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What's a COVID-19 outbreak? Amazon gets all Trumpy over Alabama warehouse workers' mail-in vote to form a union


Watching the watchers

Part of the problem is that unions don't have a much better reputation than the employers. Each is motivated by power and control in their leadership, so each ends up being just as corrupt as the other.

EU wants one phone plug to rule them all. But we've got a better idea.


Re: Micro USB deterioration

If a USB-C gets filled with fluff, it melts the connector as the current is so high. Just had this happen to a Macbook at work. The connector wasn't able to be pushed home, so the amount of overlap between plug and socket reached the point where the current would burn away the metal on the socket side... took me 2 hours to replace it

Pentagon sticks to its guns: Yep, we're going with a single cloud services provider



Offerors?? Who came up with that? What's wrong with suppliers, vendors, responders, partners or any of the other words that could have done the job far more effectively?

One-third of Brit IT projects on track to fail


Definition of fail

That's a very broad category... What does failure mean, and what does success mean??

Mobe-hungry BT's sales slip over Xmas amid EE buyout silence



Earnings Before Interest, Tax and Dodgy Accounting

IBM Research wants laptop batteries to retire and slum it


I think that style of internal is either NiCd or NiMH. Lithium batteries are typically a plastic coated block of material somewhat harder than plasticine.

The Big Data wrangling CIO you've probably never heard of: But his kit probably knows YOU


Re: I don't think so ...

It says manages, not generates. There's a reasonable difference between the two

Google policy wonk patronises Brits over EU search biz probe


Re: What's the point of having all that money

I think the point that's being raised is that if Google sold mower blades, you'd see their site first...then maybe the cheapest, the best, the fastest etc AFTER you'd been presented Google's placement.

What was missed during the interview was what the term 'depends' meant. Depends on what is the critical question, and one that didn't get asked.

The VP had clearly set out a series of serch queries that were completely innocuous and therefore uncontentious. The ones that would be far more challenging - video content, advertising space online or any of the other google services were not covered.

VMware hyper-converge means we don't need no STEENKIN' OS...


Looking backwards

Isn't this what an HPC system in a bank looks like? Large pool of servers presented as a single logical pool of compute that then has a policy applied to it as applications execute. However, no need for a hypervisor as they just get in the way of performance - around 5-15% depending on application type.

I think the opposite is probably true of what's presented in the story - infrastructure virtualisation is a short/medium term problem due to legacy applications having to be tightly coupled to an operating system of their own - they don't share nicely together. Move up to a PaaS built application and hardware virtualisation becomes somewhat irrelevant.

So you want to build the next Google. Who ya gonna call? Er, Big Blue?


Tibco (via their data synapse acquisition) were able to do something similar a long time back for either virtualised or bare metal resources. In essence it was an extension of their meta-scheduler for HPC applications that got extended to cover transactional applications. It didn't plug into a cloud orchestrator, but straight into the hypervisor, but there was nothing stopping it being tied to any kind of orchestration / automation with a bit of time & effort.

Amazon, Hollywood, Samsung: PLEASE get excited about 4K telly


Shaky picture but with more detail

As in a previous (and very good) article late last year that went through the merits of 4k, this is simply a waste of money. The problem is refresh rates, not resolution. Alreay on my 50" full HD TV I can have provlems with visible gaps when fast movement is being displayed, or where fast panning is used. More resolution will simply mean I can see these gaps in more detail...why would I want that??

Fix the refresh rate issue and I'll be interested.

Smarty Ring promises technology at your fingertips


Needs a speaker

So it can be said that someone is speaking out of their ring...

Unstoppable data growth in storage has ... er, stopped


Storage, what storage...

It would be very nice to see this compared against the volumes shipped by the drive manfunacturers, and then also against the volume of storage shipped by use case - SAN, DAS, Internal, NAS, Object etc.

The revenue alone tells us very little as there are so many reasons why this could be that it's of little value, apart from for the storage vendors themselves.


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