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Overzealous Orange cuts off customer, still bills


To previous Anon poster...

The solution is simple: Record the call. Inform them at the start of the call, that you're recording it for whatever reason. If they are unhappy, point out that they're probably recording it for 'training purposes'.

And if they refuse, hang up.

You could also probably request any 'training' call recordings they have, under the data laws. But that's another story.

MS' Project Natal launch date revealed


@ AC poster 2

"I've never seen a game look better or worse on one or the other"

Gamespot, for one, disagrees with you. A recent example:

Dragon Age: Origins scores 8.5 on XBox and 9.0 on PS3.

This is down to superior graphics on the PS3.





I tend to believe more in their reviews over yours.

Retailers start PSP Go price war


Yep, Sony haters...

"but that thing is the aborted child of a brilliant idea"

Have you even seen one up close? The build quality is superb along with the other features. It's much improved on the previous PSP builds. I should know... I've owned all of them.

"I don't hate Sony and I think the PS3 is a good machine but I object to Sony limiting me to downloads"

But Sony have been criticised about UMD's for years. What do you suggest? I guess they can't win.

"or having to use two different PSPs."

So why not? Is it too much effort for you? Poor soul... my heart bleeds... Progress means that things move on and many manufacturers don't even give it a second thought. I'm waiting on my new Dell £2000.00 costing, PC being delivered, yet a visit to their web-site shows theyve already tweaked the same package. This is accepted as normal in PC buying and selling. At least Sony try to ensure backwards compatibility or some form of recompense.

iPhone 3GS turns yellower shade of white


Yellow or rose?


Never mind the yellow tint problem; its clear that some apple devotees have a much graver affliction of a permanent, rose tinted variety.

PlayStation Network members top 20m



Re: xbot facts

There's no shortage of xbot fulls, it seems, who conjure 'facts' out of thin air, for their own manipulations. Or the ' I'm guessing' brigade who do all their guessing wearing their M$ shades.

Like a bunch of schoolgirl playground gossips.

PS3's Home to debut tomorrow


Moaning already...

"In the absence of any decent titles for the PS3 right now..."


DO try to come up with some newer criticisms.

You sound like an XBot.


"Am I the only PS3 owner"

"Am I the only PS3 owner"

Well ignore it then. It's free and nobody is forcing you to use it.

In fact the less 'gurns' who use it, the better.

'MS rep' claims he predicted NXE RRoD woes


@Aristotles slow and dimwitted horse

Couldn't pass this topic without congratulating you on your user name:

With comments like that, it truly suits you.

'Jasper' Xbox 360 hardware rejig spied online


@Aristotles slow and dimwitted horse

Couldn't pass this topic without congratulating you on your user name:

With comments like that, it truly suits you.

Sony said to be planning Spring PS3 price cut


@ Peter

"its never had the red ring of death"

Like you, I went a long time without RROD. However, when it eventually happened to me, nothing prepares you for it: it's infuriating and frustrating.

I bought a new X360. But every daqy now, I wonder if I'll get another RROD. I've lost my trust in X360. It'll never be the same again.

Meanwhile my 1st gen PS3 runs along nicely.

Trustworthiness should be, an important factor to take into account, when choosing consoles. (If you can't afford both.)

MS hit with Red Ring of Death lawsuit

Jobs Horns

@ soaklord & the other fawners

If MS came and s*** on you, you'd find a reason to excuse them.

Talk about brown-nosing...

... and I've had a PS2 from launch which has NEVER failed me. I take care of my machines and don't drop doughnuts and coke all over them, as some of you probably do.

Couldn't stop my XBotch RROD'ing on me though. Great job Microshit.

Sainsbury's launch console price war

Thumb Down

@ Scott McKenzie

"P.S. you left your fanboy horse in the corner, he's hungry...."

So says the xbot fanboy.

When will you all grow up?

Blu Christmas coming, format fans forecast


I see you've been let loose again

What a lot of hot air and no substance some of you BR haters are:

The myth of the 'just round the corner' HD movies on demand for example. You lot make me laugh some times. Do you all get together and hold 'conspiracy meetings' about the evil empire of Sony? Or that HD DVD *really* won the format wars? It's also amazing how virginal white some of you view Microsoft. To the bloke who uses Media Centre with a 1 TB drive; are you aware that MS is about to shit on you? Try a search for "Mary-Jo Foley + Microsoft Fiji beta backlash"

As for:

"Or am I missing something? Does Blue-Ray make you feel like you can actually lick the sweat from the make-up-filled pores of the actors? Is that worth money?"

In my opinion... yes!

I remember when I first got HD on Sky, being shocked at how much detail you can see on an actors face. wrinkles, pores, sweat... the works. Especially on those BBC costume drama thingys that we get now and again. Make-up stands out a mile and you can tell who has had 'extra fillings' on certain actors.

'Cranford' was very disturbing, in this respect.

US made to wait for Quantum of Solace



"Let's see, shall we? Torrent 50 HD movies at a cost of £30 for a 300GB harddisk, and £20 for a month's net access. £50 total. Let's compare this to the cost of 50 BluRay movies - £1000. About a £950 difference, give or take. Watching pirate movies on a 14" monitor? Nah, mate. Try a 47" 1080p LCD set..."

And the cost to the film industry is?

Don't adopt a 'better than you' stance you thieving little s****

No wonder you can afford a 47" high def TV.

... or did you steal that too?

Sony pumps up PSP screen


Moan, moan, moan

What a bunch of 'fish wife' whiners, you all are.

Nothing makes you happy, does it?

China readies Blu-Ray competitor


It is deased... it is an ex format

"HD-DVD is dead, long live HD-DVD!!!"

To you and others like you: don't you know when to stop flogging a dead horse?

HDDVD is dead... it is an ex format. The parrot has more of a chance reviving than this format.

US PS3 sales surge


Don't suffer AC's gladly... stamp them out.

I don't understand why The Reg continues to allow anonymous posts to be made on these obviously, highly flammable boards.

Particularly along the lines of AC "Really?", and their long and windy misinterpretation of reality.

I'd rather know which Microsoft employee he or she is.

Sony to sell 80GB PS3 at 40GB price


A couple of points

Some of us still care about PS2 backwards compatibility: while games such as GOW2 are still being made. It's a lot of hastle to add my old PS2 to the myriad other connections I have set up.

Sony aren't just PS3. Consider the PS2 and PSP and MS can't even pretend to be anywhere near equal.

Posters laughing about "PS3 fanbois" sound just like XBox fanbois. Truly objective posters don't revert to childish name calling.

Sky beams TV onto PSP

Thumb Down

No thanks

I too spend a small fortune on Sky; having all the packages, HD and phone to boot.

Just sign up for the free month then cancel.

This is a rubbish 'deal'.

The Top Ten 3G iPhone beaters



What a bunch of moaners.

I'm more than happy with my N95 8gb... quite a substantial number of us are.

I'll let the sales figures and the cross the board reviews do the talking.

Polaroid 'inkless' handheld photo printer hits UK


Not too bad at all

23p is not too bad a price to pay for such a small, highly portable device. The lack of ink and the permanency of the print will also make it a must have gadget.

Great for amateur photographers to get a general 'feel' for lighting and perspective that are normally only available to pro's using traditional Polaroids. I can see it being good for art/architecture students or for a novelty at parties.

Or for just about anyone on the go!

Sony re-releases latest PS3 firmware


Tabloid journalism

"... complaints from numerous gamers"

Numerous? Do you know something we don't?

It's so much easier to write bitchy comments than writing a balanced, more factually acurate piece.

"Sony HD ate my Bluray" anyone?

Sony: world PS3 sales pass 12.8m consoles


So Called 'Facts'

"Most PS3 owners on my forum don't use them for gaming, just BD playback. Some of them have never even seen a game disk."

I hate how some tossers here come up with their own ideas and brazenly try to pass them off as facts.


Sony to bring GTA IV PS3 bundle to Blighty


Planet GTA says:


"Interesting indeed, I myself - who is a big fan of the Xbox 360 - will be getting the PlayStation 3 version, as I've read and heard personally from people who have played the game already that this version is undoubtedly superior to the Xbox 360."


No doubt we'll start to get more feedback after Tuesday.

Commodore goes titsup (again)


Are you ex ST?

Seems to me that some of you may be ex ST owners, unable to miss another chance to bash the Amiga.

To bring this up to date, I often suspect that PS3 owners would have been Amiga lovers and X360 owners are the ex Atari mob... er.. owners.

I still have an Amiga 500 and a 1200. Long may they live!



Sony posts PS3 firmware 2.30



"hate to exacerbate the ps3 vs 360 undertones "

No you don't hate it: You love it. Otherwise you wouldn't post here.

A new update for the PS3 system and look at those Xboys rush to defend their Billyboxes.


PS3 firmware adds HD audio


Grumble, grumble, grumble

Oh stop moaning the two of you.

It seems Sony can never do the right thing:

Damned if they add something and damned if they don't.

Blu-ray awareness rising


@Phil Irwin

"Not everyone can see the difference between normal DVD and Blu-Ray,..."

Why do people keep spouting this nonsense?

Short of being totally blind, those who've seen both formats, will wonder if you've ever actually seen the HD format in action.

I swear that some people who post here just concoct 'facts' as they're needed.

HD DVD promo body dissolves itself

Gates Horns


You said: "Downloads and Files for me please. I like the box sets, but ultimately they just take up space."

But won't your shelves eventually stack up with rows of hard drives? Each one filled with not only your movies but also precious data.

Just waiting to crash one day losing not just one movie, but loads of them.

The point I'm making is that even downloads need to be stored somewhere.

You haven't really thought this one through, have you.

Blu-ray 'to bloom', now HD DVD's dead

Thumb Up


I agree with you completely: I came to the conclusion a while back that some of these self proclaimed 'experts' have never seen the technology they're panning.

I can't think of any other explanation for their blatantly absurd and ignorant remarks.

Microsoft denies Xbox 360 is Blu-ray bound


Two quick points:

Essentially off topic but:

Highlander - I always enjoy your posts. While others can be narrow minded, you always make well thought out comments. It's a pity that quite a few others aren't able to grasp this.

Anonymous posts: Should be banned. People who hide behind masks shouldn't be given the opportunity to comment on named subscribers' posts. They don't deserve the luxury.

Sony chews the Blu-ray fat with Microsoft

Paris Hilton

@Dave Cumming

You said:

"...there isn't a single PS3 game I can think of worth having that I can't get for the 360."

Oh really? So if I mention Metal Gear Solid 4, Gran Turismo and Little Big Planet, just off the top of my head, you wouldn't be interested?

Not to mention the release of HOME (at last), which will wipe the floor of XBox Live.

By the way. I own an XBox 360 too and hated Halo 3.

Who are you kidding?

(Paris because she'll want to star on HOME.)

Sony intros next-gen Blu-ray players


Spot on, comment

"I also suspect that PIB was making reference to W95 with their tongue wedged in their cheek to prove the point about the moral high ground HD-DVD owners are taking"

Exactly... and why am I not surprised that some people need to have it spelt out for them.

"I still can't help but think it's all sour grapes. "What can I find negative to pick on?" syndrome."

Great point, which hits the nail firmly on the head.


The neverending story.

"Not buying" and "This is why Toshiba should've won the format war ".

When are you lot going to get over the loss?

Like most people care what you think now anyway. We'll wave at you as we zip past you. on he Technology Highway.


Paris Hilton

@Anonymous Coward #2

"...and freakin' stick to it. Just cause you "won" the HD war, Sony, doesn't mean you won't royally piss off your user base with these constant revisions and goal-post moves."

Yeah like this is totally unheard of isn't it?

Imagine if a company like HD DVD supporter M$ kept bringing out new versions of Windows... We'd all be lost then, wouldn't we? That reminds me, I must buy a copy of M$ Office 2007 for my zippy Windows 95 computer....

(Paris because she's cleverer than you lot.)

Woolworths stores to stop selling HD DVD


The Morons have arrived

(I bought HD-DVD because I knew it would fail! My Xbox360 HDDVD drive cost $149. It came with a free HD-DVD and a rebate for 5 more. Six "decent' discs... so my net cost is $0!)i

Let's see... you spend $149 but claim your net cost is $0?

Great... now send me $149 since it won't cost you anything! I'll even pay for postage.

"When I'm sat 5ft from a (good quality) TV I can hardly notice the difference between HD and SD. Most people I know can't tell the difference at all."

Let me know which home for the blind you folks live in and I'll get Mr.$149-$0, to send you one of his magic cheques. That'll get you new sets of rose tinted glasses

Microsoft backpedals on Blu-ray for Xbox 360 comments



"hell, ive got almost perfect vision and on a 32in screen at more than 4 meters away i couldnt tell the difference between an upscaled DVD, HD-DVD or blu-ray so its all a load of rubbish and a waste of money....in my opinion"

Well then the TV you're watching on must be crap: I have a high-end Samsung HD TV and I can see an enormous difference. HD broadcasts from Sky are truly impressive too.

QVC debuts Venturer HD DVD player



"I hope I'm not the only one who can barely tell the difference between so-called HD and DVD pictures."

Am I one of the few who CAN see a big difference between HD and SD?

What sort of equipment have some of you used?

Sony updates PS3 protein-probe program


@Steven Hewitt

"Guess the reason the 360 doesn't do it is because the gamers are too busy playing the 100's of games out for it, watching HD video's from download and streaming their media from their PC's..."

Please don't pretend to speak for anyone but yourself: Don't tar us all with the same brush.

I like to think I do my share of helping humanity: I'm not a selfish, 'me,me,me' kiddie gamer, as you seem to advocate.

Old Sony console outsold PS3 in US last month



"Hurrah, my chance to say i told you so. All 5 posts are fanboy ish. (well, except ashley)"

... and then you go on to sound fanboyish with your console comments.

It seems that the only way not to appear as a fanboy is to withhold all 'verses' comments and crime of crimes, to express a preference.

Just as sure as there was Amiga verses Atari, Apple verses PC etc. the petulant school boy in a lot of posters, will emerge again and again.

It's the adult 'cop-out' manoeuvre.

Retailers: Xbox 360 to win next-gen console war



"What's with the Reg bashing?"

One post makes me a Reg basher? Besides, my point was that I thought the article title was a tad sensationalist.

"49% does make a majority if it's the most popular of 3 choices."

I understand your point but the fact is that 51% of retailers do not think it will 'win' (Whatever that means, exactly.) That is the overall consensus from the source of the poll quoted in the article.

I take it you're a first past the post rather than a proportional representation, kind of guy? ;-)


Other Points

This article is entitled, "...win next-gen console war."

Yet to quote the artcle, "found that 49 per cent of retailers believe Microsoft’s Xbox 360 will trounce the Nintendo Wii and the Sony PlayStation 3."

49 per cent does not make a majority.

A bit sensationalist Reg?

For my two cents; it's ridiculous that some are comparing BluRay to Betamax... BluR is currently trouncing HD DVD in the States.

Also, everyone seems to be forgetting PS3 'Home'. When that is launched expect people to 'want to be a part of this online community. XBox Live can never offer this sort of experience.

Onefinal aspect which indicates to me how my subciouncious mind is working is where I have my systems set up: The Wii is in the bedroom, XBox360 sits beside the main computer and the PS3 I have in the main stand, with the Sky box etc. I guess I view it as an overall entertainment 'tool'. Which I think was Sony's aim. Not just a game machine.

Nintendo DS Lite sets UK sales record


@Scot M

"I assume you'd buy the wrong one then? The PSP."

I'm afraid I dont take seriously, posts which include sweeping, alost fanboy, statements such as this.

I will say that I wasn't aware of the other capabilities of the DS. Nintendo don't appear to be extolling these virtues.


It's still no match

"DS lite a really neat little package, and the games are a little more grown up."

I think this is a temporary blip: The PSP Lite just broke records by selling 1 million plus units, since its recent launch, in Japan.

As for games being more grown up, perhaps you didn't realise that there are serious apps, such as the city guides, for the PSP?

Not to mention that PSP plays music, videos, photos etc. and can be used as a wireless internet browser/downloader et al. and all on a superb high quality screen.

I know which portable console I would buy.

Leopard out, Tiger back in


Re: Leopard out, Tiger back in

"And I guess the piece is also my nod to all the folk I've metaphorically sneered at in the past who have made similar complaints about OS upgrades while I've sailed on the new version without any trouble at all."

I wish more people would adopt that attitude.

I've often felt extremely frustrated with my smooth transition to Win Vista, whereas I'd had abysmal problems with Win XP sr2. Would anyone listen? Of course not.

Sony says no to Euro PS3 price cut


Given Up

I've given up trying to work out Sony's reasoning behind the things they do. They're as baffling as a PS3 marketing campaign. (Did anyone ever find out what the TV & cinema adverts were intending to say?)

Why do Sony continue to regionalise its hardware? Do they think we don't see what they're doing? Do they think we're all stupid?

Luckily I have an X360 in addition to the PS3, and at least MS seem to have a clear vision