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UK industry calls for delay of IR35 off-payroll tax rules to private sector


i'm leaving but not on a jet plane.

I have advised that I shall not contract with them after 31st March due to IR35 implications, and HMRC coming after me for several years of back tax when I declared my self out, and they then declare I should have been in. I am leading a large multi site multi agency project which is mostly staffed by contractors. The majority are also not working past 31st March. Good luck in getting that finished after end of March.

Banhammer Republic: Trump declares national emergency, starts ball rolling to boot Huawei out of ALL US networks



The only point of this is to ensure that only American companies can build the next gen networks, that is American companies whose equipment it has already been demonstrated, can be 'interfered with' by American agencies.

Another TITSUP* on this lovely Tuesday: Virgin Mobile takes time out to enjoy the sunshine


LandLine backup?

I have been contemplating abandoning our landline, it costs around £20 pcm and we never receive calls on it. This incident makes me think again. We live rurally and have a very poor signal on mobile, so odds are, in a major mobile outage, we would have to rely on a landline. I may delay a decision until the Chinese have built our next gen network.

Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin successfully lobs another capsule beyond the edge of space


Re: Video of launch ..

Can't see it on my Mac in Opera.

Atlassian barges into the billion dollar club with a cheery G'Day!


when is an issue not an issue, when it is epic

Been using Jira and Confluence for a few months now and absolutely love it. It takes while to get your head around the fact that issues are not just issues, they could be riska, or features, or tasks........ I use Jira for all the 'issues' and then Confluence for reporting. Well worth a play !!

Cisco swings the axe on permanent staff – hundreds laid off worldwide this week


best thing that ever happened to me.

A long long time ago in a large corporation far far away. I heard that we were restructuring and managed to get myself reassigned to one of the new growth areas, and so was safe. good thing i thought as the entire team i was in was let go. fast forward to a long time ago and the new team i was in (and now leading) was called to a town hall meeting. doors were closed behind us and we were told we were all redundant, security had our personal belongings and we would be paid as per legal requirements but that we had to leave there and then. i was initially devastated, i loved working for that corp and was proud of what i, and my team, had achieved. fast forward to now. i am self employed, contracting out to multiple large corps, earning more money, work the hours that suit me, and am much less stressed. best thing that happened to me. it is not the end of the word.

Chrome sends old Macs on permanent Safari: Browser bricks itself



Could also try Yandex or TOR on Mac. Personally would never use chrome (or google) anyway

Java? Nah, I do JavaScript, man. Wise up, hipster, to the money


Re: COBOL is dead!

i did COBOL and Fortran and NEAT in the early 70's. Not touched it since. What I do these days, if any, is in VBA. Such is life.



So, as I have a beard, comb my hair backwards and fold my pizza when I eat it, does that make me a hipster? If so, then I have been a hipster for 60 years

UK.gov has 18,000 IT contractors on its books due to dearth of skills


down tools

i shall move to the private sector. I am not paying this tax just because it is a public sector placement. The majority of contractors I work with all feel the same. It will be quite interesting to see how the 'defence' sector survives when 90% of its contract staff walk out.

BT Yahoo! customers: Why! can't! we! grrr! delete! our! webmail! accounts!?


why not just change your password on your BT mail account and simply just never ever ever use it again. Just an idea. Just as effective as closing it.

It's all Me, Me, Me! in Doctor Who's The Woman Who Lived but what of Clara's fate?


I thought it an 'uncomfortable' episode. There was the plus of no Clara, the minus of Rufus and the big minus of poor writing. The concept was great and I loved some of the backgrounds in terms of immortality and a human sized memory, and it shed an explanatory light for those who hadn't already worked out those issues for the Doctor out, but the sudden about turn at the end for Ashildr was jarring and wrong, unless it is the opener for a future plot twist? No. Not a good episode, few of 12's episodes have been as good as his predecessors, but often that is down to the writing team as much as the actor.

BOFH: Press 1. Press 2. Press whatever you damn well LIKE


Re: Ah, nostalgia...

ah yes, well I recall playing Adventure on the 1903T, and then, when everyone one had left the building, we booted up Star Trek, it usually crashed the system after about half an hour though.

Doctor Who storms back in fine form with Season 9 opener The Magician's Apprentice


Dear armchair critics that didn't enjoy this episode, next week, select one of the other quadzillion channels available and watch something else, a rerun of Top Gear perhaps?

I hated, sorry, really disliked, the last series. I thought the stories poor and the Capaldi seemed just wrong. I know he is a fine actor, I put it down to the writing and direction. I was not alone, judging by the comments in online forums. Perhaps the production team (AKA The Moff) sat down and went back to basics a bit. If this new series continues in the way of The Magician's Apprentice, then we are ( sorry, I am) in for a treat. This is light early evening entertainment, and I was really entertained, throughout. Superb stuff BBC.


er, the opening bit

Did you watch the beginning before the credits where 12 threw his sonic to the boy davros in order to create a audio link, and then when he found out the boy was Davros, he left, leaving behind the sonic. Did you perhaps miss that? Or, as is always possible, I completely misunderstood the opening bit :-D


And my opinion is different. I loved the 'bring your axe' joke. It is light entertainment at its best, it really is. Full of homages to the past, a little pathos, and some humour. I am not even going to worry about why Clara is suddenly the essential UNIT go to girl, she just is, just like Martha [washes mouth with soap] was. A great great episode. Incidentally, just how did 11 get out of the Pandorica to give Rory the sonic and put Amy inside?

Personally I just sit back with a tinny and slice of pizza and enjoy. I save my analysis for the rewatches. And boy, I enjoyed this one. This by the way, is the first Capaldi episode I have enjoyed.

Asus ZenBook UX305: With Windows 10, it suddenly makes perfect sense


Back Lit

Not sure I could go back to a laptop that doesn't have a back lit keyboard.

Cisco in single SSH key security stuff-up



well, this is embarrassing. Not that they accidentally left a hard coded entrance door in place, no, embarrassing that anyone other than the intended user found out about it. Oops.

Tossed all your snaps into the new Google Photos? You read the terms, right? ... RIGHT?


this news reminded me of something I had meant to do for ages. I went and eventually managed to log into picasa and deleted all content and then tried to close my account ( Gave up on that one). I then deleted all my flikr photos and closed that account (easy). I don't believe I have any photos on line except the very small few low def snaps I post in my twitter tweets. As for cloud? I have my own personal cloud courtesy of my NAS which is READ accessible by anyone on my invitation. So that works for me. Next, I have to tackle youtube and delete all content on there. I have no desire to store my photo's on other peoples servers subject to their Ts&Cs. My photo, my copy-write.

Next-gen Freeview telly won't be another disruptive 4Ker


Re: HD channels

ha ha, and for us it is the opposite, we like the various ITV and BBC channels and move further away the america centric channels


Re: Freeview Play

odd, my 2011 Panasonic has just had a firmware update and is fine, apart from what I now know are NITs, or a lack of. I am thinking of upgrading my TV simply because it is noticeably dim compared to the smaller SHARP tv we bought for the bedroom. I generally record stuff on SKY+ so that we can watch it at times suitable for us, and so that we can skip the inane and infuriating adverts. Online catchup is rarely used, and due to rural living and dire bandwidth, downloads and Internet based tv services are a non starter for us.

Jammin', we know you hate jammin' too: Marriott U-turns on guest Wi-Fi ban


That was exactly why

i would never stay at a Marriot hotel. My own wifi hotspot should be mine to use be it on a mifi or a tether. They have lost a few £000 of business from me over the past months. Their loss.

El Reg Redesign - leave your comment here.

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It's a bit loud. I know I prefer the previous design. I shall visit less often as the new layout hurts my brain.

Sky's tech bets pay off: Pay TV firm unveils blazing growth for Q1


The BBC? It is all I tend to watch ‘live’ everything else I record a skip thru the ads.

Our Vultures peck at new Doctor Who: Exterminate or, er ... carrion?


Doctor Who is ruined. Capaldi may be a great [good] actor, but he is not a good [great] Doctor. He is appalling. The show used to be watched by families, mums n dads with little johnny and sarah - now, no. It is on too late, competes with X factor and the themes are way to scary for mum n dad to let little johnny or sarah watch - huge face jumping spiders !!!! ruined. and that pisses me off. I have watched it since 1963 and this is the most I have uninjoyed it. Moffatt - you are a cock sir.

Brit Sci-Fi author Alastair Reynolds says MS Word 'drives me to distraction'



I use Word from office 2011 on my MBP. I have published four 300+ page novels and a few magazine articles. Never had a problem, but, yes it can be a tad slow when searching through documents. I did try Pages but really found it lacking in almost everything. Never had a freeze or corruption yet, perhaps I have simply been lucky?

PEAK LANDFILL: Why tablet gloom is good news for Windows users


tablets? OS ?

At the office I use Dell PC’s all day running Win7 and mostly MS Office apps. I turn the PC on, then go and make a coffee, and the damn thing is still booting up by the time I get back. Yes, I know it has a load of corporate stuff on it that it has to go through, but still it is around 8 minutes before I can work, and then, it just does the job I need it to do. At home I have Apple stuff, and again I run MS Office. The various Apple bits are all up and running in around a minutes or less, and it is fine apart from the fact I don’t get time to make a coffee. I use iMovie a lot for personal stuff, but what I did buy and never use is an iPad. I just cannot get used to typing without a keyboard. For portable quick stuff at home I much prefer the MBA, for a bigger screen I use the MBP and if I need some serious screenage I use my oldish iMac27 (2009 vintage I think).

I think the point I am trying to make is that there is no easy one fit solution for us non techie people. In the commercial and personal world it is usually a PC running Windows, and that seems [eventually] to work and meet the needs. For a lot of people there is the ‘it just works’ Apple world again with a keyboard/mouse , and for many others there is the lure of the tablet with a single inter/outer face of a screen. Many like that, many use it for video, email etc, but at the end of the day, it cannot replace a decent specced machine with keyboard and mouse if you need to do some serious ‘putting.

I tend to buy a new computer device about every 12 months, and I just realised that I actually still use them all all - except my iPad, but then my SO uses only her iPad, and her windows laptop lies battery expired in a cupboard, she leaves any serious ‘putting to me. There are however, still the occasional essential programmes that will only run on Windows, (MS Project, Visio, Dressage Designer etc) and I really can’t be arsed to run a virtual Windows, so I might just buy a something that runs windows for home use. But it won’t be windows 8 or 8.1. I suppose I could dig out the dead XP laptop from the cupboard, but, it is XP, and it is sooooooo slow.

It is never simple is it?

Vodafone: SPOOKS are plugged DIRECTLY into our network


I wonder if Vodafone inherited some of these when they bought C&W ?

Revealed: GCHQ's beyond top secret Middle Eastern internet spy base

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Common Sense? It seems not

way to improve the security of our Nation. Kinda thought the Register had a bit more common sense about them. Interestingly if Duncan claims he got this from Snowden, doesn’t that tend to imply that Snowden lied about not having shared the [stolen] data beyond those who we know handled his existing disclosures?

EBay, you keep using the word 'SECURITY'. I do not think it means what you think it means


darn it. It gets tedious inventing new passwords, there are so many sites that I log into, I need an A4 notepad to store all my passwords - and then I have to encrypt that in some way so that no one can somehow use it if they find my list of site names and passwords........ Wish I had an eidetic memory :-(

Leaked photos may indicate slimmer next-generation iPad


Re: So a dude buys the slimmest tablet/phone

my case is only 2cms thick, that is less than an inch. In fact, it is slimmer than an inch.

Leaked pics show EMBIGGENED iPhone 6 screen


i use Tesco pay monthly, ( 30 day contract ), and I can tether to my phone. So no, I didn’t pay extra for the sim version of the iPad, I just tether to the phone. Easy.

Got a TorMail account to avoid Uncle Sam's web snoops? About that...


Tor was written to allow dissidents in despotic regimes to air stuff that would enable more enlightened nations to launch strikes and free the oppressed.

Now then,

Q1. Who wrote it?

Q2, Why do you think it is secure from them?

The way to keeping under the radar is laughably simple and I am sure that is what most bad peeps do.

HP Chromebook 11 quietly slips back on Google Play shelves... but where's the FIRE?


Re: Get with the programme.

But will it work on my weekly transatlantic flights to while away the frustratingly non productive time?

ANYONE on Google+ can now email you, with or without your Gmail addy


Re: The Google Lock in is almost complete

i don’t use google search, google mail, picassa, or anything else I know is associated with Google who I consider to be even more intrusive than NSA/GCHQ. The email account i use is not a free one, I have had it many years and it is fine and relatively spam free. This just sounds like the next step on the road to sending Terminators back through time to kill John Connor.

Pervy TOILET CAMERA disguised as 'flash drive' sparks BOMB SCARE on Boeing 767


Re: The tape worked loose...

best pun so far.

Time travellers outsmart the NSA



I did go back in time and changed something. I then found myself branched off into a new future in a parallel universe. The old universe continued unchanged and thus no evidence existed. In my new universe the evidence had always existed and could not be classified as prescient. So I went back and changed what I had changed but this just put me into a new parallel universe again, presumably because something else had changed from the original universe i left when I made my first change. I had a few beers and decided that this time travel malarkey was just not worth the hassle, I mean, just how many parallel universes can one man create, is there enough Dark Matter to go round?

Planning to rob a Windows ATM? Ditch the sledgehammer and bring a USB STICK


Another example of the demise of the old fashioned bank jobs is the rise in the new fangled ATM jobs.

Bill Gates is once again the richest man on Earth


It's only wealth. I wish I had a bit more than I have, but there we are. At least I don't have half the world seemingly hating on me.

Fanbois, prepare to lose your sh*t as BRUSSELS KILLS IPHONE dock


The solution

Inductive charging. No plug needed, therefore no need to conform to a standard plug. That’s what I would do to maintain my uniqueness if I were a leading manufacturer with a ‘premium’ product.

Macbook webcams CAN spy on you - and you simply CAN'T TELL


I have discovered a 3.5mm jack plug inserted in the appropriate orifice disables the built in mike. Of course, it is pointless if you have a mike connected to the aforementioned 3.5mm jack. Personally I use aluminium foil over the webcam and an empty plug in the socket. Unobtrusive and aesthetic is the fruity orchard way.

BT network-level STOCKINGs-n-suspenders KILLER arrives in time for Xmas


this is wrong in my opinion. It should be off by default, and optionally on. I have no interest in anyone blocking sites that I might want to see, whether they be porn or not. It is my choice to go there, not my ISP acting in fear of a voter driven government.

I agree that the option should be there to help parents protect children, but it really should be opt in, not opt out.

Google tells EFF: Android 4.3's privacy tool was a MISTAKE, we've yanked it


i don't have this issue with my Nokia 6310i.

NO XMAS PRESENTS FOR Google Now and Siri: Chirpy scamps get a C+


yes that is because Google spies on everything you , and devices you have used, and IPs that you have used, does. And you are worried about the NSA?

OMG, Andrex killed the puppey! Not quilty, exclaim bog roll boys


Re: Mere tissue of a story

most take dumps? er, what do the others do then?

iSPY: Apple Stores switch on iBeacon phone sniff spy system


great idea in a museum where you could rent an ipad and get extra info as you wander around, yes, that I get. But in a small (relatively) tech store that sells about 6 core products each with many varieties? Really? Nah.

'Don't hate on me for my job!' Googlers caught up in SF rent protest ruckus


jeez, it's a bus, aka mass transit, would they rather 50 cars on the road for every bus? The world has gone to hell. un fucking believable.

Three offers free US roaming, confirms stealth 4G rollout

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Re: 3 are great...

Really? I have a 3 mifi and so far it works just about everywhere I need. I only get a 2g signal on my O2 phone where I live in Gloucestershire, [and no signal on Voda], yet get a full signal with my 3 MiFi. Yup, they get my vote. When 3 bring 4G to Gloucestershire I for one will be a keen recipient