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Windows 10 upgrade ADWARE forces its way on to Windows 7 and 8.1


A Word to the Wary

If you want to get rid of the pesky Win 10 upgrade icon on the task bar, then uninstall KB3035583.

After doing so, the Win 10 icon will be gone from the task bar but, after running Windows Updates, the following updates will show up; Two (2) Important updates; KB2952664, which is the Compatibility check for Win 10 and KB3035583, which creates the task bar icon and is listed as updating the capabilities to upgrade to Win 10. Also, Two (2) Optional updates; KB3050265, which is called a Windows Update Client and KB3068708, which is for the CEIP , that is the Customer Experience Improvement Program. Note: be sure to Hide these updates afterward. IMHO, I abhor the use of the Important heading of the first two updates and the Optional updates are just Marketing gobble-de-gook. In fact, the title of MS Ad-Ware for this thread hit the nail on the head. In addition to losing

apps/applications/programs in the process of upgrading to Win 10, what would happen if the PC being upgraded did Not have a touch screen monitor ie., a laptop ? Hope this helps. atlatl

IoT DANGERS: BYOD’s trashier cousin becoming a right tearaway


Re: The acronym IoT stands for

Right on AC, and everyone knows, hopefully about "Greeks bearing gifts". No IoT devices in the work space. No BYOD in the workspace. The whole idea is a travesty of security. It violates even a basic OpSec environment. At home, if you have IoT devices, No connecting to the company VPN, even if you have separate networks, allowable MAC lists, WPA2 whatever. The idea of an IoT kettle is ludicrous, right up there with the IoT toilet, sex toys and beer/gin dispensers. atlatl

Bye bye, booth babes. IT security catwalk RSA nixes sexy outfits


This is old news.

Back in 1979 at the RSNA (Radiological Society of North America) show/convention in Atlanta GA and then the following year in Dallas TX, they banned the "sexy booth babes". It started out a little differently though, their were women in bikinis that volunteered for abdominal ultrasound scans. The premise was that the show "was taking on too much of a circus type atmosphere". I can understand if they banned these same "babes" from volunteering for breast scanning" using our differential transmission spectroscopy ie., light scanning, that might have went a little far. But, to ban miniskirts and some blouses that you see both on the street and in your workplace is a little much. Who gets to draw the line and use his or her own idea of morality. atlatl

US hospitals to treat medical device malware with AC power probes


This Won't Work

Having helped design and manufacture diagnostic imaging systems ie., computer controlled, ultrasound imaging, digital x-ray and differential transmission spectroscopy ie., breast cancer detection using light, I cannot see anyway this detection system will work. First would be the large isolation transformers required to meet the UL 544 leakage current requirements. Next would be the line filter required to meet the FCC Part 15 requirements. After that, there are usually a combination of several linear power supplies for the digital systems and some switching power supplies for any motors ie., disk drives, ultrasonic transducer drives, auto-focusing for lenses.

All of these systems ie., imaging devices, have their outputs connected by either Ethernet or USB or both to servers. Attempting to monitor the AC line to detect malware IMHO seems like a waste of time. Even the laptop type of control and monitoring for some Ultrasound and EKG systems, still have to meet the leakage current requirements ie., 10 microamps, for directly connected to the patient systems. The transformers and filters required in the main AC line would defeat the purpose of such monitoring.as described.

Microsoft uses Windows Update to force Windows 10 ads onto older PCs


Just an Update, haha

I have found that there are three Windows Updates shilling for an upgrade to either 8.1 or 10.

KB3035583, just released as Important, eSet called it an AdWare PUP for Win 10.

KB2990214, now listed as Optional, originally released as Important in 10/14, another push for Win 10.

KB2952664, now listed as Optional, originally released in 04/14, pushing for both 8.1 and 10.

Well, as the man says, just right click and select Hide.

Kaspersky claims to have found NSA's 'space station malware'


Late Starts

Software QA, used to be does the software do what it is supposed to do, properly and every time. Now the QA dept. has to do de-bugging and check for software security. Usually by Monday morning, so that the Manufacturing dept. can boot it up first thing ie., install, patch whatever.

Dell denies 'insecure autoupdate app' flings open PC backdoor


Is this program Dell System Detect ? Which I see has updated itself for several years since the purchase of this computer.

Microsoft RE-BORKS Windows 7 patch after reboot loop horror


No problems so far

Installed both KB2949927 and KB3033929 with No problems on a Dell Vostro with Win 7 Pro.

After further reading on both KB's I uninstalled KB2949927, again No problems so far.

I thought that KB3033929 superseded KB2949927 and would have removed it when installing the newer update but, it didn't.

Panda antivirus labels itself as malware, then borks EVERYTHING


DivX malware

Got a copy of DivX when I purchased Roxio Creator several years ago. I now run Malware Bytes Pro and Kaspersky Internet Security, neither ever detected snap.do or wajam. Prior to Kaspersky, I ran Eset NOD for A/V and AdAware Pro for malware detection, again neither program ever detected snap.do or wajam. Are there versions of DivX without this malware ? Thanks atlatl

Broadband routers: SOHOpeless and vendors don't care


Just a Note

The link in "But users also "share some responsibility" does Not seem to be working. When it attempts to connect to www.tripwire.com I get the following:Error Ref# 97.3495fea5.425922698.1770ee99

I have a COMTREND Corp. AR5381u Router supplied by Fairpoint Communications with good password,NAT IP, SSIDS, MAC and WPA2 security. I don't think the router has anything to do with the Error and Ref#, all other connections are fine. Anybody have a clue to what that Ref# means ? Thanks

Nvidia flops out teraflop X1 for self-aware cars


Re: I hope it is heat resistant

Typical JAN operating temperature ranges are 0 to 85 degrees C or -55 to 125 degrees C, so these chips though costly are readily available.

US escalates Stingray mobe-snooping secrecy battle as judge unseals evidence


I don't want to be irradiated

What about the health consequence for the individual using the mobile handset now being operated at full power ? Do it enough and all "Persons of Interest" will glow in the dark. Much easier to find that way. What was that word Sarcasm ?

Hey, does your Smart TV have a mic? Enjoy your surveillance, bro


Re: " internet-connected coffee makers and such "

Although it has not been mentioned specifically, BluRay players are now "Smart" and come with WiFi built in. Same as the TV's. One specific company, seems to be pushing to make the BluRay player the Internet connection to you home entertainment center. A friend of mine just got a Samxxxx "Smart TV" and it has WiFi with WPA2 built in. I don't know about the "Smart" BluRay players or even the writers for that matter, whether or not that they have WPA2 to go along with their WiFi kits. Just words of caution, as I agree completely that these items should NOT be connected to the Internet.


HALF of London has outdated Wi-Fi security, says roving World of War, er, BIKER


Re: only allows specified MACs to connect

As regards 'MAC spoofing", I use WPA2, block my SSID transmission and specify only the MAC's on my network. Seems pretty secure when used in this combination. BTW, my "smart TV has WPA2, but now that I think about it, I am Not so sure about my BluRay DVD player. The industry seems to be pushing to make the BluRay DVD player, the Internet connection for your Home Entertainment center.


Hey, Glasshole: That cool app? It has turned you into a SPY DRONE


How to hack your Android too ?

Just a question ? Is it possible to hide a QR code via stenographic methods and then have an app that reconstructs and decodes ? If so, you could be looking at a billboard ad for soap powder or the like and be hijacked in the process. A definitely scary situation and something right up the NSA's alley.

Slurp away, NSA: Mass phone data collection IS legal, rules federal judge


Meta or Voice

Excuse me is this the METAdata or the Voice +, fine line to draw. Don't wan't to see either but, just asking ?


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