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Embattled 123-reg flings six months' free hosting at angry customers

Chris Priest

I'm still waiting to see if they can restore mine, have built a new one temporarily, not had any email offering any compensation yet.

UK web host 123-Reg goes TITSUP, customer servers evaporate

Chris Priest

Re: Update email address FAIL

Probably overloaded! I sent one a couple of hours ago and so far it's not been bounced back, but hey, they've probably run a script to process email and deleted it :) (Smiley face as I'm trying to stay positive over this shambles)

NOTE: Still not had an update on my server tho....

Chris Priest

Email from 123-reg.....

I am writing to you to explain what happened to some VPS services on 16.04.16. This email is to detail what our steps have been. I am committed to open communication with all customers and would like to take this opportunity to explain in detail.

So what happened to some services? As part of a clean-up process on the 123-reg VPS platform, a script was run at 7am on 16.04.16. This script is run to show us the number of machines active against the master database. An error on the script showed 'zero-records' response from the database for some live VPS. For those customers, this created a 'failure' scenario - showing no VM's and effectively deleting what was on the host. As a result of our team's investigations, we can conclude that the issues faced having resulted in some data loss for some customers. Our teams have been and continue to work to restore. What have we done? We have been working with an extended team of experts and have left no stone unturned. Our teams have been working long into the night to restore as much as we possibly can. We have also invested in external consultants to recover, in the best way possible.

We have recovery running on the VPS servers and some are restoring to new disks. We have also begun copying recovered VPS images to new hosts and we expect some VPS to be back up and running throughout the night and in to tomorrow.

Nexus 7 fandroids tell of salty taste after sucking on Google's Lollipop

Chris Priest

I loaded the factory image onto my Nexus 7 (2012) and so far (touch wood) it's been absolutely fine. I've come across a couple of apps that I reinstalled that don't appear compatible with Lollipop, but thats it so far.

Doctor Who trashing the TARDIS, Clara alone, useless UNIT – Death in Heaven

Chris Priest

Actually, in a previous episode, Rise of the Cybermen, when the doctor and Mrs Moore were in the underground chamber and Mrs Moore lobs the EMP at the cyberman, the doctor reveals the emotional inhibitor under the cyberman's chest plate.

Personally I liked the episode, granted it was a bit daft, but the best bit for me was when the Doctor saluted Leftbridge-Stuart and he hung his head.

Amazon: Put our ALWAYS ON MICROPHONE in your house, please. WHAT?

Chris Priest

I'm going to buy one for the geek factor, but I'm not worried, my tinfoil hat will protect me.... :)

BT claims almost-gigabit connections over COPPER WIRE

Chris Priest

Re: 19 meters you say?

Agreed it is a regulatory issue, however they did talk about fitting cabs outside the exchange to host the VDSLx kit, but there seems to be no more information on when or if this will ever happen.

It would be nice to see BT bring their current infrastructure up to date before considering faster tech.

Chris Priest

What about considering your EO customers!

I live for the day that they can actually deliver these kind of speeds on EO lines...

I have a fibre cab outside my house, but my line terminates in the exchange, no super spangly fibre like speeds for me :(

I know EO lines are the minority, but please don't forget us :)

BT to slap overalls on 1,000 new bods in fibre broadband boost

Chris Priest


They can work out how to enable Exchange Only lines at the same time! No fibre for me :( Not yet anyway LOL

Official: Sky to buy O2 and BE's home broadband product in £200m deal

Chris Priest


Yep, got the news this morning, will stick around for the moment, I am no fan of Sky either and I bet you can be sure that Sky won't continue BE's excellent routed subnet (Muti-Static) IP's on their network. Just got moved over to the new core network as well!

Sadly despite my local exchange being FTTC enabled, I am an EO line, so no fibre for me for the foreseeable future :(

BE worked well, great support and very few problems IMHO, Sky is overloaded at best, adding another 500,000 customers is suicide without shoring up their infrastructure (although the rate of calls to the BE cancellation department did shoot up this morning, so there may not be many left come the sale! :) )

Smart Fortwo Electric Drive e-car

Chris Priest
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"Forget fitting electric cars with an audible means of approach, we need to start running these buffoons over in the interests of Darwinian selection." :-)

Skype hangs up on users yet again

Chris Priest


980,000 at the moment, I've managed to reconnect, but for how long, who knows!

Motorola uncloaks 10.1-inch Xoom fondleslab

Chris Priest


I dare someone to actually name their product 'The Fondleslab' I know it's el Reg's name, but by christ I'd buy one :)

Virgin Media begins 100Mb upgrades

Chris Priest


they can't be bothered to roll it out everywhere!

I live in an Virgin Media area, only they can't be arsed to feed it down my street.

Osborne details painful cuts for UK

Chris Priest

Nice to see

That the big ole fat cats got a paycut.....not.............

Nutter repairmen scale 1,768ft TV mast

Chris Priest


I feel sick.....That is all

Pakistani lawyer petitions for death of Mark Zuckerberg

Chris Priest


I keeeeel youuuuuuuuu!!!!

Sorry, just watched Jeff Dunham...couldn't resist, I'll get me coat.....

Virgin Media boasts more subscribers and more losses

Chris Priest


That they can't get their arses in gear and upgrade the analog network in my area in Southampton!!

I'd probably go for a bundle package if they did.

McAfee false positive bricks enterprise PCs worldwide

Chris Priest


It only seems to affect machines running the 8.7i engine and XP SP3.

Fortunately we had not rolled out 8.7i to everyone yet, so only a small subset of our machines were affected.

I found the easiest solution was to copy the dat files from a 8.5i machine with the 5957 dats and also take a copy of svchost.exe.

Boot machine normally, when you get the DCOM is shutting down crap, open a command prompt and abort the shutdown, open viruscan console, turn off Access protection then go and shut down the Mcafee services.

Copy the dats into C:\Program Files\Common Files\Mcafee\Engine.

Copy svchost.exe to c:\Windows\System32

Reboot, job done :)

Asus' Eee keyboard out next month - official

Chris Priest
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want one!!!!!!!

Reg bean counter in charity cycling towerathon

Chris Priest
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Rather him than me!

But what the hell, just donated and thats his target met :) Damn good cause!

Johnson signs off ID card for UK citizenry

Chris Priest

ID cards.....

What a complete and utter load of bollocks...

Nuff said....

'Transportable' raygun 'deploys' - across Albuquerque

Chris Priest


RHELS a measurement of time with the Daleks..?

Next the thing with have suckers on the front and go round blasting out exterminate before destroying a target!

Mines the one with the sonic screwdriver in the pocket and the geeks guide to Dr Who.....

Mobiles finally admitted to English hospitals

Chris Priest
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at least it'll do away with those rip off bedside phones they have!

'First production-line energy weapon' now shipping

Chris Priest
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How the hell is the shark supposed to press the button???

Boffins calculate true speed of 'Lightning' Bolt

Chris Priest


What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen sparrow?

Mines the suit of armour....

Ryanair begins screen-scraping lawsuit

Chris Priest
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Wouldn't be so bad if...

Their website actually worked!!

I spent over two hours last night trying to book a flight to Dublin for 14 people, every time I entered all of the passenger names and clicked next, the damn thing kept timing out..

Useless Bastards!

Qinetiq ships first 'Transformer' war-droid

Chris Priest
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And easily disabled by...

Shooting out the lens of the camera... :)

Sky One to resurrect Blake's 7?

Chris Priest
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Oh yes!! Absolutely loved that show, it will be interesting to see what Sky can make of it.

Virgin Media stops the rot

Chris Priest

Thank god...

It's not in my area, they still have analogue down my street!

SGI fires up fancy NAS for dummies

Chris Priest


"or areas needing something that makes a lot of noise and has pretty blinking lights."

Yes, I remember those, my boss had me build one and shove it in a rack, it was just a panel with lots of flashing leds, he used to call it the 'Impresser'

Never told any clients what it was, but it did look good in the rack and they seemed to be impressed with it :)

BOFH: You think you know a guy...

Chris Priest


Oh crap, I've got 4 of em and a couple of Masters as well......

*straps himself into the wheely chair*

Doctor Who signs up thinking man's crumpet

Chris Priest

I still say....

that Catherine Tate is a very poor choice for the companion.

Her acting performance in the earlier episode left a lot to be desired.

UK gov rejects Cliff Richard's copyright extension

Chris Priest

Oh Shame...

As if they didn't make enough out of it already.

75-year-old has world's fastest private internet connection

Chris Priest

I think...

It's all part of the Lizard Army's plan to take over the world, somewhere to control all their mind control robots and taser fitted robots!