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DCIG mid-market array guide: Why we left those companies out


My £0.02

I find the exclusion based on scalability potential to be arbitrary, unhelpful, and a bit silly. What buyer looking to acquire 100TB of capacity would avoid looking at a given 100TB array because it could potentially be expanded to more than 500TB of capacity?

"How big can this thing get? Well, that's just too much future proofing for me. Good day and goodbye!" :-)

(No need to respond, Jerome - your position on this has been made clear via your comments to date.)

UK councils refuse to push data into the cloud


There's another way

We've been serving local governments in the United States and Japan with an on-premises as a service model. In our experience, this approach addresses the various concerns cited here regarding keeping data local, working within tight and changing budgets, and outsourcing storage expertise while maintaining data sovereignty.

Public cloud storage spend to double in two years – reliable sources


Re: AWS as a top storage vendor?

Not sure I follow. If you mean AWS doesn't make its own storage media (i.e., drives) then you are right, but that is not what this article is about.

AWS by all accounts has its own storage stack. In this sense, they are also the ones providing the storage (i.e., they are both the "how" and the "who" behind the storage).



Nicely put. What's cited in the article certainly matches what we see across our entire customer base. Specifically, we see a consistent shift from the traditional storage vendors and business model to an elastic, consumption-based OpEx model, both in the cloud (especially AWS and Azure) and on-premises.

Just how far did storage and compute converge in 2013?


Great writeup, other than the omission of Zadara Storage. ;-)

We can corroborate at least one of your predictions: we are already seeing our storage "moving up the implementation scale to more serious enterprise applications." But we disagree that there necessarily is a "looming inter-server communications burden." Some architectures (yes, ours included) do not suffer this effect.

Let... the SAN shine: 2013 – the year of virtual storage area networks


Zadara Virtual Private Storage Arrays

We're in complete agreement that virtual SANs are poised for a disruptive year in 2014, and really appreciate seeing more attention paid to the virtual SAN space. Perhaps not so humbly :-) we would like to add ourselves to the list of relevant players. We provide virtual SAN and NAS, running on standard, servers, delivered as a service, on-demand and elastically. Our VPSA (Virtual Private Storage Array) service, in full production since Q2 2012, has multiple petabytes of instantly customizable SAN and NAS, with a who's who list of customers. Please feel free to add us as yet another proof point that virtual SANs are already making a significant impact on the Enterprise Storage landscape, on- and off-premise. Happy Holidays, Trevor and all!