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You... (Sigh). You store our financials in a 'Clowds4U' account?


Re: "For many users it doesn't even occur to them..."

Sure, but in my experience a user who believes they need a piece of non approved software doesn't actually properly understand the actual job they are supposed to be doing and is instead performing their own interpretation of what the company requires of them. That's not always a bad thing, just usually.

Malware! tainted! ads! infect! thousands! of! Yahoo! users!


Re: Java != JavaScript

I'm probably being hopelessly optimistic, but I'm keeping javascript off and encouraging others to do so. If enough of us stop using it, the webmasters will be forced to rethink.

On a whim I just had a glance at the anaytics for my workplace site for the last 30 days - 45% of visitors Google reckons no Javascript (not sure I believe it's actually that high). The visitors without Javascript have a bounce rate 10% higher than those that do, which I don't find surprising (in fact I'd have thought it would be worse).

Britain's costliest mistake? Lord Stern defends his climate maths



Not a single mention of "Cool It" either witin the article, or the comments. If you haven't read it, please do.