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EU orders Airbus A350 operators to install anti-coffee spillage covers in airliner cockpits


Weird. American air carriers have required liquid-resistant designs

to "pass through" liquids to the floor through drain holes in the metal boxes for decades.. At least for the intercom panels that I worked on.

One US airline went through a "waterproofing" retrofit company-wide more than a decade ago. gaskets around the knobs. Plus, aircraft circuit boards are required to be "conformal coated" to also mitigate humidity and corrosion. Do a repair? Put more coating back on.

Audio control/intercom systems on single-aisle aircraft are sourced/customized by the airlines and installed by Boeing and others, like Bombardier. It's a lucrative racket if you can meet the documentation and testing requirements without losing your mind.

This'll make you feel old: Uni compsci favourite Pascal hits the big five-oh this year


Re: pascal was simply useless.

Meh. Pascal appealed because it was strongly typed.

Rumor is one company used Pascal heavily in a large ECAD software suite for electronics design then they bolted a Motif UI to it.

Funny how all but their flagship tool at this particular company seem to lack visible evolution from ancient software methodology from the 80's.

Then there was another even older ECAD system. Adding to its functionality required mastering pointers to variables in C, subroutines written in Fortran. Ok, today, that method seems mundane.

C workshop was my first interactive debugger.

You're not getting Huawei that easily: Canadian judge rules CFO's extradition proceedings to US can continue


Re: China really shouldn’t have

"Riiight. Let's had her over to a regime whose head has openly admitted to wanting to use her as a bargaining chip in trade negotiations."

His promise of a trade deal that brings back American jobs got him elected. It would be a mistake to assume he won't do anything to win a second term, and he expects a Nobel Peace Prize for his brilliance...

She needs to be prosecuted.

But this won't change: I will walk three miles to the polls in November if I have to, wearing a Chernobyl-grade hazmat suit, to vote all of them out before we are all dead.

I'm just not moving to Kenfuckey just to vote against Mitch McConnell.

US cable subscribers are still being 'ripped off' by creeping price increases – and this lot has had enough


Did you know...

In the US, cable companies pay fees to rebroadcast local affiliates because we don't want rabbit ears or they don't work. They pay fees to local sports because they have to maximize their customer base.

The article could use a bit of clarification: are cable companies carrying all possible channels of Viacom programming or is Viacom forcing them to carry all possible variations? Who watches the dozen flavors of Viacom-MTV for music videos anymore? (who is post-puberty and has a job.)

Disney commands the lions share of licensing fees paid by cable companies.. Because they own ESPN.

We can't wonder why cable TV fights un-bundling. It would wipe the content providers out.

And, there are content providers who are suing cable companies because they aren't included and presumably, collecting licensing revenue.

Google Byron Adams Comcast Racial bias lawsuit supreme court

SAP proves, yet again, that Excel is utterly unkillable


Re: Excel excels

Alex. Microsoft Products for 600.

"What application is used to capture company-critical information and turn it into an email attachment with laughable version control and is quickly lost forever?"

Mad dash for webcams with surge in videoconferencing has turned out rather nicely for Logitech


This is good news as Logitech makes my preferred mice and keyboards as a CAD guy.

Years ago, there was an El Reg article reminding us everyone switching to tablets would cause them to shrink.

(I'm buying as many mice and keyboards as I can...)

Apple owes us big time for bungled display-killing cable design in MacBook Pro kit, lawsuit claims


Since the MacBook Air was released, no on wants to buy a laptop with a replaceable/removable battery any more.

Too bulky.

No one wants to have their reputation destroyed after their battery design allowed customers to lug around a loose LiPo battery without thick/heavy armor to prevent the inevitable violent fire during a trans-Atlantic flight after a vigorous encounter with their car keys.

Spyware slinger NSO to Facebook: Pretty funny you're suing us in California when we have no US presence and use no American IT services...


Google "jared kushner watsapp"

"But her emails..."

Nepotism at its best. Off to make popcorn.

From attacked engineers to a crypto-loving preacher with a questionable CV: Yep, it's still very much 5G silly season


"having the internet on our phones will make us smarter."

People set the "5G" masts on fire then wonder in amazement that you knocked out all the other Gs for nearby emergency and medical staff.

Angry mobs should gather to beat these 'tards with a hammer.

Flippin' Dell! Texan giant wins single seat on £1bn direct NHS tech framework


You could have done a lot worse.


I'll get my coat.

Trello! It is me... you locked the door? User warns of single sign-on risk after barring self from own account


Remember the guy who pissed someone off as a reporter, so they social-engineered into his cloud photo storage and destroyed his life?

You can tell I'm old. I keep an LTO tape drive and SAS Card from way back.

I trust spinning metal more than flash but, it's not backed up unless it's on tape (about $6k in CAD training videos I would have to buy again.)

just have to keep a spare working LTO-4 drive.

From Brit telly presenter Eamonn Holmes to burning 5G towers in the Netherlands: Stupid week turns into stupid fortnight for radio standard


Idiots are probably knocking out 3G/4G service as they torch these.

Isn't 5G being deployed in the sub-5Ghz band, like 802.11A that everyone has in their homes already?

At SAR-friendly power levels, millimeter band wavelengths get absorbed by damn near everything. Humidity? Check.


All your jobs are belong to us... Amazon is hiring 75,000 people but if you want US home groceries, tough luck


Next time I'm hoarding Nutella as Amazon won't just stick a label on it and some stamps and drop it in the mail box.

GrubHub drivers are sitting around waiting for order pickup at restaurants who are an hour behind on orders.

I'll just get in the car and get it myself. Virus be damned.

Self-driving car LIDAR stalwart Velodyne sued for sacking a third of its staff claiming coronavirus was the cause


Re: Cost of living

We live in San Jose so we can get canned from one job and not have to sell our house and move to San Jose, Mountain View or Cupertino to find the next job.

Dell publishes data centre cleaning guidance, suggests hiring pros to disinfect enterprise kit


There was a time when most circuit boards were washed in de-ionized water to clean the yucky acidic soldering flux off (if it was the water-soluable type). Today's parts increases the risk water gets trapped under the chips and then the EPA finds you and starts banging on the doors.

Dell's guidance is most likely aimed at: Do not apply liquid when things are turned on or connected to the mains.

That mains-connected power supply was not designed to go snorkeling while plugged into the wall. Snorkel-ready supplies need bigger cooling fans.

Server motherboards have a number of voltages ranging from 12V to 0.9V core voltages. Never shall the two meet on the same conductor or, a large percentage of your chips, including that $2K chip with the Intel logo will explode with a tiny "poink!" sound into the heatsink covering it.

If this was a laptop you just poured a coffee into, that LED backlight runs off of up to 48V.

Leave it to the professionals unless you're about to scrap it.

Netflix starts 30-day video data diet at EU's request to ensure network availability during coronavirus crisis


"when your video chat study group reveals which classmate can stream at 4K 60fps and now you're distracted wondering which adult service she performs on."


Closed source? Pull the other one... We love open source, but not enough to share code for our own app, says GitHub


How do you get an open-source app on iOS? Asking for a friend. Why would anyone expect a phone app to be open source?

Broadcom sues Netflix for its success: You’re stopping us making a fortune from set-top boxes, moans chip designer


This wouldn't have anything to do with patents for H.264 they successfully stole from Qualcomm?

Now, where's my popcorn?

Now that's what I call a sticky situation: Repairability fiends open up Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G, find the remains of Shergar


Re: Robustness??

*cough* makes it harder for pickpockets to slide it out of your pants pocket while trying to order takeout. Didn't stop my device from roaming from Germany to Romania but.. next time I feel something moving near my junk, expect to draw back a stump.

Oracle staff say Larry Ellison's fundraiser for Trump is against 'company ethics' – Oracle, ethics... what dimension have we fallen into?


Re: I know I will be downvoted but....

In 4 years, the US will be pulling ahead of China on environment pollution output.

The UN and NATO will no longer be. If enemies of your country invade and overthrow your government, I'm pretty sure Trump will sit on his fat ass...

and clap.

...unless it involves Saudi Arabia or Russia.

Judge Vulcan-nerve pinches JEDI deal after Amazon forks out $42m to pause Microsoft's military machinations


Re: Size 40's

EU tiny hands joke. Well done, sir!

Google, YouTube, Twitter tell face-rec upstart Clearview to stop harvesting people's content – that's their job


What? Someone *OTHER* than the Russian government is doing this?

Meh. I'm watermarking a copyright on on everything I share anyway. Figured people were dumb for using all the "isn't this cool?" filters on FB/Insta that age you 20 years, make you popular, add influencer creds, etc.

"I guess you figured all this happens inside your phone.. LOL. Guess what?"

To catch a thief, go to Google with a geofence warrant – and it will give you all the details


Re: Dumb, dumb, dumb

A relative just finished several months of Grand Jury duty. Social media addiction solves crimes fast in Texas.

Just can't argue against saving time and money for law enforcement with a straight face.

Amazon to ask court to block DoD's $10bn early Valentine's date with a Microsoft JEDI


I'm OK with MSFT winning this. If anything goes sideways, I believe that pain will be self-inflicted. If MSFT has to hire armies of extra H1B's (you know they do) to solve these problems, everyone who pays by the minute for Azure wins!

Meanwhile, while I use the embedded Office in Hotmail, it completely can't follow rules to divert messages by subject contents to save its life.

Several times a day, Anderson Windows, SeXXXy Ladies, Quicken/Intuit, 5G Male Sex help, ADT Security or any of these other knuckle-dragging morons.

Creating Rules in Hotmail is an exercise in futility. Premium Hotmail? Why don't I just hang a kick-me-hard sign on my ass.

Maybe the US Govt can fix it. Ha Ha!

Hello ZoHo Mail.

UK Home Office opens AWS cash firehose even wider with £100m public cloud services deal


With your govt outsourcing things left and right, it's not easy to beat AWS uptime.

Maybe they will invest in bigger fiber to connect it all?

Valuable personal info leaks from Facebook – not Zuck selling it, unencrypted hard drives of staff data stolen


If there's a guarantee for Silicon Valley residents,

(Oh, thank you. A gift from the gods, reasons to blow off facebook recruiters.)

smash-n-grab car thieves fear nothing.

Last month, a coworker (late model Honda minivan) was out a side window, gym bag, old sneakers and used gym clothes.

Leaving your car unlocked is actually useless. If your vehicle doesn't have a locking trunk, don't leave it in the car. Period.

Samsung Galaxy S11 tipped to escalate the phone cam arms race with 108MP sensor


Now if they can fit in a f1.2 1" diameter lens

Sticking with Apple. Next...

Xerox: Prepare to say cyan-ara, HP Inc. We're no paper tiger. We're really very serious about that hostile takeover


Re: License to Print Money.

ITYM the liquid that doesn't convert to a solid before the rare occasion I actually print something at home?

Carefully engineered not to bork a printer that was sold at a loss to begin with?

You'll never get Huawei with this, FCC tells US telcos: Buy Chinese kit and you won't see another dime from us



Someone come up with a good reason why American Telcos have to buy Huawei equipment in the first place besides cost.

Therefore, the FCC must step in.

Never underestimate the drive of a CEO and Finance guy or purchasing agent of any company who will seek out the cheapest equipment that won't get them fired. Useless MBAs. Fsck the whole lot.

What a pair of Massholes! New England duo cuffed over SIM-swapping cryptocoin charges


This is too easy because most people don't have two-factor authentication on their mobile account.

Like stick you with a phone handset upgrade financing that you didn't order.

Google "AT&T and SIM Swap fraud".

Congress to FCC: Where’s the damn report on mobile companies selling location data?


I blame Trump. That's all I have to say on Pai.

A stranger's TV went on spending spree with my Amazon account – and web giant did nothing about it for months


Re: There seems to be something wrong here

I suspect his login was hacked from an unrelated website and someone found he uses the same creds across all accounts, including a very popular Amazon.

Yeah, I would try Amazon first.

I'm guilty of sharing logins until someone sent me a message:

"We have your pornhub account password. Send a bitcoin to..."

Yeah, I think my Mom is the only one who doesn't use pornhub.

Fuck off.


"Sis, you connected your TV directly to the internet?"

"Geek Squad told me to."

I'll be over there in ten minutes with a hammer and an Apple TV box.

Hold him until I get there.

Repairability fiends crack open a Surface Laptop 3: Nice SSD, but shame about the battery


How is an external battery less of a fire risk compared to an internal battery?

Fairphone 3 stripped to the modular essentials: Glue? What glue?


"Tool-less battery removal".

Let it go. It's never coming back.

No one wants to hear endless Samsung phone explosion warnings in airports anymore.


Four-year probe finds Foxconn's Apple 11 factory 'routinely' flouts Chinese labour laws


Quick! Name a phone that ISN'T made in China by FoxConn...

Apple fires legal salvo at Corellium claiming the virtual iPhone flinger is infringing copyright


Why would anyone pay a million...

for a release emulator. Is this kept in sync with today's IOS or last spring's IOS?

Chinese software nasty enslaves stadium-load of servers, puts them to work digging up digital dosh in crypto-mines


Re: Brute force

Have to admit if the MS-SQL I'm in charge of gets hacked, the entire electronic parts catalog we keep there would never be impacted by a malicious use of spare CPU cycles that we would notice.

Out of sight, can't see the lights blink. Only time we would consider hiring a DBA is if it stops responding and a restore/reinstall doesn't bring it back up.

Koh-MG: Qualcomm guilty of abusing chip patent monopoly, biz promises to appeal


" Qualcomm might find themselves collateral damage and designed out of most Android phones not destined for the US market."

If that were the case, Intel's modem business would have more than that one customer.

Tech giants get antsy in Northern Virginia: Give us renewable power, there's a planet to save... and PR to harvest


If Dominion is determined to keep coal and nuclear energy afloat... Buyer beware.

Tractors, not phones, will (maybe) get America a right-to-repair law at this rate: Bernie slams 'truly insane' situation


Re: Clarity needed here


Just not seeing a whole lot of luxury cars on this list.


Re: Clarity needed here

Today, you or a third party cannot swap out a major electrical component on a passenger vehicle.

Instead of thinking this is a money grab by dealers, it keeps cars from being stolen and parted out, since you need access to computers only sold to dealers to get the car electronics to accept these new parts.

More often stolen leads to higher insurance rates and fewer cars sold.

If you know someone who had a stolen Acura engine dropped in his Accord for extra street racing cred, be sure to thank him for me.


...you haven't met my relatives.

I grew up on the Farm Belt.


If you think Bernie has a chance of getting enough swing votes to defeat Trump, you deserve to have your pre-existing condition and access to your parents healthcare yanked away from you, presumably because a black man gave it to you.

The Dreamers, LGBT, and hard working families will lose even more. Supreme court will swing to a conservative majority for a generation.

Huge winners? The idiot Trump children.

Environment protections? Gone.

Penalties for contaminating the planet, not to mention the entire state of Ohio with G8 by 3M and Dupont? Gone.

Renewable Energy? Gone.

Trump Tarriffs have done squat to bring jobs back to the US.

Stop Talking About Bernie. Grow a fscking brain.

IT sales star wins $660k lawsuit against Oracle in Qatar – but can't collect, because the Oracle he sued suddenly vanished


If promised features were delivered thanks to the hard work of a lot of engineers, justify this commission to the salesperson? I ask this as an employee who's counting on my equity compensation to not be sandbagged by someone who knows what phone numbers to dial and boxes to click.

...while eating my bag lunch after I expanded an Atlassian license without human interaction.

That's the way the Cook, he crumbles: Apple, Qualcomm settle patent nuclear war – as Intel quits 5G phone race


Re: Hmmm...

You can also push Judge Koh to revoke your entitlement to a FRAND rate on standard-essential IP.

Quit while your ahead.


Re: Hmmm...

"Apple likely had a valid case against Qualcomm"

Except you don't need a valid case to go to trial.

Just need to lean on the media to spread your POV to all corners of the earth and have really good lawyers. But, if the other side also has really good lawyers and marketing.

Uh oh.

A clearly had nothing to lose by waiting until the last minute to see if Qualcomm would cave.

Downvote me all you want. You know I'm right. Apple escaped treble damages. My non-Intel iPhone works as expected. Life is good.


Xs with a Q modem for next year, maybe?

Menu mischief and interface deceit targeted by US lawmakers


That first picture of the human face, with the extended nose and the dangling carrot.

Can someone update that to be more... Trump?

I would so pay money to see that.



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