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iSCSI: Game over

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More than a few things wrong with this article, firstly, 'and IP Storage Area Network' is called a NAS, secondly you do NOT need a fiber switch to connect to Fiber storage, and even if you use a real SAN most have the switch built in now days.

The ONLY way you can get real equality of performance, Fiber to iSCSI/FCoE, would be to use a dedicated network switch with QOS turned WAY up and large IP packets turned on, which negates the cost savings of the IP solution. And the advantage would ONLY be realized using a 10gigE channel. (ie ~7G IP > 4G fiber)

How the fate of the US economy rests on a Dell workstation


Excel Macros

This isn't so bad, at least the economic accelerator isn't just a bunch of Excel Macros like most of the financial world is based on ;-)

US Army unit deployed to home front


The new Special Services

So the name of this group is, let me guess, 'Special Services', interesting.

Backlash starts against 'sexy' databases


Good Programmer - Bad Programmer

This is the oldest story in programming, Good programmers use RDBMS and bad programmers use whatever sloppy thing they can get away with.

EU investigates DOJ internet gambling tactics



You can't even gamble on politicians at intrade.com :-(

Time to rewrite DBMS, says Ingres founder


fantasy databases

Fantasy databases are fine when used as academic exercises, but not worth the trouble of implementing them in a real world against real world requirements, which are not understood within the white Tower environment.

US expat casts ballot from Vienna, wonders if anyone got it


I voted in O'Neills Pub

I voted in O'Neills Pub Dublin, with a paper ballot.

Motorola: Apple will not open the iPhone


ADC center


Federal judge slams Patriot Act


Let Freedom from tyranny reign

Finally a Federal Judge stands up for the Constitution

Speedy evolution saves blue moon butterflies


We have the same DNA

We have the same DNA as these Butterflies, the very same, only our DNA has adapted differently to different environmental stresses.