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Windows Vista unreadiness revealed

Grant Mitchell

Re: Yeah!

SpitefulGOD Wrote:

> When will people learn?? Microsoft may not do things right sometimes and you

> all love to hate them, but they are here to stay and are the only company I

> would ever trust to run business critical applications and solutions.

Actually, in the industry I work in (telecoms) I'd say more business critical apps

get run under Solaris, with MS being used as the presentation layer. I've always found the notion of using MS machines as servers a little scarey... And if you consider your online presence business critical, you're likely not running MS (http://uptime.netcraft.com/perf/reports/performance/Hosters?tn=june_2007).

Anyway, this is digressing from the the thread somewhat... sorry ;)



'Suspicious looking' man hauled off translatlantic flight

Grant Mitchell

Re: Technically

> having recently graduated with a Computer Science degree I can say with

> absolute certainty that in most compilers you couldnt assign AMERICA to the

> variable location as im pretty sure "AMERICA" does not classify as an integer.

> ok im done.

And we can all rest a little easier that these young graduates aren't going to take our jobs for a while yet ;) ! But seriously, which uni did you go to! That's such a rookie mistake, don't they teach you programming these days?