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UK's super-cyber-snoop shopping list: Internet data, bulk spying, covert equipment tapping


Poison results.

If they are just logging which sites been visited and not the pages, instead of trying to directly hide activity, couldn't you just have something in the background opening up random sites making the data mostly pointless?

Subscribe to your free El Reg newsletter and save 95% on Wired (UK) mag


I like the odd printed mag as well. The issue I have with these kind of deals is just like Amazon prime membership, they hope some percentage will just forgot to cancel in time.

If its something you would subscribe to or know you will remember to cancel after enjoying the deal then what’s not too like!

It's happened, folks: An actual exhibition about cats and the internet


Catscan was one of the earliest sites I remember for this type of thing.

Post-pub nosh neckfiller: Bacon and egg sushi


Have just ordered myself some sushi mould things so I can try this one!

Help! Our Virgin Media TiVo boxes are stuck in a loop! Help! Our Virgin..


Re: London time??

I would assume the times are BST not GMT.

New Horizons: We've got a pretty pic of Pluto. Now let's get our SCIENCE on


Maybe a little sad but I will be staying up passed my bedtime just to await confirmation the pass was (hopefully) successful!

The Empire Strikes Back: Disney tractor-beams StarWars.co.uk from Brit biz


I read this first on the BBC, one thing this article doesn’t mention is "Abscissa itself has also benefited from the dispute-resolution process, by wresting control of jokers.co.uk from a fancy-dress rival in 2007."

Unfortunately there is no details as to what this dispute was regarding (and I cant be arsed to research, maybe someone else will), I don’t really defend Disney in anyway, but if this case was something similar then I find it hard to care at the same time.

Kamikaze Rosetta probe to ram comet it's chased for billions of miles


Disappointed reg links Matt Taylor to the shirt article, shame on you!

SURPRISE! Microsoft pops open Windows 10 Preview build early


Looks promising!

Im a little scared, but acctully looks like there are some innovative features! Currently im a Linux based user (at home, I use a Mac at work). Not sure I will switch but I will be happy to give it a go, when win 7 was released it didnt really offer anything not avilable on my Linux based desktop (ignoring games, and had no business app requirments), but MS seem to have woken up a little and started developing new features.

Music fans FUME over PJ Harvey ticket CHAOS as Somerset House site buckles


These things happen, and of course will have been frustrating for those trying to obtain tickets. But the advise to increase bandwidth not cpu/mem etc was from the hosting provider (if there statement is correct). Without knowing exactly how many people were trying to obtain tickets and server details, this could have been unforseen by both somerset house and the hosting provider and could be due to poor programing in the site or database.

Whatever the issue, hopefully it will be learned for an event of similar demand in future. If they had a history of these issues it would maybe be more disapointing.

Fancy a .trust domain? How's $150,000 sound?


Yes ultra secure, because the price will stop someone starting the domain yourbank.trust.verify.account.fake (replace .fake with any real TLD) from people that fall from phishing scams.

NGINX scores $20 MEELLLION to remind people it sells stuff


I have experimented with both Apache and NGNIX for testing purposes, Apache is well documented especially for 3rd party open source apps/sites. NGNIX however definitely won when looking at load balancing through the server itself.

Mozilla: Native code? No, it's JavaScript, only it's BLAZING FAST


Re: Very Nice Mozilla

Although no offical releases yet, you can find 64bit builds here for windows: http://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/mozilla.org/firefox/nightly/latest-trunk/


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