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ARM Cortex-A73: How a top-end mobe CPU was designed from scratch


Re: How about an octal-core ARM based laptop/netbook?

There is no power efficiency advantage in theory in either direction. The CPU ISA on either chip, if having same adequate resources, process node etc would come out roughly similar in speed and efficiency.

Intel 'wins hands down' as you say purely because they have been building Server Chips for a lot longer than ARM and have a more mature architecture in this respect

ARM are catching up fast with the recently announced next generations AppliedMicro X-Gene 3 and Cavium ThunderX2 arriving in same performance envelope as the middle range Intel xenon designs

What is just as important is the various ecosystems that support and create 'moats' against competition.

Intel arguably discovered this when trying to compete with ARM in the Smartphone. They also failed over a number of years to pull off an integrated modem solution which is vital for SOC mobile acceptance.

ARM in reverse has to compete with the Intel/Microsoft 'moat' and Server Software which has allowed Intel a near monopoly status in CPU Server market. If there was a genuine competition Intel wouldn’t be able to charge their eye watering (Server) prices. AMD is certainly a problem here at failing to offer genuine performance on their current line up of CPUs. Perhaps Zen will be different,

Who OWNS data generated by 'connected cars' sensor slurpers?


Re: Easy Answer

ahhh the naivety...

First its for your own safety, however Its a long slippery slope..I can just imagine the Police loving this. Caught not wearing a seat-belt by your SIM card. And how long before GPS data is added etc.

(Substitute speeding, parking in a no parking zone, etc take your choice)

HTC: Shipping Android updates is harder than you think – here's why


Re: Harsh but consider

They would have to provide copies of all the Google Apps as well though which would be difficult..

Although Android itself is open source if any manufacturer tries to break away with a fork then there is a lot of 'lock in' making the transition very difficult and expensive...Thats why Google has been moving a lot of the added functionality out of the core OS into Play Apps

Google BLASTS BACK at Apple, Microsoft, Sony in Android patent WAR


Re: How quickly we forget

I suspect Google would have sat on them as a 'War Chest' defense not actively and aggressively tried to sue the pants of companies

ARM server chip upstart Calxeda bites the dust in its quest for 64-bit glory


Re: Nanana ... what is Facebook HW guy doin' there

Do you actually know what the Open Commute project is ?

The server card is not just the CPU, it contains the memory, I/O Interfaces, Network etc. Its basically a full motherboard designed to be fully interchangeable with any other.



Large company Data centers are just thousands of these server cards in racks so making everything highly modular would allow them to mix and match components to their own specifications with no problems of matching CPU architectures etc.


Re: Nanana ... what is Facebook HW guy doin' there

"Facebook has no interest in ARM, just the HW guy there ..."

The big data centers are gunning for open servers as a method of not only squeezing Intel but providing alternative avenues of server configurations and architectures.

Facebook started the Open Commute project with whole purpose to move to an open agnostic CPU/Sever card which they eventually would be able to swap out directly with another variant whether it be based around ARM, Intel etc. They are also carrying out other changes such as moving their Web PHP engine to ARM


The problem here for Intel is that it a sea change in market. Instead of a ecosystem thats tied to a x86 design it would be a 'open for all' . To compete Intel will have to completely re-evaluate their prices/margins which is going to hit them hard

Calexga were in the unfortunate position of being to early to the market with no major monetary support except Venture Capitalists. Once AMD, Marvell etc started throwing there hats into the ring then it was always going to be harder and harder to keep the money flowing in as it made it less of an investment and more a high risk gambol for paying off.


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