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Microsoft doubles down on productivity with Wunderlist buy

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Re: MS Basic

MS Basic worked like a charm under CP/M, worked with it in the early 80s. Still have the manuals somewhere... Even the docs were decent. Not all MS Software is bad!

In the last 30 years, however..

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Re: Typical

They won't strangle it, I think. They'll fumble. Just as bad for your S.O. and you, just the process is different. Compare Skype.

But pray tell, what do you get when you purchase a software company? Expensive chairs, couple desks and used hardware..

The people will simply walk when it's no longer fun, and source code is quite useless without the brains.

It's FREE WINDOWS 10 time: 29 July is D-Day, yells Microsoft

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Re: Loving the free upgrade

Spamgourmet.com to the rescue. been using it for tn+ years.

Siri, please save my iPhone from the messages of death

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Much easier

.. Just go into "Edit" and delete the whole conversation, without opening the specific message. Someboy sends you a "prank", they can get stuffed anyway.

Sex disease surge in US state partly blamed on hook-up apps

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Re: extremely dumb dudes

.. such as extremely dumb offspring.

Aye-aye Eyeo, go safely on your way-o, says German judge

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Lovely thought, huh? I'm a tinkerer, and it's something I intend to build this year, based on existing IR remote projects. Preset a certain time, ad starts, hit a large "sod off" button, and it goes gradually down to silent (just sent voumel down IR code), and after the time intervall, turns the sound back on.

It'll help, somewhat.

You - yes, YOU - can win The Ultimate Cash 'n' Carrion Survival Kit

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Just Brits?

Hm, no "Country" in that form... Bummer. So it is British only? I'd happily pay for shipping.

Patch Windows boxes NOW – unless you want to be owned by a web page or network packet

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Re: Update FAIL (?)

Anyone remember IX? I saw it once, on an 68030, bitmapped terminal that cost a fortune... Gawd I feel old.

Netscape Navigator - the browser that started it all - turns 20

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Re: Mosaic

Yes, it is a simple idea. It also killed the transatlantic Tcp/IP connections for a couple of weeks, it was saturated with "open" packets.

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Re: The days of my (almost) youth...

Well, my first modem wass a 300 baud coupler, so who is the old fart?

And no toast from me.. "Mozilla" stands for Mosaic Killer, Andreesen co-developped Mosaic at NCSA and took the source with him when he left.

Source he didn't own.

Crims zapped mobes, slabs we collared for evidence, wail cops

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Hoist, petard, own.

PS all the plods need to do is turn of networking. Or remove the Sim, connect the device to a computer to analyze it, then maybe analyze the sim, as it may contain an address book and other intel, if it was previously used in a dumb(er) phone.

Women, your 'superpower' is ... NOT asking for a raise: Satya Nadella

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Re: Yeah, but...

Same here. It is not karma that did it to you though (and many others here) but dirty greedy lying bastards like that Microsoft waste of oxygen.

I think IT is the most interting occupation in the world, but the wrong kind of people are in management.

Wasn"t always like that.. I'm pushing 50 now and looking forward to retirement, bloody shame.that is.

Google AXES AndroidScript app used by 20,000 STEM coders WITHOUT WARNING

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It"ll be their versionjcopy of Swift.


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Re: Spot on, ElReg.

A phone it may be - I own a nice bakelite rotary phone, which _may_ fit in my backback, certainly not any type of pocket, and it sure qualifies as a phone.

But such a monster is not a _mobile_ phone. In summer, I tend to carry zero bags, so trouser pockets it is. And avoid tight jeans so I can carry a phablet? Get lost.

Apple: Beats Music is safe with us. Just like your selfies in iCloud

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Re: @dan1980

Vest top = wife beater

Tinnies = cans (of beer)

IT jargon is absolutely REAMED with sexual double-entendres

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Re: We love Muffin,

Darn Seppos,

No, twas new to me too,

Samsung Gear S: Quick, LAUNCH IT – before Apple straps on iWatch

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Excited? Not really. Doesn't look too stylish IMHO, and two days on baettery? jeez...

Drunkards warned: If you can't walk in a straight line, don't shop online, you fool!

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Hm, Banjo. Willng to sell it, by any chance?

DON’T add me to your social network, I have NO IDEA who you are

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USENET was great. Grumpy old fart myself I guess.

Eternal September..

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Re: Billy 'No Mates' here

Loose lips sink ships.

Nuff sed.

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Re: Swirling JDs??

Gosh, I remember absentmindedly grabbing a glass of ice "water"and drinking from it while waiting for the beer when in New York couple of years ago. Boy.

Try Bud Light! Basically water, but it doesn't taste like chlorine like their "water" does.

PS where I'm from, they used to add chlorine to swimming pool waters way back when I was a kid.

Galaxy cafe in NY, it suddenly catapulted me into being like 8 years old, quite a trip.

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Re: b*stards

Get better soon, Mr Ledswinger. All the best.

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Re: b*stards

Methinks I shall do just that.

After all, we are his thereg pals, arnt we?

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Re: I wonder if today will be

Was wondering about that myself.

Lovely piece, Alistair, as always. Tad but caustic, but thats ok - robotic requests piss me off too.

Wedding tackle started out as PROTO-SHARKS' LEGS, boffins say

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Re: parallel evolution

If memory serves me right, modern sharks have. Been a few decades since I read about that though.

Marc Andreessen: Edward Snowden is a 'textbook traitor'

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Re: What a dick

He worked as a student on a project called "Mosaic", which was the first successful web browser.

Some time later he left and presto, instant new web browser. Smells funny.

Net neutrality foes outspent backers by over three to one – and that's just so far

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It's the golden rule, innit? He who has the gold, rules.

Speaker bods Sonos chuck FREE TELLY* in with discount offer

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Re: Affiliate programme?

Way overpriced, too. Wonder why theregister keeps plugging them, so so hardware at a high price.

I QUIT: Mozilla's anti-gay-marriage Brendan Eich leaps out of door

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Re: Let's shoe the other foot.

Sure. Can. But "hypicrosy" - whassat mean?

OpenID Foundation launches XML-free ID handler

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Alphabet Soup..

.. always get a good chuckle out of diagrams such as these. But not having to use XML - good on them!

El Reg BuzzFelch: 10 Electrical Connectors You CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT!

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Re: Showing my age ..

And there were crossover cables, too. I feel old

It's big, it's expensive and it's an audiophile's dream: The Sonos Sub

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Re: de-oxygenated copper

Chunky cable, indeed, very important. Decent speakers, not this plastic junk.

For that kind of money, I can at least afford a valve/solid state hybrid amp,a nd add an airport express to strearn digital music to it. Or a bluetooth audio adapter, if you don't mind losing a few bits.

You end up with a halfways decent audio system, and standardized interfaces, rather proprietary junk in a plastic enclosure. Junk with good D/A, but still <shudder>

Prince sues 22 music file-sharers for ONE MEEELLION dollars each

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That's it, Mr. Prince. i kind of used to like you music, but I will not purchase any more of it.

Radio boffins remember the future-ture-ture: From the Cold War to (White) SPAAAAACE

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Valve porn

Bring it on!!

Seriously, advances in high frequency valve technology played an important role in winning WWII, and since this is about as technical as it gets, and there is a high chance of good valve pr0n in it, PLEASE (with sugar on top) thereg bring us an article!

Ex-NSA guru builds $4m encrypted email biz - but its nemesis right now is control-C, control-V

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Re: I'm all for bringing encryption to the masses, but...

Three: the company is US based. Even if I trust that people, it would be against the US law for them to _not_ hand over the key.

Sorry. Horse, barn door, went to Mexico, died and went to heaven.

Botnet PC armies gulp down 16 MILLION logins from around the web: Find out if you're a victim

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Re: Überprüfen ist sehr einfach!

Ja. Das ist auch ayne gute Ubersetzung von google.

Thought the toilet camera was weird? Try actual thumb flash drives from tech's supershow

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Re: Thumbs up!

That's why it is aptly named "Lacie Cthulhu".

Naked Aussie gets wedged in washing machine

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<exhales coffee> wrong direction. He was from around Melbourne. Loved your comment though!

Android will ship more than ONE BILLION mobes+slabs in 2014

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That's a septic billion, isn't it?

El Reg's contraptions confessional no.5: The Sinclair Sovereign

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Re: LED not so bad choice

Vacuum flourescent display. I believe they still make them.

Gift-giving gotchas: How to avoid Xmas morning EMBARRASSMENT

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Re: Rechargables

Strongly seconded! I've been using them for years, the big plus is that they don't self discharge as quickly as "normal" NiMh, So you can easily grab a freshly charged one and know that it will work.

Of course, you need to make sure the device in question can deal with the lower voltage (1.2V per cell rather than 1.5V)

Ballmer: 'We made more money than almost anybody on the PLANET'

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Re: Apple's first tablets...

IIRC PenPoint was first, I tried it out during a conference in Boston in 91 or 92, and immideately fell in love. That looked like the future to me.

Then, Microsoft introduced Pen Windows (or Windows for Pen, or whatever it was called). Like many others, my employer decided to go with MS instead. Microsoft abandoned that version of windws soon after, it's man purpose apparently being nothing but to kill cmpetition.

I, too, believe they have held up computing for about twenty years, at least in some areas.

Through-wall tracking of humans using Wi-Fi: Now more accurate, low power

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Re: Big is better

Wouldn't that be 1/((2r)**2 degradation, and hence 1/(4*r**2)? My maths a bit rusty, so please correct me if I am wrong.

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Not german. And not computer generated, either, as far as I can tell.

The only really funny sounding character is "R", my guess woud be indian. (Curry, not bows and arrows)

Submerged Navy submarine successfully launches drone from missile tubes

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Re: "Das Dröne"

Not bad. I think "Das Drohn" would be better though, it's closer to the German "Drohne".


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