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Heart-stopping predictions from AI doctors could save lives


"It decreases the amount of blood flow to the heart, making it difficult to breathe."


Microsoft can't tell North from South on Bing Maps


Please try to keep up

Typical Reg. We've resided in the Northern hemisphere since 2002. http://www.satirewire.com/news/jan02/australia.shtml

Second celebgate hacker pleads guilty to phishing


Re: It's not celebgate

Have an upvote.

Not sure why the Reg keeps referring to it as celebgate. It's always been known as the fappening.

Waleed Aly's NBN intervention is profoundly unhelpful


"The Australian tax payer doesn't need to pay for your Netflix or You Tube high speed connection."

I'm sure if I pulled up a late 1800s copy of The Argus I'd find similar pig ignorant arguments against The Postmaster General's department starting to build out a telephone network. Some infrastructure projects have an ROI that's measured in decades, which doesn't really align with the private sector's short term need to report regular profits. There is also the fact that key projects such as historic telephony and current NBN rollout have the potential to affect the wider economy, so just measuring the ROI of the project itself (eg Will NBN make a profit) becomes almost meaningless. The overall gains are much larger than can be measured by NBN profitability. These are the types of projects where governments and tax dollars should be involved.

As much as we complain about the current state of communications, could you imagine the mess we would have today if the government of the day had not deployed a network in the 1800's? It's the same now with NBN and whatever technology they deploy now should decided upon with a view to being able to continue using it for the next 100 years. As far as I'm aware, fibre is the #1 medium to fit that brief.

Brit airline pilots warn of drone menace


"I thought that most drones capable of flying that range would have a programmable altitude ceiling"

Mine (a DJI phantom 3) does and I've set it to 400 feet which is the maximum I'm allowed to fly in my area. The manufacturer even inserted a brochure from the Civil Aviation Safety Authority here in Australia in the packaging to make sure owners are aware of their responsibilities. (There is also other guidance about distances from people, vehicles, buildings etc)

There was a news report here yesterday of a flight between Moorabin and Melbourne having to dodge one of these idiots. I can't see any excuse for it.

Intel lobs out new Core m3/m5 Compute Sticks, shouts 'Fetch!'


Re: Apple TV / Roku / etc.

My Intel NUC is doing quite well as a HTPC. Small & quiet enough to be unobtrusive, wifi, USB3, Ethernet, Bluetooth and infra red built in. Seems like it was specifically designed for this job.

Not sure what market the stick is designed for.

Chinese unleash autonomous airborne taxi


What, no 4K camera?

How are we going to get our daily dose of people-carrying drone crashes on YouTube?

Next year's Windows 10 auto-upgrade is MSFT's worst idea since Vista


I wonder how many

People will wake up one day to find their media centre pc has essentially been bricked......

Just TWO climate committee MPs contradict IPCC: The two with SCIENCE degrees


No history?

"Finally, there's history"

What do you mean history doesn't exist? Of course it does. Without our study of history, how else can you explain our detailed knowledge of the Starks, Lannisters, Baratheons etc.? We know so much about them that there's even a documentary on TV about them. (and don't get me started on that evil little Joffrey bastard.......)

How to strip pesky copyright watermarks from photos ... says a FACEBOOK photo bod


Isn't The Reg supposed to publish current news?

Check the date people.Yes it was a silly post, but why all the faux outrage *now* over a post from 2012?

Organic food: Pricey, not particularly healthy, won't save you from cancer


Re: Missing the point

"Unfortunately Organic food remains at luxury prices because producers are still primarily fairly small scale "

You might want to look into that. Earthbound Farms is by far the largest producer of organic products in the US and has annual revenue of $500M. That's not even close to small scale but they still charge higher prices than non-organic corporations. Scale has nothing to do with it.

The reason you pay more for organic food comes down to two simple factors.

1. It's a less efficient means of farming

2. People are suckers and manufacturers know this.


Re: Missed the point much?

"<citation needed>"

Is Google broken in your part of the world? Try searching for nicotine sulfate, an organic pesticide that's been in use for over 100 years and see what a nice, friendly substance that is.


Re: I wonder if there is a study

Not exactly a scientific study, but there's a good example of that here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Zqe4ZV9LDs (NSFW)

PS: you can see the entire episode at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5amLAMRQk5I (again, language NSFW)


Re: Agenda here?

"This planet is going to hell in a hand cart. If you think that the best way to solve humanities problems are to hand the whole lot over to big corporate petro-chemical industries with profit motivated mono-cultures then go for it."

No, I don't think the answer is to hand everything over to big business, but neither do I think the answer is to adopt a less efficient means of food production that results in more forests being destroyed and turned into farmland.

There are pros and cons to both approaches.

Microsoft's licence riddles give Linux and pals a free ride to virtual domination


Re: Virtuozzo licensing has no benefits over any other hypervisor

I don't think it was pre-emptive and Virtuozzo isn't really anything new - it's been around for years but never really took off for a number of reasons. Uptime, lack of live migration capabilities, Windows being a SPOF etc.

IIRC, Microsoft have had the same Virtuozzo-specific licensing terms since Server 2003.


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