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New Windows 10 will STAGGER to its feet, says Microsoft OS veep

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News at eleven

W10 will be a piece of turd, like all W-s. They have always been, more (XP, W7) or less (W3.0, NT4, Vista, W8) usable. And yet, the world and sundry will buy, pay, use it. Because, let's face it, this world of us simply runs on it. Our (office) data can best be handled with its sub-optimal Office Suite.

What else to say?

Angry Birds to angry words: Rovio flings 14% of its staff out the door

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I luv AB and have been doing so for 2.5 years

AND I have seen a number of addicts being p***ed off by some strange attitudes; attitudes that an invincible Microsoft once used to exhibit.

(I spare everyone the list of my own!)

Things go up and down, markets and interest. Though when there are clear signs of some arrogant, or de-focused, or money-milking attitudes; one must not wonder too much about the underlying reasons for a downward trend.

Le whoops! Microsoft France boss blows lid off 'Windows 9' event

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Thanks for the info!

I mean, your advise on docking. I read it three times, thinking very hard, trying to imagine how that looks like and what you do.

Then, I shook my head and decided that not being a Windows user was a very good decision, and that there is no need at all to change my position as long as this is needed to dock a window. Though maybe there are more convincing ways to do that, I don't feel encouraged to explore those. Thank you very much.

Now that's FIRE WIRE: HP recalls 6 MILLION burn-risk laptop cables

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How's that quality control??

And much worse: even at 110V, you'd not expect a single 1 A to pass the cable, and - depending on the standards - it will be marked at 2, 4, even 10 or 13 A. If at least it would start burning while running at its limits. But these burn from relatively small currents, less than 10% of the rated ones. So the manufacturer *must* have known that some isolated copper atoms would suffice. And HP surely has not done *any* QC, because simply cutting a sample ought to have demonstrated the prevailing lack of expensive electric conducting material.

Munich considers dumping Linux for ... GULP ... Windows!

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Re: Lack of integrated email/contacts/calendar?

Hmm. My smartphone connects totally well and easily to a FOSS mailserver. Well, it does not connect nicely to an Exchange server, but that's not what is mentioned in the article.

Therefore, I simply don't understand.

Plug and PREY: Hackers reprogram USB drives to silently infect PCs

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Same drill - same drill ...

It is as almost always ...

... the customer. Sorry 'bout that.

The article points this fact out, with all its consequences. You customer goes to your next hyper-market and compares prices. The cheaper the better. Done.

If me, controller manufacturer, or USB-vendor, puts out a good drive, me going bankrupt.

A thousand complaints, in- and outside of IT, and drilling down, in most cases it is the customer who's in the end to be blamed.

Sorry 'bout that, but it is the truth.

Can you tell a man's intelligence simply by looking at him? Yes

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Only me?

Is it only me that perceives the images in the article as looking increasingly friendly, from left to right?

They are also said to increase the IQ from left to right.

Does that mean the more friendly one is, the higher one's IQ?

Chinese patent app tries to own Wine on ARM

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Hold your horses ....

This is a patent *APPLICATION*.

Over. It is good practice in a democratic state that pluralities of opinion are allowed; and as well it should - rather must - be allowed to FILE whatever an individual considers her invention; be it the wheel as such, or legally available code and ask to protect its usage. No need to get excited.

Only if the - alas too often stupid - patent examiner GRANTS anything like that, then we MUST get excited!

iOS 8 screencaps leak: Text editor, dictaphone and 'tips' on the way

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fantastic!! - Wow!!

The screenshot alone convinces me: I need to have this baby! - please, please, Apple, bring it out to us as soon as possible! Whatever the price, I will pay it. Finally, not only the usual great software, but ground-shaking advances into the future! Yeah, Yeah!

Dying for an Ubuntu Linux phone? Here's how much it'll cost you

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I'm in!!

... though I am not running after any new gadgetry. Ever. My current handy is a Samsung B2100.

I'm having a 4-year-old netbook, etc. Oh yeah, even a € 173-tablet. My data are in the cloud, so that's okay.

BUT I would be all too pleased to have a single device that I carry around, and have mouse and keyboard in the office, isn't much larger than my current phone, can rest overnight (and charge) on my bedside table, plays movies in the evening via HDMI on a flatscreen TV, and slips into my pocket in the mornings.

Qt is really the UI framework of choice to support all sorts of applications and screen sizes. I commit to buy one, whenever available.

Facebook-for-suits biz LinkedIn shares drop on weakened 2014 outlook

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Rip-Off! - Bugger Off?

used to like it very much in the beginning. To me, the whole lot collapsed when they wanted real money to allow me to use the site somewhat properly. I remember, one time I couldn't even send an e-mail without 'Privilege'.

The mistake is widespread, alas: get some people subscribing, see a site growing exponentially, profits-profits-profits, and down you go. In order to be fashionable and cool and whatnot, LinkedIn ought to have been proud of having almost any white-collar worker under the sun in their database, and allow those people (us people) access to all useful, though basic, facilities.

With a 'privilege' for those who actually want it. They haven't grasp the basic rules at all: Their capital isn't what I should pay for regularly, their capital is having us (including me) in their database!

Lumia 2520: Our Vulture gets his claws on Nokia's first Windows RT slab

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I mean, the review sounds pretty nice and even somewhat sound.

What bugs me is the File Manager laudatio. What the heck is good in having a "full file manager"? (I guess the author meant a Redmond-one).

How can I take your review serious after that? Is a "full file manager" what is actually needed on a useable tablet? And why would an alternative render it less suitable?

Want the latest Android version? Good luck with that

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... is what I'd mod you if we were in Slashdot.

Though let's continue: 8 is the lucky number in Chinese tradition. It sounds like 'prosperity'.

Tell this to Mr. Ballmer. He might rejoice.

Microsoft cans three 'pinnacle' certifications, sparking user fury

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Re: Certification devalued

Are you one?

Do you know one?

I had the questionable pleasure to meet the MCAs and sorts (those with any MS*** and M***) of a whole country. Then it was on a decision into which direction the whole country would be steered.

And I can tell you, that I did not meet people with an overflow in the brain department. I did meet people who would throw "Microsoft" into each and any answer to each and any question. Including the marketing drool of 'leverage' and stuff.

I do agree, they knew the multitude of MS products inside out. From said leverages over interoperabilities up to the licensing fees calculated by mental arithmetics. And for really difficult questions, they promised to 'revert' once the 'experts' were consulted.

Engineers? Architects? A well-oiled marketing machine!

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Re: What the Frack!

I do hope that you know what a "certified engineer" is, don't you? Or what an engineer is, after all? In case you don't, I can tell you a secret: there is no school for engineering in Redmond.

It is a pity that the US seems to lack a clear legal framework on professional titles. Or does it? Can I take a 2-week-course on first aid and subsequently put a 'Doctor' on my namecard?

Uwe Dippel

't was high time ...

Vendor certs are a questionable thing completely. Firstly, they cost quite some money for the applicant. Second, the quality of a "certified" person is still questionable. I can vouch for both, since I was one of the first to study for MSCE some 15 years ago. It *was* tough. And a year later some boot-camps came up, and suddenly people had it, with nil knowledge of anything. The pinnacle was a colleague with a fresh MSCE asking about 'how to format a floppy', which seemingly had not been one of the 'relevant' questions.

Worse, however, for the companies who bought into Microsoft-sponsored addictives. Everywhere then, around 2000, any question of the PHBs on 'solutions' was answered with a Microsoft-answer. Not only was text-processing identical to WORD, but also 'database' identical to MSSQL. Some of the certified clowns would for their life not be able to name another one (let's say except the one from Larry, perhaps), and so forth.

In a nutshell, especially the MS-certs were deadly attacks on the ecology of the IT-infrastructure; with security and availability (and common sense) as liabilities.

Billionaire Google founder splits with wife, allegedly beds Google Glass staffer

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Re: @ jellypappa: Pre-nuptial Agreement.

Never mind. I trust her lawyers.

My question: How does she look like?

Hey, Bill Gates! We've found 14 IT HOTSHOTS to be the next Steve Ballmer

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You know what I read when seeing the title?

"We've found 14 IT HOTSHITS to be ..."

High time to take one more beer and then a nice long nap ... Good night!

Top 10 Steve Ballmer quotes: '%#&@!!' and so much more

Uwe Dippel

And 0: Monkeying!

4 words for you!

Microsoft cuts Surface Pro price by $100

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Re: People seem to like them once they buy them

If this was true, only a small majority would belittle the little thingies. Why, then, the need to cut the price?

Uwe Dippel

How, Now?

I really don't get your drill, sorry. First you write about a cunning strategy w.r.t. Apple, and then you express how Microsoft tarnishes the whole brand.

No, the market is not confused any longer about the RT. The market has decided, that they are not interested in a full-blown W8 on a tablet.

I do agree with your last sentence, though. I for one do not mind paying for a light, full-fledged tablet on which I can install my *nix of choice. A light and full-powered one. Microsoft has shat themselves on the foot by restricting the box to Winblows. Christ Jesus, if they subsidized the hardware for whatever reason, I could understand that they don't feel *nix-junkies like myself slapping a nice *ntu on it. But since they charge the full amount, what the heck is their motivation to prevent me from buying one and do with it whatever possible!!?

Uwe Dippel

Is this now the W8-one; or still the ARM?

RedMond's failures seem difficult to follow in a timely manner. Or do we still talk the Windows-on-ARM debacle?

Surface RT: A plan worthy of the South Park Underpants Gnomes

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Wrong, all wrong!

The problem of RT wasn't the ARM-processor or such, contrary to what the author so nicely describes. I bet a fortune, that all RT fondleslabs would have been sold out by now if MS had bothered to

1. attach a reasonable price

2. allow the installation of the OS of the users' choice

Don't come and tell me the manufacturing costs, then, would have been too high. Or that it was intentional that no useful software could run on it. Because then the problem of excess stock would not have arisen. Then the problem had nothing to do with what the author pretends. Then the problem would have been a straightforward bad business decision: Every somewhat shrewd business persons knows that you can't sell uncool overpriced stuff. Any somewhat reasonable businessperson knows that it is suicide to sell something, and prevent the user from using it the way (s)he wants to use it.

Flexible flywheel offers cheap energy storage

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It does not work!

(I'm not talking about the flywheel here, but El Reg's streaming method. I have reloaded a bunch of times, and stuff, but nothing comes from it; only the central icon shows a rotating arrow ... ... sitting on Chrome on Linux.)

The gloves are on: Nokia emits super-sensitive £99 Windows Phone

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But ...

does it run Linux??

Patent shark‘s copyright claim could bite all Unix

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Nice one, though!

You had me until your give-away NSFW!

Stephen Fry explains… Alan Turing's amazing computer

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Re: "Most influential tech-tweet of 2011" title on the tweeter's site

I was sure to hit the ironical undertone since a self-inflicted injury is - you brought up the medical doctor! - one that does not involve anyone else. You inflict it yourself. You cut your finger. You cannot become a PhD on your own, but only in the passive:one is awarded a PhD.

In this sense I had asked if the good 'most influential tech-tweet' had eventually dished out that doctorate for herself, on her own account and awarded it herself.

Uwe Dippel
Black Helicopters

"Most influential tech-tweet of 2011" title on the tweeter's site

Lucky me, I am not a tweeter; and neither am I in British or US academia. But who knows, maybe her "Dr." is self-inflicted?

What do you expect from a person who asconds to twitting, that the Broadway musical 'The Book of Mormon' "was honestly the best night out I ever had in my life, and Ive had some good nights out ;))"

Not that I saw it, though I am sure it could not possibly be my best night out.

And, please, leave Stephan Fry out of the picture. He's a nice chap, a good actor, and has never pretended to know what he is blurping about.

Sysadmins: Let's perch on Microsoft Santa's lap, show him our wish list

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Poor sod! :(

I really pity you in your current situation!

You have nothing better left than kneeling in front of Microsoft, and clearly explaining all your thoughts most reasonably, and understandable, and throw in a sweetener frequently: "I am willing to pay exorbitant amounts!"

How does that feel? It must feel terrible, I am afraid, like crime victim continuously begging the perpetrator to accept all sorts of wealth, money and jewelry, to let him go, just let him go.

Hello, dear, there is no real need for you to use pay as a bribe to get what you reasonably demand. For those horrendous sums, you can even pay (e.g. me) for a planned exercise in migrating software; and offer a lot of training to your users on software that is free as in beer. Plus, hopefully, as well free as in 'libre'.

Samsung Galaxy S 4: A slim stripper with palms hovering over its body

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Video Clip

... or you haven't seen it!

Gnome cofounder: Desktop Linux is a CHERNOBYL of FAIL

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Re: Huh.

Even though some call me "Linux-Adolf", I cannot help but mod this post up.

Because I am very sure, that with basically a single desktop - like 'our' single kernel - we would have conquered the world. The 'all the choices' ought to have been in the applications, designs, etc., not in seemingly totally different experiences, with different keyboard shortcuts, and stuff. No, those don't scare me at all; and don't scare most in here. But, and that's an enormous 'but', the very large majority of users out there; those who don't understand the underlying principles, those who struggle to open a file, and save another version, and are happy as can be once they got the grasp of some sequences on how to click, drag and drop to get things done, no chance.

Yes, I have to agree to the 'every new distro makes the PROMISE more fragmented'. Nobody in their sane mind - except the many of us in the field - wants to relearn Synaptics after YaST, Thunderbird after Evolution, and so forth. I for one started with RedHat 5.1. But I also had the time and opportunities to go through Debian, Solaris, Ubuntu since then. And From Gnome to Gnome2, xfce, unity to KDE.

Come on, guys, get a life. Don't tell me that's what we wanted the majority of computer users do; and still love us and our systems!?

They would have loved the stability, reliability, the price-tag, the good common sense; if those had not been beclouded by a seemingly senseless though continuous switch of widgets, gadgets, approaches, colours, locations on the so-called Linux desktop.

Help us out here: What's the POINT of Microsoft Office 2013?

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Re: The main benefit for me..

I really think there is something wrong with your work outlines. How long do you have to scroll through 65000+ rows? What the heck do you have in a single spreadsheet (and not linked into another one)?

With this amount of date, would a database not be a more adequate solution?

Just questions ...

VIA bakes a fruitier Rock cake to rival the Brit Raspberry Pi

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Off topic: Astroturfing

Amazing is the voting by users. Usually, a good number is on the sane side.

Today, here, until now, the reasonable ones (questioning how can this be, and Windows yet so expensive and big) being voted down.

Where can I apply for pocket money from astroturfing on El Reg?

The year GNOMES, Ubuntu sufferers forked off to Mint Linux

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Year of Linux on the Desktop

Let's face it: The Year Of Linux On The Desktop will arrive finally, when the normal desktop computers are extinguished (in the sense that dinosaurs are). Then the last desktop user will probably still use some Linux Desktop. And then we'll see 100% Desktop coverage by Linux. Sad.

I for one have been using Linux almost exclusively on the Desktop for the last 13 years. Exceptions: Application for research funds (need to be done in Word, 100% correctly formatted), OrCAD (doesn't run on Linux, neither with Wine).

13 years of misery, going through a bunch of distros, and Desktop Environments (DEs), forth and back. Gnome, KDE, Xfce, Gnome, KDE. Why? Just to avoid the seriously crappy and limited UI offered from Redmond. No, for me it doesn't "work better".

Why? Why? Because Gnome had to be just for the sake of licensing. Then others had to be, and KDE had to go to 4.X, and Gnome from a great 1.4 to a miserable 2.X and, after it had been set back on track, a worse 3.X.

And we had others, Xfce, which also didn't fulfill all promises. At times I was just happy with fluxbox. And still, on the longer run it is just too frugal.

Why? Why? Because the promise of choices fragmented any chance to a Linux-On-The-Desktop year down to zero. Which is reflected by the applications:

- from an 'almost' MS-Office-like Suite named OpenOfice through KOffice, 'G-Office' (Abiword, and a very promising Gnumeric)

- to a horrendous number of CAD-programs. Multiple crews starting almost in parallel, and nobody reached the finish. KiCAD fails towards the end, and does not work as simulator. Qucs is partially much more handy (and clever) than OrCAD; but abandoned on the track.

You get the drill. In the end, forking and rewriting leaves us (that is those who want Linux on the desktop) with half-brewed choices, and mostly wasted efforts. My kudos to Linus, because the kernel is the only non-forked, non-rewritten software, and an enormous success. We could have had the same with DEs and applications, had all efforts been done in synergy instead of competition.

Samsung SSD 840 series storage review

Uwe Dippel

Late news?

This test - and with more detail - had already been up 2 months ago here:


How late is ElReg with its updates?

Girlfriend 'tried to MURDER ME with her AMPLE BREASTS'

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Google translate is crap

and, @ Stumpy, it actually was in the BILD-Zeitung.

Anyway, 'treasure' is a google translate speak for "Schatz", which actually is. Though in this case, any reasonable person would use "Honey" instead. And then it makes more sense: "Honey, I wanted you to die in the most pleasurable manner." And I'll keep away from full-breasted women henceforth.

Paris, do we still have her? isn't, is she?

Maybe we need a new icon, two tits, in order to threaten someone with immanent death.

Licensing snafu leaves Windows 8 open to PIRATES

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Re: Doesn't work for me!?

Clever boy! - See, you get the third different time frame now. I had actually done my first trial yesterday, and then it said maximal "24 hours". That was yesterday. Why should it take more than one hour in any case? So I tried a second time, this morning. The message said "within 72 hours". And seemingly it gave you "within 48 hours".

That's what I'd call the MS-lottery.

Uwe Dippel

Doesn't work for me!?

I read the 'instructions' and asked for a key - the request was accepted, but the key was never sent.

I tried again, from another site, with another e-mail address, the request was accepted, and I was also informed it would be sent - and never arrived.

That's the MS-way to rectify a snafu?

Apple's poisonous Touch silently kills the GNOMEs of Linux Forest

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Sad, and a huge loss of resources

KDE was THE Linux-GUI in any case. GNOME only saw the light for some (some call it paranoid) licensing reasons: Qt (the basis for KDE) was on a non-free license. More than 10 years lost for the world (of Free and Open Source) by splitting resources, confusing potential users and naturally delaying development. KDE has an interface now that can work on mice and fingers, Plasma. It is not totally ready, but close.

No, I am not a KDE developer, I used to run GNOME for quite some years. What makes me sad, is that we had a number of "year of Linux on the desktop"; and it still isn't there. It is for me, personally, using double-boot the MS-thingy just feels crufty and childish and I miss a multitude of desktops dearly; as well as the network-enabled-by-default., plus the full-screen Dashboard.

Mexico to Apple: You WILL NOT use the name 'iPhone' here

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Not so fast ...

According to Süddeutsche Zeitung, referring an article in The Verge, all this is untrue and just bullocks: No judgement was handed out, Apple may sell, etc.


Though I would love to pop the cork. On Apple kicking the bucket.

Windows 8: An awful lot of change for a single release

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Re: Where do you think you are going today?

I was at first glance thinking you were joking. It read so nice.

I for one remember the opposite: no support for USB initially, trouble with WiFi, SATA considerably late, large file system (and large file) support very very late. My systems for one had most of those features *before* they appeared in Windows.

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Re: Pre-95 & NT Windows weren't OSes!

"Dos was little more than a boot loader. You may as well say that Linux isn't an OS - it's dependent on GRUB after all."

I hope you don't believe your own words. Linux the kernel can be loaded in a number of ways, grub is not needed. First. Once the kernel is loaded, grub is not running any longer. Second. W[1-3] was an application running on DOS. Remove the underlying DOS, and Windows goes to its knees. Third. An Application that controls resources and has been loaded by a program loader is not necessarily an operating system.

Made for each other: liquid nitrogen and 1,500 ping-pong balls

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That's learning of today (the future)?

While I do think that learning should not be dreary, and neither accompanied by whipping and memorizing, I also am unconvinced that a 5 minute-stunt at an expense, even a relatively low one, is anything but a stunt, a marketing exercise by this good university.

Instruction this is not. Explanations given immediately before, seemingly to unprepared students, no calculation done. Is this the tertiary education of the nouveau rich; entertainment to get them kids off their iPhone5 for some minutes with a bang? Silly laughter, exit, and the assistants cleaning the floor nicely from glass debris and collecting 1500 ping-pong balls. Thank you.

Win8 tablets may cost MORE than iPads – AND LAPTOPS

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Paris Hilton

Sad thing is, I wouldn't bet on it

Fanboy-wise, I can not take any bets. There are plenty of serious MS-Fanboys; if only potential ones. Alas, there wasn't much yet to vouch for and pull out a hefty cheque. Though , noticing what rather crappy stuff we've seen over the years (with some intermezzi of useful things), and still seeing everyone chasing any new vista of the company, I can see a different scenario, once they come up with 'cool' stuff. Don't forget the enterprise customers: reluctant to finance iPads for lack of compatibility, I would not exclude the enterprise of tomorrow being prepared to pay serious money to "finally have Excel" on a tablet. The real Excel, I mean, and the real PowerPoint, and the real Word. Nevermind the costs.

Why should the same people who gladly pay for a feature-rich Exchange (and mostly the upkeep of this dog to maintain), not be willing to fork out equally serious money for a "standard" tablet?

Paris, because she can afford one, too.

Why the Apple-Samsung verdict is good for you, your kids and tech

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Andre Orlowski, what was it that you were smoking? Could you share an ounce to two with your beloved readers for everyone's enjoyment (and stop writing next time while working on the after-effects)?

One counter-example only to start with: the webserver and browser using HTML invented at CERN. Had it been Cupertino, we'd be deeper in shit than we dare to believe.

'$199' Surface tablets: So crazy it might work, or just crazy?

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Let me be the most arduous anti-MS guy on this planet, and I'd buy one only and if it is 199.

Firstly, I hit MS in the buttocks. Secondly, I am sure that 'the world' will find a useful way to run useful software on it. Yep, I know the hardware lock-in. But do not underestimate the potential challenge, even if it is a warranty-defying hardware mod, if you can get a 10" fondleslab for 199, with keyboard, trackpad, and stuff.

Ridable giant robo-bug creeps, crawls toward reality

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Re: Wild Wild West

Absolutely! I thought exactly the same. And moreover, we could doubt the patentry.

Microsoft drops 'risky' Windows 8 preview on World

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Let's face the music

Having used this piece of pretty much crap, yes, it is quite unusable and most of all Aunty Tilly will suffer heavily from it, maybe up to a heart attack. Because that new paradigm of continuously switching interfaces get's on everyone's nerves who is not yet insane.

But let's face it, it will be "cool" to the majority of dumbos who'll run after any most fashionable craze; even if they need therapy (or at least a batch of evening classes to master this abdominal nonsense). And yes, I didn't give up easily. And yes, I've been in IT for 30+ years.

Let's face it, I have given up on expecting users, I mean, the average user, to be sane. From thence it will make it, like The Tin Lizzy, which made it despite of its availability being limited to black colour.

So what we see here is an unseen combination of two interfaces: One can't touch, one can barely use because it is pimpled with overdimensional icons that you need to 'thumb' to reach. The best is the Settings. For those who have the .iso installed. Fantastic. I do it on my 24" screen, and I could be almost blind and yet see what I am setting. And scrolling like hell for other settings.

And yet, I know that I preach to the converted; the numbo-dumbos left and right will "love" what cannot, cannot at all, be loved.

What I'll do, is taking some GNOME 3.x around, and show it off as W8. And not mentioning the term "Linux", but adding a fake W8 background, and I'll be met with "Wow!!" (with a 'W' for 'Windows').

Branding, my dear compatriotes in the country of El Reg, is all. Branded s*** is "Wow" if only it is branded.

Apple's Galaxy Tab ban was best advertising ever - Samsung

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My observation

As regular lurker-around in the major IT-mall in Malaysia (no ads here!) I did watch a strikingly large number of Caucasian tourists rushing in grabbing explicitly a Galaxy Tab at the height of Apple's temporary success at preventing the sale in the home countries of these people. Back then I also mentioned casually to my partner that visibly these good people took the opportunity to lay their greedy fingers onto a piece of hardware, if for nothing else, then to impress the people back home. I myself was tempted to buy one, just for 'punishing' Apple. But then, it turned out I just wasn't childish enough.

Apple, you failed this one.

Open-source skills best hope for landing a good job

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i think she could make it to my new birdie since El Reg abandoned the Asus Bird using her EEeeePeeeCeeee on the beaches.