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These days you can teach old tech a bunch of new tricks

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Even PS/2 computers are getting love.

There are even new Micro Channel IDE controllers and sound cards being made!

SimCity to return after 10-year holiday

Mark Malley

They kind of miss the point...

For me, the original SimCity was such a hit *because* of it's simplicity. I could be entertained for an hour or more when I wanted to zone out and see how large of a city I could build. The new versions were nowhere near as fun as the original. I'm all for better graphics, but bring back simple game play for those of us that want it.

Calling all readers: Want some new icons?

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Thanks for thinking of the little people

I'm quite happy with the selection, but the realm of good and evil does seem to ever be expanding.

Google boss claims no sting from Bing - yet

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I've switched

I think it's healthy to give the new search engine in town a try, if folks weren't willing to do it with Google it wouldn't be in the position it's in. That said, there are features I like about both.

Site news: Unique commenter handles coming

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Uh oh

I think I'm one of those Mark's!

T-Mobile hack data is genuine

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First I've heard of this.

I find it amazing that this is the first I've heard of this, and I'm a T-Mobile customer. I wonder if this was the stolen database that required my credit card to be replaced.

AT&T to sell no-contract iPhones

Mark Malley

Out with the old...

Time to clear out the existing inventory before the new model comes out.

'Gv up txt 4 Lent,' urges bishop

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I didn't think of that

That's a good idea! I go cross country in the US on a motorcycle every year and it's great to have 2 weeks without electronic communications.

Homer Simpson's email address hacked

Mark Malley

RE: Sounds like...

I think it's clownpenis.fart

How ComScore can track your mouse clicks

Mark Malley

Thanks for the wakeup

Wow, I didn't even know something like this existed.

Infra-red cameras to tackle congestion in Leeds

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I think they're missing the point

Instead of spending all of this money on cameras and enforcement, why don't they solve the root of the problem and build more roads?

(I wanted to say "route of the problem")

Potential suitors throw Yahoo! to the wolf

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700 MHz network

Microsoft's bid kinda makes the auction for the 700 MHz network look like pocket change!

Venezuela to shift clocks half an hour

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Re: Dan Beshear

Would your kids rather sit in a classroom while the sun isn't out or play out back in the yard in the dark? I think many people prefer to have light when they get home from school and work vs. having light when they get up.

Chernobyl to get new steel lid

Mark Malley

Great link

Gordon, thanks for that link, those pictures really do show how time has frozen over there.

US phish feeder jailed for seven years

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148,000 dollars

I never knew that they could put that much money into an ATM, unless he took it out over time.

Of EMC's storage blitz

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Drinking game

If I made a drinking game out of every time "SATA II drive(s)" appeared in this advertisement I'd have passed out before I made it halfway though.

"The 750GB SATA II drive is one of the more interesting disk technologies in recent memory." Seriously?! Absolute drivel was almost too kind!

FBI asks Congress for phone record slush fund

Mark Malley

It makes me feel great

I feel great knowing that I'm paying the government to spy on me. "Here's some money, can you please read up on me? Great, thanks."

El Reg seeks ultimate 'nom de sex'

Mark Malley

Different method

We used to use our middle names and the street we grew up on, but I guess the pet name works to!