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EU court says it can probe M&As even when one party has no European operations


When is the goal of a merger NOT to Broadcom a product people depend on?


That's rich considering the world record holder for revenue is Prilosec, manufactured by Astra Zeneca (Britain and Sweden.)

..which is better known as Omeprazole, a molecule discovered in the late seventies. They added a well-patented time-release coating.



World's largest consumer of pharmaceuticals by cost is... US Medicare.

Judge rejects another Microsoft appeal against surplus license reseller suit


Claiming $352 million lost revenue for a lock code that's just being re-sold?

And they're suing???

Explain it to me like I'm five.

Virginians sue to block rural Amazon datacenter


Visited a condo under construction in southern CA.

The open phase of condo units overlooked a gigantic A/C condenser unit for an office complex that ran 24/7/365.

I'd be furious too.

Unvaccinated and working at Apple? Prepare for COVID-19 testing 'every time' you step in the office


Re: Compulsory Testing

Every test I have seen has been swab-vs-nose test..

Better detection accuracy than drawing blood, I was told by an MD unwrapping the really long swab.


Re: Well....

"know...I am not a carrier".

You seem to be making assumptions on actual COVID test sensitivity. A negative result indicates you do not have an infection strong enough to show up on the test, which is why they are about 93% accurate, not 100%.

True, anyone who is vaccinated, they can contract and pass it to someone else while their body is dealing with the infection. But, being unvaccinated, your body will multiply this virus exponentially and spread... destroying vital tissue cells as it replicates...before you feel sick enough to do anything about it.

For your own sake, you need to understand a COVID infection leaves permanent scarring. Your choice of holding out for your preferred vaccine has me wondering if this isn't something you should keep to yourself as you maintain a distance away from me.

So, Mask wearing continues to be important even though it isn't 100%.

More than 6 Billion shots have been administrated. 99% of those in hospitals with COVID have not been vaccinated. The science is indisputable.

But, don't take my word for it. My second-worst grade was high school biology. So..

Check out an actual microbiologist/virologist:


If I am wrong on anything, I want to rectify that.

A real go-GETTR: Former Trump aide tries to batter Twitter by ripping off its UI


I have to think Apple reads ElRegister and has their fingers hovering over the delete-app-from-store button if they don't moderate their content at all.




Re: Litigiousness.

Our legal system in the states has a problem: money counts.

See: B*ll Cos*y.

T*ump and his followers will open their pockets and claim it as charitable deductions.

Court snubs Microsoft, US govt's request to throw out Amazon's complaint against JEDI cloud contract decision


So, we want our national compute jobs not going to a software company but to a logistics company famous for maximizing profits and the occasional self-own.

JustTaxes Blog: "Amazon has Record-Breaking Profits in 2020, Avoids $2.3 Billion in Federal Income Taxes." paying jus 9.4% in taxes and not 21%.

So, Bezos started Blue Origin and blows a lot of big things up.

Weird flex for a logistics company but ok.

Why are we trying to send humans to Mars again?

For the writeoff?

Far-right internet haven Parler to be allowed back onto Apple's App Store with added content moderation


That must be a hell gig being a content moderator, stuck between what Apple wants and what Parler wants.

Needs Matt Gaetz problems to keep from falling asleep.


Ruh Roh.

Mike Lindell/Pillow guy is trying to get his "thing" up and running.

But, Parler rises from the ashes to take back the minions helpless without an iOS app?

I'll go make popcorn.

WiMAX? 'Dead with no known users': Linux tips code in the recycle bin


LTE worked while in motion, WiMax didn't. Does anything else matter?

EU Medicines Agency hacked, BioNTech-Pfizer coronavirus vaccine paperwork stolen, probe launched


Re: With something as bad as COCID-19,

Astra is UK, Zeneca is Swiss. They may have a US division as the US Medicare system is the world's single largest buyer of pharma ..in..the..world.

I'm up on this because I used to be obese and Prilosec kept my nighttime heartburn/gastro-reflux managed until I could drop 70 pound thus wean myself off a $10/day prescription until the patents ran out and it's OTC now.

I will be on my deathbed before I ever take another AstraZeneca prescription ever again.

"Hey, our new drug Prevacid works even better!"

Fuck off, scammers.

Microsoft sues Florida reseller it alleges sold 'black market access devices' allowing unlocking of Office 365


I can't think of any software that I didn't wish would gain more features/fewer bugs. Development just doesn't stop after the sale is made.

I do not have a use for Adobe Premiere Pro to justify buying a permanent/perpetual license. But, when the opportunity comes, I can make that internal training video look "pimped" once I remember which buttons to click. The monthly rental for Premiere Pro is about what I spend on a meal in the Bay area.

Visio is another expensive tool that rents for about the cost of a trip for two to Starbucks that is enormously helpful on some months more than others.

People/companies abusing DRM causes publicly-traded software companies (AutoDesk is another) to rely on cloudy subscriber mechanisms.

FYI: Someone wants to launch mobile broadband satellites into space used by scientific craft – and NASA's not happy


Oh, they're in Texas?



Trump administration proposes H-1B visas go to highest-paid workers first


Washington Post: https://www.washingtonpost.com/technology/2020/10/27/indian-caste-bias-silicon-valley/

RIAA DMCAs GitHub into nuking popular YouTube video download tool, says it's used to slurp music


The real problem is when you download your music...

you edit out the YouTube commercials.

So, no further use for YouTube, therefore no ad revenue...

Big Telco freaks out as unknown operator with great political connections vies for valuable 5G space in America


Re: really? fakenews cnn??

"fakenews cnn"

Like "Covid is a Hoax" Fox News?

That Fox News?

Sit down, shut up, and let the adults talk.

Thought the FBI were the only ones able to unlock encrypted phones? Pretty much every US cop can get the job done


Too many crimes are solved by evidence found on the Insta/Facebook accounts of their girlfriends.


State of Iowa told no, you can’t use $21m coronavirus federal aid to help fund your $52m Workday roll-out


Re: Ohio

Both Iowa and Ohio have R governors, last I checked. For now, at least.

Let’s check in with that 30,000-job $10bn Trump-Foxconn Wisconsin plant. Wow, way worse than we'd imagined


Tech where you need an engine block heater? Are you kidding me?

When I worked in the Chicago suburbs or western NY state, I'll never forget getting up at 6AM to scrape my car off so I can play bumper-cars on patches of black ice and other traffic headaches.

I hope to never face this at temps that frequently dropped to 20F deg below zero.


Atlassian pulls the plug on server licences, drags customers to the cloud


They were one of the pioneers for selling server-grade software direct to the customer. Wonder if COVID shrank their support group.

I still have to nag engineers to stop storing company-critical information as an email attachment (to disappear forever after they leave the company) and use the Confluence Wiki instead, this makes me smile.

My life sucks without Confluence. But... I need my plugins.

What I don't remember is if the licenses are considered perpetual (50 user level) or if you're held for ransom if you don't keep paying them.

Google won’t let Australia have shiny new toys unless it picks apart pay-for-news plan


So, when did Aus put the raging wildfires out?

Or, are tornados and hurricanes required to give a damn?

Apple's T2 custom secure boot chip is not only insecure, it cannot be fixed without replacing the silicon


Re: Surprised?

It's also the best platform to run Windwows OS.


After ten years, the Google vs Oracle API copyright mega-battle finally hit the Supreme Court – and we listened in


Re: Nine Seniles

Except what Google did/is doing is SO obvious...as stated in the last section of the article?

So, why didn't Google just sign a license?

Was he sent on a spool's errand or something? Library staffer accused of stealing, reselling $1.3m of printer toner


Watched an accounting department suddenly work round-the-clock after discovering the head clerk had hidden six figures of personal spending on her company credit card.

She's headed to prison. Her team was facing termination for not noticing it.

There ain't no problem that can't be solved with the help of American horsepower – even yanking on a coax cable


Ah, the former employer with a breathtaking volume of

... abandoned parallel printer cables above the ceiling tiles.

You can't cut them to length, so they rolled the excess up and left it sitting on the ceiling tiles. Over the years, the tiles would start to bulge downward in the middle from the weight of the cables. My predecessor apparently gave up and returned whatever multiplex box they tried to share an HP pen plotter.

As a bonus, this was also an L-shaped building with a 1.2kv green utility stepdown transformer on each end. Thicknet trunk in the ceiling running the length of the building in the Chicago suburbs. Which made thunderstorms interesting.

Lighting would strike a light fixture in the parking lot and the brief earth ground difference between the utility feeds would inject a whole lot of energy into that poor network. Vampire taps had to be replaced in the ceiling and a few Sun Sparcstation motherboards with the AUI connections blown.

Oh yeah, this was also the company where I had to buy extension cables with only ONE socket on the end as my coworkers would see the empty socket and plug in their desk fans and at one time, a coffee pot, blowing the APC UPS.

Had to convince the corporate "lords of the ERP Micro-Vax" into letting me replace that mess with 10-baseT and a DEC network bridge as the sacrificial lightning protector. A year later, they pulled the whole ThickNet out and put in shiny new DEC network hubs and 10-BaseT.

I love my electricity company's app – but the FBI says the nuclear industry bribed politicians $60m to kill it


Re: An honest question...

The problem is how do you almost-accurately measure your demand. You literally have to run the house wiring through a ferrite core and measure magnetic field strength that shows up.

Two things draw a significant amount of energy in homes that don't have pools/hot tubs/sex dungeons: your refrigerator(s) and your furnace/AC. Track run time? IMHO, I've added solar panels...twice and stopped keeping a "spare" refrigerator in the garage (which gets heat loading in the summer and is a retarded waste of electricity..) But, the biggest payoff on a new-ish house was replacing all the F*you-builder-grade aluminum frame windows with a few thousand dollars in name-brand double-paned with IR blocking film windows.

Massive savings and more comfortable too.


Northern California has PG&E. Usage data is delayed by a couple of days..

The problem might be the 900mhz wireless WAN can only talk to a limited number of meters at a time.

Now Nvidia's monster GeForce RTX 3090 cards snaffled up by bots, scalpers – if only there had been a warning


If it helps...

It must be galling to the folks at NVidia that freetards are ff-ing their website to grab a $600 graphics card to sell for $3,000 on Ebay.

Why not wait until you can satisfy demand? Like the phone industry...

Nvidia says regulators will be 'very supportive' of $40bn Arm buy despite concerns about chip designer's independence


I agree. While Phablets have given me the freedom to argue politics for an entire weekend from my sofa, I have dropped conversations because if it's longer than two sentences, I'll wait and continue the debate when I'm sitting at my Dell. With a full Logitech mouse and keyboard.

Wait, why did I walk into the bathroom?


Re: NVIDIA Shield, Mystique, Switch

I'm old. I don't care about games. But, good points.


Never underestimate the power of shareholders poking at MBAs to tear shit up.


I'm going to throw this out here.

NVidia is working to overcome a market heading towards phablets, that don't need NVidia, or mice, or keyboards.

Remember when NVidia bought/got stuck with ICERA?

Made in China? Not for much longer, reckons Foxconn boss


Re: The components?

Exactly This.

When I switched from design for research to design for the shelves of the local electronics store, there is a short list of manufacturers who park semi-trucks full of passives at FoxConn loading docks daily.

"Don't use Kemet or any of the American brands.."

One fabless-semi company could joke that their test chips should get frequent-flyer miles as the wafer travels through several countries before packaged devices are ready.

VMware staff in Silicon Valley can leave a pandemic, wildfire-ridden zone – if they're willing to accept less pay


Re: Simples

Worse. They use a speakerphone on a NJ number when talking to you and there's a half-second time delay.

I. Can't. Think. Or. Talk. To. You.


Whenever my credit card is stolen, it always gets used in NJ first. As a California resident...


It's a renters market here in the SF area. Residential and commercial.

But, It works both ways. I was constantly turning down recruiters asking me to work in Cupertino, Palo Alto, or wherever Google is.

Add an hour-long commute to avoid what was last year's $1/500 increase in rent (Palo Alto)?

*giggle* Nope.

Find someone else to be struggling on $160K/yr.

Facebook fires sueball at 'malicious' app SDK makers, accuses them of gobbling up people's personal information


Actually can't blame them for trying.

I get recruiter calls: "want to work in Palo Alto as a contractor?"

"Cambridge Analytica." *click*

Can't think of a reason they would design a consumer device that I am comfortable with.

And, never paying $4K a month for a 600sq ft. studio apartment in fkn Palo Alto.

Life with Amazon's fitness band: Upload your half-naked pics to see how fat you'll look without exercise. You now sound stressed – relax!


Things I wish I had done 75 pounds ago...

i've had my collage of "this is the first day of my diet" turning into a collage of selfies going in the wrong direction on iCloud for more than a decade.

What's the big deal?

Supreme Court rules against Huawei in long-rolling Unwired Planet patent sueball: Take the licence terms we set or else



I'm not a lawyer.

But, I like the idea of FRAND encouraging rates based on "just sign the deal before we spend billions suing you then forcing you to sign a worse deal."

Huawei mobile mast installed next to secret MI5 data centre in London has 7 years to do whatever it is Huawei does


Ok, Covidiots. torches ready?

Go burn that one.

EU orders Airbus A350 operators to install anti-coffee spillage covers in airliner cockpits


Weird. American air carriers have required liquid-resistant designs

to "pass through" liquids to the floor through drain holes in the metal boxes for decades.. At least for the intercom panels that I worked on.

One US airline went through a "waterproofing" retrofit company-wide more than a decade ago. gaskets around the knobs. Plus, aircraft circuit boards are required to be "conformal coated" to also mitigate humidity and corrosion. Do a repair? Put more coating back on.

Audio control/intercom systems on single-aisle aircraft are sourced/customized by the airlines and installed by Boeing and others, like Bombardier. It's a lucrative racket if you can meet the documentation and testing requirements without losing your mind.

This'll make you feel old: Uni compsci favourite Pascal hits the big five-oh this year


Re: pascal was simply useless.

Meh. Pascal appealed because it was strongly typed.

Rumor is one company used Pascal heavily in a large ECAD software suite for electronics design then they bolted a Motif UI to it.

Funny how all but their flagship tool at this particular company seem to lack visible evolution from ancient software methodology from the 80's.

Then there was another even older ECAD system. Adding to its functionality required mastering pointers to variables in C, subroutines written in Fortran. Ok, today, that method seems mundane.

C workshop was my first interactive debugger.

You're not getting Huawei that easily: Canadian judge rules CFO's extradition proceedings to US can continue


Re: China really shouldn’t have

"Riiight. Let's had her over to a regime whose head has openly admitted to wanting to use her as a bargaining chip in trade negotiations."

His promise of a trade deal that brings back American jobs got him elected. It would be a mistake to assume he won't do anything to win a second term, and he expects a Nobel Peace Prize for his brilliance...

She needs to be prosecuted.

But this won't change: I will walk three miles to the polls in November if I have to, wearing a Chernobyl-grade hazmat suit, to vote all of them out before we are all dead.

I'm just not moving to Kenfuckey just to vote against Mitch McConnell.

US cable subscribers are still being 'ripped off' by creeping price increases – and this lot has had enough


Did you know...

In the US, cable companies pay fees to rebroadcast local affiliates because we don't want rabbit ears or they don't work. They pay fees to local sports because they have to maximize their customer base.

The article could use a bit of clarification: are cable companies carrying all possible channels of Viacom programming or is Viacom forcing them to carry all possible variations? Who watches the dozen flavors of Viacom-MTV for music videos anymore? (who is post-puberty and has a job.)

Disney commands the lions share of licensing fees paid by cable companies.. Because they own ESPN.

We can't wonder why cable TV fights un-bundling. It would wipe the content providers out.

And, there are content providers who are suing cable companies because they aren't included and presumably, collecting licensing revenue.

Google Byron Adams Comcast Racial bias lawsuit supreme court

SAP proves, yet again, that Excel is utterly unkillable


Re: Excel excels

Alex. Microsoft Products for 600.

"What application is used to capture company-critical information and turn it into an email attachment with laughable version control and is quickly lost forever?"

Mad dash for webcams with surge in videoconferencing has turned out rather nicely for Logitech


This is good news as Logitech makes my preferred mice and keyboards as a CAD guy.

Years ago, there was an El Reg article reminding us everyone switching to tablets would cause them to shrink.

(I'm buying as many mice and keyboards as I can...)

Apple owes us big time for bungled display-killing cable design in MacBook Pro kit, lawsuit claims


Since the MacBook Air was released, no on wants to buy a laptop with a replaceable/removable battery any more.

Too bulky.

No one wants to have their reputation destroyed after their battery design allowed customers to lug around a loose LiPo battery without thick/heavy armor to prevent the inevitable violent fire during a trans-Atlantic flight after a vigorous encounter with their car keys.

Spyware slinger NSO to Facebook: Pretty funny you're suing us in California when we have no US presence and use no American IT services...


Google "jared kushner watsapp"

"But her emails..."

Nepotism at its best. Off to make popcorn.

From attacked engineers to a crypto-loving preacher with a questionable CV: Yep, it's still very much 5G silly season


"having the internet on our phones will make us smarter."

People set the "5G" masts on fire then wonder in amazement that you knocked out all the other Gs for nearby emergency and medical staff.

Angry mobs should gather to beat these 'tards with a hammer.