

Indeed, I'm very happy with my XS after upgrading from a 7.

My battery life is great, I used to plug in my phone every night but don't bother with the XS, knowing a little Car Play juicing on the commute will keep it chugging along nicely.

Since the XR came out however (and seems to be so good for £250 less than my XS) I was kicking myself a little bit for splashing out.

I think that the sheer size of the XR would have been too much for me though, the XS is pretty much as hefty as I want a phone to be.

So yeah, a XR would have been more than enough phone for my use, but I'm a happy XS customer.

Fast food, slow user – techie tears hair out over crashed drive-thru till

The Corner of Moron

Last week it was 'Timmy' now it's 'Ronald'.

I'm loving the pseudonyms!

Abracadabra! Tales of unexpected sysadmagic and dabbling in dark arts

The Corner of Moron

Gal, not guy.

I'm guessing Ms Hill gets the credit there.

Kudos to you for spotting it though, that one totally passed me by.

=Bank Holiday Pint

Windows Update borks elderly printers in typical Patch Tuesday style

The Corner of Moron


For anyone with this issue reading this, the problem patches are actually KB4048954 for Windows 10 and KB4048957 for Windows 7.

Now I have to get back to work............many, MANY updates to roll back today!

Firefox doesn't need to be No 1 – and that's OK, 'cos it's falling off a cliff

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Re: Finally!

It is mine also, that makes a grand total of three people I know using it.

Hands up everyone!

Blighty bloke: PC World lost my Mac Mini – and trolled my blog!

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Re: Why oh why

Did you actually get some thermal paste? I asked the shop floor grunts where it was and they told me they didn't sell it. I'm not certain he knew what is was.

My best PC World story is when I needed a PS/2 keyboard (a few years back now).

Me: "Excuse me mate, do you sell PS/2 keyboards or just USB?"

Grunt: "errr.....just USB I think, let me check with someone"

Senior Grunt "No we don't have PS/2 keyboards, it's all PS3 now really isn't it?"


Me: "Ok Thanks" (swift retreat)

Being a PC World store I didn't think I'd need to spell out the fact that I was talking about an interface port.

I no longer assume.

Microsoft touts next Windows 10 Creators Update: It's set for a Fall

The Corner of Moron

My Windows Wish-List...

...contains one thing, just one.

I really wish MS would offer the option to restore windows/apps when logging in, so I can log off/reboot/shut down with them all open and then have my PC log me back on to exactly where I was.

The times I have to start from scratch when Windows wants a reboot, it'd be great if it restored it all for me.

macOS does it and I love it.

Personally I'd swap this simple feature for all the mixed reality guff they're including.

It is nice to see a continuity-like feature creeping into Windows though for cross device work.

The Corner of Moron

Possibly, that's implied.

Huawei P10 and P10 Plus: Incremental improvements but a few annoyances

The Corner of Moron

Re: Shrinking the image?

Methinks this is probably a temporary 'toggle' feature allowing you to access the screen parts that one hand otherwise could not reach.

Likely the same thing that Apple does with a double-tap of the home button to bring the entire display down to the bottom of the phone, only with the whole screen still visible.

I have reasonably sized man hands but can't reach to the top right of my iPhone's without adjusting my grip.

Do I want a smaller phone because of this?


More movie and TV binge-streaming sites join UK banned list

The Corner of Moron

Re: Fix content availability and usability, and "piracy" will mostly disappear

I agree with the sentiment, but in the case of Channel 4 it's not entirely the same.

I believe that Channel 4 don't operate for profit per se, instead ploughing anything they make back into programming.

However, as they don't receive any license fee money as the BBC do, I guess they feel the need to add extra ads to their site.

Still don't like it, just how it is.

Humans – 1 Robots – 0: Mercedes deautomates production lines

The Corner of Moron

I for one, welcome our new human overlor....ah wait...

HPE's London boozer dubbed the 'Hewlett You Inn?'

The Corner of Moron

Re: Brilliant

That's a frankly terrible pun... have an upvote!

Prudish Indian censors cut James Bond Spectre snogging scenes

The Corner of Moron

...and elephants. There should be more elephants.

Caption this: WIN a 6TB Western Digital Black hard drive with El Reg

The Corner of Moron

Ah dammit man, you beat me to it!

The Corner of Moron

Sonny's Aibo Beta was progressing more slowly than he'd hoped.

WIN a 6TB Western Digital Black hard drive with El Reg

The Corner of Moron

Mary's after-market webcam that PC World fitted was becoming a pain in the neck.

BT inks deal with Williams F1 for go-faster cloudy goodness

The Corner of Moron

I love the fact that the Reg can't write and article about BT without adding the line 'One Time National/State Telco'.

'tis like Bacon and Eggs or my neighbour's PC and dust bunnies.

You just can't have one without the other!

You have a 'simple question'? Well, the answer is NO

The Corner of Moron

Re: I blame the T-Shirt

My company used to buy blue shirts with yellow embroidered logos on for all it's staff.

I lost count of the times I'd been shopping in Ikea after work and was accosted by EVERYONE asking everything from "Where are there more of these lamps?" "Where are the toilets?" "Where is the exit?"

Like everyone who enters Ikea....I can answer none of these questions.

You don't have to be mad to work at Apple but....

The Corner of Moron

Re: Eagles

Either that or a massive sign saying "Welcome To Royston Vasey!"

You are here => Earth is in 'the suburbs' of an immense heaven

The Corner of Moron

Re: Giant Sugarlumps!

Perhaps if someone expressed it in terms of London Buses, we could all visualise it?

Apple fanbois to talk at the iWatch, INSPECTOR GADGET style – report

The Corner of Moron

Re: Boring...

Can we wait until the device actually arrives before slagging of its tardiness?

Sometimes it's more fashionable to be late to the party!

Apple, Beats and fools with money who trust celeb endorsements

The Corner of Moron

Re: A fool and his money are easily parted.

Not seen this site before...

"Sonic Tonic Anti-static Spray" - WHERE CAN I GET SOME????

Sony seeks mojo reboot with 147-inch 'honey-you-can't-afford-me' 4K home projector

The Corner of Moron

Re: Nice. Very nice, but...

.....they have a dog.

The Corner of Moron

OTT maybe, but still very cool.

4K is not only good for video but exceptional for still images.

Imagine having a high quality projection of your favourite artwork sitting on your wall and having it change to another painting every hour or so.

Like one of those crappy digital photo frames only waaaaaayyyyy cooler.


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