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Sony claims 'lightest notebook' crown

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Me want

Me can't afford

Asus' Eee keyboard out next month - official

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Sharp intros 5in ARM-based netbook

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Might just buy it!

The sub-500g sector is getting more interesting!

I was thinking of getting Sony's 500g Vaio, but the Sharp is a third of the price and might just do the job!

Smera tilting e-car debuts in Paris

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I'd be interested to know how it can handle overtaking a juggernaut on the motorway in a strong sidewind.

Shuttle X 5000TA

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Crap review

What a profound lack of imagination the reviewer has.

This is a unique device, not just another PC or laptop. It will surely find new market niches. I imagine Simon Cowell might buy one for his fridge door.

Philips Streamium NP2900

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No future in this solution

This is a niche product with a declining future.

The coming trend will be for people to store all their music on their mobile phone and connect speakers wirelessly to the phone if they need to.

Current mobile memory cards can store 16GB, and 32GB is not far off.

Toaster used to recharge gadgets

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That bowl of fruit looks awfully small compared with that slice of bread.

Finally launched: Nokia's iPhone beater

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VOIP oip

Has anyone got VOIP to work on a Nokia anyway? My Nokia E51 comes with Nokia's preferred VOIP app Gizmo preinstalled. But it's unusable, with awful sound quality and terrible latency (delay). Skype is the same on the E51.

Sony Ericsson confirms Xperia X1 UK launch

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"Graham Lockley

> Ironic really, of the all the mobile platforms its the MS one that is most open :)

S60/Symbian is open source (or will be shortly). I can't see MS going open source for a while yet :)

Chrome-fed Googasm bares tech pundit futility

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The guy who wrote this article needs to cool it a bit, probably

It doesn't matter that Chrome does nothing new. The fact that it does it faster could make a big difference for some apps.

Some revolutions are due to quantitative changes rather than qualitative changes.

Although that remains to be seen in the case of Chrome, of course :)

Price cutting rivals eat into Nokia's market share

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Smartphone are a dumb idea?

My Nokia E51 works fine, unless I install stuff on it! Even Nokias own Internet Radio app rebooted my phone regularly until I kicked it out. Another radio app screwed up my address book, so I had to reinstall the whole phone software.

Do people really want installable native apps screwing up their phones? I don't think so.

Which really calls into question the whole idea of "smartphones". Feature phones are getter smarter all the time. And they run benign Java apps which rarely, if ever, crash a phone.

Even PCs are are "dumbing down" to become more reliable and user-friendly. Many of the simple cheap computers inspired by the EEE pc are aimed at the new paradigm of running all software "in the cloud" and installing only sandboxed "managed code" such as Java and Flash to run internet apps such as Google Docs.

How Chrome puts the skids under Nokia

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Chrome has no keyboard shortcuts access my bookmarks.

So its IE for me still.

(FF is too slow to start up)

Still, I can't wait to see Chrome on my phone.

Sun opens Java tools in mobile fight back

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Better than nothing

Java may still have a way to go, but its still the only real cross-platform game out there.

I have Java bus timetables from my local bus company on my phone. They work on just about anything.

And I know that Java's not going to crash my phone, unlike some native apps.

Even Nokia´s official radio player app reboots my brand new Nokia phone on a regular basis.

BT starts threatening music downloaders with internet cut-off

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Totally inappropriate "punishment"

I depend on the internet for banking, paying bills, email, running my life in general.

You're saying that BT have the right to cut me off if my teenage son sends a song to his mates?

Atom-based Eee PC to hit UK in June

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No problem

Asus can't make enough eee pcs to keep up with demand anyway, so tempting them to wait for a better product maybe stops them getting frustrated and buying a Macbook Air or something.

Asus launches tiny PC

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At last...

...an ultra-light laptop that is actually *cheaper* than a normal one!

Crucial questions:

1. Can I listen to BBC radio with it?

2. Can I access and listen to MP3s on my home network?

I want to listen while I'm taking a bath :)

Quantum scientist wins Euro computing prize

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Apple trademark clash?

Apple own the trademarks iMac, iPod and iPhone. I wonder if they'll accept someone calling their product IANUS?

ARM finds friends for mobile Linux

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So how does this fit in with - or compete with - the LiMo (Linux Mobile) Foundation?

I notice that ARM and Samsung are involved in both initiatives.

Apple to dial x86 for iPhone?

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Does nnyone know what advantage will be gained by using Intel's chips instead of ARM chips?

And can anyone fathom out why Apple don't support Java for 3rd party apps on the iPhone?

Britannia triumphs over Johnny Metric

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Bob a job

In the light of this victory against the EU, let's start a campaign to go back to shillings and pence :).

Or even better, let's have the guineau as the official unit of currency.

Apple rings in changes with iPod Touch

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Locked down = Non event

Presumably the device is closed for 3rd party software developers like the iPhone.

Jonathan King in Harold Shipman song rumpus

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I thought Una Paloma Blanca was grossly offensive

Jonathan King's song sucks - so what's new?