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Why 2014 might just be the year of the Google Chromebook


Re: Asus EEE

Since when is chroot() related to x86 ? Does chroot require excessive amounts of energy to be emitted to work properly ? Or are you just an Intel marketing man ? If yes, sell us ARM processors.


All Da $hills out there

You can report back to the CIC (Chairthrower In Chief) that

A) nobody uses CDs and DVDs anymore. 32 GB USB sticks are handy and cheap

B) your propaganda has been lacking in recent months. People still don't buy 400 euros for single-window computers running Castrated Windows 7.

Dell will AXE up to ONE IN THREE workers in its US & EMEA sales teams


why buy from this corp ?

they screwed their customers with bad capacitors and didn't help them to fix the issue. Customer service is outsourced to incapable indians.

I geniunely would like to know why anybody would do business with this toxic corp.

Acer cozies up to Google with new 'droid PCs and fondleslab, Chromebook


Cups just fine, and WHO DOES PRINT these days ?

If I wanted to print anything (haven't done that quite some time), I would simply transfer the file via USB stick to the "big, energy-guzzling PC" and then print it. But the days of printing everything are very much over.

Secondly, CUPS on modern Linux distros works much better than the wintel crapola of "google for driver, download two hours, pray to all available deities and then install, might work". HP for example have a totally fucked-up driver support "system" these days.

With debian or Ubuntu, printer is normally auto-detected and driver auto-installed. I cannoit see why this shouldn't come to ARM netbooks. CUPS is not at all hardware-dependant.


Answer by web

I am quite sure MSFT and Intel can continue to milk their corporate customers for some time. Just like IBM milk their mainframe customers into the sunset. Every year exponentially less revenue.

Ballmer figured this and tried to do something about it. But of course the salesguy cannot do the intellectucal stuff necessary to transform the ship from Titanic into lots of small speedboats. Intel hasn't developed a proper answer at this point.

And thats because all answers would require some sort of short-term slaughter of cashcows in favour of long-term existence. IBM could not pull this off, HP couldn't and neither will MS and Intel be capable of doing this.

All Wintel technology is very powerful but also very power-hungry, but people want to carry a device as light as a soft-cover book and they want to work all day with it. Think of "nomadic computing" finnaly becomeing real.

Win8 is a joke, as it is essentially Win7 grafted onto touch-screen metaphors. User experience is simply horrible. Too expensive, starting at 400 euros. Where is the little, light, long-running, great UX thingy ? Where is the wintel 120 Euros thing ? The recent MS ARM offering was just ridiculously expensive and an island of incompatibility sold as "windows".


120 Euros Netbook works fine

I recently bought a 120 Euros netbook with Android and an ARM processor from VIA. Really light device, nice keyboard, more than good enough for discussion boards and youtube. Mouse pointer and trackpad/Mouse also.

Bring the fire under the backsides of Intel and Microsoft, they deserve it for their anti-competitive tactics. And yeah, I will probably remove all the Google crapola on this device.

2013 has been the year of The Linux Kernel and 2014 can finish Wintel off, if we buy devices like this.

Got the thingy from ebay.de. Just search for "netbook, new, 110 to 140 euros".

And no, I don't benefit financially from promoting this. Don't work for google, the device maker or the trader. I just benefit when the Wintel monopoly burns down. We really need proper competition in the IT industry.


You wish

Certainly the propaganda operatives of the incumbents will claim that there are no alternatives. We heard that swine-song when LibreOffice was discussed.

But you know what ? Android already has quite capable office apps and Google Docs should be OK for those who want to have a sidechannel to TPTB.

The truth is that 486 computers were good enough to do all office tasks and any Android netbook is 10 times more powerful than that.

Just the craptastic websites full of Flash and badly done JavaScript need the Intel and AMD energy-wasters.