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London cabbies to offer EVEN WORSE service in protest against Uber


Viable competition? They don't like it up 'em do they?

Tough luck cabbies, this is going to happen, so you need to do what everyone else does and move with the times.

Odd these guys talking about Uber not paying tax in the UK, coming from a load of people who are doing their damnedest to keep working in a cash based economy. I wonder what % of their takings the average cabbie actually declares for tax purpose? hhmmm...

Best wishes to Uber.

HALF of all Bitcoin-investing Winklevoss twins predict $400bn market for the currency


tulip anyone?

This has "bubble" written allover it.

Would anyone like to buy a really rare tulip for £20k?

Universal Credit: £40 MILLION and counting's been spaffed up the wall on useless IT gear


I'm confused by the comments regarding the accounting policy re. 5 year depreciation and how useful the software may be. The depreciation will reduce the book value to nil, but this doesn't necessarily mean anything in terms of the intrinsic value to the business of these assets. many, many businesses have assets with zero book value which actually had a great deal of on-going value (revenue) to the business. many value investors have become very rich buying companies where book value (the accounting view) is valued by the market at much less than the economic value (intrinsic value). Furniture is often written off over five years, does a table really stop being useful over 5 years just because it hasbeen fully depreciated??