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ROBO-SNOWDEN: Iraq, the internet – two places the US govt invaded that weren't a threat



How can a company who base their business on monitoring people so they can sell adverts try to relate to this guy?

Microsoft, Oracle finally get a room: Now they're ready to take on Amazon cloud



Who runs oracle db on windows? I've never ever seen any company run it on windows

Hey IBM – Lenovo here. Sort your server factory strike out, will you?


Lots of sales isn't always a good thing

Revenue is vanity, profit is sanity

Break out the scatter cushions: Google rents out NASA blimp hangar


Very taxing

They pay minimal tax so at least the government is getting money from them through this deal!

A BBC-by-subscription 'would be richer', MPs told


I hate the bbc

I have put in a foi asking for the details of the modelling

Oracle picks PCIe flash from LSI for flashy next-gen Exadata box


Sounds good

Will be interested to see how this performs, the exa boxes are impressive

Oracle: Our figures say hardware has flatlined, but we assure you it hasn't


The article seems harsh

People like to knock big companies like Oracle. Personally I've been impressed with the engineered hardware. Combining exadata and exalytics produces a db and epm platform that is one of the best around for a large business