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Arctic ice returns to 1980s levels of cap cover


Some time back in time, I remember reading the comentary of some Russian scientists (who were Not on any Western Governments' enviro-generated "global warming" dole), saying that more evidence pointed toward a global cooling beginninmg to start, in some very subtle, unseen, ways, Not a global warming. They pointed to the big piles of unmelted snow still left outside of some of their Northern cities at the end of summertime. Normally these big piles of snow scrapped from their city streets in the winter time would have melted during the summer time. But, the snow piles still stood, mostly unmelted in August. They said that something was going on which we had little concept of, but that the ready Al Gore-ist answering machine of Western environmentalists was a desperate sham, and, as such, was scientifically laughable.

Antarctic ice shelf melt 'lowest ever recorded, global warming is not eroding it'


Gloabal Warming's Brain Dead Bullies

Many appreciate the author's irreverence toward the reflexively childlike bullies of global warming (who seem to think that we should have no more choice than their dogs being given their global worming pills). We've all seen schoolyard bullies attempting to orchestrate their dominance over their school chums. I won't use the word classmates because these childish bullies think very little of their classmates (if they think of them at all).

Any observant educator can easily see that first in these young bullies' priorities is to affect their socio-mental attack on their chums, such to mentally defeat their targeted individuals. Only after they shout down the other kids, (mostly using brain dead mass assault techniques), do they finally engage in their physical dominance. This is what anyone awake can so clearly see is happening in this faked "debate" wherein the result is already decided (by those whose livelihoods depend upon government dispensaries giving them the public's money. It's All About The Money, and these money-corrupted fake "climate scientists" who infect all of our universities know exactly which side of the bread their butter is on.


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